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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.533, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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623 - 630 Silencing Celsr2 inhibits the proliferation and migration of Schwann cells through suppressing the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Zhou X, Zhan ZY, Tang CG, Li JC, Zheng XJ, Zhu S, Qi J
631 - 637 N6-methyladenosine in RNA of atherosclerotic plaques: An epitranscriptomic signature of human carotid atherosclerosis
Quiles-Jimenez A, Gregersen I, de Sousa MML, Abbas A, Kong XY, Alseth I, Holm S, Dahl TB, Skagen K, Skjelland M, Aukrust P, Bjoras M, Halvorsen B
638 - 644 Phylogenetic origin and sequence features of MreB from the wall-less swimming bacteria Spiroplasma
Takahashi D, Fujiwara I, Miyata M
645 - 650 Effects of cyclosporine A on proliferation, invasion and migration of HTR-8/SVneo human extravillous trophoblasts
Huang W, Lu WY, Li Q, Zhang Y, Xie BG, Luo S, Wei YJ, Ma YL, Huang YH
651 - 656 Production of electricity and reduction of high-fat diet-induced IL-6 by glucose fermentation of Leuconostoc mesenteroides
Yang JJ, Rahim AR, Yang AJ, Chuang TH, Huang CM
657 - 664 Chronic optogenetic manipulation of basolateral amygdala astrocytes rescues stress-induced anxiety
Xiao Q, Xu XR, Tu J
665 - 671 Combination of metformin and RG7388 enhances inhibition of growth and induction of apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells through the PI3K/ AKT/mTOR pathway
Cui YY, Zhou J, Rong FN
672 - 678 Inhibition of Akt/mTOR pathway overcomes intrinsic resistance to dasatinib in triple-negative breast cancer
Haga Y, Higashisaka K, Yang LL, Sekine N, Lin Y, Tsujino H, Nagano K, Tsutsumi Y
679 - 684 Macrophages-stimulated PRMT1-mediated EZH2 methylation promotes breast cancer metastasis
Li ZW, Wang DD, Wang WW, Chen XT, Tang AQ, Hou PF, Li ML, Zheng JN, Bai J
685 - 691 Long noncoding RNA LINC02580 suppresses the invasion-metastasis cascade in hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting SRSF1
Xu L, Wang ZZ, Yin CL, Pan F, Shi TP, Tian YP
692 - 697 TRPM7 modulates macrophage polarization by STAT1/STAT6 pathways in RAW264.7 cells
Li LL, Wei C, Cai SY, Fang L
698 - 703 Efficacy of a Si-based agent against developing renal failure in a rat remnant kidney model
Imamura R, Kawamura M, Taniguchi A, Kobayashi Y, Nakazawa S, Kato T, Abe T, Uemura M, Kobayashi H, Nonomura N
704 - 709 Bitter taste receptor activation by hop-derived bitter components induces gastrointestinal hormone production in enteroendocrine cells
Yamazaki T, Takahashi C, Taniguchi Y, Narukawa M, Misaka T, Ano Y
710 - 716 CFL2 is an essential mediator for myogenic differentiation in C2C12 myoblasts
Nguyen MT, Min KH, Kim D, Park SY, Lee W
717 - 722 Auxin regulates anthocyanin biosynthesis through the auxin repressor protein MdIAA26
Wang CK, Han PL, Zhao YW, Ji XL, Yu JQ, You CX, Hu DG, Hao YJ
723 - 731 MiR-27a-3p overexpression mitigates inflammation and apoptosis of lipopolysaccharides-induced alveolar epithelial cells by targeting FOXO3 and suppressing the activation of NAPDH/ROS
Shang J, Wang L, Tan LL, Pan R, Wu D, Xia YF, Xu P
732 - 738 Phosphorylation of Thr(328) in hyaluronan synthase 2 is essential for hyaluronan synthesis
Kasai K, Kuroda Y, Takabuchi Y, Nitta A, Kobayashi T, Nozaka H, Miura T, Nakamura T
739 - 744 IFT20 is critical for collagen biosynthesis in craniofacial bone formation
Yamaguchi H, Terajima M, Kitami M, Wang JB, He L, Saeki M, Yamauchi M, Komatsu Y
