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ISSN: 1385-8947 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Kinetic study and mathematical modeling of coal char activation
Rafsanjani HH, Jamshidi E
6 - 14 Investigations on the kinetics and mechanisms of sorptive removal of fluoride from water using alumina cement granules
Ayoob S, Gupta AK, Bhakat PB, Bhat VT
15 - 21 Conversion of benzoic acid during TiO2-mediated photocatalytic degradation in water
Velegraki T, Mantzavinos D
22 - 31 Prediction of the spray scrubbers' performance in the gaseous and particulate scrubbing processes
Keshavarz P, Bozorgi Y, Fathikalajahi J, Taheri M
32 - 42 Activated carbon from jackfruit peel waste by H3PO4 chemical activation: Pore structure and surface chemistry characterization
Prahas D, Kartika Y, Indraswati N, Ismadji S
43 - 51 N2O decomposition over the circulating ashes from coal-fired CFB boilers
Hou XS, Zhang H, Yang S, Lu JF, Yue GX
52 - 61 Modeling of a bacterial and fungal biofilter applied to toluene abatement: Kinetic parameters estimation and model validation
Dorado AD, Baquerizo G, Maestre JP, Gamisans X, Gabriel D, Lafuente J
62 - 70 Feasibility of Na-based thermochemical cycles for the capture of CO2 from air - Thermodynamic and thermogravimetric analyses
Nikulshina V, Ayesa N, Galvez ME, Steinfeld A
71 - 76 Discoloration process modeling by neural network
Guimaraes OLC, Chagas MHD, Villela DN, Siqueira AF, Izario HJ, de Aquino HOQ, Silva MB
77 - 85 Biodiesel production from mixtures of canola oil and used cooking oil
Issariyakul T, Kulkarni MG, Meher LC, Dalai AK, Bakhshi NN
86 - 100 Population Balance Model (PBM) for flocculation process: Simulation and experimental studies of palm oil mill effluent (POME) pretreatment
Ahmad AL, Chong MF, Bhatia S
101 - 109 Simulation of heterotrophic storage and growth processes in activated sludge under aerobic conditions
Ni BJ, Yu HQ
110 - 121 A CFD methodology for the design of sedimentation tanks in potable water treatment - Case study: The influence of a feed flow control baffle
Goula AM, Kostoglou M, Karapantsios TD, Zouboulis AI
122 - 129 Removal of nitrogen from wastewater for reusing to boiler feed-water by an anaerobic/aerobic/membrane bioreactor
Liu HB, Yang CZ, Pu WH, Zhang JD
130 - 135 Kinetic study on regeneration of Fe(II)EDTA in the wet process of NO removal
Biao ZBA, Wang L, Zhao WR
136 - 144 Optimization of parameters for adsorption of metal ions onto rice husk ash using Taguchi's experimental design methodology
Srivastava VC, Mall ID, Mishra IM
145 - 156 Kinetic modelling of the anaerobic digestion of wastewater derived from the pressing of orange rind produced in orange juice manufacturing
Siles JA, Martin MA, Chica A, Borja R
157 - 164 Optimization of caustic current efficiency in a zero-gap advanced chlor-alkali cell with application of genetic algorithm assisted by artificial neural networks
Mirzazadeh T, Mohammadi F, Soltanieh M, Joudaki E
165 - 172 Organic arsenic removal from an aqueous solution by iron oxide-coated fungal biomass: An analysis of factors influencing adsorption
Pokhrel D, Viraraghavan T
173 - 182 Phase equilibrium studying for the supercritical fluid extraction process using carbon dioxide solvent with 1.35 mole ratio of octane to ethanol mixture
Kassim KM, Davarnejad R, Zainal A
183 - 192 Enhanced fluoride removal from drinking water by magnesia-amended activated alumina granules
Maliyekkal SM, Shukla S, Philip L, Nambi IM
193 - 200 Continuous operation of membrane bioreactor treating toluene vapors by Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4
