Biomacromolecules, Vol.22, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1525-7797 (Print) 

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223 - 261 Polymeric Materials for Eye Surface and Intraocular Applications
Karayilan M, Clamen L, Becker ML
262 - 274 Dendritic Macromolecular Architectures: Dendrimer-Based Polyion Complex Micelles
Mignani S, Shi XY, Zablocka M, Majoral JP
275 - 288 Engineering a Chemically Defined Hydrogel Bioink for Direct Bioprinting of Microvasculature
Barrs RW, Jia J, Ward M, Richards DJ, Yao H, Yost MJ, Mei Y
289 - 298 Tuning Selective Transport of Biomolecules through Site-Mutated Nucleoporin-like Protein (NLP) Hydrogels
Yang YJ, Mai DJ, Li SL, Morris MA, Olsen BD
299 - 308 Enhanced Bioactivity of a Human GHR Antagonist Generated by Solid-Phase Site-Specific PEGylation
Wang Y, Langley RJ, Tamshen K, Harms J, Middleditch MJ, Maynard HD, Jamieson SMF, Perry JK
309 - 318 Polymer Modification of Lipases, Substrate Interactions, and Potential Inhibition
Rahman MS, Brown J, Murphy R, Carnes S, Carey B, Averick S, Konkolewicz D, Page RC
319 - 329 Thermoresponsive Hemostatic Hydrogel with a Biomimetic Nanostructure Constructed from Aggregated Collagen Nanofibers
Liu XH, Hou MD, Luo XM, Zheng MH, Wang XC, Zhang HJ, Guo JL
330 - 339 Antifouling Surfaces Enabled by Surface Grafting of Highly Hydrophilic Sulfoxide Polymer Brushes
Xu X, Huang XM, Chang YX, Yu Y, Zhao JC, Isahak N, Teng JS, Quo RR, Peng H, Zhao CX, Davis TP, Fu CK, Whittaker AK
340 - 352 Synergistic Reinforcement of Composite Hydrogels with Nanofiber Mixtures of Cellulose Nanocrystals and Chitin Nanofibers
Irvin CW, Satam CC, Liao JS, Russo PS, Breedveld V, Meredith JC, Shofner ML
353 - 364 Improved Performance of Bacterial Nanocellulose Conduits by the Introduction of Silk Fibroin Nanoparticles and Heparin for Small-Caliber Vascular Graft Applications
Bao LH, Hong FF, Li GL, Hu GQ, Chen L
365 - 373 Engineered Escherichia coli Biofilms Produce Adhesive Nanomaterials Shaped by a Patterned 43 kDa Barnacle Cement Protein
Estrella LA, Yates EA, Fears KP, Schultzhaus JN, Ryou H, Leary DH, So CR
374 - 385 Toughening Polylactic Acid by a Biobased Poly(Butylene 2,5-Furandicarboxylate)-b-Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Copolymer: Balanced Mechanical Properties and Potential Biodegradability
Chen C, Tian Y, Li FL, Hu H, Wang K, Kong ZY, Ying WB, Zhang RY, Zhu J
386 - 398 Simultaneous Cross-Linking and Cross-Polymerization of Enzyme Responsive Polyethylene Glycol Nanogels in Confined Aqueous Droplets for Reduction of Low-Density Lipoprotein Oxidation
Basak S, Khare HA, Roursgaard M, Kempen PJ, Lee JH, Bazban-Shotorbani S, Kraemer M, Chernyy S, Andresen TL, Almdal K, Kamaly N
399 - 409 Sulfated Oligomers of Tyrosol: Toward a New Class of Bioinspired Nonsaccharidic Anticoagulants
Alfieri ML, Panzella L, Duarte B, Goncalves-Monteiro S, Marques F, Morato M, Correia-da-Silva M, Verotta L, Napolitano A
410 - 418 PEG Equilibrium Partitioning in the alpha-Hemolysin Channel: Neutral Polymer Interaction with Channel Charges
Aguilella-Arzo M, Aguilella VM
419 - 429 Matrix Stiffness-Regulated Growth of Breast Tumo Spheroids and Their Response to Chemotherapy
Li YF, Khuu N, Prince E, Tao HC, Zhang NT, Chen ZK, Gevorkian A, McGuigan AP, Kumacheva E
430 - 440 Dual Effect of Prussian Blue Nanoparticles on A beta 40 Aggregation: beta-Sheet Fibril Reduction and Copper Dyshomeostasis Regulation
