Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.545 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Norepinephrine transporter expressed on mammary epithelial cells incorporates norepinephrine in milk into the cells
Chiba T, Takaguri A, Maeda T
8 - 13 Distinct roles of LRP5 and LRP6 in Wnt signaling regulation in the retina
Singh HD, Ma JX, Takahashi Y
14 - 19 Simultaneous real-time analysis of Paneth cell and intestinal stem cell response to interferon-gamma by a novel stem cell niche tracking method
Yokoi Y, Adachi T, Sugimoto R, Kikuchi M, Ayabe T, Nakamura K
20 - 26 Low shear stress-induced endothelial mesenchymal transformation via the down-regulation of TET2
Li AF, Tan LL, Zhang SL, Tao J, Wang Z, Wei DH
27 - 32 Asarylaldehyde enhances osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament stem cells through the ERK/p38 MAPK signaling pathway
Hwang JW, Park WJ, Han Y
33 - 39 Neutralization of Zika virus by E protein domain III-Specific human monoclonal antibody
Kim SI, Kim S, Shim JM, Lee HJ, Chang SY, Park S, Min JY, Park WB, Oh MD, Kim S, Chung J
40 - 45 Targeted addition of mini-dystrophin into rDNA locus of Duchenne muscular dystrophy patient-derived iPSCs
Zeng BT, Zhou MJ, Liu B, Shen F, Xiao R, Su JS, Hu ZQ, Zhang YT, Gu A, Wu LQ, Liu XH, Liang DS
46 - 53 Podocyte RNF166 deficiency alleviates diabetic nephropathy by mitigating mitochondria impairment and apoptosis via regulation of CYLD signal
Ma HB, Dong YJ, Wang S, Sun K, Liu YJ, Li MM
54 - 61 ACTG1 regulates intervertebral disc degeneration via the NF- kB-p65 and Akt pathways
Wu TD, Jia XB, Feng H, Wu DS
62 - 68 The cytoskeleton influences the formation and distribution of eisosomes in Neurospora crassa
Yang Q
69 - 74 Depletion of HNRNPA1 induces peroxisomal autophagy by regulating PEX1 expression
Park NY, Jo DS, Park SJ, Lee H, Bae JE, Hong Y, Kim JB, Kim YH, Park HJ, Choi JY, Lee HJ, Ryoo ZY, Lee HS, Kim JC, Lee EK, Cho DH
75 - 80 RNA sequence and ligand binding alter conformational pro fi le of SARS-CoV-2 stem loop II motif
Aldhumani AH, Hossain MI, Fairchild EA, Boesger H, Marino EC, Myers M, Hines JV
81 - 88 Oleanolic acid inhibits cervical cancer Hela cell proliferation through modulation of the ACSL4 ferroptosis signaling pathway
Jiang XF, Shi MQ, Sui M, Yuan YZ, Zhang S, Xia QH, Zhao K
89 - 97 Targeting RNF8 effectively reverses cisplatin and doxorubicin resistance in endometrial cancer
Yang B, Ke W, Wan YC, Li T
98 - 104 Biochemical and structural analyses reveal critical residues in delta subunit affecting its bindings to beta ' subunit of Staphylococcus aureus RNA polymerase
Lin ZZ, Wang FL, Shang Z, Lin W
105 - 111 Effects of transforming growth factor-131 on odontoblastic differentiation in dental papilla cells is determined by IPO7 expression level
Zhang Y, Zhang H, Yuan GH, Yang GB
112 - 118 Functional identification of the 4-deoxy-L-erythro-5-hexoseulose uronate reductase from a brown alga, Saccharina japonica
Inoue A, Ojima T
119 - 124 Segmental structural dynamics in A beta 42 globulomers
Yoon A, Zhen J, Guo ZF
125 - 131 Discovery of selective BPTF bromodomain inhibitors by screening and structure-based optimization
Xiong L, Mao X, Guo YP, Zhou YL, Chen MX, Chen P, Yang SY, Li LL
132 - 137 MicroRNA-126 suppresses the invasion of trophoblast-model JEG-3 cells by targeting LIN28A
Pan XL, Noguchi S, Ando M, Nishimura T, Tomi M
138 - 144 Quantifying tagged mRNA export flux via nuclear pore complexes in single live cells
Jing YY, Lv YL, Ye JY, Yao LF, Chen LW, Mi L, Fei YY, Yu Y, Dong B, Lv H, Ma J
145 - 149 H7N9 pandemic preparedness: A large-scale production of a split inactivated vaccine
Adami EA, Rico SLC, Akamatsu MA, Miyaki C, Raw I, de Oliveira D, Comone P, Oliveira RD, de Oliveira MLS, Abreu PAE, Takano CY, Meros M, Soares-Schanoski A, Ho PL
150 - 156 Alternative regulation of HIF-1 alpha stability through Phosphorylation on Ser451
Han HJ, Saeidi S, Kim SJ, Piao JY, Lim S, Guillen-Quispe YN, Choi BY, Surh YJ
157 - 163 TRPV1 activation inhibits phenotypic switching and oxidative stress in vascular smooth muscle cells by upregulating PPARa
Zhou Y, Wang XL, Guo L, Chen LZ, Zhang MJ, Chen X, Li JC, Zhang LL
164 - 170 Differential functions of TLE1 and TLE3 depending on a specific phosphorylation site
Kornspan D, Smith Y, Nechushtan H
171 - 176 Graphene oxide and Lambda exonuclease assisted screening of L- carnitine aptamers and the site-directed mutagenesis design of C-rich structure aptamer
Xing LG, Zhao YM, Gong MZ, Liu X, Zhang YH, Li D, He ZF, Yan P, Yang JD
177 - 182 Pharmacological inhibition of IKK beta dampens NLRP3 inflammasome activation after priming in the human myeloid cell line THP-1
Unterreiner A, Rubert J, Kauffmann M, Fruhauf A, Heiser D, Erbel P, Schlapbach A, Eder J, Bodendorf U, Boettcher A, Farady CJ, Bornancin F
183 - 188 mTORC1 silencing during intestinal epithelial Caco-2 cell differentiation is mediated by the activation of the AMPK/TSC2 pathway
Kaur H, Moreau R
189 - 194 The natural compound rutaecarpine promotes white adipocyte browning through activation of the AMPK-PRDM16 axis
Liu XM, Zhang YW, Chu Y, Zhao XM, Mao LF, Zhao ST, Lin SQ, Hui XY, Gu P, Xu Y, Loomes K, Tang SB, Nie T, Wu DH
195 - 202 miR-128 regulates epilepsy sensitivity in mice by suppressing SNAP-25 and SYT1 expression in the hippocampus
Wang P, Zhang YCF, Wang ZH, Yang AY, Li YT, Zhang QP
203 - 207 5-amino levulinic acid inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro
Sakurai Y, Tun MMN, Kurosaki Y, Sakura T, Inaoka DK, Fujine K, Kita K, Morita K, Yasuda J