Current Microbiology

Current Microbiology, Vol.78, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0343-8651 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Biological Approaches in Polyhydroxyalkanoates Recovery
Gonzalez K, Navia R, Liu SJ, Cea M
11 - 16 Technological Applications of Macrococcus caseolyticus and its Impact on Food Safety
Ramos GLPA, Vigoder HC, Nascimento JS
17 - 32 Current Understanding of the Pathogenesis of Dengue Virus Infection
Bhatt P, Sabeena SP, Varma M, Arunkumar G
33 - 54 Chemical Diversity of Secondary Metabolites Produced by Brazilian Endophytic Fungi
Ribeiro BA, da Mata TB, Canuto GAB, Silva EO
55 - 66 Serovars and SpaA Types of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae Isolated from Pigs in Japan from 2012 to 2019
Morimoto M, Kato A, Kojima H, Akaike Y, Nogami K, Sasakawa C, Nagai S, To H
67 - 77 Flow-Cytometric Method for Viability Analysis of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Other Cell-Culture-Contaminant Mollicutes
Lawson-Ferreira R, Santiago MA, Chometon TQ, Costa VA, Silva SA, Bertho AL, de Filippis I
78 - 85 Exploration of Microbial Diversity of Himalayan Glacier Moraine Soil Using 16S Amplicon Sequencing and Phospholipid Fatty Acid Analysis Approaches
Sherpa MT, Najar IN, Das S, Thakur N
86 - 94 Bioformulation of Microbial Fertilizer Based on Clay and Alginate Encapsulation
Kadmiri IM, El Mernissi N, Azaroual SE, Mekhzoum ME, Qaiss A, Bouhfid R
95 - 106 Petroleum Contaminated Seawater Detoxification in Microcosm by Halotolerant Consortium Isolated from Persian Gulf
Dehvari M, Ghafari S, Haghighifard NJ, Jorfi S
107 - 113 Complete Genome of Nocamycin-Producing Strain Saccharothrix syringae NRRL B-16468 Reveals the Biosynthetic Potential for Secondary Metabolites
Mo XH, Yang S
114 - 124 Bacterial Communities of Ballan Wrasse (Labrus bergylta) Eggs at a Commercial Marine Hatchery
Bone A, Bekaert M, Papadopoulou A, McMillan S, Adams A, Davie A, Desbois AP
125 - 132 Cell-Free Lactobacillus sp Supernatants Modulate Staphylococcus aureus Growth, Adhesion and Invasion to Human Osteoblast (HOB) Cells
Yuksek FK, Gumus D, Gundogan GI, Kucuker MA
133 - 143 Regulation of c-di-GMP in Biofilm Formation of Klebsiella pneumoniae in Response to Antibiotics and Probiotic Supernatant in a Chemostat System
Zhang CL, Wang C, Xiu ZL
144 - 149 A Novel Isolate (S15) of Streptomyces griseobrunneus Produces 1-Dodecanol
Cetinkaya S
150 - 158 Characterization and Genome Analysis of a Novel Mu-like Phage VW-6B Isolated from the Napahai Plateau Wetland of China
Cui ZH, Xu ZW, Wei YL, Zhang Q, Qin KH, Ji XL
159 - 166 Characterization and Genomic Analysis of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Bacteriophage FEC14, a New Member of Genus Kuttervirus
Fan CC, Tie DD, Sun YB, Jiang J, Huang HL, Gong YW, Zhao CY
167 - 178 Effect of Amoxicillin on Nitrogen Oxidation Bacteria Present in Activated Sludge: Respirometry Investigation
Faria JK, Conceicao ACS, Kohatsu MY, Okamoto AB, Coelho LH, Subtil EL, Bueno RD
179 - 189 A Re-evaluation of the Taxonomy and Classification of the Type III Secretion System in a Pathogenic Bacterium Causing Soft Rot Disease of Pleurotus eryngii
Xu F, Yan H, Liu Y, Zhao S, Song S, Gu TT, Song ZJ, Xie JB, Rong CB
190 - 197 Diagnose of Indigenous Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Communities Associated to Cynara cardunculus L. var. altilis and var. sylvestris
Di Pardo AF, Mancini M, Cravero V, Gil-Cardeza ML
198 - 205 Identification and Characterization of Pediococcus Species from Piper betle (Betel) Leaves
Keerthana C, Narayanan RB
206 - 217 Whole-genome Sequencing and Mining of Protease Coding Genes in Bacillus paralicheniformis MKU3, and its Degradomics in Feather Meal Medium
SanthaKalaikumari S, Sivakumar R, Gunasekaran P, Rajendhran J
218 - 228 Impact of Inoculation with Pseudomonas aestus CMAA 1215(T) on the Non-target Resident Bacterial Community in a Saline Rhizosphere Soil
Vasconcellos RLF, Romagnoli EM, Taketani RG, Santos SN, Zucchi TD, Melo IS
229 - 237 Enteromorpha proliferaDiet Drives Intestinal Microbiome Composition inSiganus oramin
Xu Y, Li J, Han XF, Zhang ZB, Zhong MQ, Hu Z
238 - 243 Yeasts in Feces of Pigeons (Columba livia) in the City of Moscow