Kowalczyk J, Grapsi E, Espargaro A, Caballero AB, Juarez-Jimenez J, Busquets MA, Gamez P, Sabate R, Estelrich J
441 - 453 A Regenerable Biosensing Platform for Bacterial Toxins
Antunez EE, Mahon CS, Tong ZQ, Voelcker NH, Mullner M
454 - 466 Functionalized Cellulose Nanocrystals for Cellular Labeling and Bioimaging
Raja S, Hamouda AEI, de Toledo MAS, Hu CL, Bernardo MP, Schalla C, Leite LSF, Buhl EM, Dreschers S, Pich A, Zenke M, Mattoso LHC, Sechi A
467 - 480 Poly(lipoic acid)-Based Nanoparticles as Self-Organized, Biocompatible, and Corona-Free Nanovectors
Trzcinski JW, Morillas-Becerril L, Scarpa S, Tannorella M, Muraca F, Rastrelli F, Castellani C, Fedrigo M, Angelini A, Tavano R, Papini E, Mancin F
481 - 493 Photocross-linkable Methacrylated Polypeptides and Polysaccharides for Casting, Injecting, and 3D Fabrication
Jongprasitkul H, Turunen S, Parihar VS, Annurakshita S, Kellomaki M
494 - 503 Floating and Diving Loops of ABA Triblock Copolymers in Lipid Bilayers and Stability Enhancement for Asymmetric Membranes
Chang HY, Tsai HC, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
504 - 513 Hierarchical Incorporation of Surface-Functionalized Laponite Clay Nanoplatelets with Type I Collagen Matrix
Shi JB, Zhang RZ, Yang N, Zhang Y, Mansel BW, Prabakar S, Ma JZ
514 - 533 Dual Functionalized Injectable Hybrid Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel for Burn Wounds
Bankoti K, Rameshbabu AP, Datta S, Goswami P, Roy M, Das D, Ghosh SK, Das AK, Mitra A, Pal S, Maulik D, Su B, Ghosh P, Basu B, Dhara S
534 - 539 Polysaccharide-Based Supramolecular Hydrogel for Efficiently Treating Bacterial Infection and Enhancing Wound Healing
Wang J, Feng L, Yu QL, Chen Y, Liu Y
540 - 545 Hollow Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Assisted Self-Assembly of One-Dimensional Nanoarchitectures
Zhang JT, Kankala RK, Ma JY, Zhou YH, Wang SB, Chen AZ
546 - 556 Generation of Nano-pores in Silk Fibroin Films Using Silk Nanoparticles for Full-Thickness Wound Healing
Liu J, Huang R, Li G, Kaplan DL, Zheng ZZ, Wang XQ
557 - 571 Quaternary Lipophilic Chitosan and Gelatin Cross-Linked Antibacterial Hydrogel Effectively Kills Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria with Minimal Toxicity toward Mammalian Cells
Bhattacharjee B, Ghosh S, Mukherjee R, Haldar J
572 - 585 Self-Assembled Amphiphilic Starch Based Drug Delivery Platform: Synthesis, Preparation, and Interactions with Biological Barriers
Phan VHG, Duong HTT, Tran PT, Thambi T, Ho DK, Murgia X
586 - 593 Sustainable Fatty Acid Modification of Cellulose in a CO2-Based Switchable Solvent and Subsequent Thiol-Ene Modification
Esen E, Hadinger P, Meier MAR
594 - 611 Surface-Functionalized Conducting Nanofibers for Electrically Stimulated Neural Cell Function
Borah R, Ingavle GC, Kumar A, Sandeman SR, Mikhalovsky SV
612 - 619 Microemulsion-Assisted Templating of Metal-Stabilized Poly(ethylene glycol) Nanoparticles
Lin G, Cortez-Jugo C, Ju Y, Besford QA, Ryan TM, Pan SJ, Richardson JJ, Caruso F
620 - 628 Characterization of an Amphiphilic Janus-Type Surface in the Cellulose Nanofibril Prepared by Aqueous Counter Collision
Tsuji T, Tsuboi K, Yokota S, Tagawa S, Kondo T
629 - 639 Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase (TIMP) Peptidomimetic as an Adjunctive Therapy for Infectious Keratitis
Neidhart B, Kowalska M, Valentin JDP, Gall FM, Ren Q, Riedl R, Pot S, Rottmar M
