Current Microbiology

Current Microbiology, Vol.77, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0343-8651 (Print) 

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3809 - 3820 Dynamic Propagation and Impact of Pandemic Influenza A (2009 H1N1) in Children: A Detailed Review
Ratre YK, Vishvakarma NK, Bhaskar LVKS, Verma HK
3821 - 3830 Decontamination of Aflatoxins by Lactic Acid Bacteria
Liu AP, Zheng YL, Liu L, Chen SJ, He L, Ao XL, Yang Y, Liu SL
3831 - 3841 LactobacillusCell Surface Proteins Involved in Interaction with Mucus and Extracellular Matrix Components
Muscariello L, De Siena B, Marasco R
3842 - 3850 Microbiota Analysis of Eggshells in Different Areas and During Different Storage Time by Non-cultural Methods
Shi Y, Wu SW, Li WJ, Liu DL, Ma GZ, Zhang Z, Yuan L, Li H, Zhang SR, Mushtaq N, Xu JR
3851 - 3860 Phylogenomic Analysis Supports Two Possible Origins for Latin American Strains ofVibrio parahaemolyticusAssociated with Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND)
Gonzalez-Gomez JP, Soto-Rodriguez S, Lopez-Cuevas O, Castro-del Campo N, Chaidez C, Gomez-Gil B
3861 - 3868 Potential Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria with Heavy Metal Resistance
Efe D
3869 - 3877 Viability ofLactobacillus rhamnosusGG in Simulated Gastrointestinal Conditions and After Baking White Pan Bread at Different Temperature and Time Regimes
Ezekiel OO, Okehie ID, Adedeji OE
3878 - 3887 Effect of Chemical Fertilization on the Impacts of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria in Maize Crops
Nascimento FC, Kandasamy S, Lazarovits G, Rigobelo EC
3888 - 3896 Effects of beta-Lactam Antibiotics on Gut Microbiota Colonization and Metabolites in Late Preterm Infants
Lu SL, Huang QM, Wei BM, Chen YJ
3897 - 3902 Multidrug Resistance in Integron BearingKlebsiella pneumoniaeisolated from Alexandria University Hospitals, Egypt
Yakout MA, Ali GH
3903 - 3908 The Draft Genome Sequence and Analysis of an Efficiently Chitinolytic BacteriumChitinibactersp. Strain GC72
Zhang AL, Mo XF, Wei GG, Zhou N, Yang S, Chen J, Wang YY, Chen KQ, Ouyang PK
3909 - 3918 Comparative Study on Soil Microbial Diversity and Structure Under Wastewater and Groundwater Irrigation Conditions
Xu XT, Liu S, Zhu XW, Guo XM
3919 - 3926 Molecular Monitoring and Phylogenetic Analysis ofBetanodavirusin Groupers (Epinephelusspp.) and Asian Sea bass (Lates calcarifer) of Iranian Northern Waters of the Persian Gulf
Ziarati M, Zorriehzahra MJ, Kafilzadeh F, Kargar M
3927 - 3936 Quantification of Extracellular Proteases and Chitinases from Marine Bacteria
Zou Y, Robbens J, Heyndrickx M, Debode J, Raes K
3937 - 3944 Relationships Between Organic Matter Contents and Bacterial Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities in Soils: Comparisons Between Seasons
Wilkerson A, Olapade OA
3945 - 3952 The Complete Genome Sequence of a Bacterial Strain with High Alkalic Xylanase Activity Isolated from the Sludge Near a Papermill
Chen S, Feng H, Li X, Chao HJ, Wu J, Liu J, Zhu WJ, Yan DZ
3953 - 3961 Decolorization of Textile Effluent byTrametes hirsutaBm-2 andlac-Tas Possible Main Laccase-Contributing Gene
Tapia-Tussell R, Pereira-Patron A, Alzate-Gaviria L, Lizama-Uc G, Perez-Brito D, Solis-Pereira S
3962 - 3968 Characterization ofEnterococcus hiraeIsolated from the Intestine of Seabass (Lates Calcarifer) as a New Potential Probiotic against PathogenicVibrios
Masduki F, Jasmin MY, Min CC, Karim M
3969 - 3977 Seasonality Effects on Antibacterial and Antibiotic Potentiating Activity against Multidrug-Resistant Strains ofEscherichia coliandStaphylococcus aureusand ATR-FTIR Spectra of Essential Oils fromVitex gardnerianaLeaves
Pereira RLS, de Freitas TS, Freitas PR, de Araujo ACJ, Campina FF, Fidelis KR, do Vale JPC, Barreto ACH, Coutinho HDM, Bandeira PN, Teixeira AMR, dos Santos HS
3978 - 3989 Optimization and Characterization of PHA (SCL-SCL) Copolymer by IndigenousBacillus thuringiensisA102 Strain for Biomedical Applications
Suguna PP, Saranya VV, Abirami PP, Shenbagarathai RR
3990 - 3999 Isolation and Characterization of a New Fusaricidin-Type Antibiotic Produced byPaenibacillus bovissp. nov BD3526
Hua BQ, Feng HF, Han J, Qiao ZY, Wang XH, Zhang QX, Liu ZM, Wu ZJ
4000 - 4015 Tolerance to Oxidative Stress in Budding Yeast by Heterologous Expression of Catalases A and T fromDebaryomyces hansenii
Gonzalez J, Castillo R, Garcia-Campos MA, Noriega-Samaniego D, Escobar-Sanchez V, Romero-Aguilar L, Alba-Lois L, Segal-Kischinevzky C
4016 - 4028 Planktonic and Benthic Bacterial Communities of the Largest Central European Shallow Lake, Lake Balaton and Its Main Inflow Zala River
Farkas M, Kaszab E, Rado J, Hahn J, Toth G, Harkai P, Ferincz A, Lovasz Z, Tancsics A, Voros L, Kriszt B, Szoboszlay S
4029 - 4036 Genomic Analysis of two NDM-1Providencia stuartiiStrains Recovered from a Single Patient
Hoard A, Montana S, Moriano A, Fernandez JS, Traglia GM, Quiroga C, Franchi A, Cohen E, Corigliano C, Almuzara M, Ramirez MS
4037 - 4044 Design of a Useful Diagrammatic Scale for the Quantification ofLecanicillium fungicolaDisease inAgaricus bisporusCultivation
Caitano CEC, Iossi MR, Pardo-Gimenez A, Vieira WG, Dias ES, Zied DC
4045 - 4052 Biofilm Production and Antimicrobial Resistance of Clinical and Food Isolates ofPseudomonasspp.
