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1 - 9 Monitoring colour and COD removal capacity of soil and assessment of growth performance of crop growth with paper mill wastewater-A lysimeter study
Singh PK, Deshbhratar PB, Ramteke DS
10 - 15 Palladium nanoparticles decorated graphite nanoplatelets for room temperature carbon dioxide adsorption
Mishra AK, Ramaprabhu S
16 - 28 Characterisation of metal-complexing membranes prepared by the semi-interpenetrating polymer networks technique. Application to the removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions
Bessbousse H, Verchere JF, Lebrun L
29 - 35 Decolorization of Rhodamine B in a thin-film photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) reactor with slant-placed TiO2 nanotubes electrode
Yao Y, Li K, Chen S, Jia JP, Wang YL, Wang HW
36 - 44 A new substrate and by-product kinetic model for the photodegradation of 4-chlorophenol with KrCl exciplex UV lamp and hydrogen peroxide
Murcia MD, Gomez M, Gomez E, Gomez JL, Hidalgo AM, Christofi N
45 - 52 Adsorption of As (III) and As (V) from water using magnetite Fe3O4-reduced graphite oxide-MnO2 nanocomposites
Luo XB, Wang CC, Luo SL, Dong RZ, Tu XM, Zeng GS
53 - 62 Textural porosity, surface chemistry and adsorptive properties of durian shell derived activated carbon prepared by microwave assisted NaOH activation
Foo KY, Hameed BH
63 - 68 Bromate removal from aqueous solutions by nano crystalline akaganeite (beta-FeOOH)-coated quartz sand (CACQS)
Xu CH, Shi JJ, Zhou WZ, Gao BY, Yue QY, Wang XH
69 - 78 Study of aniline/epsilon-caprolactam mixture adsorption from aqueous solution onto granular activated carbon: Kinetics and equilibrium
Tang B, Lin YW, Yu P, Luo YB
79 - 88 Adsorption characteristics, isotherm, kinetics, and diffusion of modified natural bentonite for removing diazo dye
Toor M, Jin B
89 - 95 Tetracycline degradation in aqueous phase by ultraviolet radiation
Gomez-Pacheco CV, Sanchez-Polo M, Rivera-Utrilla J, Lopez-Penalver JJ
96 - 103 Developing a cost-effective synthesis of active iron oxide doped titania photocatalysts loaded with palladium, platinum or silver nanoparticles
Mahmoud MHH, Ismail AA, Sanad MMS
104 - 113 Comparative kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamic and mechanistic studies on biosorption of hexavalent chromium by live and heat killed biomass of Acinetobacter junii VITSUKMW2, an indigenous chromite mine isolate
Paul ML, Samuel J, Chandrasekaran N, Mukherjee A
114 - 122 Kinetic study and modeling of the vacuum-UV photoinduced degradation of 2,4-D
Imoberdorf G, Mohseni M
123 - 132 Simulation and optimization of tyre-based steam activated carbons production for gas-phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons abatement
Aranda A, Murillo R, Garcia T, Mastral AM
133 - 141 Kinetics, thermodynamics and equilibrium evaluation of direct yellow 12 removal by adsorption onto silver nanoparticles loaded activated carbon
Ghaedi M, Sadeghian B, Pebdani AA, Sahraei R, Daneshfar A, Duran C
142 - 149 Removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution by uncalcined and calcined MgNiAl layered double hydroxides (LDHs)
Zaghouane-Boudiaf H, Boutahala M, Arab L
150 - 159 Poly(acrylic acid)-modified poly(glycidylmethacrylate)-grafted nanocellulose as matrices for the adsorption of lysozyme from aqueous solutions
Anirudhan TS, Rejeena SR
160 - 165 Simultaneous hexadecane and oxygen transfer rate on the production of an oil-degrading consortium in a three-phase airlift bioreactor
Lizardi-Jimenez MA, Saucedo-Castaneda G, Thalasso F, Gutierrez-Rojas M
166 - 171 Solubility of benzene in copolymer aqueous solutions for the design of gas absorption unit operations
Erto A, Lancia A
172 - 184 Fast pyrolysis in a novel wire-mesh reactor: Decomposition of pine wood and model compounds
Hoekstra E, Van Swaaij WPM, Kersten SRA, Hogendoorn KJA
185 - 192 NaCS-PDMDAAC immobilized autotrophic cultivation of Chlorella sp for wastewater nitrogen and phosphate removal
Zeng XH, Danquah MK, Zheng C, Potumarthi R, Chen XD, Lu YH
193 - 202 Kinetics and thermodynamics of hexavalent chromium adsorption on to activated carbon derived from acrylonitrile-divinylbenzene copolymer
Duranoglu D, Trochimczuk AW, Beker U
203 - 209 Design of an efficient photocatalytic reactor for the decomposition of gaseous organic contaminants in air
Lee DM, Yun HJ, Yu S, Yun SJ, Lee SY, Mang SH, Yi J
