Chemical Engineering and Processing

Chemical Engineering and Processing, Vol.47, No.9-10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0255-2701 (Print) 

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1435 - 1450 Effect of a shroud on entrainment into a submerged jet within a fluidized bed
Hulet C, Briens C, Berruti F, Chan EW
1451 - 1455 Ultrasonic degradation of low-density polyethylene
Desai V, Shenoy MA, Gogate PR
1456 - 1469 Minimising the startup duration for mass- and heat-integrated two-column distillation systems: A conceptual approach
Varbanov P, Klein A, Repke JU, Wozny G
1470 - 1477 A mathematical model of extraction in countercurrent crossed flows
Veloso GO, Thomas GC, Krioukov VG
1478 - 1483 Measurements of diffusivity of chlorinated VOCs in heavy absorption solvents using a laminar falling film contactor
Hadjoudj R, Monnier H, Roizard C, Lapicque F
1484 - 1491 Determination of the interfacial area of a continuous integrated mixer/separator (CINC) using a chemical reaction method
Schuur B, Jansma WJ, Winkelman JGM, Heeres HJ
1492 - 1503 TMP production scheduling under uncertainty: Methodology and case studies
Pulkkinen P, Ritala R
1504 - 1508 Determination of pressure drop in wire mesh mist eliminator by CFD
Rahimi R, Abbaspour D
1509 - 1519 Coagulation and flocculation of laterite suspensions with low levels of aluminium chloride and polyacrylamids
Dihang D, Aimar P, Kayem J, Koungou SN
1520 - 1529 Pressure drop of internals for packed columns
Rix A, Olujic Z
1530 - 1540 Hydrodynamic aspects in anaerobic fluidized bed reactor modeling
Fuentes M, Scenna NJ, Aguirre PA, Mussati MC
1541 - 1549 Experimental aspects of biomass fuels in a bubbling fluidized bed combustor
dos Santos FJ, Goldstein L
1550 - 1561 CFD analysis of the flow pattern and local shear rate in a scraped surface heat exchanger
Yataghene M, Pruvost J, Fayolle F, Legrand J
1562 - 1566 Recovery of nickel from sulphate media by batch pertraction in a rotating film contactor using Cyanex 302 as a carrier
Dimitrov K, Rollet V, Saboni A, Alexandrova S
1567 - 1577 A new clean process for barium carbonate preparation by barite reduction with methane
Jamshidi E, Ebrahim HA
1578 - 1584 Effects of influential factors on sedimentation self-assembly processing of photonic band gap crystals by relative humidity-controlled environments
Liau LCK, Huang YK
1585 - 1593 Influence of the processing variables on the performance of MAGCLA (TM): Angle of the trunk and speed of rotation
Augusto PA, Castelo-Grande T, Barbosa D, Estevez AM
1594 - 1602 Precipitation of lutein and co-precipitation of lutein and poly-lactic acid with the supercritical anti-solvent process
Miguel F, Martin A, Mattea F, Cocero MJ
1603 - 1608 Effect of temperature on SO2 absorption into sulphuric acid solutions containing hydrogen peroxide
Colle S, Vanderschuren J, Thomas D
1609 - 1619 Recovery of phenolic compounds through the decomposition of lignin in near and supercritical water
Wahyudiono, Sasaki M, Goto M
1620 - 1630 Dehydration of tetrahydrofuran (THF) by pervaporation using crosslinked copolymer membranes
Ray S, Ray SK
1631 - 1646 A non-instantaneous kinetic model for freezing in porous media
Bronfenbrener L
1647 - 1655 Mechanism of centrifugal filtration for separation of microbe/protein bio-suspension
Hwang KJ, Chou YC
1656 - 1665 Microwave tempering and heating in a single-mode cavity: Numerical and experimental investigations
Curet S, Rouaud O, Boillereaux L