Kumar A, Dewulf J, Luvsanjamba M, Van Langenhove H
201 - 213 Evaluating and improving environmental performance of HC's recovery system: A case study of distillation unit
Ramzan N, Degenkolbe S, Witt W
214 - 220 Adsorption of di-ethyl-phthalate from aqueous solutions with surfactant-coated nano/microsized alumina
Li JD, Shi YL, Cai YQ, Mou SF, Jiang GB
221 - 234 Measurements and modeling of heat generation in a trickling biofilter for biodegradation of a low concentration volatile organic compound (VOC)
Liao Q, Tian X, Zhu X, Chen R, Wang YZ
235 - 240 Sawdust: A green and economical sorbent for thallium removal
Memon SQ, Memon N, Solangi AR, Memon JUR
241 - 246 Model-evaluation of the erosion behavior of activated sludge under shear conditions using a chemical-equilibrium-based model
Sheng GP, Yu HQ, Cui H
247 - 254 Adsorption of cadmium from aqueous solution by phosphogypsum
Balkaya N, Cesur H
255 - 263 Statistical analysis of the performance of a bi-functional catalyst under operating conditions of LPDME process
Moradi GR, Nazari M, Yaripour F
264 - 277 A new solution technique for fluid-solid reactions
Shiravani A, Jamshidi E, Ebrahim HA
278 - 286 Comparative assessment of the dynamic behaviour of an exothermal chemical reaction including data uncertainties
Hauptmanns U
287 - 295 Kinetic modelling of methylcyclohexane ring-opening over a HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst
Castano P, Gayubo AG, Pawelec B, Fierro JLG, Arandes JM
296 - 304 Fluidization of nanoparticles: A simple equation for estimating the size of agglomerates
Valverde JM, Castellanos A
305 - 323 Simulated moving bed reactor for isomerization and separation of p-xylene
Minceva M, Gomes PS, Meshko V, Rodrigues AE
324 - 331 Neural network aided design of Pt-Co-Ce/Al2O3 catalyst for selective CO oxidation in hydrogen-rich streams
Guenay ME, Yildirim R
332 - 340 Liquid flow texture analysis in trickle bed reactors using high-resolution gamma ray tomography
Schubert M, Hessel G, Zippe C, Lange R, Hampel U
341 - 351 Selection of appropriate fuel processor for biogas-fuelled SOFC system
Piroonlerkgul P, Assabumrungrat S, Laosiripojana N, Adesina AA
352 - 357 Studying the internal mass transfer phenomena inside a Ni/Al2O3 catalyst for benzene hydrogenation
Metaxas KC, Papayannakos NG
358 - 369 Prediction of bubble behaviour in fluidised beds based on solid motion and flow structure
Fan XF, Yang ZF, Parker DJ, Armstrong B
370 - 380 Flow effects on the kinetics of a second-order reaction
Nguyen KT, Papavassiliou DV
381 - 390 Impact of mass transfer coefficient correlations on prediction of reactive distillation column behaviour
Svandova Z, Markos J, Jelemensky L
391 - 397 Novel BN supported bi-metal catalyst for oxydehydrogenation of propane
Wu JCS, Lin SJ
398 - 413 Analysis of the bubbling behaviour of 2D gas solid fluidized beds Part I. Digital image analysis technique
Busciglio A, Vella G, Micale G, Rizzuti L
414 - 423 A model for the pressure balance of a low density circulating fluidized bed
Grieco E, Marmo L
424 - 431 The effect of sulfur compound on the hydrogenation of tetralin over a Pd-Pt/HDAY catalyst
Liu HR, Meng XC, Zhao DS, Li YD
432 - 438 Carbonaceous materials as catalysts for decomposition of methane
Suelves I, Pinilla JL, Lazaro MJ, Moliner R
439 - 447 Comparison of hydrodynamic and mass transfer performances of an emulsion loop-venturi reactor in cocurrent downflow and upflow configurations
Gourich B, Vial C, Soulami AB, Zoulalian A, Ziyad A
