Chemical Engineering and Processing

Chemical Engineering and Processing, Vol.95 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 Energy consumption estimation in the scaling-up of microwave heating processes
Bermudez JM, Beneroso D, Rey-Raap N, Arenillas A, Menendez JA
9 - 16 Electrochemical reforming vs. catalytic reforming of ethanol: A process energy analysis for hydrogen production
Gutierrez-Guerra N, Jimenez-Vazquez M, Serrano-Ruiz JC, Valverde JL, de Lucas-Consuegra A
17 - 25 Comparison of reactive chromatography and reactive distillation for the synthesis of C1-C4 acetates
Reddy B, Bhat R, Agrawal A, Patidar P, Mahajani S
26 - 30 Lactic acid purification by reactive distillation system using design of experiments
Komesu A, Martinez PFM, Lunelli BH, Maciel R, Maciel MRW
31 - 42 Experiment and simulation of an aqueous two-phase extraction process for the purification of a monoclonal antibody
Mundges J, Zierow J, Zeiner T
43 - 53 Dispersion characteristics of ionic microbubble suspension in continuous plant prototype developed for mineral beneficiation
Parmar R, Majumder SK
54 - 62 Pressure drop and axial dispersion in industrial millistructured heat exchange reactors
Moreau M, Raimondi ND, Le Sauze N, Cabassud M, Gourdon C
63 - 71 Numerical study on the improvement of flow distribution uniformity among parallel mini-channels
Pistoresi C, Fan YL, Luo LG
72 - 79 Removal of tributyl phosphate from aqueous stream in a pilot scale combined air-lift mixer-settler unit: Process intensification studies
Lade VG, Wankhede PC, Rathod VK
80 - 89 Effect of fluid dynamic conditions on the recovery of ABE fermentation products by membrane-based dense gas extraction
Cabezas R, Plaza A, Merlet G, Romero J
90 - 97 Particle suspension concentration with sparse obstacle arrays in a flow channel
Lubbersen YS, Fasaei F, Kroon R, Boom RM, Schutyser MAI
98 - 104 Computational and experimental investigations of the mechanisms used by coaxial fluids to fabricate hollow hydrogel fibers
Li S, Liu YY, Li Y, Zhang YA, Hu QX
105 - 123 An experimental study of methane-oxygen-carbon dioxide premixed flame dynamics in non-adiabatic cylinderical meso-scale reactors with the backward facing step
Baigmohammadi M, Tabejamaat S, Farsiani Y
124 - 134 Multivariate risk analysis of an intensified modular hydroformylation process
Seifert T, Elischewski JM, Sievers S, Stenger F, Hamers B, Priske M, Becker M, Franke R, Schembecker G, Bramsiepe C
135 - 142 Selective absorption of H2S from a gas mixture with CO2 in a microporous tube-in-tube microchannel reactor
Pan MY, Li T, Zhou Y, Qian Z, Shao L, Wang JX, Chen JF
143 - 150 Stabilization of activity of cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes by covering with polyacrylamide layer
Hegedus I, Nagy E
151 - 158 The use of microwave irradiation for zeolite regeneration in a continuous ethanol dewatering process
Pinchukova NA, Voloshko AY, Baumer VN, Shishkin OV, Chebanov VA
159 - 164 Mathematical modeling and simulation of carbon dioxide stripping from water using hollow fiber membrane contactors
Mehdipourghazi M, Barati S, Varaminian F
165 - 174 Novel single-bed and twin-bed pressure swing adsorption systems
Thakur RS, Kaistha N, Rao DP
175 - 185 A porous structured reactor for hydrogenation reactions
Elias Y, von Rohr PR, Bonrath W, Medlock J, Buss A
186 - 194 Reactive mass transfer in a membrane-based microcontactor
Willersinn S, Bart HJ
195 - 201 Heat transfer intensification using polyaniline based nanofluids: Preparation and application
