Chemical Engineering and Processing

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ISSN: 0255-2701 (Print) 

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1 - 16 Membrane separation of chlorine gas
Lindbrathen A, Hagg MB
17 - 28 Flow-through catalytic membrane reactors-Principles and applications
Westermann T, Melin T
29 - 37 Pressure drop excess in the flow of viscoelastic liquids through fixed beds of particles
Bendova H, Siska B, Machac I
38 - 47 Kinetics and thermodynamics studies of chromium(VI) ions adsorption onto activated carbon from aqueous solutions
Barkat M, Nibou D, Chearouche S, Mellah A
48 - 58 Intensification of desorption processes by use of microwaves-An overview of possible applications and industrial perspectives
Cherbanski R, Molga E
59 - 67 Experiments in a large-scale venturi scrubber Part I: Pressure drop
Silva AM, Teixeira JCF, Teixeira SFCF
68 - 83 Ink drop motion in wide-format printers I. Drop flow from Drop-On-Demand (DOD) printing heads
Link N, Semiat R
84 - 91 Ink drop motion in wide-format printers II. Airflow investigation
Link N, Lampert S, Gurka R, Liberzon A, Hetsroni G, Semiat R
92 - 100 Recrystallization of pharmaceuticals using the batch supercritical anti-solvent process
Su CS, Tang M, Chen YP
101 - 110 Prediction of flow regimes transitions in bubble columns using passive acoustic measurements
Ajbar A, Al-Masry W, Ali E
111 - 119 Theoretical and experimental studies of membrane extraction of Cu2+ with D2EHPA through rectangular conduits
Guo JJ, Ho CD
120 - 125 The Gaussian spectral pressure distribution applied to a fluidized bed
Parise MR, Kurka PRG, Taranto OP
126 - 134 Experiment on particle mixing in flat-bottom spout-fluid bed
Zhang Y, Jin BS, Zhong WQ
135 - 144 Dynamic modeling and simulation of a CO2 absorber column for post-combustion CO2 capture
Kvamsdal HM, Jakobsen JP, Hoff KA
145 - 151 CFD simulation of hydrodynamics of valve tray
Li XG, Liu DX, Xu SM, Li H
152 - 164 Thermodynamic equilibrium calculations concerning the removal of heavy metals from sewage sludge ash by chlorination
Fraissler G, Joller M, Mattenberger H, Brunner T, Obernberger I
165 - 177 Effect of circulating fluidized bed reactor riser geometries on chemical reaction rates by using CFD simulations
Chalermsinsuwan B, Kuchonthara P, Piumsomboon P
178 - 186 Experimental analysis of bubble velocity in a rotating fluidized bed
Nakamura H, Iwasaki T, Watano S
187 - 194 Physical and chemical characteristics of waste activated sludge treated ultrasonically
Feng X, Lei HY, Deng JC, Yu Q, Li HL
195 - 202 Enhancement of tapioca starch separation with a hydrocyclone: effects of apex diameter, feed concentration, and pressure drop on tapioca starch separation with a hydrocyclone
Saengchan K, Nopharatana A, Songkasiri W
203 - 208 Extraction of solanesol from tobacco (Nicotiana tobaccum L.) leaves by bubble column
Zhao CJ, Zu YG, Li CY
209 - 216 Pressure drop characteristics of a multi-stage counter-current fluidized bed reactor for control of gaseous pollutants
Mohanty CR, Meikap BC
217 - 223 A new approach to the analysis of heat and mass transfer in drying and frying of food products
Farid M, Kizilel R
224 - 228 Stage efficiency of Hanson mixer-settler extraction column
Torab-Mostaedi M, Safdari J, Moosavian MA, Maragheh MG
229 - 238 Simplified design methods of reverse flow catalytic combustors for the treatment of lean hydrocarbon-air mixtures
Marin P, Ordonez S, Diez FV
239 - 249 Case-based reasoning and TRIZ: A coupling for innovative conception in Chemical Engineering
Robles GC, Negny S, Le Lann JM
250 - 258 Reactive dividing wall distillation columns: Simulation and implementation in a pilot plant
Hernandez S, Sandoval-Vergara R, Barroso-Munoz FO, Murrieta-Duenas R, Hernandez-Escoto H, Segovia-Hernandez JG, Rico-Ramirez V
259 - 267 Comparison of macroscopic flow properties obtained by three methods of operation in a liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed
Shilapuram V, Krishnaiah K, Sai PST
268 - 278 General systems modeling of multi-phase batch crystallization from solution
Borissova A
279 - 287 Hydrodynamics of a gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed with hollow cylindrical particles
Jena HM, Roy GK, Meikap BC
288 - 295 Experimental measurement and numerical simulation for liquid flow velocity and local phase hold-ups in the riser of a GLSCFB
Cao CQ, Liu MY, Wen JP, Guo QJ
296 - 305 Mathematical modeling of microwave-assisted inert medium fluidized bed drying of cylindrical carrot samples
Souraki BA, Andres A, Mowla D
306 - 310 Effect of light cycles (night/day) on CO2 fixation and biomass production by microalgae in photobioreactors
Jacob-Lopes E, Scoparo CHG, Lacerda LMCF, Franco TT
311 - 320 Simulation of an industrial-scale process for the SCR of NOx based on the loop reactor concept