1666 - 1677 Modelling agglomeration degree in sucrose crystallisation
Faria N, de Azevedo SF, Rocha FA, Pons MN
1678 - 1692 Head-flow characteristics of pump-mix mixers
Srilatha C, Savant AR, Patwardhan AW, Ghosh SK
1693 - 1704 Soil remediation via an ionic liquid and supercritical CO2
Keskin S, Akman U, Hortagsu O
1705 - 1716 Flow models for rectangular sedimentation tanks
Lopez PR, Lavin AG, Lopez MMM, de las Heras JLB
1717 - 1725 Modelling the removal of mercaptans from liquid hydrocarbon streams in structured packing columns
Koncsag CI, Barbulescu A
1726 - 1737 CFD simulation of the flow field in a bubble column reactor: Importance of the drag force formulation to describe regime transitions
Simonnet M, Gentric C, Olmos E, Midoux N
1738 - 1743 Experimental and numerical heat transfer in a helically baffled heat exchanger combined with one three-dimensional finned tube
Zhang ZG, Ma DB, Fang XM, Gao XN
1744 - 1764 Two-stage stochastic programming with fixed recourse via scenario planning with economic and operational risk management for petroleum refinery planning under uncertainty
Khor CS, Elkamel A, Ponnambalam K, Douglas PL
1765 - 1770 Wire mesh tomography applied to trickle beds: A new way to study liquid maldistribution
Llamas JD, Perat C, Lesage F, Weber M, D'Ortona U, Wild G
1771 - 1776 Continuous extraction of alpha-toxin from a fermented broth of Clostridium perfringens Type A in perforated rotating disc contactor using aqueous two-phase PEG-phosphate system
Cavalcanti MTH, Carneiro-Da-Cunha MG, Brandi IV, Porto TS, Converti A, Filho JLL, Porto ALF, Pessoa A
1777 - 1785 Experimental studies on flow and pyrolysis of coal with solid heat carrier in a modified rotating cone reactor
Hu GX, Gong XW, Huang H, Fan HJ, Wang Z
1786 - 1792 Experimental behaviour and design model of a continuous tank reactor for removing 4-chlorophenol with soybean peroxidase
Gomez JL, Gomez E, Bastida J, Hidalgo AM, Gomez M, Murcia MD
1793 - 1798 Design of a new compact scrubber for deodorisation
Couvert A, Sanchez C, Laplanche A, Renner C, Levasseur JP
1799 - 1809 On the effect of the orifice configuration on the coalescence of growing bubbles
Martin M, Garcia JM, Montes FJ, Galan MA
1810 - 1818 Mathematical modelling of thin-layer infrared drying of wet olive husk
Celma AR, Rojas S, Lopez-Rodriguez F
1819 - 1830 A comparison of co-current and counter-current modes of operation for a dual-type industrial methanol reactor
Rahimpour MR, Lotfinejad A
1831 - 1843 Production of high-purity ethyl acetate using reactive distillation: Experimental and start-up procedure
Lai IK, Liu YC, Yu CC, Lee MJ, Huang HP
1844 - 1852 Selective oxidation of o-xylene to phthalic anhydride over V2O5/TiO2: Kinetic study in a fluidized bed reactor
Gimeno MP, Gascon J, Tellez C, Herguido J, Menendez M
1853 - 1860 Homogenization energy in a stirred tank
Ochieng A, Onyango MS
1861 - 1866 Experimental and numerical investigations of a dynamic cyclone with a rotary impeller
Jiao JY, Zheng Y, Wang J, Sun GG
1867 - 1876 Experimental study of the transition between unsteady flow regimes in a partially aerated two-dimensional bubble column
Diaz ME, Montes FJ, Galan MA
1877 - 1886 Study of ferrous iron oxidation in Morocco drinking water in an airlift reactor
El Azher N, Gourich B, Vial C, Soulami MB, Ziyad M
1887 - 1900 A reduced efficiency approach-based process model for a circulating air classifier
Eswaraiah C, Narayanan SS, Jayanti S