Radovanovic RS, Savic NR, Ranin L, Smitran A, Opavski NV, Tepavcevic AM, Ranin J, Gajic I
4053 - 4062 Orange Bagasse Pellets as a Carbon Source for Biobutanol Production
da Silva GF, Mathias SL, de Menezes A, Vicente JGP, Delforno TP, Varesche MBA, Duarte ICS
4063 - 4071 UbK is Involved in the Resistance ofBacillus Subtilisto Oxidative Stress
El-Khoury T, Nguyen HA, Candusso MP, Attieh J, Jault JM
4072 - 4084 Bacterial Communities Associated with the Biofilms Formed in High-Altitude Brackish Water Pangong Tso Located in the Himalayan Plateau
Chaudhari DS, Dhotre DP, Jani K, Sharma A, Singh Y, Shouche YS, Rahi P
4085 - 4094 Enhanced Decolourisation and Biodegradation of Textile Wastewater Using Single and Mixed Cultures of a Newly Isolated Enterobacter Strain
Rakkan T, Sangkharak K
4095 - 4103 New Insight into Carboxylic Acid Metabolisms and pH Regulations During Insoluble Phosphate Solubilisation Process byPenicillium oxalicumPSF-4
Jiang YF, Tian J, Ge F
4104 - 4113 Literature-Based Phenotype Survey and In Silico Genotype Investigation of Antibiotic Resistance in the GenusBifidobacterium
Cao LY, Chen HH, Wang QH, Li BY, Hu YF, Zhao CH, Hu YF, Yin YS
4114 - 4128 Study on the Diversity and Function of Gut Microbiota in Pigs Following Long-Term Antibiotic and Antibiotic-Free Breeding
Li Y, Zhu YH, Wei H, Chen YS, Shang HT
4129 - 4139 Penicillium rotoruae, a new Species from an In-Ground Timber Durability Test Site in New Zealand
O'Callahan D, Vaidya A, Donaldson L, Singh T
4140 - 4151 Dactuliophora mysorensissp. nov.: A New Species of Mycelia Sterilia Causing Zonate Leaf Spot on Cowpea in India
Deepika YS, Mahadevakumar S, Amruthesh KN, Sridhar KR, Lakshmidevi N
4152 - 4159 Arenibacter lacussp. nov., Isolated from Chilika Lagoon, India
Kumar D, Smita N, Kumar G, Suresh G, Jagadeeshwari U, Sasikala C, Ramana CV
4160 - 4166 Xylophilus rhododendrisp. nov., Isolated from Flower of Royal Azalea,Rhododendron schlippenbachii
Lee SA, Heo J, Kim TW, Sang MK, Song J, Kwon SW, Weon HY
4167 - 4173 Hymenobacter baengnokdamensissp. nov., Isolated from the Soil of a Crater Lake in Korea
Lee JH, Kim MK, Jung JH, Seo HS, Zhang J, Choe HN, Choi S, Seong CN, Lim S
4174 - 4179 Reinekea thalattaesp. nov., a New Species of the GenusReinekeaIsolated from Surface Seawater in Sehwa Beach
Kim I, Chhetri G, Kim J, Kang M, Seo T
4180 - 4185 Crenobacter caenisp. nov. Isolated from Sludge
Yang Z, Xu JY, Sheng MY, Qiu JG, Zhu JC, Zhang J, He J
4186 - 4191 Pedobacter puniceumsp. nov. Isolated from Sludge
Yang Z, Xu JY, Sheng MY, Qiu JG, Zhu JC, Zhang J, He J
4192 - 4192 Description ofPaenibacillus yunnanensissp. nov., Isolated from a Tepid Spring (vol 77, pg 3174, 2020)
Rao MPN, Dong ZY, Amoolya S, Neelavar S, Liu BB, Guo SX, Hozzein W, Li WJ