Biomacromolecules, Vol.16, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1525-7797 (Print) 

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2255 - 2264 Water Hydrogel Binding Affinity Modulates Freeze-Drying-Induced Micropore Architecture and Skeletal Myotube Formation
Rich MH, Lee MK, Marshall N, Clay N, Chen JR, Mahmassani Z, Boppart M, Kong H
2265 - 2275 Catechol-Functionalized Synthetic Polymer as a Dental Adhesive to Contaminated Dentin Surface for a Composite Restoration
Lee SB, Gonzalez-Cabezas C, Kim KM, Kim KN, Kuroda K
2276 - 2281 Shape Transformation of Light-Responsive Pyrene-Containing Micelles and Their Influence on Cytoviability
Wang HS, Zhang WB, Gao CY
2282 - 2287 Nanocarrier for Oral Peptide Delivery Produced by Polyelectrolyte Complexation in Nanoconfinement
He W, Parowatkin M, Mailander V, Flechtner-Mors M, Graf R, Best A, Koynov K, Mohr K, Ziener U, Landfester K, Crespy D
2288 - 2295 LbL Assembly of Albumin on Nitric Oxide-Releasing Silica Nanoparticles Using Suramin, a Polyanion Drug, as an Inter layer Linker
Chou HC, Chiu SJ, Hu TM
2296 - 2307 Serum Albumin-Alginate Microparticles Prepared by Transacylation: Relationship between Physicochemical, Structural and Functional Properties
Hadef I, Roge B, Edwards-Levy F
2308 - 2315 Magnetic Biocomposites for Remote Melting
Zhou MB, Liebert T, Muller R, Dellith A, Grafe C, Clement JH, Heinze T
2316 - 2326 Covalent Modification of Synthetic Hydrogels with Bioactive Proteins via Sortase-Mediated Ligation
Cambria E, Renggli K, Ahrens CC, Cook CD, Kroll C, Krueger AT, Imperiali B, Griffith LG
2327 - 2339 Self-Assembly of Recombinant Hagfish Thread Keratins Amenable to a Strain-Induced alpha-Helix to beta-Sheet Transition
Fu J, Guerette PA, Miserez A
2340 - 2346 pH-Responsive Micelle Sequestrant Polymers Inhibit Fat Absorption
Qian J, Sullivan BP, Berkland C
2347 - 2355 The Interplay of Disulfide Bonds, alpha-Helicity, and Hydrophobic Interactions Leads to Ultrahigh Proteolytic Stability of Peptides
Chen YQ, Yang CQ, Li T, Zhang M, Liu Y, Gauthier MA, Zhao YB, Wu CL
2356 - 2362 Design of Environmentally Responsive Fluorescent Polymer Probes for Cellular Imaging
Yamada A, Hiruta Y, Wang J, Ayano E, Kanazawa H
2363 - 2373 Positively Charged Chitosan and N-Trimethyl Chitosan Inhibit A beta 40 Fibrillogenesis
Liu HY, Ojha B, Morris C, Jiang MT, Wojcikiewicz EP, Rao PPN, Du DG
2374 - 2381 Role of Polymer Architecture on the Activity of Polymer-Protein Conjugates for the Treatment of Accelerated Bone Loss Disorders
Tucker BS, Stewart JD, Aguirre JI, Holliday LS, Figg CA, Messer JG, Sumerlin BS
2382 - 2393 Quantitative Collection and Enzymatic Activity of Glucose Oxidase Nanotubes Fabricated by Templated Layer-by-Layer Assembly
Zhang SW, Demoustier-Champagne S, Jonas AM
2394 - 2402 Exploiting Oligo(amido amine) Backbones for the Multivalent Presentation of Coiled-Coil Peptides
Gerling-Driessen UIM, Mujkic-Ninnemann N, Ponader D, Schone D, Hartmann L, Koksch B
2403 - 2411 Designing Hydrophobically Modified Polysaccharide Derivatives for Highly Efficient Enzyme Immobilization
Mohan T, Rathner R, Reishofer D, Koller M, Elschner T, Spirk S, Heinze T, Stana-Kleinschek K, Kargl R
2412 - 2417 CXCR4-Targeted Nanocarriers for Triple Negative Breast Cancers
Misra AC, Luker KE, Durmaz H, Luker GD, Lahann J
2418 - 2426 Polyurethane Dispersions with Peptide Corona: Facile Synthesis of Stimuli-Responsive Dispersions and Films
Breucker L, Schottler S, Landfester K, Taden A
2427 - 2435 Holocellulose Nanofibers of High Molar Mass and Small Diameter for High-Strength Nanopaper
Galland S, Berthold F, Prakobna K, Berglund LA
2436 - 2443 Preparation and Supramolecular Recognition of Multivalent Peptide-Polysaccharide Conjugates by Cucurbit[8]uril in Hydrogel Formation
Rowland MJ, Atgie M, Hoogland D, Scherman OA
2444 - 2454 An Acid-Triggered Degradable and Fluorescent Nanoscale Drug Delivery System with Enhanced Cytotoxicity to Cancer Cells
An JX, Dai XM, Wu ZM, Zhao Y, Lu ZT, Guo QQ, Zhang XG, Li CX
2455 - 2462 Ion-Mediated Gelation of Aqueous Suspensions of Cellulose Nanocrystals
Chau M, Sriskandha SE, Pichugin D, Therien-Aubin H, Nykypanchuk D, Chauve G, Methot M, Bouchard J, Gang O, Kumacheva E
2463 - 2474 Cisplatin-Induced Formation of Biocompatible and Biodegradable Polypeptide-Based Vesicles for Targeted Anticancer Drug Delivery
Shirbin SJ, Ladewig K, Fu Q, Klimak M, Zhang XQ, Duan W, Qiao GG
2475 - 2481 Binding of Starch Fragments to the Starch Branching Enzyme: Implications for Developing Slower-Digesting Starch
Go RM, Mark AE, Malde AK, Gilbert RG
2482 - 2492 Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Efficacy of Photomicrobicidal Cellulose Paper
Carpenter BL, Scholle F, Sadeghifar H, Francis AJ, Boltersdorf J, Weare WW, Argyropoulos DS, Maggard PA, Ghiladi RA
2493 - 2505 Thermoresponsive Polymer Micelles as Potential Nanosized Cancerostatics
Laga R, Janouskova O, Ulbrich K, Pola R, Blazkova J, Filippov SK, Etrych T, Pechar M
2506 - 2513 Reversible Temperature-Switching of Hydrogel Stiffness of Coassembled, Silk-Collagen-Like Hydrogels
Rombouts WH, de Kort DW, Pham TTH, van Mierlo CPM, Werten MWT, de Wolf FA, van der Gucht J
2514 - 2521 Disulfide-Functionalized Diblock Copolymer Worm Gels
Warren NJ, Rosselgong J, Madsen J, Armes SP
2522 - 2528 In Situ Synthesis of Magnetic Field-Responsive Hemicellulose Hydrogels for Drug Delivery
Zhao WF, Odelius K, Edlund U, Zhao CS, Albertsson AC
2529 - 2536 Rheological Properties and Electrospinnability of High-Amylose Starch in Formic Acid
Lancuski A, Vasilyev G, Putaux JL, Zussman E
2537 - 2539 High-Performance Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives from Renewable Triblock Copolymers
Ding KY, John A, Shin J, Lee Y, Quinn T, Tolman WB, Hillmyer MA