Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.529, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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127 - 132 CRL4(DCAF8) and USP11 oppositely regulate the stability of myeloid leukemia factors (MLFs)
Huang DY, Liu C, Sun XW, Sun XP, Qu YN, Tang YY, Li GD, Tong TJ
133 - 139 CBFA2T2 promotes adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by regulating CEBPA
Luo J, Dou L, Yang ZY, Zhou Z, Huang H
140 - 147 TRIM62 knockout protects against cerebral ischemic injury in mice by suppressing NLRP3-regulated neuroinflammation
Liu X, Lei Q
148 - 155 Long noncoding RNA LINC01194 enhances the malignancy of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma by sponging miR-655 to increase SOX18 expression
Liu DM, Yang H, Yuan ZN, Yang XG, Pei R, He HJ
156 - 161 Structural insights into thebaine synthase 2 catalysis
Chen CC, Xue J, Peng W, Wang BJ, Zhang LL, Liu WD, Ko TP, Huang JW, Zhou SY, Min J, Ma LX, Dai LH, Guo RT, Yu XJ
162 - 168 Novel N-cadherin antagonist causes glioblastoma cell death in a 3D bioprinted co-culture model
Smits IPM, Blaschuk OW, Willerth SM
169 - 174 Oncostatin M enhances osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells derived from supernumerary teeth
Kim YH, Lee JS, Seo EJ, Park JK, Yea K, Shin J, Jang IH, Jeong T
175 - 179 Memory dysfunction and anxiety-like behavior in a mouse model of chronic sleep disorders
Sakamoto K, Higo-Yamamoto S, Egi Y, Miyazaki K, Oishi K
180 - 185 Endothelin-1 reduces catabolic activity of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells during chondro- and osteo-lineage differentiation
Weishar R, Lee MS, Fontana G, Hematti P, Li WJ
186 - 190 Localization of DLL1-and NICD-positive osteoblasts in cortical bone during postnatal growth in rats
Kohara Y, Kitazawa S, Kitazawa R, Haraguchi R, Arai K, Amasaki H, Soeta S
191 - 197 The inhibitory effect of ziprasidone on voltage-dependent K+ channels in coronary arterial smooth muscle cells
An JR, Seo MS, Jung HS, Heo R, Kang MJ, Ha KS, Park H, Park WS
198 - 203 HBx increases EGFR expression by inhibiting miR129-5p function
Ochi M, Otsuka M, Maruyama R, Koike K
204 - 209 Trace elements differences in the depression sensitive and resilient rat models
Xu LZ, Zhang SH, Chen W, Yan LL, Chen Y, Wen H, Liu DJ, Rosenblat JD, Wang JY, Cao B
210 - 217 The long noncoding RNA H19 attenuates force-driven cartilage degeneration via miR-483-5p/Dusp5
Wang CL, Zuo B, Li D, Zhu JF, Xiao F, Zhang XL, Chen XD
218 - 223 Identification of the HT-29 cell line as a model for investigating MCT1 transporters in sigmoid colon adenocarcinoma
Al-mousawi H, O'Mara M, Stewart G
224 - 230 Drebrin is induced during myofibroblast differentiation and enhances the production of fibrosis-related genes
Hironaka T, Ueno T, Mae K, Yoshimura C, Morinaga T, Horii Y, Nagasaka A, Kurose H, Nakaya M
231 - 237 Generation of an all-exon Esr2 deleted mouse line: Effects on fertility
Antonson P, Apolinario LM, Shamekh MM, Humire P, Poutanen M, Ohlsson C, Nalvarte I, Gustafsson JA
238 - 242 High-peak-power 918-nm laser light source based two-photon spinning-disk microscopy for green fluorophores
Otomo K, Goto A, Yamanaka Y, Hori T, Nakayama H, Nemoto T
243 - 250 Trans-unsaturated fatty acid activates NLRP3 inflammasome in macrophages and exacerbates intestinal inflammation in mice
Higashimura Y, Tanaka Y, Takagi T, Uchiyama K, Mizushima K, Niki E, Naito Y
251 - 256 Proteasome activator PA28 gamma-dependent degradation of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) nucleocapsid protein
Zhang HY, Tu JL, Cao CL, Yang T, Gao LC
