Chemical Engineering and Processing

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ISSN: 0255-2701 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Research on the preparation technology of polyaniline nanofiber based on high gravity chemical oxidative polymerization
Guo BC, Zhao YB, Wu W, Meng H, Zou HK, Chen JF, Chu GW
9 - 16 Liquid solid mass transfer behavior of V-corrugated surfaces under two phase flow
Abdel-Aziz MH, Hassan I, Nirdosh I, Sedahmed GH
17 - 20 Drying-induced reduction in electrical resistivity of carbon black-polyamideimide nanocomposite films
Yamamura M, Matsumoto H, Mawatari Y, Kage H
21 - 26 Transesterification of palm oil with methanol in a reactive distillation column
Prasertsit K, Mueanmas C, Tongurai C
27 - 36 An investigation in the effects of recycles on laminar heat transfer enhancement of parallel-flow heat exchangers
You YH, Fan AW, Luo XJ, Jin SP, Liu W, Huang SY
37 - 47 Analysis of conical spouted bed fluid dynamics using carton mixtures
Marques IIDR, Bacelos MS
48 - 54 Process intensification of uniform loading of SnO2 nanoparticles on graphene oxide nanosheets using a novel ultrasound assisted in situ chemical precipitation method
Deosarkar MP, Pawar SM, Sonawane SH, Bhanvase BA
55 - 65 Modern hybrid sorbents - New ways of heavy metal removal from waters
Kowalczyk M, Hubicki Z, Kolodynska D
66 - 76 Numerical simulation of two-phase flow with bubble break-up and coalescence coupled with population balance modeling
Sattar MA, Naser J, Brooks G
77 - 85 Characteristics of integrated micro packed bed reactor-heat exchanger configurations in the direct synthesis of dimethyl ether
Hayer F, Bakhtiary-Davijany H, Myrstad R, Holmen A, Pfeifer P, Venvik HJ
86 - 94 Regeneration performance of concentrated CO2-rich alkanolamine solvents: The first step study of a novel concept for reducing regeneration heat consumption by using concentration swing absorption technology
Yan SP, He QY, Ai P, Wang YY, Zhang YL
95 - 102 Supercritical extraction of Hypericum caprifoliatum using carbon dioxide and ethanol plus water as co-solvent
Almeida RN, Neto RG, Barros FMC, Cassel E, von Poser GL, Vargas RMF
103 - 109 Reactive distillation for synthesis of glycerol carbonate via glycerolysis of urea
Lertlukkanasuk N, Phiyanalinmat S, Kiatkittipong W, Arpornwichanop A, Aiouache F, Assabumrungrat S
110 - 116 A one-step electrochlorination/electroflotation process for the treatment of heavy metals wastewater in presence of EDTA
Khelifa A, Aoudj S, Mallay S, De Petris-Weryd M
117 - 130 A reactive distillation process with a sidedraw stream to enhance the production of isopropyl acetate
Zhang BJ, Yang WS, Hu S, Liang YZ, Chen QL
131 - 139 Chitin as biosorbent for phenol removal from aqueous solution: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Pigatto G, Lodi A, Finocchio E, Palma MSA, Converti A
140 - 147 Computational fluid dynamics study of the synthesis process for a PET radiotracer compound, [C-11]raclopride on a microfluidic chip
Haroun S, Wang L, Ruth TJ, Li PCH
148 - 161 Solute recovery from ionic liquids: A conceptual design study for recovery of styrene monomer from [4-mebupy][BF4]
Jongmans MTG, Trampe J, Schuur B, de Haan AB
162 - 168 Selectively combusting CO in the presence of propylene
Patience GS, Benamer A, Chiron FX, Shekari A, Dubois JL
169 - 183 Multiphase modeling of intermittent drying using the spatial reaction engineering approach (S-REA)
Putranto A, Chen XD
184 - 197 Application of ATR-MIR spectroscopy in the pilot plant-Scope and limitations using the example of Paracetamol crystallizations
Helmdach L, Feth MP, Minnich C, Ulrich J
198 - 203 Comparison between the effects of ultrasonic and thermal stimulation on release of internal hydrophobic dyes from Pluronic micelles
Kobayashi D, Karasawa M, Takahashi T, Otake K, Shono A
204 - 210 Alternative venting in steam retorts-An approach to energy savings in thermal processing
Berteli MN, Vitali AA, Berto MI, Marsaioli A
211 - 216 High flow capacity devices for anti-scale magnetic treatment of water
Gilart F, Deas D, Ferrer D, Lopez P, Ribeaux G, Castillo J
217 - 221 Transformation of the 2nd step of a peroxyester synthesis from semi-batch to continuous mode
Fritzsche L, Knorr A
222 - 232 Improvement of ethylene epoxidation in low-temperature corona discharge by separate ethylene/oxygen feed
Suttikul T, Yaowapong-Aree S, Sekiguchi H, Chavadej S, Chavadej J
233 - 240 Rheology and sedimentation velocity of alkaline suspensions of hematite particles at elevated temperature
Khelifi S, Fufschilling D, Li HZ, Lapicque F
241 - 249 Effect of impurities in the recovery of 1-(5-bromo-fur-2-il)-2-bromo-2-nitroethane using nanofiltration
Martinez MB, Jullok N, Negrin ZR, Van der Bruggen B, Luis P
250 - 258 Using microparticles to enhance micromixing in a high frequency continuous flow sonoreactor
Rahimi M, Azimi N, Parvizian F
259 - 266 The effect of sparger geometry on gas holdup and regime transition points in a bubble column equipped with perforated plate spargers
Sal S, Gul OF, Ozdemir M
267 - 276 Intensification principle of a new three-phase catalytic slurry reactor. Part II: Eco-efficiency and techno-economic performances
Machefer S, Falk L, de Panthou F
277 - 288 Intensification principle of a new three-phase catalytic slurry reactor. Part I: Performance characterisation
Machefer S, Falk L, de Panthou F
289 - 291 A correction on a one-dimensional model for conical spouted beds published in chemical engineering and processing, 48 (2009) 1264-1269
Niksiar A, Sohrabi M, Rahimi A
292 - 292 Reply to "A correction on one-dimensional modelling of conical spouted beds", published in Chem. Eng. Process. 48 (2009) 1264-1269
Olazar M, Lopez G, Altzibar H, Barona A, Bilbao J
293 - 293 Comments on "Two-phase frictional pressure drop of gas-non-Newtonian liquid flow through helical coils in vertical orientation"
Awad MM
294 - 300 The shrinking core model applied on anaerobic digestion
da Rocha D, Paetzold E, Kanswohl N
301 - 301 Highly efficient distributed generation and high-capacity energy storage[Chem. Eng. Process.: Process Intensification 51] (pg 18, Jan, 2012)
Hemmes K, Guerrero JM, Zhelev T