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1 - 4 Proton conducting properties of nanocomposite membranes of chitosan
Magalad VT, Pattanashetti SS, Gokavi GS, Nadagouda MN, Aminabhavi TM
5 - 12 Reaction of SO2 with sodium chlorate powder triggering oxidation of NO and Hg-0
Byun Y, Kim J, Shin D
13 - 23 Dynamic separation of ultradilute CO2 with a nanoporous amine-based sorbent
He LL, Fan MH, Dutcher B, Cui S, Shen XD, Kong Y, Russell AG, McCurdy P
24 - 31 How to use a multi-ionic transport model to fully predict rejection of mineral salts by nanofiltration membranes
Deon S, Escoda A, Fievet P, Dutournie P, Bourseau P
32 - 40 An alternative source of adsorbent for the removal of dyes from textile waters: Posidonia oceanica (L.)
Cengiz S, Tanrikulu F, Aksu S
41 - 48 Removal of the antibiotic levofloxacin (LEVO) in water by ozonation and TiO2 photocatalysis
Nasuhoglu D, Rodayan A, Berk D, Yargeau V
49 - 56 Mathematical modeling of a ternary Cu-Zn-Na ion exchange system in a fixed-bed column using Amberlite IR 120
Borba CE, Santos GHF, Silva EA
57 - 61 Supported manganese dioxide catalyst for seawater flue gas desulfurization application
Bian JJ, Zhang S, Zhang JW, Min X, Li CH
62 - 67 The hydrogen adsorption capacity of commercial Pd/Rh and Pt/Rh automotive catalysts and its relationship to their activity
Fernandes DM, Scofield CF, Neto AA, Cardoso MJB, Zotin JL, Zotin FMZ
68 - 74 Removal of boron from aqueous solution using calcined magnesite tailing
Kipcak I, Ozdemir M
75 - 83 Preparation photocatalyst of selected photodegradation antibiotics by molecular imprinting technology onto TiO2/fly-ash cenospheres
Huo PW, Lu ZY, Liu XL, Wu D, Liu XL, Pan JM, Gao X, Guo WL, Li HM, Yan YS
84 - 93 Zinc oxide mediated sonophotocatalytic degradation of phenol in water
Anju SG, Yesodharan S, Yesodharan EP
94 - 100 Solubility of CO2 in pyridinium based ionic liquids
Yunus NM, Mutalib MIA, Man Z, Bustam MA, Murugesan T
101 - 107 Visible light photocatalytic inactivation of Escherichia coli with combustion synthesized TiO2
Sontakke S, Mohan C, Modak J, Madras G
108 - 116 Enhanced Fenton's degradation of real naphthalene dye intermediate wastewater containing 6-nitro-1-diazo-2-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid: A pilot scale study
Gu L, Nie JY, Zhu NW, Wang L, Yuan HP, Shou ZQ
117 - 125 Development of zirconium (IV)-metalloporphyrin grafted Fe3O4 nanoparticles for efficient fluoride removal
Poursaberi T, Hassanisadi M, Torkestani K, Zare M
126 - 133 Adsorption of fluoride onto different types of aluminas
Gong WX, Qu JH, Liu RP, Lan HC
134 - 147 Microkinetic modeling of lean NOx trap chemistry
Larson RS, Chakravarthy VK, Pihl JA, Daw CS
148 - 159 Removal of dyes from aqueous solutions with untreated coffee residues as potential low-cost adsorbents: Equilibrium, reuse and thermodynamic approach
Kyzas GZ, Lazaridis NK, Mitropoulos AC
160 - 167 Adsorption of Pb2+ and Cu2+ on anionic surfactant-templated amino-functionalized mesoporous silicas
Hao SY, Zhong YJ, Pepe F, Zhu WD
168 - 174 Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solution on modified ACFs by chemical vapor deposition
Wang LP, Huang ZC, Zhang MY, Chai B
175 - 181 Oxidation rates of two textile dyes by ozone: Effect of pH and competitive kinetics
Gomes AC, Fernandes LR, Simoes RMS
182 - 187 Influence of flow rates on the electrogenerative Co2+ recovery at a reticulated vitreous carbon cathode
Tan WX, Hasnat MA, Ramalan NHM, Soh WM, Mohamed N
188 - 195 Size-controlled synthesis of hierarchical NiO hollow microspheres and the adsorption for Congo red in water
Zhang PP, Ma XM, Guo YM, Cheng QQ, Yang L
196 - 202 Enhanced chitosan/Fe-0-nanoparticles beads for hexavalent chromium removal from wastewater
Liu TY, Wang ZL, Zhao L, Yang X
203 - 212 Elimination of organic micropollutants by adsorption on activated carbon prepared from agricultural waste
Djilani C, Zaghdoudi R, Modarressi A, Rogalski M, Djazi F, Lallam A
213 - 221 Treatment of ion exchange resins used in nuclear power plants by super-and sub-critical water oxidation - A road to commercial plant from bench-scale facility
Kim K, Kim K, Choi M, Son SH, Han JH
222 - 228 An investigation on reuse of Cr-contaminated sediment: Cr removal and interaction between Cr and organic matter
Hong XQ, Li RZ, Liu WJ, Zhang XS, Ding HS, Jiang H
229 - 236 Abatement of 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane in water by reduction at silver cathode and oxidation at boron doped diamond anode in micro reactors
Scialdone O, Galia A, Guarisco C, La Mantia S