Marin P, Fissore D, Barresi AA, Ordonez S
321 - 328 Closed cross flow structures-Improving the heat transfer in fixed bed reactors by enforcing radial convection
Schildhauer TJ, Newson E, Wokaun A
329 - 332 An industrial view of process intensification
Becht S, Franke R, Geisselmann A, Hahn H
333 - 338 Pyrolysis property of pulverized coal in an entrained flow reactor during coal reburning
Lu P, Xu SR, Zhu XM
339 - 347 Simulation and optimization of a six-effect evaporator in a desalination process
Khademi MH, Rahimpour MR, Jahanmiri A
348 - 355 Measurement of liquid particle concentrations in a free jet flow
Terfous A, Helmaoui M, Hazzab A, Ghenaim A
356 - 363 Selection of systems for catalyst recovery by micellar enhanced ultrafiltration
Schwarze M, Rost A, Weigel T, Schomacker R
364 - 369 Extraction, dealcoholization and concentration of anthocyanin from red radish
Patil G, Madhusudhan MC, Babu BR, Raghavarao KSMS
370 - 379 Competitive adsorption of cadmium(II) and nickel(II) metal ions from aqueous solution onto rice husk ash
Srivastava VC, Mall ID, Mishra IM
380 - 388 Influence of dry and humid gaseous atmosphere on the thermal decomposition of calcium chloride and its impact on the remove of heavy metals by chlorination
Fraissler G, Joller M, Brunner T, Obernberger I
389 - 395 Cold model test and industrial applications of high geometrical area packings for separation intensification
Li QS, Chang QL, Tian YM, Liu H
396 - 407 Novel multi-staged radially cross-flow fluidized bed ion-exchange column
Verma R, Srivastava G, Verma N
408 - 423 Monitoring of the primary drying of a lyophilization process in vials
Barresi AA, Pisano R, Fissore D, Rasetto V, Velardi SA, Vallan A, Parvis M, Galan M
424 - 431 Experiments in large scale venturi scrubber Part II. Droplet size
Silva AM, Teixeira JCF, Teixeira SFCF
432 - 437 Process intensification of hydrogenation reactions using cavitation: Modelling the effect of solvent and catalyst
Sharma A, Bapat PS, Gogate PR, Gastgar SN, Pandit AB
438 - 445 One-step preparation method of multiple emulsions entrapping reactive agent in the liquid-liquid Couette-Taylor flow
Dluska E, Markowska A
446 - 451 Modeling of temperature gradients in packed-bed solid-state bioreactors
Fanaei MA, Vaziri BM
452 - 463 Prediction of flow profiles and interfacial phenomena for two-phase flow in coiled tubes
Vashisth S, Nigam KDP
464 - 469 Development of a fermentation process for production of calcium-L-lactate
Gao MT, Hirata M, Toorisaka E, Hano T
470 - 475 Direct entropy minimization applied to the production of propylene glycol
Manzi J, Vianna R, Bispo H
476 - 484 Instability of the phase front in the soils freezing process
Bronfenbrener L
485 - 492 Increasing PVC suspension polymerization productivity-An industrial application
Tacidelli AR, Alves JJN, Vasconcelos LGS, Brito RP
493 - 506 Generic modelling, design and optimization of industrial phosphoric acid production processes
Papadopoulos AI, Seferlisa P
507 - 514 Thermal stress-induced fragmentation of quartzite particles in a hot fluidized bed
Liu JG, Jiang XM, Zhou LS, Wang H, Han XX
515 - 523 Regeneration of CO2 from CO2-rich alkanolamines solution by using reduced thickness and vacuum technology: Regeneration feasibility and characteristic of thin-layer solvent
Yan SP, Fang MX, Luo ZY, Cen KF
524 - 531 Microwave drying kinetics of tomato pomace: Effect of osmotic dehydration
Al-Harahsheh M, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Magee TRA
532 - 537 Modeling aqueous heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants with immobilized TiO2
Goetz V, Cambon JP, Sacco D, Plantard G
538 - 548 Following of polymerization process of polyurethane spinning solutions in dimethylformamide by means of the power consumption
Masiuk S, Rakoczy R
549 - 553 Process intensification by combining ionic liquids and supercritical carbon dioxide applied to the design of Levodopa production
Damen MR, Brand RW, Bloem SC, Pingen E, Steur K, Peters CJ, Witkamp GJ, Kroon MC
554 - 559 Effect of microchannel aspect ratio on residence time distributions and the axial dispersion coefficient
Aubin J, Prat L, Xuereb C, Gourdon C
560 - 568 Selective dehydration of high-pressure natural gas using supersonic nozzles
Karimi A, Abdi MA
569 - 575 Laboratory differential simulation design method of pressure absorbers for carbonization of phenolate solution by carbon dioxide in coal-tar processing
Linek V, Sinkule J, Moucha T, Rejl JF
576 - 580 Hydrolysis of milk/whey lactose by beta galactosidase: A comparative study of stirred batch process and packed bed reactor prepared with calcium alginate entrapped enzyme
Haider T, Husain Q
581 - 585 An expression for the power consumption of in-line rotor-stator devices
Kowalski AJ