Chemical Engineering and Processing

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ISSN: 0255-2701 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Intensification of chaotic mixing in a stirred tank with a punched rigid-flexible impeller and a chaotic motor
Gu DY, Liu ZH, Li J, Xie ZM, Tao CY, Wang YD
10 - 20 Feasibility of integrated batch reactive distillation columns for the optimal synthesis of ethyl benzoate
Aqar DY, Rahmanian N, Mujtaba IM
21 - 30 Process intensification of synthesis of biodiesel using a novel recirculating flow ultrasonication reactor
Bargole S, Carpenter J, George S, Saharan VK
31 - 43 Effects of internal geometry modifications on the dispersive and distributive mixing in static mixers
Soman SS, Madhuranthakam CMR
44 - 57 Hydrodynamics simulation of a falling-film microstructured reactor and energetic analysis of the film stability
Commenge JM, Semara H, Roques-Carmes T
58 - 67 Intensification of the density stability in the air dense medium gas-solid fluidized bed based on a binary dense media
He JF, Yao Y, Huang G, Duan CL
68 - 75 Pilot scale production of novel calcium sulfoaluminate cement clinkers and development of thermal model
Khare S, Bannerman MC, Glasser FP, Hanein T, Imbabi MS
76 - 89 Global characterization of hydrodynamics and gas-liquid mass transfer in a thin-gap bubble column intended for microalgae cultivation
Thobie C, Gadoin E, Blel W, Pruvost J, Gentric C
90 - 108 Performance enhancement of straight and wavy miniature heat sinks using pin-fin interruptions and nanofluids
Khoshvaght-Aliabadi M, Hassani SM, Mazloumi SH
109 - 121 Stimulation of magnetic nanoparticles to intensify transesterification of soybean oil in micromixers for biodiesel production
Mohammadi F, Rahimi M, Parvareh A, Feyzi M
122 - 127 Modeling of biodiesel production in a membrane reactor using solid alkali catalyst
Gao LJ, Xu W, Xiao GM
128 - 142 Design of a hydrodynamic cavitating reactor
Jangir N, Diwedi P, Ghosh S
143 - 154 Micro-scale piloting of a process for production of 2-methoxy-2,4,4-trimethylpentane
Mardani S, Uusi-Kyyny P, Alopaeus V
155 - 160 Experimental assessment and simulation of isoamyl acetate production using a batch pervaporation membrane reactor
Gomez-Garcia MA, Dobrosz-Gomez I, Viana WO
161 - 171 Techno-economic assessment of extractive distillation for tert-butyl alcohol recovery in fuel additive production
Simasatitkul L, Kaewwisetkul P, Arpornwichanop A
172 - 180 Dimethyl ether synthesis in a multi-stage fluidized bed reactor
Abashar MEE
181 - 189 Fischer-Trospch synthesis using iron-based catalyst in a microchannel reactor: Hybrid lump kinetic with ANNs/RSM
Sun Y, Yang G, Zhang L, Sun Z
190 - 203 Numerical investigation of turbulent reactive mixing in a novel coaxial jet static mixer
Zhou MM, Bai DH, Zong Y, Zhao L, Thornock JN
204 - 212 Intensification of the ethylbenzene production process using a column configured with a side reactor
Hussain A, Minh LQ, Lee M
213 - 221 Study of a photocatalytic process for removal of antibiotics from wastewater in a falling film photoreactor: Scavenger study and process intensification feasibility
Lou WR, Kane A, Wolbert D, Rtimi S, Assadi AA
222 - 234 Enhancement of nucleate boiling heat transfer using structured surfaces
Nirgude VV, Sahu SK
235 - 244 Effect of pH on sonication assisted synthesis of ZnO nanostructures: Process details
Pandit AB, Badnore AU
245 - 257 CFD aided design of integrated spray pyrolysis furnace for liquid ore exploitation
Du W, Sun Z, Lu GM, Yu JG
258 - 268 Fermentative production of gluconic acid in membrane-integrated hybrid reactor system: Analysis of process intensification
Pal P, Kumar R, Nayak J, Banerjee S
269 - 276 A combination of pressure-swing and extractive distillation for separating complex binary azeotropic system
Gao XX, Zhu BY, Ma JQ, Yang DM
277 - 287 Hydrodynamic study of a monolith-type reactor for intensification of gas-liquid applications
Devatine A, Chaumat H, Guillaume S, Tchibouanga BT, Martinez FD, Julcour C, Billet AM
288 - 295 Degradation of methylene blue dye in aqueous solution using hydrodynamic cavitation based hybrid advanced oxidation processes
Kumar MS, Sonawane SH, Pandit AB
296 - 318 Recent progress in developments of membrane materials and modification techniques for high performance helium separation and recovery: A review
Soleimany A, Hosseini SS, Gallucci F