745 - 750 The superoxide scavenger tempol attenuates DNA oxidative injury and spontaneous pain-like behavior in chronic post-cast pain model rats
Ohmichi Y, Ohmichi M, Naito M
751 - 757 A 1.3 angstrom high-resolution crystal structure of an anti-CRISPR protein, AcrI E2
Lee SY, Kim GE, Kim YG, Park HH
758 - 763 Niclosamide activates the AMP-activated protein kinase complex containing the 132 subunit independently of AMP
Suzuki T, Kojima M, Matsumoto Y, Kobayashi KI, Inoue J, Yamamoto Y
764 - 769 Effects of the autophagy modulators d-limonene and chloroquine on vimentin levels in SH-SY5Y cells
Gentile D, Berliocchi L, Russo R, Bagetta G, Corasaniti MT
770 - 778 Microcystin-leucine-arginine induces liver fi brosis by activating the Hedgehog pathway in hepatic stellate cells
Gu S, Yan MH, Wang C, Meng XN, Xiang Z, Qiu YD, Han XD
779 - 785 SP1-induced upregulation of lncRNA CTBP1-AS2 accelerates the hepatocellular carcinoma tumorigenesis through targeting CEP55 via sponging miR-195-5p
Liu LX, Liu B, Yu J, Zhang DY, Shi JH, Liang P
786 - 791 The low affinity p75 neurotrophin receptor is down-regulated in congenital anomalies of the kidney and the urinary tract: Possible involvement in early nephrogenesis
Fedou C, Lescat O, Feuillet G, Buleon M, Neau E, Breuil B, Alves M, Batut J, Blader P, Decramer S, Saulnier-Blache JS, Klein J, Buffin-Meyer B, Schanstra JP
792 - 799 ARHGEF19 regulates MAPK/ERK signaling and promotes the progression of small cell lung cancer
Wang ZY, Kan GY, Sheng CJ, Yao C, Mao YZ, Chen S
800 - 805 Modeling of the mussel catch muscle contractile apparatus in actomyosin suspension
Vyatchin IG, Shevchenko UV, Shelud'ko NS
806 - 812 AtHDA15 binds directly to COP1 positively regulating photomorphogenesis
Alinsug MV, Radziejwoski A, Deocaris CC
813 - 817 Photoinactivation results of Enterococcus moraviensis with blue and violet light suggest the involvement of an unconsidered photosensitizer
Hessling M, Wenzel U, Meurle T, Spellerberg B, Hones K
818 - 823 The effects of inorganic phosphate on contractile function of slow skeletal muscle fibres are length-dependent
Smith IC, Collao N, Herzog W
824 - 830 Structural basis for stereospecificity to D-amino acid of glycine oxidase from Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579
Seok J, Kim YJ, Kim IK, Kim KJ
831 - 837 Exosomes of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells containing miR-181a-3p induce muscle cell atrophy and apoptosis by transmissible endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling
Qiu L, Chen W, Wu CZ, Yuan YH, Li Y
838 - 844 Glycosylated Siglec-6 expression in syncytiotrophoblast-derived extracellular vesicles from preeclampsia placentas
Awoyemi T, Tannetta D, Zhang W, Kandzija N, Motta-Mejia C, Fischer R, Heilig R, Raiss S, Redman C, Vatish M
845 - 852 CircRNA circ-0038718 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression through sponging miR-139-3p
Sun RR, Li H, Li JH, Shen S, Cui GY, Dong G
853 - 860 Pivalopril improves anti-cancer efficiency of cDDP in breast cancer through inhibiting proliferation, angiogenesis and metastasis
Li F, Huang HM, Chang DM
861 - 866 Structure of the human secretin receptor coupled to an engineered heterotrimeric G protein
Fukuhara S, Kobayashi K, Kusakizako T, Iida W, Kato M, Shihoya W, Nureki O
867 - 871 The expression of SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 and CD147, and protease TMPRSS2 in human and mouse brain cells and mouse brain tissues
Qiao JL, Li WL, Bao J, Peng Q, Wen DM, Wang JN, Sun BL
