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Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol.101, No.1-3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1385-8947 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Special issue: Microreaction technolgy
Renken A, Baselt JP, Matlosz M
3 - 9 Micro-structured string-reactor for autothermal production of hydrogen
Horny C, Kiwi-Minsker L, Renken A
11 - 16 Carbon-coated microstructured reactors for heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reactions: influence of coating procedure on catalytic activity and selectivity
Schimpf S, Bron A, Claus P
17 - 22 Microreaction engineering studies of the hydroxylation of benzene with nitrous oxide
Hiemer U, Klemm E, Scheffler F, Selvam I, Schwieger W, Emig G
23 - 29 Novel microreactors for functional polymer beads
Nisisako T, Torii T, Higuchi T
31 - 38 Development of a new micromixer based on split/recombination for mass production and its application to soap free emulsifier
Mae K, Maki T, Hasegawa I, Eto U, Mizutani Y, Honda N
39 - 48 Microchannel devices for the coalescence of dispersed droplets produced for use in rapid extraction processes
Okubo Y, Toma M, Ueda H, Maki T, Mae K
49 - 56 Analysis of a toluene stripping process: a comparison between a microfabricated stripping column and a conventional packed tower
Cypes SH, Engstrom JR
57 - 63 New methods for increasing productivity by using microreactors of planar pumping and alternating pumping types
Okamoto H, Ushijima T, Kitoh O
65 - 74 Static micromixers for modular chip reactor arrangements in two-step reactions an photochemical activated processes
Kirner T, Albert J, Gunther M, Mayer G, Reinhackel K, Kohler JM
75 - 85 g/l-Dispersion in interdigital micromixers with different mixing chamber geometries
Lob P, Pennemann H, Hessel V
87 - 92 Development of microchannel methanol steam reformer
Park GG, Seo DJ, Park SH, Yoon YG, Kim CS, Yoon WL
93 - 99 Catalytic conversion of propane to hydrogen in microstructured reactors
Aartun I, Gjervan T, Venvik H, Gorke O, Pfeifer P, Fathi M, Holmen A, Schubert K
101 - 106 CO selective oxidation in a microchannel reactor for PEM fuel cell
Chen GW, Yuan Q, Li HQ, Li SL
107 - 111 A new proton-conducting porous silicon membrane for small fuel cells
Pichonat T, Gauthier-Manuel B, Hauden D
113 - 121 Wall coating of a CuO/ZnO/AI(2)O(3) methanol steam reforming catalyst for micro-channel reformers
Bravo J, Karim A, Conant T, Lopez GP, Datye A
123 - 131 Experiments and modelling of an integrated preferential oxidation-heat exchanger microdevice
Delsman ER, de Croon MHJM, Kramer GJ, Cobden PD, Hofmann C, Cominos V, Schouten JC
133 - 141 Hydrogen production for fuel cell application in an autothermal micro-channel reactor
Reuse P, Renken A, Haas-Santo K, Gorke O, Schubert K
143 - 149 MEMS-based components of a miniature fuel cell/fuel reformer system
Tanaka S, Chang KS, Min KB, Satoh D, Yoshida K, Esashi M
151 - 156 Microfabricated flow-through device for DNA amplification - towards in situ gene analysis
Fukuba T, Yamamoto T, Naganuma T, Fujii T
157 - 161 Microfluidic system for DNA sequence detection
Yamashita K, Yamaguchi Y, Miyazaki M, Nakamura H, Shimizu H, Maeda H
163 - 169 Spatially resolved detection of miniaturized reaction-diffusion experiments in chip reactors for educational purposes
Kirner T, Jaschinsky P, Kohler JM
171 - 178 Feasibility study on concentration of slurry and classification of contained particles by microchannel
Ookawara S, Higashi R, Street D, Ogawa K
179 - 185 Synthesis of pigments in a three-stage microreactor pilot plant-an experimental technical report
Wille C, Gabski HP, Haller T, Kim H, Unverdorben L, Winter R
187 - 194 Direct monitoring of biochemical processes using micro-structured heat power detectors
Lerchner J, Wolf A, Huttl R, Wolf G
195 - 199 gamma-Ray-initiated dispersion polymerization of PMA in microreactor
Chang ZQ, Liu G, Fang F, Tian YC, Zhang ZC
201 - 216 Digital reaction technology by micro segmented flow - components, concepts and applications
Kohler JM, Henkel T, Grodrian A, Kirner T, Roth M, Martin K, Metze J
217 - 224 Fast temperature cycling in microstructure devices
Brandner JJ, Emig G, Liauw MA, Schubert K
225 - 235 Design of a molybdenum high throughput microreactor for high temperature screening of catalytic coatings
Mies MJM, Rebrov EV, de Croon MHJM, Schouten JC
237 - 240 Electrochemical effects related to synthesis in micro reactors operating under electrokinetic flow
Watts P, Haswell SJ, Pombo-Villar E