640 - 648 Poly(alkanoyl isosorbide methacrylate)s: From Amorphous to Semicrystalline and Liquid Crystalline Biobased Materials
Laanesoo S, Bonjour O, Parve J, Parve O, Matt L, Vares L, Jannasch P
649 - 660 Impact of Alginate Mannuronic-Guluronic Acid Contents and pH on Protein Binding Capacity and Complex Size
Madsen M, Westh P, Khan S, Ipsen R, Almdal K, Aachmann FL, Svensson B
661 - 670 Self-Assembled Multi- and Single-Chain Glyconanoparticles and Their Lectin Recognition
Abdouni Y, ter Huume GM, Yilmaz G, Monaco A, Redondo-Gomez C, Meijer EW, Palmans ARA, Becer CR
671 - 680 Metformin Hydrochloride Encapsulation by Alginate Strontium Hydrogel for Cartilage Regeneration by Reliving Cellular Senescence
Xu L, Ma FB, Huang J, Leung KL, Qin CH, Lu WW, Guo XE, Tang B
681 - 689 Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Interacts with Hyaluronan in Aqueous Media
Le-Deygen IM, Musatova OE, Orlov VN, Melik-Nubarov NS, Grozdova ID
690 - 700 Self-Assembly of Silk-like Protein into Nanoscale Bicontinuous Networks under Phase-Separation Conditions
Batys P, Fedorov D, Mohammadi P, Lemetti L, Linder MB, Sammalkorpi M
701 - 709 Cationic Cross-Linked Nanocellulose-Based Matrices for the Growth and Recovery of Intestinal Organoids
Curvello R, Garnier G
710 - 722 Comparative Study of the Cellular Uptake and Intracellular Behavior of a Library of Cyclic Peptide-Polymer Nanotubes with Different Self-Assembling Properties
Ellacott SH, Sanchez-Cano C, Mansfield EDH, Rho JY, Song JI, Peltier R, Perrier S
723 - 731 Tumor-Targeting Liposomes with Transient Holes Allowing Intact Rituximab Internally
Kim Y, Youn YS, Oh KT, Kim D, Lee ES
732 - 742 Efficient Synthesis of Folate-Conjugated Hollow Polymeric Capsules for Accurate Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells
Song WL, Zhang Y, Yu DG, Tran CH, Wang ML, Varyambath A, Kim J, Kim I
743 - 753 Bioinspired Thermoresponsive Xyloglucan-Cellulose Nanocrystal Hydrogels
Talantikite M, Stimpson TC, Gourlay A, Le-Gall S, Moreau C, Cranston ED, Moran-Mirabal JM, Cathala B
754 - 762 Enzyme-Functionalized Cellulose Beads as a Promising Antimicrobial Material
Califano D, Patenall BL, Kadowaki MAS, Mattia D, Scott JL, Edler KJ
763 - 772 Influence of DIBMA Polymer Length on Lipid Nanodisc Formation and Membrane Protein Extraction
Ball LE, Riley LJ, Hadasha W, Pfukwa R, Smith CJI, Dafforn TR, Klumperman B
773 - 787 Silk Hydrogels with Controllable Formation of Dityrosine, 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine, and 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine-Fe3+ Complexes through Chitosan Particle-Assisted Fenton Reactions
Choi J, Hasturk O, Mu X, Sahoo JK, Kaplan DL
788 - 799 Spinning Regenerated Silk Fibers with Improved Toughness by Plasticizing with Low Molecular Weight Silk
Yao Y, Allardyce BJ, Rajkhowa R, Guo CC, Mu X, Hegh D, Zhang JZ, Lynch P, Wang XG, Kaplan DL, Razal JM
800 - 810 Dual-Cross-Linked Network Hydrogels with Multiresponsive, Self-Healing, and Shear Strengthening Properties
Zhao JY, Diaz-Dussan D, Wu M, Peng YY, Wang JQ, Zeng HB, Duan W, Kong LX, Hao XJ, Narain R
811 - 822 Glycyrrhetinic Acid-Modified Silicon Phthalocyanine for Liver Cancer-Targeted Photodynamic Therapy
Kim J, Lee S, Na K
823 - 836 Cross-Linking Porcine Pericardium by 3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde: A Novel Method to Improve the Biocompatibility of Bioprosthetic Valve
Wu BG, Zheng C, Ding KL, Huang XY, Li ML, Zhang SM, Lei Y, Guo YQ, Wang YB