872 - 878 Capillary electrophoresis electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry for peptidomics-based processing site determination
Tsuchiya T, Nakayama A, Kawamura T, Sasaki K
879 - 885 Characterisation of progestins used in hormonal contraception and progesterone via the progesterone receptor
Enfield K, Cartwright M, Louw-du Toit R, Avenant C, Africander D, Hapgood JP
886 - 892 Hypoxia-inducible long noncoding RNA NPSR1-AS1 promotes the proliferation and glycolysis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by regulating the MAPK/ERK pathway
He HB, Chen TX, Mo HY, Chen SJ, Liu QG, Guo C
893 - 898 Synthesis of 13R,20-dihydroxy-docosahexaenoic acid by site-directed mutagenesis of lipoxygenase derived from Oscillatoria nigro-viridis PCC 7112
Yi JJ, Heo SY, Ju JH, Oh BR, Son WS, Seo JW
899 - 904 Deletion of yeast TPK1 reduces the efficiency of non-homologous end joining DNA repair
Hooshyar M, Jessulat M, Burnside D, Kluew A, Babu M, Golshani A
905 - 912 A polylysine-polyhistidine fusion peptide for lysosome-targeted protein delivery
Iwasaki T, Murakami N, Kawano T
913 - 918 ATP differentially antagonizes the crowding-induced destabilization of human gamma S-crystallin and its four cataract-causing mutants
He Y, Kang J, Song JX
919 - 924 Crystal structure of the HMG domain of human BAF57 and its interaction with four-way junction DNA
Heo Y, Park JH, Kim J, Han J, Yun JH, Lee W
925 - 931 Isoparvifuran isolated from Dalbergia odorifera attenuates H2O2-induced senescence of BJ cells through SIRT1 activation and AKT/mTOR pathway inhibition
Yin ZS, Park R, Choi BM
932 - 937 Site-specific proximity ligation provides molecular insights into biologically relevant interfaces of protein-protein interaction
Shin G, Lim SI
938 - 944 PRMT7 is involved in regulation of germ cell proliferation during embryonic stage
Chen M, Wang YB, Lin LM, Dong FF, Wu HW, Bao SL, Gao F
945 - 951 Lysine is required for growth factor-induced mTORC1 activation
Jang SK, Hong SE, Lee DH, Hong J, Park IC, Jin HO
952 - 957 Inhibition of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels with natural flavonoid quercetin
Liang YM, Xu ZW, Wu XY, Pang JX, Zhou PZ, Cao Y
958 - 964 Recombinant PaurTx-3, a spider toxin, inhibits sodium channels and decreases membrane excitability in DRG neurons
Chen MZ, Peng SJ, Wang L, Yang L, Si YX, Zhou X, Zhang YX, Liu ZH
965 - 970 Intracerebroventricular injection of L-arginine and D-arginine induces different effects under an acute stressful condition
Tran PV, Nguyen LTN, Yang H, Do PH, Torii K, Putnam GL, Chowdhury VS, Furuse M
971 - 975 Continuous infusion of substance P inhibits acute, but not subacute, inflammatory pain induced by complete Freund's adjuvant
Nakamura Y, Fukushige R, Watanabe K, Kishida Y, Hisaoka-Nakashima K, Nakata Y, Morioka N
976 - 982 Involvement of lysosomal integral membrane protein-2 in the activation of autophagy
Sakane H, Urabe J, Nakahira S, Hino K, Miyata N, Akasaki K
983 - 987 Human iPS cell-derived astrocytes support efficient replication of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy-type JC polyomavirus
Shimbo E, Nukuzuma S, Tagawa Y
988 - 994 SspA positively controls exopolysaccharides production and biofilm formation by up-regulating the algU expression in Pseudoalteromonas sp. R3
Yu ZL, Zhang JD, Ding MD, Wu SJ, Li SJ, Zhang MT, Yin JH, Meng Q
995 - 1003 The peptidyl prolyl isomerase, PIN1 induces angiogenesis through direct interaction with HIF-2 alpha
Choi MA, Saeidi S, Han HJ, Kim SJ, Kwon N, Kim DH, Min SH, Choi BY, Surh YJ
1004 - 1011 Drosophila ZnT1 is essential in the intestine for dietary zinc absorption