257 - 262 Efficient production of recombinant SARS-CoV-2 spike protein using the baculovirus-silkworm system
Fujita R, Hino M, Ebihara T, Nagasato T, Masuda A, Lee JM, Fujii T, Mon H, Kakino K, Nagai R, Tanaka M, Tonooka Y, Moriyama T, Kusakabe T
263 - 269 Genetic variants that influence SARS-CoV-2 receptor TMPRSS2 expression among population cohorts from multiple continents
Irham LM, Chou WH, Calkins MJ, Adikusuma W, Hsieh SL, Chang WC
270 - 276 Structural analysis of a Simpl-like protein from Campylobacter jejuni
Oh HB, Yoon SI
277 - 282 Citrus flavone tangeretin is a potential insulin sensitizer targeting hepatocytes through suppressing MEK-ERK1/2 pathway
Guo JJ, Chen JF, Ren W, Zhu YK, Zhao Q, Zhang KN, Su DM, Qiu C, Zhang W, Li K
283 - 288 Propane-2-sulfonic acid octadec-9-enyl-amide alleviates scopolamine-induced spatial learning and memory deficits in mice
Li Y, Lu HH, Xie SJ, Cong Y, Wang Y, Zhu MS, Zhou J
289 - 295 Bile acids elevated by high-fat feeding induce endoplasmic reticulum stress in intestinal stem cells and contribute to mucosal barrier damage
Huang D, Xiong ML, Xu XJ, Wu XW, Xu JX, Cai XB, Lu LG, Zhou H
296 - 302 DOCK2 couples with LEF-1 to regulate B cell metabolism and memory response
Yang L, Jing YK, Wang WJ, Ying WJ, Lin L, Chang J, Luo L, Kang DQ, Jiang PP, Liu J, Chen QY, Miller H, Herrada AA, Kubo M, Sun JQ, Liu CH
303 - 305 Length dependence of the rigidity of microtubules in small networks
Sharma A, Vershinin M
306 - 313 X-ray-based living-cell motion analysis of individual serotonin receptors
Mio K, Ishihara M, Fujimura S, Sasaki D, Nozawa S, Ichiyanagi K, Fukaya R, Adachi S, Kuramochi M, Sekiguchi H, Kubo T, Sasaki YC
314 - 320 Cyclophilin D counterbalances mitochondrial calcium uniporter-mediated brain mitochondrial calcium uptake
Zhang B, Jia K, Tian J, Du H
321 - 327 Transcriptomic and cellular analyses of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated edition of FASN show inhibition of aggressive characteristics in breast cancer cells
Gonzalez-Salinas F, Rojo R, Martinez-Amador C, Herrera-Gamboa J, Trevino V
328 - 334 Functional effect of nobiletin as a food-derived allosteric modulator of mouse CRFR2 beta in skeletal muscle
Chikazawa M, Moriwaki Y, Uramoto M, Yamauchi Y, Shimizu M, Shimizu K, Sato R
335 - 340 Salidroside alleviated hypoxia-induced liver injury by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated apoptosis via IRE1 alpha/JNK pathway
Xiong YL, Wang YM, Xiong YL, Gao W, Teng LH
341 - 346 Olfactory marker protein captures cAMP produced via G alpha s-protein-coupled receptor activation
Nakashima N, Nakashima K, Nakashima A, Takano M
347 - 352 An agonist for membrane progestin receptor (mPR) induces oocyte maturation and ovulation in zebrafish in vivo
Rezanujjaman M, Tanvir R, Ali MH, Tokumoto T
353 - 361 PCYT1A suppresses proliferation and migration via inhibiting mTORC1 pathway in lung adenocarcinoma
Yu J, Wu CT, Wu Q, Huang JF, Fu WJ, Xie XM, Li W, Tang WZ, Xu C, Jin GX
362 - 365 Biophysical characterization of polydisperse liposomal adjuvant formulations
Singh P, Matyas GR, Anderson A, Beck Z
366 - 371 Histone deacetylase inhibition promotes regenerative neurogenesis after stab wound injury in the adult zebrafish optic tectum
Kiyooka M, Shimizu Y, Ohshima T
372 - 378 Mutations in cardinal are responsible for the red-1 and peach eye color mutants of the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum
Shirai Y, Daimon T
379 - 385 Activin A induces tumorigenesis of leiomyoma via regulation of p38 beta MAPK-mediated signal cascade
Bao H, Sin TK, Zhang GH