241 - 250 A microreactor-based system for the study of fast exothermic reactions in liquid phase: characterization of the system
Schneider MA, Maeder T, Ryser P, Stoessel F
251 - 260 Generation of metal nanoparticles in a microchannel reactor
Wagner J, Kirner T, Mayer G, Albert J, Kohler JM
261 - 268 A simple method of self assembled nano-particles deposition on the micro-capillary inner walls and the reactor application for photo-catalytic and enzyme reactions
Nakamura H, Li XY, Wang HZ, Uehara M, Miyazaki M, Shimizu H, Maeda H
269 - 276 Production of titania nanoparticles by using a new microreactor assembled with same axle dual pipe
Takagi M, Maki T, Miyahara M, Mae K
277 - 284 Preparation of functionalized nanostructures on microchannel surface and their use for enzyme microreactors
Miyazaki M, Kaneno J, Kohama R, Uehara M, Kanno K, Fujii M, Shimizu H, Maeda H
285 - 294 Exploring the flow of immiscible fluids in a square vertical mini-channel by direct numerical simulation
Ghidersa BE, Worner A, Cacuci DG
295 - 302 Porous media simplified simulation of single- and two-phase flow heat transfer in micro-channel heat exchangers
Imke U
303 - 314 Modeling of electric-field driven transport processes in microdevices for immunoassay
Pribyl M, Snita D, Hasal P, Marek M
315 - 322 Numerical and experimental investigations on liquid mixing in static micromixers
Engler M, Kockmann N, Kiefer T, Woias P
323 - 331 Mixing in microreactors: effectiveness of lamination segments as a form of feed on product distribution for multiple reactions
Aoki N, Hasebe S, Mae K
333 - 338 Investigations on the compatibility of chemically oxidized silicon (SiOx)-surfaces for applications towards chip-based polymerase chain reaction
Felbel J, Bieber I, Pipper J, Kohler JM
339 - 345 Characterisation of electrically powered micro-heat exchangers
Henning T, Brandner JJ, Schubert K
347 - 356 Numerical simulation of temperature distribution inside microfabricated free flow electrophoresis module
Matsumoto H, Komatsubara N, Kuroda C, Tajima N, Shinohara E, Suzuki H
357 - 365 Introduction of image analysis for the quantification of the boiling flow heat transfer
Ferret C, Falk L, D'Ortona U, Chenu A, Veenstra TT
367 - 372 Interface configuration of the two layered laminar flow in a curved microchannel
Yamaguchi Y, Takagi F, Watari T, Yamashita K, Nakamura H, Shimizu H, Maeda H
373 - 378 Characterisation of residence time and residence time distribution in chip reactors with modular arrangements by integrated optical detection
Gunther M, Schneider S, Wagner J, Gorges R, Henkel T, Kielpinski M, Albert J, Bierbaum R, Kohler JM
379 - 390 Flow distribution in different microreactor scale-out geometries and the effect of manufacturing tolerances and channel blockage
Amador C, Gavriilidis A, Angeli P
391 - 396 A model for predicting axial mixing during gas-liquid Taylor flow in microchannels at low Bodenstein numbers
Salman W, Gavriilidis A, Angeli P
397 - 402 CFD-based optimal design of manifold in plate-fin microdevices
Tonomura O, Tanaka S, Noda M, Kano M, Hasebe S, Hashimoto L
403 - 407 Optimization of interdigital micromixers via analytical modeling -exemplified with the SuperFocus mixer
Drese KS
409 - 419 Experimental approaches to a better understanding of mixing performance of microfluidic devices
Panic S, Loebbecke S, Tuercke T, Antes J, Boskovic D
421 - 429 Numbering-up of micro devices: a first liquid-flow splitting unit
Schenk R, Hessel V, Hofmann C, Kiss J, Lowe H, Ziogas A
431 - 438 Development of an automated microreaction system with integrated sensorics for process screening and production
Ferstl W, Loebbecke S, Antes J, Krause H, Haeberl M, Schmalz D, Muntermann H, Grund M, Steckenborn A, Lohf A, Hassel J, Bayer T, Kinzl M, Leipprand I
439 - 445 Chip modules for generation and manipulation of fluid segments for micro serial flow processes
Henkel T, Bermig T, Kielpinski M, Grodrian A, Metze J, Kohler JM
447 - 453 Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems based on polymers - fabrication and application
Guber AE, Heckele M, Herrmann D, Muslija A, Saile V, Eichhorn L, Gietzelt T, Hoffmann W, Hauser PC, Tanyanyiwa J, Gerlach A, Gottschlich N, Knebel G
455 - 463 Enhanced mass transfer using a novel polymer/carrier microreactor
Schonfeld H, Hunger K, Cecilia R, Kunz U
465 - 468 A micro plasma reactor for fluorinated waste gas treatment
Sichler P, Buttgenbach S, Baars-Hibbe L, Schrader C, Gericke KH
469 - 475 Novel multifunctional microreaction unit for chemical engineering
Keoschkerjan R, Richter M, Boskovic D, Schnurer F, Lobbecke S