Chemical Engineering and Processing

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ISSN: 0255-2701 (Print) 

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2029 - 2050 Heat exchanger/reactors (HEX reactors): Concepts, technologies: State-of-the-art
Anxionnaz Z, Cabassud M, Gourdon C, Tochon R
2051 - 2060 Towards a methodology for the systematic analysis and design of efficient chemical processes Part 1. From unit operations to elementary process functions
Freund H, Sundmacher K
2061 - 2065 Markov chain model of residence time distribution in a new type entrained-flow gasifier
Guo Q, Liang QF, Ni JJ, Xu SZ, Yu GS, Yu ZH
2066 - 2075 Transient aspects of inner wall temperatures at different spatial positions in fluidized bed evaporators
Liu MY, Leng W, Qiang AH
2076 - 2083 Influence of ultrasound on diffusion through skin/leather matrix
Sivakumar V, Swaminathan G, Rao PG, Ramasami T
2084 - 2097 Flow of filter granules in moving granular beds with louvers and sublouvers
Hsiau SS, Smid J, Tsai SA, Tzeng CC, Yu YJ
2098 - 2106 Hydrodynamics of Taylor flow in noncircular capillaries
Liu DS, Wang SD
2107 - 2113 Sono-chemical leaching of uranium
Avvaru B, Roy SB, Ladola Y, Chowdhury S, Hareendran KN, Pandit AB
2114 - 2120 Prediction of critical fluidization velocity and maximum bed pressure drop for binary mixture of regular particles in gas-solid tapered fluidized beds
Sau DC, Mohanty S, Biswal KC
2121 - 2130 A comparison of auto-thermal and conventional methanol synthesis reactor in the presence of catalyst deactivation
Rahimpour MR, Lotfinejad M
2131 - 2139 Performance of a rotating, zigzag bed-A new HIGEE
Wang GQ, Xu ZC, Yu YL, Ji JB
2140 - 2149 Prevention of crystallization fouling during eutectic freeze crystallization in fluidized bed heat exchangers
Pronk P, Ferreira CAI, Witkamp GJ
2150 - 2156 The degradation of an azo dye in a batch slurry photocatalytic reactor
Akyol A, Bayramoglu M
2157 - 2162 Kinetics of the xylitol crystallization in hydro-alcoholic solution
Martinez EA, Giulietti M, Silva JBDE, Derenzo S
2163 - 2174 Optimal design of reverse-osmosis networks for wastewater treatment
Saif Y, Elkamel A, Pritzker M
2175 - 2183 Effect of impeller type on the mixing in torus reactors
Nasrallah N, Legrand J, Bensmaili A, Nouri L
2184 - 2194 Conditions for offset elimination in state space receding horizon controllers: A tutorial analysis
Gonzalez AH, Adam EJ, Marchetti JL
2195 - 2202 An investigation of carbon nanotube jet grinding
Baddour CE, Briens CL, Bordere S, Anglerot D, Gaillard P
2203 - 2208 A theoretical analysis of non-chemical separation of hydrogen sulfide from methane by nano-porous membranes using capillary condensation
Ahmad F, Mukhtar H, Man Z, Dutta BK
2209 - 2217 Effects of co- and counter-swirl on the droplet characteristics in a spray flame
Hadef R, Lenze B
2218 - 2227 Using computational fluid dynamics modeling to study the mixing of pseudoplastic fluids with a Scaba 6SRGT impeller
Pakzad L, Ein-Mozaffari F, Chan P
2228 - 2237 A new supercritical co-injection process to coat microparticles
Calderone M, Rodier E, Lochard H, Marciacq F, Fages J
2238 - 2246 Effect of process variables on fluiddynamics and adhesion efficiency during spouted bed coating of hard gelatine capsules
Martins GZ, Souza CRF, Shankar TJ, Oliveira WP
2247 - 2255 Evaluation of published kinetic models for tert-amyl ethyl ether synthesis
Bozga G, Motelica AIE, Dlma R, Plesu V, Toma A, Simion C
2256 - 2261 Extraction of isoflavonoids from Pueraria by combining ultrasound with microwave vacuum
Hu Y, Wang T, Wang MX, Han SF, Wan PY, Fan MH
2262 - 2269 Simultaneous desorption-crystallization of CO2-CaCO3 in multi-stage flash (MSF) distillers
Al-Rawajfeh AE
2270 - 2274 Impurity control in the production of boric acid from colemanite in the presence of propionic acid
Bulutcu AN, Ertekin CO, Celikoyan MBK
2275 - 2280 Liquid phase residence time distribution for gas-liquid flow in Kenics static mixer
Keshav TR, Somaraju P, Kalyan K, Saroha AK, Nigam KDP
2281 - 2286 Concentration of sodium chloride in aqueous solution by chlorodifluoromethane gas hydrate
Maeda K, Katsura Y, Asakuma Y, Fukui K
2287 - 2295 Numerical studies of a tube-in-tube helically coiled heat exchanger
Kumar V, Faizee B, Mridha M, Nigam KDP
2296 - 2302 Influence of liquid properties on flow regime and backmixing in a special bubble column
Su YF, Wang YF, Zeng QH, Li JH, Yu GS, Gong X, Yu ZH
2303 - 2314 Multi-objective optimisation of batch separation processes
Barakat TMM, Fraga ES, Sorensen E
2315 - 2322 Continuous mixing of powder mixtures with pharmaceutical process constraints
Berthiaux H, Marikh K, Gatumel C
2323 - 2335 Flexible mass transfer model for water minimization in batch plants
Gouws JF, Majozi T, Gadalla M
2336 - 2345 Effects of baffle inclination angle on flow and heat transfer of a heat exchanger with helical baffles
Lei YG, He YL, Li R, Gao YF
2346 - 2350 Application of ultrasound on crude oil pretreatment
Ye GX, Lu XP, Han PF, Peng F, Wang YR, Shen X
2351 - 2360 Solid circulation and gas bypassing characteristics in a square internally circulating fluidized bed with draft tube
Jeon JH, Kim SD, Kim SJ, Kang Y
2361 - 2369 Photo-Fenton removal of water-soluble polymers
Giroto JA, Teixeira ACSC, Nascimento CAO, Guardani R
2370 - 2378 Solid-liquid mass transfers in an Airlift Reactor incorporating alginate beads for the application as a bioartificial liver
Demming S, Gautier A, Legallais C, Ould-Dris A
2379 - 2385 Self-adaptive predictive functional control of the temperature in an exothermic batch reactor
Karer G, Skrjanc I, Zupancic B
2386 - 2390 Correlations for critical fluidization velocity and maximum bed pressure drop for heterogeneous binary mixture of irregular particles in gas-solid tapered fluidized beds
Sau DC, Mohanty S, Biswal KC
2391 - 2394 Minimum fluidization velocity at elevated temperature in tapered fluidized bed
Sau DC, Mohanty S, Biswal KC
2395 - 2401 Spouted bed drying of cork stoppers
Magalhaes A, Pinho C
2402 - 2407 Additives assisted catalytic cyclo-dehydration of diethylene glycol in near-critical water
Yang Y, Duan PG, Wang YY, Dai LY
2408 - 2412 Gas-liquid mass transfer in oil-water emulsions with an airlift bio-reactor
Boltes K, Caro A, Leton P, Rodriguez A, Garcia-Calvo E