Wang ZQ, Li XX, Zhou B
1012 - 1020 Macrophage pyroptosis is mediated by immunoproteasome subunit b5i (LMP7) in abdominal aortic aneurysm
Zhang X, Li FD, Wang W, Ji L, Sun B, Xiao X, Wang XX, Chen YX, Liu B, Ye W, Tian C, Wang HX, Zheng YH
1021 - 1026 In vitro and in vivo antitumoral activity of a ternary copper (II) complex
Lopes JC, Botelho FV, Silva MJB, Silva SF, Polloni L, Machado PHA, de Souza TR, Goulart LR, Caldeira PPS, Maia ECP, Morelli S, de Oliveira RJ
1027 - 1033 Maraviroc, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and dapivirine, activate progesterone receptor B in the absence of progestogens
Enfield K, Dlamini S, Avenant C, Kuipa M, Hapgood JP
1034 - 1038 Histone methylation status of H3K4me3 and H3K9me3 under methionine restriction is unstable in methionine-addicted cancer cells, but stable in normal cells
Yamamoto J, Han QH, Inubushi S, Sugisawa N, Hamada K, Nishino H, Miyake K, Kumamoto T, Matsuyama R, Bouvet M, Endo I, Hoffman RM
1039 - 1047 LncRNA ST8SIA6-AS1 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression by regulating MAGEA3 and DCAF4L2 expression
Zhang XF, Xu S, Hu CX, Fang K, Zhou JJ, Guo ZJ, Zhu GD, Li LH
1048 - 1053 Risk estimation of the low-dose fast neutrons on the molecular structure of the lipids of peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Saeed A, Abolaban F
1054 - 1060 Tissue-speci fi c roles of GCN2 in aging and autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa
Kim K, Park JE, Yeom J, Park N, Tran TXT, Kang MJ
1061 - 1068 Histone deacetylase 4 mediates high glucose-induced podocyte apoptosis via upregulation of calcineurin
Shi WX, Huang Y, Zhao XC, Xie ZY, Dong W, Li RZ, Chen YH, Li Z, Wang WJ, Ye ZM, Liu SX, Zhang L, Liang XL
1069 - 1075 Pharmacological activation of the p53 pathway by a new compound CYZ2017 exerts anti-tumor effects
Han YQ, Ren ZW, Wu YX, Chen YZ, Cui ZM, Zhu T, Ma ML, Du YJ, Dong SZ
1076 - 1082 SPOCK1 induces adipose tissue maturation: New insights into the function of SPOCK1 in metabolism
Alshargabi R, Shinjo T, Iwashita M, Yamashita A, Sano T, Nishimura Y, Hayashi M, Zeze T, Fukuda T, Sanui T, Nishimura F
1083 - 1087 SLC7A11 as a biomarker and therapeutic target in HPV-positive head and neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Hemon A, Louandre C, Lailler C, Godin C, Bottelin M, Morel V, Francois C, Galmiche A, Saidak Z
1088 - 1094 LINC01133 contribute to epithelial ovarian cancer metastasis by regulating miR-495-3p/TPD52 axis
Liu SQ, Xi XW
1095 - 1101 Impairment of cytokinesis by cancer-associated DAPK3 mutations
Ono T, Terada F, Okumura M, Chihara T, Hamao K
1102 - 1108 Perampanel attenuates scratching behavior induced by acute or chronic pruritus in mice
Haruta-Tsukamoto A, Miyahara Y, Funahashi H, Nishimori T, Ishida Y
1109 - 1114 A transaldolase-dependent sulfoglycolysis pathway in Bacillus megaterium DSM 1804
Liu YB, Wei YF, Zhou Y, Ang EL, Zhao HM, Zhang Y
1115 - 1121 Structural and biochemical characterization of inorganic pyrophosphatase from Homo sapiens
Hu F, Huang ZL, Zheng SP, Wu Q, Chen Y, Lin HB, Huang WY, Li LS
1122 - 1128 Rosiglitazone ameliorates skeletal muscle insulin resistance by decreasing free fatty acids release from adipocytes
Gong LL, Jin H, Li YH, Quan YY, Yang JC, Tang Q, Zou ZZ
1129 - 1134 A study of light-induced stomatal response in Arabidopsis using thermal imaging
Orzechowska A, Trtilek M, Tokarz K, Rozpadek P
1135 - 1141 Effect of RNA sequence context and stereochemistry on G-quadruplex-RHAU53 interaction
Mou X, Kwok CK
