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1 - 1 Special Issue: 22nd International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE 22) Preface
Schouten JC, Marin GB
2 - 9 Influence of vacuum pressure on the vacuum pyrolysis of plant oil asphalt to pyrolytic biodiesel
Tang Q, Zheng YY, Liu T, Ma XH, Liao YH, Wang JF
10 - 17 Cu-zeolite NH3-SCR catalysts for NOx removal in the combined NSR-SCR technology
De La Torre U, Pereda-Ayo B, Gonzalez-Velasco JR
18 - 26 Continuous CO2 capture in a circulating fluidized bed using supported amine sorbents
Veneman R, Li ZS, Hogendoorn JA, Kersten SRA, Brilman DWF
27 - 34 Light olefins from HDPE cracking in a two-step thermal and catalytic process
Artetxe M, Lopez G, Amutio M, Elordi G, Bilbao J, Olazar M
35 - 48 Towards unified drag laws for inertial flow through fibrous materials
Yazdchi K, Luding S
49 - 56 Oxygen-enhanced WGS over ceria-supported Au-Co3O4 bimetallic catalysts
Gamboa-Rosales NK, Ayastuy JL, Iglesias-Gonzalez A, Gonzalez-Marcos MP, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
57 - 65 Experimental and modeling study of the impact of interphase and intraphase diffusional limitations on the DeNOx efficiency of a V-based extruded catalyst for NH3-SCR of Diesel exhausts
Ruggeri MP, Nova I, Tronconi E
66 - 71 Steam- and carbon dioxide-gasification of coal combustion ash for liquid phase cadmium removal by adsorption
Balsamo M, Di Natale F, Erto A, Lancia A, Montagnaro F, Santoro L
72 - 75 Synthesis of glucuronic acid from methyl glucoside by heterogeneous selective catalytic oxidation
Yuan H, Liu HQ, Du ZP, Wu YX
76 - 84 Thermal combustion of lean methane-air mixtures: Flow reversal research and demonstration reactor model and its validation
Gosiewski K, Pawlaczyk A, Jaschik M
85 - 93 Dimethyl ether, diethyl ether & ethylene from alcohols over tungstophosphoric acid based mesoporous catalysts
Ciftci A, Varisli D, Tokay KC, Sezgi NA, Dogu T
94 - 102 A Monte Carlo modeling methodology for the simulation of hydrotreating processes
de Oliveira LP, Verstraete JJ, Kolb M
103 - 108 MCM-41 supported Co-Mo bimetallic catalysts for enhanced hydrogen production by ammonia decomposition
Duan XZ, Qian G, Zhou XG, Chen D, Yuan WK
109 - 116 Experimental study on coal pyrolysis to acetylene in thermal plasma reactors
Yan BH, Xu PC, Guo CY, Jin Y, Cheng Y
117 - 121 Activity function describing the effect of Pd loading on the catalytic performance of modern commercial TWC
Kang SB, Han SJ, Nam SB, Nam IS, Cho BK, Kim CH, Oh SH
122 - 132 Coupled PIV/DIA for fluid dynamics studies on a Two-Section Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor
Julian I, Gallucci F, Annaland MV, Herguido J, Menendez M
133 - 141 Effect of supercritical conditions upon catalyst deactivation in the hydrogenation of naphthalene
Hassan F, Al-Duri B, Wood J
142 - 150 Sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming by in situ CO2 capture on a CaO-Ca9Al6O18 sorbent
Xie MM, Zhou ZM, Qi Y, Cheng ZM, Yuan WK
151 - 166 Modeling of liquid propellant combustion chamber
Pandit AV, Kumar A, Rao GS, Kedarnath C, Srihari R, Ranade VV
167 - 174 Morphological and electrochemical modeling of SOFC composite cathodes with distributed porosity
Bertei A, Barbucci A, Carpanese MP, Viviani M, Nicolella C
175 - 194 Kinetic modeling of hydrocarbon adsorbers for gasoline and ethanol fuels
Ramanathan K, Koch CK, Oh SH
195 - 208 Modeling fast biomass pyrolysis in a gas-solid vortex reactor
Ashcraft RW, Heynderickx GJ, Marin GB
209 - 217 Effect of foam stirrer design on the catalytic performance of rotating foam stirrer reactors
Leon MA, Geers P, Nijhuis TA, van der Schaaf J, Schouten JC
218 - 225 Foam supported sulfonated polystyrene as a new acidic material for catalytic reactions
Ordomsky VV, Schouten JC, van der Schaaf J, Nijhuis TA