837 - 845 Site-Directed Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Nucleus Pulposus Cells Using an Injectable Hydroxyl-Functional Diblock Copolymer Worm Gel
Binch ALA, Ratcliffe LPD, Milani AH, Saunders BR, Armes SP, Hoyland JA
846 - 854 Functionalization of Chitosan Oligomers: From Aliphatic Epoxide to Cardanol-Grafted Oligomers for Oil-in-Water Emulsions
Chapelle C, David G, Caillol S, Negrell C, Durand G, le Foll MD
855 - 866 Hydrogel-Based Bioinks for Cell Electrowriting of Well-Organized Living Structures with Micrometer-Scale Resolution
Castilho M, Levato R, Bernal PN, de Ruijter M, Sheng CY, van Duijn J, Piluso S, Ito K, Malda J
867 - 879 Nitric Oxide-Releasing Hyaluronic Acid as an Antibacterial Agent for Wound Therapy
Maloney SE, McGrath KV, Ahonen MJR, Soliman DS, Feura ES, Hall HR, Wallet SM, Maile R, Schoenfisch MH
880 - 889 Lignin Nanoparticle Nucleation and Growth on Cellulose and Chitin Nanofibers
Pasquier E, Mattos BD, Belgacem N, Bras J, Rojas OJ
890 - 897 Enhanced Antibacterial Activity of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli due to Protein Fibrillation
Wei ZX, Wu SH, Xia JJ, Shao P, Sun PL, Xiang N
898 - 906 Bottom-up Construction of Xylan Nanocrystals in D methyl Sulfoxide
Meng ZJ, Sawada D, Laine C, Ogawa Y, Virtanen T, Nishiyama Y, Tammelin T, Kontturi E
907 - 917 Dissociation Mechanisms of G-actin Subunits Govern Deformation Response of Actin Filament
Jaswandkar SV, Faisal HMN, Katti KS, Katti DR
918 - 926 Substrate Engineering in Lipase-Catalyzed Selective Polymerization of D-/L-Aspartates and Diols to Prepare Helical Chiral Polyester
Zhang Y, Xia B, Li YY, Lin XF, Wu Q
927 - 937 Functionalization of Porous Cellulose with Glyoxyl Groups as a Carrier for Enzyme Immobilization and Stabilization
de Oliveira SM, Velasco-Lozano S, Orrego AH, Rocha-Martin J, Moreno-Perez S, Fraile JM, Lopez-Gallego F, Guisan JM
938 - 948 Influence of Plasticizers on the pH-Dependent Drug Release and Cellular Interactions of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose/Zein Vaginal Anti-HIV Films Containing Tenofovir
Notario-Perez F, Cazorla-Luna R, Martin-Illana A, Galante J, Ruiz-Caro R, Sarmento B, das Neves J, Veiga MD
949 - 960 Capturing the Real-Time Hydrolytic Degradation of a Library of Biomedical Polymers by Combining Traditional Assessment and Electrochemical Sensors
Fuoco T, Cuartero M, Parrilla M, Garcia-Guzman JJ, Crespo GA, Finne-Wistrand A
961 - 970 Controllable Fibrillization Reinforces Genetically Engineered Rubberlike Protein Hydrogels
Huang SC, Fan RX, Tian KK, Xia XX, Qian ZG
971 - 983 Cationic (Co)polymers Based on N-Substituted Polyacrylamides as Carriers of Bio-macromolecules: Polyplexes, Micelleplexes, and Spherical Nucleic Acidlike Structures
Haladjova E, Dimitrov I, Davydova N, Todorova J, Ugrinova I, Forys A, Trzebicka B, Rangelov S
984 - 992 Design of a PEGylated Antimicrobial Prodrug with Species-Specific Activation
O'Leary MK, Chen SS, Westblade LF, Alabi CA
993 - 1000 On the Origin of Supercontraction in Spider Silk
Cohen N, Levin M, Eisenbach CD
1001 - 1014 Polyphenols Weaken Pea Protein Gel by Formation of Large Aggregates with Diminished Noncovalent Interactions
Chen D, Zhu X, Ilavsky J, Whitmer T, Hatzakis E, Jones OG, Campanella OH
1015 - 1025 Nanoscopic Dynamics Dictate the Phase Separation Behavior of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Laass K, Quiroz FG, Hunold J, Roberts S, Chilkoti A, Hinderberger D