Biomacromolecules, Vol.21, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1525-7797 (Print) 

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3485 - 3497 Raman Spectroscopy Methods to Characterize the Mechanical Response of Soft Biomaterials
Zhou H, Simmons CS, Sarntinoranont M, Subhash G
3498 - 3511 Uncommon Structures of Oppositely Charged Hyaluronan/Surfactant Assemblies under Physiological Conditions
Buchold P, Ram-On M, Talmon Y, Hoffmann I, Schweins R, Gradzielski M
3512 - 3522 Click-Chemistry Approach toward Antibacterial and Degradable Hybrid Hydrogels Based on Octa-Betaine Ester Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane
Han J, Chen QY, Shen YP, Liu ZX, Hao XY, Zhong MQ, Zhao ZP, Bockstaller MR
3523 - 3538 Thermal Compaction of Disordered and Elastin-like Polypeptides: A Temperature-Dependent, Sequence-Specific Coarse-Grained Simulation Model
Baul U, Bley M, Dzubiella J
3539 - 3546 Reversible Protein Conjugation on Live Cell Surfaces by Specific Recognition between Coiled-Coil Motifs of Natural Amino Acid Sequences
Ahn JH, Kang S, Park S, Song H, Yun Y, Choi S, Chong SE, Cheon DH, Chun D, Oh JH, Nam S, Lee Y
3547 - 3560 Micro-/Nanomechanics Dependence of Biomimetic Matrices upon Collagen-Based Fibrillar Aggregation and Arrangement
Su W, Ran YQ, Ma L, Ma XM, Yi Z, Chen GC, Chen XY, Deng ZW, Tong QL, Li XD
3561 - 3570 Shear-Dependent Structures of Flocculated Micro/Nanofibrillated Cellulose (MNFC) in Aqueous Suspensions
Facchine EG, Spontak RJ, Rojas OJ, Khan SA
3571 - 3581 Curcumin Nanocrystal/pH-Responsive Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Inflammation-Targeted Alleviation of Ulcerative Colitis
Oshi MA, Lee J, Naeem M, Hasan N, Kim J, Kim HJ, Lee EH, Jung Y, Yoo JW
3582 - 3595 Tubular Fibrous Scaffolds Functionalized with Tropoelastin as a Small-Diameter Vascular Graft
Oliveira S, Felizardo T, Amorim S, Mithieux SM, Pires RA, Reis RL, Martins A, Weiss AS, Neves NM
3596 - 3607 Metabolite-Based Modification of Poly(L-lysine) for Improved Gene Delivery
Urello MA, Xiang LC, Colombo R, Ma A, Joseph A, Boyd J, Peterson N, Gao CS, Wu HR, Christie RJ
3608 - 3619 Controlling Drug Absorption, Release, and Erosion of Photopatterned Protein Engineered Hydrogels
Wang Y, Delgado-Fukushima E, Fu RX, Doerk GS, Monclare JK
3620 - 3630 Dual Photo- and pH-Responsive Spirooxazine-Functionalized Dextran Nanoparticles
Rahimi S, Stumpf S, Grimm O, Schacher FH, Schubert US, Schubert S
3631 - 3643 Disordered Filaments Mediate the Fibrillogenesis of Type I Collagen in Solution
McCluskey AR, Hung KSW, Marzec B, Sindt JO, Sommerdijk NAJM, Camp PJ, Nudelman F
3644 - 3657 Monomeric G-Quadruplex-Based CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides as Potent Toll-Like Receptor 9 Agonists
Tu ATT, Hoshi K, Ikebukuro K, Hanagata N, Yamazaki T
3658 - 3667 Thiolated PVP-Amphotericin B Complexes: An Innovative Approach toward Highly Mucoadhesive Gels for Mucosal Leishmaniasis Treatment
Jalil A, Asim MH, Shahzadi I, Khan M, Matuszczak B, Bernkop-Schnurch A
3668 - 3677 Interactions between DNA and the Hfq Amyloid-like Region Trigger a Viscoelastic Response
El Hamoui O, Yadav I, Radiom M, Wien F, Berret JF, van der Maarel JRC, Arluison V
3678 - 3692 Intrinsically Bioactive Cryogels Based on Platelet Lysate Nanocomposites for Hemostasis Applications
Mendes BB, Gomez-Florit M, Araujo AC, Prada J, Babo PS, Domingues RMA, Reis RL, Gomes ME
3693 - 3703 Graft Architecture Guided Simultaneous Control of Degradation and Mechanical Properties of In Situ Forming and Fast Dissolving Polyaspartamide Hydrogels
Kim M, Cha C
3704 - 3712 Nanoparticles Presenting Potent TLR7/8 Agonists Enhance Anti-PD-L1 Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment
Smith AAA, Gale EC, Roth GA, Maikawa CL, Correa S, Yu AC, Appel EA
3713 - 3723 Versatile Cell-Specific Ligand Arrangement System onto Desired Compartments of Biodegradable Matrices for Site-Selective Cell Adhesion Using DNA Tags
Sumida H, Yoshizaki Y, Kuzuya A, Ohya Y