226 - 234 Study of the oligomerization of 1-octene catalyzed by macroreticular ion-exchange resins
Bringue R, Cadenas M, Fite C, Iborra M, Cunill F
235 - 244 Experimental study and kinetics modeling of partial oxidation reactions in heavily sooting laminar premixed methane flames
Li QX, Wang TF, Liu YF, Wang DZ
245 - 253 Bench scale demonstration of the Supermethanol concept: The synthesis of methanol from glycerol derived syngas
van Bennekom JG, Venderbosch RH, Assink D, Lemmens KPJ, Heeres HJ
254 - 257 Phosgene free route to Methyl Diphenyl Diisocynate (MDI): A technical and economical evaluation
van den Berg H, van der Ham L, Gutierrez H, Odu S, Roelofs T, de Weerdt J
258 - 266 Soot combustion improvement in diesel particulate filters catalyzed with ceria nanofibers
Kumar PA, Tanwar MD, Bensaid S, Russo N, Fino D
267 - 277 Three-dimensional simulation of mixing performance inside droplets in micro-channels by Lattice Boltzmann method
Zhao SF, Wang WT, Zhang MX, Shao T, Jin Y, Cheng Y
278 - 284 Conversion of carbon dioxide into formate using a continuous electrochemical reduction process in a lead cathode
Alvarez-Guerra M, Quintanilla S, Irabien A
285 - 298 Simulation and kinetic study of transesterification of triolein to biodiesel using modular reactors
Portha JF, Allain F, Coupard V, Dandeu A, Girot E, Schaer E, Falk L
299 - 307 Effect of synthesis parameters on morphology and activity of bimetallic catalysts in CO2-CH4 reforming
Crnivec IGO, Djinovic P, Erjavec B, Pintar A
308 - 321 Kinetics modeling of ethylbenzene dehydrogenation to styrene over a mesoporous alumina supported iron catalyst
Hossain MM, Atanda L, Al-Yassir N, Al-Khattaf S
322 - 328 MoS2 nanoparticle precipitation in turbulent micromixers
Santillo G, Deorsola FA, Bensaid S, Russo N, Fino D
329 - 341 Modified zeolite catalyst for selective dialkylation of naphthalene
Hajimirzaee S, Leeke GA, Wood J
342 - 348 Enhanced catalytic performance of immobilized Parvibaculum lavamentivorans alcohol dehydrogenase in a gas phase bioreactor using glycerol as an additive
Nagayama K, Spiess AC, Buchs J
349 - 367 Isophorone reactor: Modelling and performance enhancement
Darda PJ, Ranade VV
368 - 376 Kinetic study for burning regeneration of coked MFI-type zeolite and numerical modeling for regeneration process in a fixed-bed reactor
Nakasaka Y, Tago T, Konno H, Okabe A, Masuda T
377 - 387 Esterification of fusel oil using reactive distillation - Part I: Reaction kinetics
Patidar P, Mahajani SM
388 - 402 Design and operation of a compact microchannel 5 kW(el,net) methanol steam reformer with novel Pt/In2O3 catalyst for fuel cell applications
Kolb G, Keller S, Tiemann D, Schelhaas KP, Schurer J, Wiborg O
403 - 413 A hybrid CFD framework for fluidized bed ozonation reactors coupling interface tracking and discrete particle methods(Retracted article. See vol. 233, pg. 378, 2013)
Lopes RJG, Quinta-Ferreira RM
414 - 420 Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) production by emulsion polymerization: Dynamic modeling and intensification of the process
Zubov A, Pokorny J, Kosek J
421 - 425 Catalytic degradation of polypropylene over alumina loaded mesoporous catalysts
Obali Z, Sezgi NA, Dogu T
426 - 439 Microwave-assisted Cu-catalyzed Ullmann ether synthesis in a continuous-flow milli-plant
Benaskar F, Patil NG, Engels V, Rebrov EV, Meuldijk J, Hulshof LA, Hessel V, Wheatley AEH, Schouten JC
440 - 444 Liquid-liquid slug flow separation in a slit shaped micro device
Gaakeer WA, de Croon MHJM, van der Schaaf J, Schouten JC
445 - 449 Fluidized bed calcium looping: The effect of SO2 on sorbent attrition and CO2 capture capacity
Coppola A, Montagnaro F, Salatino P, Scala F
450 - 461 Bubble columns dynamics inferred from the motion of a radioactive tracer followed by axially aligned detectors