448 - 456 Predicting axial pressure profile of a CFB
Gungor A
457 - 465 Modelling and experimental validation of a fluidized-bed reactor freeboard region: Application to natural gas combustion
Dounit S, Hemati M, Andreux R
466 - 472 Silicon-based miniaturized reformer with methanol catalytic burner
Kwon OJ, Yoon DH, Kim JJ
473 - 482 On the estimation of the regime transition point in bubble columns
Ribeiro CP
483 - 487 Degradation of polypropylene using ultrasound-induced acoustic cavitation
Desai V, Shenoy MA, Gogate PR
488 - 496 Gas phase hydrogenation of maleic anhydride to tetrahydrofuran by Cu/ZnO/TiO2 catalysts in the presence of n-butanol
Zhang RC, Yin HB, Zhang DZ, Qi L, Lu HH, Shen YT, Jiang TS
497 - 508 Innovative bed temperature-oriented modeling and robust control of a circulating fluidized bed combustor
Hadavand A, Jalali AA, Famouri P
509 - 520 Phase stability analysis using the PC-SAFT equation of state and the tunneling global optimization method
Nichita DV, Garcia-Sanchez F, Gomez S
521 - 528 A fundamental analysis of continuous flow bioreactor models and membrane reactor models to process industrial wastewaters
Nelson MI, Balakrishnan E, Sidhu HS, Chen XD
529 - 538 Nonlinear observers for parameter estimation in a solution polymerization process using infrared spectroscopy
Sheibat-Othman N, Peycelon D, Othman S, Suau JM, Fevotte G
539 - 554 Evaluation of downer reactor performance by catalytic ozone decomposition
Fan C, Zhang Y, Bi X, Song W, Lin W, Luo L
555 - 561 C-9-aldehyde hydrogenation over nickel/kieselguhr catalysts in trickle bed reactor
Jeon JK, Yim JH, Park YK
562 - 569 Numerical investigation on the flow characteristics and permeability of three-dimensional reticulated foam materials
Xu WG, Zhang HT, Yang ZM, Zhang JS
570 - 577 Comparative study on isothermal kinetics of fullerol formation under conventional and microwave heating
Adnadevic B, Gigov M, Sindjic M, Jovanovic J
578 - 585 Mathematical modeling of the generation of the secondary porous structure in a monolithic adsorbent
Ledvinkova B, Keller F, Kosek J, Nieken U
586 - 592 NiO/YSZ nanoparticles obtained by new sol-gel route
Suciu C, Hoffmann AC, Dorolti E, Tetean R
593 - 599 Preparation of macroporous methacrylate monolithic material with convective flow properties for bioseparation: Investigating the kinetics of pore formation and hydrodynamic performance
Danquah MK, Forde GM
600 - 608 Development of an original model for the synthesis of silicon nanodots by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
Cocheteau V, Mur P, Billon T, Scheid E, Caussat B
609 - 613 Effects of process variables on kinetics of methylene blue sorption onto untreated guava (Psidium guajava) leaf powder: Statistical analysis
Ponnusami V, Madhuram R, Krithika V, Srivastava SN
614 - 620 Diffusion of hydrocarbon mixtures in MFI zeolite: Influence of intersection blocking
Krishna R, van Baten JM
621 - 625 Study of TiC/Ni3Al composites by laser ignited self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (LISHS)
Li YX, Hu JD, Wang HY, Guo ZX
626 - 631 Droplet size and stability of nano-emulsions produced by the temperature phase inversion method
Ee SL, Duan X, Liew J, Nguyen QD
632 - 637 SrMoO4 powders processed in microwave-hydrothermal: Synthesis, characterization and optical properties
Sczancoski JC, Cavalcante LS, Joya MR, Varela JA, Pizani PS, Longo E
638 - 641 Comments on the iodide/iodate method for characterising micromixing
Bourne JR
642 - 645 Degradation of trichloroethene in water by electron supplementation
Jin S, Fallgren PH, Morris JM, Edgar ES