237 - 243 Arsenic removal via ZVI in a hybrid spouted vessel/fixed bed filter system
Calo JM, Madhavan L, Kirchner J, Bain EJ
244 - 249 A new definition of bed expansion index and voidage for fluidized biofilm-coated particles
Andalib M, Zhu J, Nakhla G
250 - 255 The effect of settlement on wastewater carbon source availability based on respirometric and granulometric analysis
Wu J, He CD
256 - 263 Model-based control of a fedbatch biodegradation process by the control Lyapunov function approach
Banos-Rodriguez U, Santos-Sanchez OJ, Beltran-Hernandez RI, Vazquez-Rodriguez GA
264 - 274 Removal of basic dyes in binary system by adsorption using rarasaponin-bentonite: Revisited of extended Langmuir model
Kurniawan A, Sutiono H, Indraswati N, Ismadji S
275 - 282 Photocatalytic ozonation to remove the pharmaceutical diclofenac from water: Influence of variables
Aguinaco A, Beltran FJ, Garcia-Araya JF, Oropesa AL
283 - 287 Application of a novel strategy-Advanced Fenton-chemical precipitation to the treatment of strong stability chelated heavy metal containing wastewater
Fu FL, Xie LP, Tang B, Wang Q, Jiang SX
288 - 294 Sonochemical synthesis and characterization of Cl-doped TiO2 and its application in the photodegradation of phthalate ester under visible light irradiation
Wang XK, Wang C, Jiang WQ, Guo WL, Wang JG
295 - 302 Preparation and evaluation of activated carbon-based iron-containing adsorbents for enhanced Cr(VI) removal: Mechanism study
Liu WF, Zhang J, Zhang CL, Ren L
303 - 313 Determination of reactive critical points of kinetically controlled reacting mixtures
Sales-Cruz M, Lobo-Oehmichen R, Lopez-Arenas T, Rodriguez-Lopez V, Viveros-Garcia T, Perez-Cisneros ES
314 - 335 Computational fluid dynamics of circulating fluidized bed downer: Study of modeling parameters and system hydrodynamic characteristics
Chalermsinsuwan B, Chanchuey T, Buakhao W, Gidaspow D, Piumsomboon P
336 - 345 Reaction kinetics and pathways for phytol in high-temperature water
Changi S, Brown TM, Savage PE
346 - 355 Catalytic deoxygenation of triglycerides to hydrocarbons over supported nickel catalysts
Morgan T, Santillan-Jimenez E, Harman-Ware AE, Ji YY, Grubb D, Crocker M
356 - 363 Ultrafast X-ray computed tomography for the analysis of gas-solid fluidized beds
Bieberle M, Barthel F, Hampel U
364 - 375 Numerical investigation of sonochemical reactors considering the effect of inhomogeneous bubble clouds on ultrasonic wave propagation
Jamshidi R, Pohl B, Peuker UA, Brenner G
376 - 382 Integrated system of a microbioreactor and a miniaturized continuous separator for enzyme catalyzed reactions
Pohar A, Znidarsic-Plazl P, Plazl I
383 - 392 Transient distributions of composition and temperature in a gas-solid packed bed reactor by near-infrared tomography
tSaoir MNA, Fernandes DLA, McMaster M, Kitagawa K, Hardacre C, Aiouache F
393 - 403 NO2-promoted oxidation of methane to formaldehyde at very short residence time. Part I: Experimental results
Zhang J, Burkle-Vitzthum V, Marquaire PM
404 - 412 A method for fabrication of polyaniline coated polymer microspheres and its application for cellulase immobilization
Ince A, Bayramoglu G, Karagoz B, Altintas B, Bicak N, Arica MY
413 - 421 Continuous hydrogen production by sorption enhanced steam methane reforming (SE-SMR) in a circulating fluidized bed reactor: Sorbent to catalyst ratio dependencies
Arstad B, Prostak J, Blom R
422 - 430 The influence of silver on the physicochemical and catalytic properties of activated carbons
Goscianska J, Nowak I, Nowicki P, Pietrzak R
431 - 442 Synthesis, micellization and caffeine drug release kinetics of novel PBMA-b-PNIPAAm block polymer brushes
Luo YL, Zhang LL, Xu F
443 - 450 Synthesis, formation mechanism and photocatalytic property of nanoplate-based copper sulfide hierarchical hollow spheres
Jiang DH, Hu WB, Wang HR, Shen B, Deng VD
451 - 455 One-step synthesis of monodisperse Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles in a microreaction system
Sun L, Luan WL, Shan YJ, Tu ST
456 - 463 Designing nanostructured microspheres with well-defined outlines by mixing carboxyl-functionalized amylose and magnetite via ultrasound
Mauricio MR, Guilherme MR, Kunita MH, Muniz EC, Rubira AF
464 - 472 Improved active anticorrosion coatings using layer-by-layer assembled ZnO nanocontainers with benzotriazole
Sonawane SH, Bhanvase BA, Jamali AA, Dubey SK, Kale SS, Pinjari DV, Kulkarni RD, Gogate PR, Pandit AB
473 - 481 Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue on CaBi6O10/Bi2O3 composites under visible light
Wang YJ, He YM, Li TT, Cai J, Luo MF, Zhao LH