Glushakova AM, Rodionova EN, Kachalkin AV
244 - 254 Investigation of Clarithromycin Resistance-Associated Mutations and Virulence Genotypes of Helicobacter pylori Isolated from Iranian Population: A Cross-Sectional Study
Alavifard H, Mirzaei N, Yadegar A, Baghaei K, Smith SM, Sadeghi A, Zali MR
255 - 264 Technological Performance and Selection of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Argentinian Grains as Starters for Wheat Sourdough
Lancetti R, Sciarini L, Perez GT, Salvucci E
265 - 273 Phylogeny, Prevalence, and Shiga Toxin (Stx) Production of Clinical Escherichia coli O157 Clade 2 Strains Isolated in Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Kawase J, Hirai S, Yokoyama E, Hayashi F, Kurosaki M, Kawakami Y, Fukuma A, Sakai T, Kotani M, Asakura H
274 - 281 A Report on Molecular Detection and Phylogenetic Evaluation of Anaplasma marginale in Ticks and Blood Samples Collected from Cattle in District Layyah in Punjab (Pakistan)
Ashraf S, Parveen A, Awais MM, Gillani Q, Aktas M, Ozubek S, Iqbal F
282 - 291 Developing Liquid Rhizobium Inoculants with Enhanced Long-Term Survival, Storage Stability, and Plant Growth Promotion Using Ectoine Additive
Elsakhawy T, Ghazi A, Abdel-Rahman MA
292 - 302 In Vitro and In Silico Analysis of Ascorbic Acid Towards Lanosterol 14-alpha-Demethylase Enzyme of Fluconazole-Resistant Candida albicans
Ganeshkumar A, Suvaithenamudhan S, Rajaram R
303 - 315 Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Larvae Significantly Change the Microbial Community in Chicken Manure
Zhang XX, Zhang JZ, Jiang LL, Yu X, Zhu HW, Zhang JL, Feng ZB, Zhang X, Chen GZ, Zhang ZJ
316 - 322 Optimization of Growth Conditions of Acinetobacter sp. Cr1 for Removal of Heavy Metal Cr Using Central Composite Design
Pang BB, Lv LJ, Pang CP, Ye FC, Shang CH
323 - 328 Effects of Rhein-8-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside on the Biofilm Formation of Streptococcus mutans
Zhang YC, Zhu Y, Zuo YP, Tang CF, Zhou F, Cui XM, Wang L
329 - 337 Characterization of Novel Bacteriophage AhyVDH1 and Its Lytic Activity Against Aeromonas hydrophila
Cheng YH, Gao DY, Xia YS, Wang ZY, Bai M, Luo KJ, Cui XL, Wang YX, Zhang SY, Xiao W
338 - 346 Microbiota Diversity Change as Quality Indicator of Soils Exposed to Intensive Periurban Agriculture
Iustman LJR, Almasque FJ, Vullo DL
347 - 350 Complete Genome Sequence of Zearalenone Degrading BacteriaBacillus velezensisA2
Wang MY, Huang S, Chen J, Chen S, Long M
351 - 357 Isolation and Characterization of Serratiopeptidase Producing Bacteria from Mulberry Phyllosphere
Koul D, Chander D, Manhas RS, Chaubey A
358 - 368 Potential for the Biodegradation of Atrazine Using Leaf Litter Fungi from a Subtropical Protection Area
Esparza-Naranjo SB, da Silva GF, Duque-Castano DC, Araujo WL, Peres CK, Boroski M, Bonugli-Santos RC
369 - 370 Strain "Acinetobacter mesopotamicus" GC2 Does Not Represent a Novel Species, but Belongs to the Species Acinetobacter lwoffii as Revealed by Whole-Genome Sequence-Based Analysis
Nemec A
371 - 377 Nakamurella aerolata sp. Nov., Isolated from an Automobile Air Conditioning System
Chaudhary DK, Lee H, Dahal RH, Kim DY, Cha IT, Lee KE, Kim DU
378 - 382 Alkanindiges hydrocarboniclasticus sp. nov. Isolated From Crude Oil Contaminated Sands and Emended Description of the Genus Alkanindiges
Yadav S, Kim JS, Lee SS
383 - 388 Luteimonas wenzhouensis Sp. Nov., A Chitinolytic Bacterium Isolated from a Landfill Soil
Zhou J, Chen JH, Ma JY, Xu N, Xin FX, Zhang WM, Zhang H, Dong WL, Jiang M
389 - 396 Altererythrobacter segetis sp. nov., Isolated from Farmland Soil
Lee JC, Whang KS
397 - 402 Halomonas bachuensis sp. nov., Isolated from Gobi Soil
Xiao ZJ, Shen J, Wang Z, Dong FH, Zhao JY
403 - 410 Sphingomonas xanthus sp. nov., Isolated from Beach Soil
Kim H, Chhetri G, Seo T
411 - 416 Achromobacter aestuariisp. nov., Isolated from an Estuary
Kim SC, Chung SO, Lee HJ
417 - 428 Bradyrhizobium japonicum,B. elkaniiandB. diazoefficiensInteract with Rice (Oryza sativa), Promote Growth and Increase Yield
Padukkage D, Geekiyanage S, Reparaz JM, Bezus R, Balatti PA, Degrassi G
429 - 434 Halovibrio salipaludis sp. nov., Isolated from Saline-Alkaline Soil
Tang L, Liu HX, Sun WN, Zhao JJ, Miao SH, Gong Q, Ma L, Zhang GS