Salierno GL, Fraguio MS, Piovano S, Cassanello M, Cardona MA, Hojman D, Somacal H
462 - 472 Axial mixing in annular centrifugal extractors
Tamhane TV, Joshi JB, Mudali UK, Natarajan R, Patil RN
473 - 480 Olefins via catalytic partial oxidation of light alkanes over Pt/LaMnO3 monoliths
Basini L, Cimino S, Guarinoni A, Russo G, Arca V
481 - 489 Selectivity enhancement using permselective microcapsule
Pachariyanon P, Agar DW
490 - 496 Kinetics of n-hexane cracking over ZSM-5 zeolites - Effect of crystal size on effectiveness factor and catalyst lifetime
Konno H, Okamura T, Kawahara T, Nakasaka Y, Tago T, Masuda T
497 - 503 Physicochemical changes in Miscanthus ash on agglomeration with fluidized bed material
Michel R, Kaknics J, Bouchetou ML, Gratuze B, Balland M, Hubert J, Poirier J
504 - 513 Thermal effects on the synthesis of acetals in a simulated moving bed adsorptive reactor
Graca NS, Pais LS, Silva VMTM, Rodrigues AE
514 - 520 Electrochemical reduction behavior of a highly porous SIMFUEL particle in a LiCl molten salt
Choi EY, Lee JW, Park JJ, Hur JM, Kim JK, Jung KY, Jeong SM
521 - 525 Development of pilot WGS/multi-layer membrane for CO2 capture
Lee SH, Kim JN, Eom WH, Ryi SK, Park JS, Baek IH
526 - 538 Genesys: Kinetic model construction using chemo-informatics
Vandewiele NM, Van Geem KM, Reyniers MF, Marin GB
539 - 551 Mass transfer and kinetics of H2O2 direct synthesis in a batch slurry reactor
Gemo N, Biasi P, Canu P, Salmi TO
552 - 563 Composite catalytic-permselective membranes: Modeling analysis for H-2 purification assisted by water-gas-shift reaction
Romero EL, Wilhite BA
564 - 576 Threonine aldolase immobilization on different supports for engineering of productive, cost-efficient enzymatic microreactors
Fu H, Dencic I, Tibhe J, Pedraza CAS, Wang Q, Noel T, Meuldijk J, de Croon M, Hessel V, Weizenmann N, Oeser T, Kinkeade T, Hyatt D, Van Roy S, Dejonghe W, Diels L
577 - 586 Monolith and foam catalysts performances in ATR of liquid and gaseous fuels
Palma V, Ricca A, Ciambelli P
587 - 595 A multi-component two-phase lattice Boltzmann method applied to a 1-D Fischer-Tropsch reactor
Kamali MR, Sundaresan S, Van den Akker HEA, Gillissen JJJ
596 - 606 Numerical CFD simulation of a batch stirred tank reactor with stationary catalytic basket
Santos-Moreau V, Brunet-Errard L, Rolland M
607 - 615 Photocatalytic-reactor efficiencies and simplified expressions to assess their relevance in kinetic experiments
Motegh M, Cen JJ, Appel PW, van Ommen JR, Kreutzer MT
616 - 624 A model of biomass char gasification describing the change in catalytic activity of ash
Umeki K, Moilanen A, Gomez-Barea A, Konttinen J
625 - 634 A reaction engineering approach to modeling dust explosions
Bind VK, Roy S, Rajagopal C
635 - 644 Dynamic modelling of a stopped flow fixed bed reactor for gas phase olefin polymerisation
Browning B, Pitault I, Sheibat-Othman N, Tioni E, Monteil V, McKenna TFL
645 - 655 Numbered-up gas-liquid micro/milli channels reactor with modular flow distributor
Al-Rawashdeh M, Yu F, Nijhuis TA, Rebrov EV, Hessel V, Schouten JC
656 - 674 Optimal reaction concept and plant wide optimization of the ethylene oxide process
Peschel A, Jorke A, Sundmacher K, Freund H
675 - 682 Eulerian simulation of heat transfer in a trickle bed reactor with constant wall temperature
Mousazadeh F, van den Akker HEA, Mudde RF
683 - 689 Preferential CO oxidation over bimetallic Pt-Co catalysts prepared via double complex salt decomposition
Potemkin DI, Filatov EY, Zadesenets AV, Snytnikov PV, Shubin YV, Sobyanin VA
690 - 700 Comparison of CFD simulations to experiment under methane steam reforming reacting conditions
Behnam M, Dixon AG, Wright PM, Nijemeisland M, Stitt EH