386 - 391 Transcript decay mediated by RNase III in Borrelia burgdorferi
Snow S, Bacon E, Bergeron J, Katzman D, Wilhelm A, Lewis O, Syangtan D, Calkins A, Archambault L, Anacker ML, Schlax PJ
392 - 397 Correlative fluorescence and atomic force microscopy to advance the bio-physical characterisation of co-culture of living cells
Moura CC, Miranda A, Oreffo ROC, De Beule PAA
398 - 403 The effects of season change and fasting on Brown adipose tissue FDG-PET in mice
Hai WX, Wu X, Shi SY, Yang YZ, Yang Z, Li B, Xu YH, Peng JL
404 - 410 Characterization of Bombyx mori N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase II splicing variants
Kajiura H, Nakamura Y, Nishimura M, Ohashi T, Misaki R, Fujiyama K
411 - 417 Two-step induction of trabecular meshwork cells from induced pluripotent stem cells for glaucoma
Kumar A, Cheng TY, Song WT, Cheuk B, Yang EZ, Yang L, Xie YB, Du YQ
418 - 424 Quantitative monitoring of ubiquitination/cleubiquitination reaction cycles by O-18-incorporation
Tanaka Y, Morimoto D, Walinda E, Sugase K, Shirakawa M
425 - 431 Fatty acids influence the efficacy of lutein in the modulation of alpha-crystallin chaperone function: Evidence from selenite induced cataract rat model
Padmanabha S, Vallikannan B
432 - 436 An investigation of the viscoelastic behavior of MCF-10A and MCF-7 cells
Heydarian A, Milani D, Fatemi SMM
437 - 443 Light-regulated expression of terpene synthase gene, AtTPS03, is controlled by the bZIP transcription factor, HY5, in Arabidopsis thaliana
Michael R, Ranjan A, Kumar RS, Pathak PK, Trivedi PK
444 - 449 Crystal structure of the AhpD-like protein DR1765 from Deinococcus radiodurans R1
Zhao L, Jeong S, Zhang J, Jung JH, Choi JI, Lim S, Kim MK
450 - 454 Endothelial MAP2K1 mutations in arteriovenous malformation activate the RAS/MAPK pathway
Smits PJ, Konczyk DJ, Sudduth CL, Goss JA, Greene AK
455 - 461 Enhanced proliferative capacity of human preadipocytes achieved by an optimized cultivating method that induces transient activity of hTERT
Cardenas-Leon CG, Maemets-Allas K, Kuuse K, Salazar-Olivo LA, Jaks V
462 - 466 Age-related dysfunction of p53-regulated phagocytic activity in macrophages
Yamaguchi Y, Kaida K, Suenaga Y, Ishigami A, Kobayashi Y, Nagata K
467 - 473 Growth hormone rescue cerebellar degeneration in SCA3 transgenic mice
Wu S, Liu KH, Cheng WL, Su SL, Lin YSO, Lin T, Cheng YS, Chang JC, Wu YL, Liu CS
474 - 479 Kupffer cells mediate the recruitment of hepatic stellate cells into the localized liver damage
Abbas N, Getachew A, You K, Shah Z, Chen Y, Tao JW, Hussain M, Yang F, Zhuang YQ, Xu YY, Li YX
480 - 486 Lpl-C310R mutation is associated with impaired glucose tolerance and endoplasmic reticulum stress in skeletal muscle
Yue XY, Sun XF, Che K, Hu JX, Lv WS, Sun XL, Geng Z, Chi JW, Wang YG
487 - 493 Over-expression of human PP5 gene in mice induces corneal hyperplasia and leads to ocular surface squamous neoplasia
Dou LY, Wang J, Deng R, Wang C, Xie ZW, Yong WD
494 - 499 Enhanced oncolytic activity of E4orf6-deficient adenovirus by facilitating nuclear export of HuR
Ahmed I, Alam MT, Yanagawa-Matsuda A, Hossain E, Kitamura T, Minowa K, Higashino F
500 - 506 LINC00657 promotes colorectal cancer stem-like cell invasion by functioning as a miR-203a sponge
Zhao L, Liu C, Yan SP, Hu G, Xiang KM, Xiang H, Yu HB
507 - 512 Structural comparison of the C-terminal domain of functionally divergent lyssavirus P proteins
Sugiyama A, Nomai T, Jiang XX, Minami M, Yao M, Maenaka K, Ito N, Gooley PR, Moseley GW, Ose T
513 - 518 Structural study of the flagellar junction protein FlgL from Legionella pneumophila
Song WS, Hong HJ, Yoon SI