319 - 329 Energy and resource efficient continuous production of a binder emulsion using microstructured devices
Wengerter M, Li YL, Nieder H, Brandner JJ, Schoenitz M, Scholl S
330 - 330 Special Issue AMPERE 15-Foreword
Leonelli C
331 - 338 Localized microwave-heating intensification-A 1-D model and potential applications
Jerby E
339 - 345 Dielectric properties measurement methods for solids of high permittivities under microwave frequencies and between 20 and 250 degrees C
Polaert I, Benamara N, Tao J, Vuong TH, Ferrato M, Estel L
346 - 356 Microwave-assisted heating versus conventional heating in solvothermal and non-solvothermal synthesis of photocatalytic active ZnSe center dot 0.5N(2)H(4) and ZnSe:Mn center dot 0.5N(2)H(4) anisotropic colloidal quasi-two-dimensional hybrid nanoplates
Matras-Postolek K, Sovinska S, Zaba A, Yang P
357 - 364 SiO2 monomer-triggered self-assembly of hybrid CdTe quantum dots
Zhao Y, Lu SM, Matras-Postolek K, Yang P
365 - 372 Synthesis of dicarba-cyclooctapeptide Somatostatin analogs by conventional and MW-assisted RCM: A study about the impact of the configuration at C-alpha of selected amino acids
Pratesi A, Stazzoni S, Lumini M, Sabatino G, Carotenuto A, Brancaccio D, Novellino E, Chinol M, Rovero P, Ginanneschi M, Papini AM
373 - 379 Microwave assisted extraction of polyphenols using a coaxial antenna and a cooling system
Calinescu I, Lavric V, Asofiei I, Gavrila AI, Trifan A, Ighigeanu D, Martin D, Matei C
380 - 388 Microwave fast-tracking biodiesel production
Jermolovicius LA, Cantagesso LCM, do Nascimento RB, de Castro ER, Pouzada EVD, Senise JT
389 - 396 Exemplification of catalyst design for microwave selective heating and its application to efficient in situ catalyst synthesis
Wang KY, Dimitrakis G, Irvine DJ
397 - 403 Microwave processing of high entropy alloys: A powder metallurgy approach
Veronesi P, Colombini E, Rosa R, Leonelli C, Garuti M
404 - 412 Effects of microwave sintering in aging resistance of zirconia-based ceramics
Presenda A, Salvador MD, Penaranda-Foix FL, Catala-Civera JM, Pallone E, Ferreira J, Borrell A
413 - 414 XXII International Conference on Chemical Reactors - Editorial
Coppens MO, Zagoruiko AN
415 - 424 Intensification of flow blending technology in the production of motor fuels by the method of mathematical modelling
Ivanchina ED, Dolganov IM, Chuzlov VA, Belinskaya NS
425 - 433 Microporous inert membrane packed-bed reactor for propylene epoxidation with hydrogen and oxygen: Modelling and simulation
Lu MK, Wang G, Zhang ZH, Duan XZ, Yuan WK, Zhou XG
434 - 446 Comparative study of conventional, reactive-distillation and pervaporation integrated hybrid process for ethyl tert-butyl ether production
Norkobilov A, Gorri D, Ortiz I
447 - 459 Enhancement of the acetylene and ethylene yields from ethane by partially decoupling the oxidation and pyrolysis reactions
Zhang Q, Luo JJ, Chen TW, Wang JF, Wang TF
460 - 472 Novel structured catalytic systems-Cartridges on the base of fibrous catalysts
Zagoruiko AN, Lopatin SA, Mikenin PE, Pisarev DA, Zazhigalov SV, Baranov DV
473 - 486 Conversion of methane to synthesis gas in a non-premixed reversed-flow porous bed reactor: A kinetic modeling
Kostenko SS, Ivanova AN, Karnaukh AA, Polianczyk EV
487 - 492 Performance of novel CaO-based sorbents in high temperature CO2 capture under RF heating
Sotenko M, Fernandez J, Hu GN, Derevschikov V, Lysikov A, Parkhomchuk E, Semeykina V, Okunev A, Rebrov EV
493 - 507 On the conceptual design of a partitioning technology for the bioconversion of (+)-valencene to (+)-nootkatone on whole cells: Experimentation and modelling
Castillo-Araiza CO, Palmerin-Carreno D, Prado-Barragan A, Huerta-Ochoa S
508 - 522 On the hydrodynamics of membrane assisted fluidized bed reactors using X-ray analysis
Helmi A, Wagner EC, Gallucci F, Annaland MV, van Ommen JR, Mudde RF
523 - 529 Chemical looping dry reforming of methane: toward shale-gas and biogas valorization
Lofberg A, Kane T, Guerrero-Caballero J, Jalowiecki-Duhamel L
530 - 537 Investigating and modelling of light intensity distribution inside algal photobioreactor
Naderi G, Znad H, Tade MO
538 - 549 Modifications of the adsorption-catalytic system for organic impurities removal
Zazhigalov S, Mikenin P, Pisarev D, Baranov D, Lopatin S, Chumakova N, Zagoruiko A
550 - 559 Process intensification of catalysed henry reaction using copper-wool catalyst in a spinning mesh disc reactor
Shivaprasad P, Jones MD, Patterson DA, Emanuelsson EAC