3724 - 3735 Energy-Transfer-Induced Multiexcitation and Enhanced Emission of Hyperbranched Polysiloxane
Bai LH, Yan HX, Bai T, Guo LL, Lu TL, Zhao Y, Li CJ
3736 - 3744 Multi-Arm Star-Shaped Glycopolymers with Precisely Controlled Core Size and Arm Length
Monaco A, Beyer VP, Napier R, Becer CR
3745 - 3755 Tunable Fast Relaxation in Imine-Based Nanofibrillar Hydrogels Stimulates Cell Response through TRPV4 Activation
Liu AM, Wu K, Chen SP, Wu CH, Gao D, Chen L, Wei D, Luo HR, Sun J, Fan HS
3756 - 3764 Effect of Arm Number and Length of Star-Shaped Glycopolymers on Binding to Dendritic and Langerhans Cell Lectins
Abdouni Y, Yilmaz G, Monaco A, Aksakal R, Becer CR
3765 - 3771 Development of Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Scaffolds Using Laminin Peptide-Conjugated Agarose Microgels
Yamada Y, Yoshida C, Hamada K, Kikkawa Y, Nomizu M
3772 - 3781 Covalent Capture of Collagen Triple Helices Using Lysine-Aspartate and Lysine-Glutamate Pairs
Hulgan SAH, Jalan AA, Li IC, Walker DR, Miller MD, Kosgei AJ, Xu WJ, Phillips GN, Hartgerink JD
3782 - 3794 Gold Nanoparticle Promoted Formation and Biological Properties of Injectable Hydrogels
Nutan B, Chandel AKS, Biswas A, Kumar A, Yadav A, Maiti P, Jewrajka SK
3795 - 3806 Dual Cross-linked HHA Hydrogel Supplies and Regulates M Phi 2 for Synergistic Improvement of Immunocompromise and Impaired Angiogenesis to Enhance Diabetic Chronic Wound Healing
Liu S, Yu J, Zhang QF, Lu HT, Qiu XP, Zhou DF, Qi YX, Huang YB
3807 - 3816 Biologically Functionalized Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Blood Vessel Grafts
Wang DF, Xu YY, Lin YY, Yilmaz G, Zhang J, Schmidt G, Li Q, Thomson JA, Turng LS
3817 - 3825 Thermoresponsive Self-lmmolative Polyglyoxylamides
Kenaree AR, Sirianni QEA, Classen K, Gillies ER
3826 - 3835 Sequential Self-Assembly Using Tannic Acid and Phenylboronic Acid-Modified Copolymers for Potential Protein Delivery
Honda Y, Nomoto T, Matsui M, Takemoto H, Kaihara Y, Miura Y, Nishiyama N
3836 - 3846 Peptide Fibrillar Assemblies Exhibit Membranolytic Effects and Antimetastatic Activity on Lung Cancer Cells
Chen YF, Chang CH, Hsu MW, Chang HM, Chen YC, Go YS, Jan JS
3847 - 3856 Engineering a Plant Viral Coat Protein for In Vitro Hybrid Self-Assembly of CO2-Capturing Catalytic Nanofilaments
Wi SH, Hwang IS, Jo BH
3857 - 3866 Cytosine-Functionalized Supramolecular Polymer-Mediated Cellular Behavior and Wound Healing
Cheng CC, Yang XJ, Fan WL, Lee AW, Lai JY
3867 - 3877 Catalytic Detoxification of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents by Butyrylcholinesterase-Polymer-Oxime Bioscavengers
Zhang LB, Murata H, Amitai G, Smith PN, Matyjaszewski K, Russell AJ
3878 - 3886 One-Shot Synthesis of Peptide Amphiphiles with Applications in Directed Graphenic Assembly
Eckhart KE, Starvaggi FA, Sydlik SA
3887 - 3897 Dual Role of Doxorubicin for Photopolymerization and Therapy
Zhang LW, Xie LS, Xu SH, Kuchel RP, Dai YL, Jung K, Boyer C
3898 - 3908 Xyloglucan Structure Impacts the Mechanical Properties of Xyloglucan-Cellulose Nanocrystal Layered Films-A Buckling-Based Study
Stimpson TC, Cathala B, Moreau C, Moran-Mirabal JM, Cranston ED
3909 - 3922 Targeting Mitochondria in Tumor-Associated Macrophages using a Dendrimer-Conjugated TSPO Ligand that Stimulates Antitumor Signaling in Glioblastoma
Sharma A, Liaw K, Sharma R, Thomas AG, Slusher BS, Kannan S, Kannan RM
3923 - 3935 Sustainable Series of New Epoxidized Vegetable Oil-Based Thermosets with Chemical Recycling Properties
Di Mauro C, Malburet S, Genua A, Graillot A, Mija A
3936 - 3944 Supramolecular Biocomposite Hydrogels Formed by Cellulose and Host-Guest Polymers Assisted by Calcium Ion Complexes
Tsuchiya H, Sinawang G, Asoh T, Osaki M, Ikemoto Y, Higuchi Y, Yamaguchi H, Harada A, Uyama H, Takashima Y
3945 - 3956 Hybrid Antimicrobial Hydrogel as Injectable Therapeutics for Oral Infection Ablation
Ribeiro JS, Daghrery A, Dubey N, Li C, Mei L, Fenno JC, Schwendeman A, Aytac Z, Bottino MC