210 - 216 The removal of dye from aqueous solution using alginate-halloysite nanotube beads
Liu L, Wan YZ, Xie YD, Zhai R, Zhang B, Liu JD
217 - 221 On the optimization of sphalerite bioleaching; the inspection of intermittent irrigation, type of agglomeration, feed formulation and their interactions on the bioleaching of low-grade zinc sulfide ores
Saririchi T, Azad RR, Arabian D, Molaie A, Nemati F
222 - 231 A mathematical study of the evolution of fouling and operating parameters throughout membrane sheets comprising spiral wound modules
Kostoglou M, Karabelas AJ
232 - 238 Liquid phase oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde with novel uncalcined bioreduction Au catalysts: High activity and durability
Zhan GW, Huang JL, Du MM, Sun DH, Abdul-Rauf I, Lin WS, Hong YL, Li QB
239 - 247 Adsorption behavior of two model airborne organic contaminants on wafer surfaces
Tlili S, Alvarez EG, Gligorovski S, Wortham H
248 - 260 Mechanistic and kinetic investigations in ultrasound assisted acid catalyzed biodiesel synthesis
Parkar PA, Choudhary HA, Moholkar VS
261 - 274 Hydrodynamics, mixing and selectivity in a partitioned bubble column
Basheer AA, Subramaniam P
275 - 282 A novel approach for SWRO desalination plants operation, comprising single pass boron removal and reuse of CO2 in the post treatment step
Nir O, Herzberg M, Sweity A, Birnhack L, Lahav O
283 - 288 Environmentally benign catalyst: Synthesis, characterization, and properties of pyridinium dicationic molten salts (ionic liquids) and use of application in esterification
Chinnappan A, Kim H
289 - 298 On chaotic advection in a static mixer
Saatdjian E, Rodrigo AJS, Mota JPB
299 - 305 Hydrogen production for fuel cells via steam reforming of dimethyl ether over commercial Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 and zeolite
Li J, Zhang QJ, Long X, Qi P, Liu ZT, Liu ZW
306 - 310 Mixing enhancement by simple periodic geometric features in microchannels
Fang YQ, Ye YH, Shen RQ, Zhu P, Guo R, Hu Y, Wu LZ
311 - 327 Integrated aqueous-phase glycerol reforming to dimethyl ether synthesis A novel allothermal dual bed membrane reactor concept
Iliuta I, Iliuta MC, Fongarland P, Larachi F
328 - 333 Low temperature rapid preparation of selenium nanostructures in the presence of food surfactants
Wu YJ, Ni YH
334 - 340 Tunable electrical conductivity and dielectric properties of triglycine sulfate-polypyrrole composite
Bose S, Mishra AK, Kuila T, Kim NH, Park OK, Lee JH
341 - 350 Performance of invertase immobilized on glass-ceramic supports in batch bioreactor
Albertini AVP, Cadena PG, Silva JL, Nascimento GA, Reis ALS, Freire VN, Santos RP, Martins JL, Cavada BS, Neto PJR, Pimentel MCB, Martinez CR, Porto ALF, Lima JL
351 - 356 Influence of Sn doping on ZnO nanostructures from nanoparticles to spindle shape and their photoelectrochemical properties for dye sensitized solar cells
Ameen S, Akhtar MS, Seo HK, Kim YS, Shin HS
357 - 366 Preparation of silica nanoparticles using silicon tetrachloride for reinforcement of PU
Luo Z, Cai X, Hong RY, Wang LS, Feng WG
367 - 371 Zeolite applications in fuel cells: Water management and proton conductivity
Han W, Kwan SM, Yeung KL
372 - 379 Superparamagnetic sandwich Fe3O4@PS@PANi microspheres and yolk/shell Fe3O4@PANi hollow microspheres with Fe3O4@PS nanoparticles as "partially sacrificial templates"
Zhang L, Wang TM, Liu P
380 - 384 Fabrication of carbon microcoil/polyaniline composite by microemulsion polymerization for electrochemical functional enhancement
Shown I, Imae T, Motojima S
385 - 390 Controlled synthesis and optical properties of 1D frog egg-like Mn(IO3)(2)/MnO2 composite nanostructures with ultra-high aspect ratio
Song LM, Zhang SJ, Wu XQ, Wei QW
391 - 400 Total oxidation of VOCs on Au nanoparticles anchored on Co doped mesoporous UVM-7 silica
Solsona B, Perez-Cabero M, Vazquez I, Dejoz A, Garcia T, Alvarez-Rodriguez J, El-Haskouri J, Beltran D, Amoros P
401 - 409 Supercritical carbon dioxide plus ethanol mixtures for the antisolvent micronization of hydrosoluble materials
De Marco I, Reverchon E
410 - 414 Hydrothermal decomposition of alkali lignin in sub- and supercritical water
Pinkowska H, Wolak P, Zlocinska A
415 - 420 Nanosize Zr-metal organic framework (UiO-66) for hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage
Abid HR, Tian HY, Ang HM, Tade MO, Buckley CE, Wang SB