1142 - 1147 A regulation mechanism for the promoter region of the pet II operon in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC23270
Zhang L, Wang T, Yang Y, Yang JM
1148 - 1154 Double-stranded RNA-induced dopaminergic neuronal loss in the substantia nigra in the presence of Mac1 receptor
Xu WX, Wang YX, Quan HH, Liu D, Zhang HF, Qi YZ, Li QR, Liao JY, Gao HM, Zhou H, Huang J
1155 - 1161 Trimebutine attenuates high mobility group box 1-receptor for advanced glycation end-products in flammatory signaling pathways
Nakajima S, Ogawa N, Yokoue N, Tachibana H, Tamada K, Okazawa M, Sato A, Oyama T, Abe H, Kamiya T, Yoshimori A, Yoshizawa K, Inoue S, Yokomizo T, Uchiumi F, Abe T, Tanuma S
1162 - 1169 Cyclin Y binds and activates CDK4 to promote the G1/S phase transition in hepatocellular carcinoma cells via Rb signaling
Chen L, Wang X, Cheng HH, Zhang WD, Liu YF, Zeng WJ, Yu L, Huang C, Liu GY
1170 - 1176 Crystal structure of the catalytic unit of thermostable GH87 alpha-1,3-glucanase from Streptomyces thermodiastaticus strain HF3-3
Itoh T, Panti N, Hayashi J, Toyotake Y, Matsui D, Yano S, Wakayama M, Hibi T
1177 - 1183 Biochemical properties and crystal structure of isocitrate lyase from Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579
Lee SH, Ki D, Kim S, Kim IK, Kim KJ
1184 - 1190 NLRP3 is dispensable for D-galactosamine/lipopolysaccharide-induced acute liver failure
Zhang W, Tao SS, Wang T, Li YT, Chen H, Zhan YQ, Yu M, Ge CH, Li CY, Ren GM, Yin RH, Yang XM
1191 - 1197 Mammalian cold-inducible RNA-binding protein facilitates wound healing through activation of AMP-activated protein kinase
Higashitsuji H, Fujita T, Higashitsuji H, Fujita J
1198 - 1203 HSP70 interacts with Rheb, inhibiting mTORC1 signaling
Ryu HH, Ha SH
1204 - 1211 TM4SF19 aggravates LPS-induced attenuation of vascular endothelial cell adherens junctions by suppressing VE-cadherin expression
Ding L, Li LM, Hu B, Wang JL, Lu YB, Zhang RY, He X, Shi C, Wu LM, Wu CM, Yang B, Zheng L, Ping BH, Hu YW, Wang Q
1212 - 1218 Tet2 regulates Barx2 expression in undifferentiated and early differentiated mouse embryonic stem cells
Qiao ZJ, Zhang SQ, Hu T, Lan F, Yu DD, Ge GB, Li CW, Fang SQ, Chen QL
1219 - 1225 Transplantation of microencapsulated neural stem cells inhibits neuropathic pain mediated by P2X7 receptor overexpression
Zhang WJ, Zhu JF, Zhu ZM
1226 - 1232 Metformin ameliorates skeletal muscle atrophy in Grx1 KO mice by regulating intramuscular lipid accumulation and glucose utilization
Yang YF, Liao ZY, Xiao Q
1233 - 1239 Modulation of G-protein-coupled receptor 55-mediated signaling by regulator of G-protein signaling 2
Jang H, Kim Y, Ghil S
1240 - 1246 Suppression of CLC-3 reduces the proliferation, invasion and migration of colorectal cancer through Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Mu HL, Mu LJ, Gao JF
1247 - 1254 Cell fate decisions by c-Myc depend on ZBTB5 and p53
Choi SH, Koh DI, Ahn H, Kim JY, Kim Y, Hur MW
1255 - 1261 Pharmacological inhibition of Kv3 on oxidative stress-induced cataract progression
Song MS, Sim HJ, Kang S, Park S, Seo K, Lee SY
1262 - 1268 Rice transcription factor WRKY114 directly regulates the expression of OsPR1a and Chitinase to enhance resistance against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
Son S, An HK, Seol YJ, Park SR, Im JH
1269 - 1275 Sphingomyelin synthase 2 loss suppresses steatosis but exacerbates fibrosis in the liver of mice fed with choline-deficient, L-amino acid-defined, high-fat diet
Sugimoto M, Hamada T, Wakabayasi M, Yoshioka T, Kato H, Konishi H, Nagai R, Suzuki M, Numata Y, Igarashi Y, Yukioka H