Gurav P, Naik S, Bhanvase BA, Pinjari DV, Sonawane SH, Ashokkumar M
202 - 207 Cu-0-decorated, carbon-doped rutile TiO2 nanofibers via one step electrospinning: Effective photocatalyst for azo dyes degradation under solar light
Yousef A, Brooks RM, El-Halwany MM, Barakat NAM, El-Newehy MH, Kim HY
208 - 213 Microwave intensified synthesis of regular shaped sodium bisulfate crystal
Liu H, Xiang KS, Yang BT, Yang S, Li QZ
214 - 221 Recovery of PVA by-product methyl acetate via reactive and extractive distillation
Zheng HD, Xie LD, Cai LY, Wu D, Zhao SY
222 - 234 Evaluating ejector efficiency working under intermediate pressure of flash tank-absorption cooling cycle: Parametric study
Abed AM, Alghoul MA, Al-Shamani AN, Sopian K
235 - 240 Intensification of biodiesel synthesis from waste cooking oil (Palm Olein) in a Hydrodynamic Cavitation Reactor: Effect of operating parameters on methyl ester conversion
Chuah LF, Yusup S, Aziz ARA, Bokhari A, Klemes JJ, Abdullah MZ
241 - 248 Production of tetrahydrofuran by dehydration of 1,4-butanediol using Amberlyst-15: Batch kinetics and batch reactive distillation
Shinde VM, Patil GN, KatariyA A, Mahajan YS
249 - 255 Liquid drainage in inclined packed beds-Accelerating liquid draining time via column tilt
Assima GP, Hamitouche A, Schubert M, Larachi F
256 - 266 A new pressure drop model of gas-liquid cyclone with innovative operation mode
Yang JW, Liu CL, Li S, Sun B, Xiao JZ, Jin YH
267 - 275 Discrimination of methanol desorption resistance relative to the reaction steps in presence of supercritical n-hexane
Wu SC, Cheng ZM, Liu P, Luo W, Zhou ZM
276 - 283 Kinetic study of autothermal reforming of glycerol in a dual layer monolith catalyst
Liu YJ, Lawal A
284 - 288 Continuous separation of CH4/N-2 mixture via hydrates formation in the presence of TBAB
Sun Q, Zhao YY, Liu AX, Guo XQ, Zhang JW
289 - 301 Heat pump assisted reactive and azeotropic distillations in dividing wall columns
Liu YL, Zhai J, Li LM, Sun LY, Zhai C
302 - 316 Design of dividing wall columns for butanol recovery in a thermochemical biomass to butanol process
Okoli CO, Adams TA
317 - 326 Impact of reducing the channel diameter on heterogeneous gas reactions in an isothermal monolith
Tilland A, Portha JF, Falk L, Tardivat C
327 - 338 Stabilization of pyrolysis oil: Comparison of reactive distillation and reactive chromatography
Praveen G, Ch VL, Ganesh A, Mahajani S
339 - 346 Scale-up of monolithic post-reactor for gas-phase processes
Wolf A, Schubert S, Mleczko L
347 - 352 Effect of type and loading of surfactant on ultrasound-assisted synthesis of CaZn2(PO4)(2) nanoparticles by chemical precipitation
Bhanvase BA, Sonawane SH
353 - 361 Effects of solvent addition and ultrasound waves on viscosity reduction of residue fuel oil
Doust AM, Rahimi M, Feyzi M
362 - 371 Numerical analysis of dialysis with chemical reaction at steady state. Irreversible second-order reaction
Stepanek V, Palaty Z, Bendova H
372 - 382 Comparison of solvent extraction and LEM extraction in static mixer for recovery of Mo(VI) from dilute aqueous solution
Das D, Juvekar VA, Ramprasad K, Bhattacharya R
383 - 389 Modeling and simulation of crude oil desalting in an industrial plant considering mixing valve and electrostatic drum
Aryafard E, Farsi M, Rahimpour MR
390 - 402 Interfacial analysis and reaction engineering of sucrose ester mediated solution spray synthesis of lead chromate nanorods
Deshpande PS, Patil VJ, Mahulikar PP, Patil UD, Kulkarni RD