701 - 710 Production of biodiesel via ethanolysis of waste cooking oil using immobilised lipase
Chesterfield DM, Rogers PL, Al-Zaini EO, Adesina AA
711 - 717 Effects of pressure and fines content on bubble diameter in a fluidized bed studied using fast X-ray tomography
Brouwer GC, Wagner EC, van Ommen JR, Mudde RF
718 - 724 Secondary amines for CO2 capture: A kinetic investigation using N-ethylmonoethanolamine
Sutar PN, Jha A, Vaidya PD, Kenig EY
725 - 733 Kinetics of low temperature aqueous-phase hydrogenation of model bio-oil compounds
Bindwal AB, Bari AH, Vaidya PD
734 - 745 Comparison among monolithic and randomly packed reactors for the methanol-to-propylene process
Guo WY, Xiao WD, Luo M
746 - 757 Discrete particle simulation of gas-solid two-phase flows with multi-scale CPU-GPU hybrid computation
Xu M, Chen FG, Liu XH, Ge W, Li JH
758 - 765 A new model for the design and analysis of trickle bed reactors
Schwidder S, Schnitzlein K
766 - 771 CO2 absorption in a high efficiency silicon nitride mesh contactor
Constantinou A, Barrass S, Pronk F, Bril T, Wenn DA, Shaw JEA, Gavriilidis A
772 - 784 Development of a methodology for numerical simulation of non-isothermal viscoelastic fluid flows with application to axisymmetric 4:1 contraction flows
Habla F, Woitalka A, Neuner S, Hinrichsen O
785 - 793 Extent-based incremental identification of reaction systems using concentration and calorimetric measurements
Srinivasan S, Billeter J, Bonvin D
794 - 802 Two-dimensional direct numerical simulation of nanoparticle precursor evolution in turbulent flames using detailed chemistry
Singh R, Raman V
803 - 813 Catalyst screening for conversion of glycerol to light olefins
Zakaria ZY, Linnekoski J, Amin NAS
814 - 821 Influence of geometrical and operational parameters on the performance of porous catalytic membrane reactors
Aran HC, Klooster H, Jani JM, Wessling M, Lefferts L, Lammertink RGH
822 - 831 Support vector regression models for trickle bed reactors
Bansal S, Roy S, Larachi F
832 - 844 Experimental characterization of gas-liquid-liquid flows in T-junction microchannels
Rajesh VM, Buwa VV
845 - 850 Direct synthesis of H2O2 on model Pd surfaces
Rossi U, Zancanella S, Artiglia L, Granozzi G, Canu P
851 - 864 Gas absorption into a spherical liquid droplet: Numerical and theoretical study
Wylock C, Colinet P, Haut B
865 - 870 Intensifying the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis by reactor structuring - A model study
Hooshyar N, Vervloet D, Kapteijn F, Hamersma PJ, Mudde RF, van Ommen JR
871 - 884 Steam methane reforming reaction process intensification by using a millistructured reactor: Experimental setup and model validation for global kinetic reaction rate estimation
Mbodji M, Commenge JM, Falk L, Di Marco D, Rossignol F, Prost L, Valentin S, Joly R, Del-Gallo P
885 - 894 Online conductivity measurement of residence time distribution of thin film flow in the spinning disc reactor
Mohammadi S, Boodhoo KVK
895 - 905 Modelling the morphology evolution of polymer materials undergoing phase separation
Vonka M, Kosek J
906 - 912 Effect of alkali species on synthesis of K-F zeolitic materials from paper sludge ash for soil amendment
Wajima T, Munakata K
913 - 922 Thermally activated iron containing layered double hydroxides as potential catalyst for N2O abatement
Vulic TJ, Reitzmann AFK, Lazar K
923 - 930 Plasma-assisted synthesis of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) characterized by online UV-Vis analysis
Lu W, Yang QL, Yan BH, Cheng Y
931 - 937 Characterization of mixing in T-jets mixers
Krupa K, Sultan MA, Fonte CP, Nunes MI, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Santos RJ
938 - 942 Graphite and graphene oxides catalyze bromination or alkylation in reaction of phenol with t-butylbromide
Nagai M, Isoe R, Ishiguro K, Tominaga H, Shimizu M