1276 - 1282 ACE2 contributes to the maintenance of mouse epithelial barrier function
Yu W, Ou XH, Liu XF, Zhang SX, Gao XX, Cheng HJ, Zhu BL, Yan J
1283 - 1289 Functional expression cloning of molecules inducing CD34 expression in bone marrow-derived stromal myofibroblasts
Matsuo T, Tashiro H, Sumiyoshi R, Saito S, Shirasaki R, Shirafuji N
1290 - 1297 WNK1-TAK1 signaling suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced cytokine production and classical activation in macrophages
Arai Y, Asano K, Mandai S, Ando F, Susa K, Mori T, Nomura N, Rai T, Tanaka M, Uchida S, Sohara E
1298 - 1302 Comparison of the reaction of methylglyoxal (MGO) with murine and human amyloid beta (A beta): Insights into a mechanism of Alzheimer's disease (AD)
Shuster SO, Fica-Contreras SM, Hedges JS, Henning NJ, Choi S
1303 - 1308 Modeling-based identification of a Raptor-binding motif present in Arabidopsis ABA receptor PYL1
Kim J, Kim D, Cheon CI, Kim S
1309 - 1314 Wip1 phosphatase deficiency impairs spatial learning and memory
Liu SC, Zhang M, Gan P, Yu HF, Ding CF, Zhang RP, He ZY, Hu WY
1315 - 1322 Pharyngeal epithelial deletion of Tbx1 causes caudal pharyngeal arch defect but not cardiac conotruncal anomaly
Wei L, Wang WF, Yang JJ, Huang X, Baldini A, Zhang Z
1323 - 1329 Structural analysis of CACHE domain of the McpA chemoreceptor from Leptospira interrogans
Santos JC, Vieira ML, Abendroth J, Lin T, Staker BL, Myler PJ, Nascimento ALTO
1330 - 1337 Interleukin-10 expands transit-amplifying cells while depleting Lgr5(+) stem cells via inhibition of Wnt and notch signaling
Deng F, Hu JJ, Yang X, Wang YF, Lin ZB, Sun QS, Liu KX
1338 - 1346 Dietary quercetin attenuates depressive-like behaviors by inhibiting astrocyte reactivation in response to stress
Zhang JJ, Ning LJ, Wang JP
1347 - 1351 BDNF secretion from C2C12 cells is enhanced by methionine restriction
Antony R, Li YF
1352 - 1358 Transient elevation of temperature promotes cross-linking of alpha-crystallin-client proteins through formation of advanced glycation endproducts: A potential role in presbyopia and cataracts
Nandi SK, Rankenberg J, Glomb MA, Nagaraj RH
1359 - 1365 A novel RhoA-related gene, DjRhoA, contributes to the regeneration of brain and intestine in planarian Dugesia japonica
Song Q, Zhen H, Liu HJ, Yuan ZQ, Cao ZH, Zhao BS
1366 - 1370 Involvement of dopamine receptor in the actions of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids
Shrader SH, Tong YG, Duff MB, Freedman JH, Song ZH
1371 - 1377 Visualization of extracellular vesicles in the regenerating caudal fin blastema of zebrafish using in vivo electroporation
Ohgo S, Sakamoto T, Nakajima W, Matsunaga S, Wada N
1378 - 1384 Gremlin-1 activates Akt/STAT3 signaling, which increases the glycolysis rate in breast cancer cells
Kim NH, Sung NJ, Youn HS, Park SA
1385 - 1392 Rice glutaredoxin GRXS15 confers broad-spectrum resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and Fusarium fujikuroi
Son S, Kim H, Lee KS, Kim S, Park SR
1393 - 1399 Identification of 2-PMPA as a novel inhibitor of cytosolic carboxypeptidases
Wang RX, Lin LY, Zheng YQ, Cao P, Yuchi ZG, Wu HY
1400 - 1405 CRISPR/Cas9 ablating viral microRNA promotes lytic reactivation of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus
Liang ZP, Qin ZQ, Riker AI, Xi YG
1406 - 1412 ANKFY1 is essential for retinal endothelial cell proliferation and migration via VEGFR2/Akt/eNOS pathway
Tanaka M, Nakamura S, Maekawa M, Higashiyama S, Hara H
1413 - 1418 An affinity change model to elucidate the rotation mechanism of V(1)ATPase
Arai S, Maruyama S, Shiroishi M, Yamato I, Murata T
1419 - 1426 PIM2 deletion alleviates lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) by suppressing NLRP3 inflammasome
Wang F, Xu L, Dong GS, Zhu M, Liu L, Wang B
1427 - 1434 Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 protects against sympathetic excitationinduced cardiac fibrosis
Yuan QH, Yang FH, Dai S, Wang Z, Xu YS, Xu BC, Sun Y, Zheng BY, Zhao Y, Wang WJ, Liu BS, Wang JL, Cui SM, Cao SC, Zhang R, Xue L, Wei SJ, Xue MY, Xu TH, Xu F, Chen YG
1435 - 1441 SNHG17 upregulates WLS expression to accelerate lung adenocarcinoma progression by sponging miR-485-5p
Li W, Zheng YQ, Mao B, Wang FF, Zhong YQ, Cheng DY
1442 - 1448 Ferrostatin-1 protects auditory hair cells from cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in vitro and in vivo
Hu B, Liu YS, Chen XZ, Zhao JJ, Han JH, Dong HS, Zheng QY, Nie GH
1449 - 1456 Decreased expression of DEAD-Box helicase 5 inhibits esophageal squamous cell carcinomas by regulating endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy
Ma L, Zhao X, Wang SH, Zheng Y, Yang SZ, Hou YF, Zou BC, Dong L
1457 - 1463 Oxycodone stimulates normal and malignant hematopoietic progenitors via opioid-receptor-independent-beta-catenin activation
Hu NC, Yu T, Chen JL, Zheng SR, Yan H, Duan JA
1464 - 1469 Cathepsin B is a mediator of organelle-specific initiation of ferroptosis
Kuang FM, Liu J, Li CF, Kang R, Tang DL
1470 - 1476 Exosc2 deficiency leads to developmental disorders by causing a nucleotide pool imbalance in zebra fish
Yatsuka H, Hada K, Shiraishi H, Umeda R, Morisaki I, Urushibata H, Shimizu N, Sebastian WA, Hikida T, Ishitani T, Hanada R, Shimada T, Kimoto K, Kubota T, Hanada T
1477 - 1483 Pur alpha regulates the induction of Znf179 transcription during neuronal differentiation
Kuo CJ, Lee KH, Huang CC, Wang IF, Hsieh CCJ, Lin HC, Lee YC
1484 - 1489 Recognition of double-stranded DNA by the Rhodobacter sphaeroides Argonaute protein
Lisitskaya L, Petushkov I, Esyunina D, Aravin A, Kulbachinskiy A
1490 - 1496 MiR-204-5p promotes lipid synthesis in mammary epithelial cells by targeting SIRT1
Zhang ML, Cao MW, Kong LH, Liu J, Wang YH, Song CC, Chen X, Lai M, Fang XT, Chen H, Zhang CL
1497 - 1504 Temozolomide treatment combined with AZD3463 shows synergistic effect in glioblastoma cells
Bagca BG, Ozates NP, Asik A, Caglar HO, Gunduz C, Avci CB
1505 - 1511 Voluntary wheel running promotes improvements in biomarkers associated with neurogenic activity in adult male rats
Mojtahedi S, Shabkhiz F, Ravasi AA, Rosenkranz S, Soori R, Soleimani M, Tavakoli R
1512 - 1518 Lipid peroxidation aggravates anti-tuberculosis drug-induced liver injury: Evidence of ferroptosis induction
Pan YZ, Tang PJ, Cao J, Song Q, Zhu L, Ma S, Zhang JP
1519 - 1526 Silencing IFN gamma inhibits A1 astrocytes and attenuates neurogenesis decline and cognitive impairment in endotoxemia
Lu YY, Yang YL, Peng ZYF, Xie LL, Zhong XL, Liang F, Yuan C, Lu B
1527 - 1528 Cigarette smoke extract increases mitochondrial membrane permeability through activation of adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) in lung epithelial cells (vol 525, pg 733, 2020)
Wu KY, Luan GX, Xu YH, Shen S, Qian SN, Zhu Z, Zhang XY, Yin SJ, Ye JP
1529 - 1530 RACK1 attenuates RLR antiviral signaling by targeting VISA-TRAF complexes (vol 508, pg 667, 2019)
Xie T, Chen T, Li CS, Wang WY, Cao LZ, Rao H, Yang Q, Shu HB, Xu LG
1531 - 1531 IGF-1 resist oxidative damage to HaCaT and depigmentation in mice treated with H2O2 (vol 503, pg 2485, 2018)
Guan CP, Li QT, Jiang HY, Geng QW, Xu W, Li LY, Xu AE