Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.527, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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325 - 330 Opsins for vision restoration
Simon CJ, Sahel JA, Duebel J, Herlitze S, Dalkara D
331 - 336 Optogenetic tools for dissecting complex intracellular signaling pathways
Kwon E, Heo WD
337 - 342 Towards optogenetic approaches for hearing restoration
Moser T, Dieter A
343 - 349 Optogenetics for neural transplant manipulation and functional analysis
Habibey R, Sharma K, Swiersy A, Busskamp V
350 - 357 Impact of scFv structure in chimeric antigen receptor on receptor expression efficiency and antigen recognition properties
Fujiwara K, Masutani M, Tachibana M, Okada N
358 - 364 Role of Binder of SPerm homolog 1 (BSPH1) protein in mouse sperm-egg interaction and fertilization
Heidari-Vala H, Sabouhi-Zarafshan S, Prud'homme B, Alnoman A, Manjunath P
365 - 371 Effect of methionine/choline-deficient diet and high-fat diet-induced steatohepatitis on mitochondrial homeostasis in mice
Arao Y, Kawai H, Kamimura K, Kobayashi T, Nakano O, Hayatsu M, Ushiki T, Terai S
372 - 378 Disruption of the polyubiquitin gene Ubb reduces the self-renewal capacity of neural stem cells
Park CW, Jung BK, Ryu KY
379 - 386 Alterations of Ca2+ signaling and Ca2+ release sites in cultured ventricular myocytes with intact internal Ca2+ storage
Kim JC, Le QA, Woo SH
387 - 392 Proximity proteomics identifies novel function of Rab14 in trafficking of Ebola virus matrix protein VP40
Fan JN, Liu XC, Mao FF, Yue XH, Lee I, Xu YK
393 - 400 MiR-139-5p inhibits the proliferation of gastric cancer cells by targeting Regulation of Nuclear Pre-mRNA Domain Containing 1B
Liang WQ, Xi HQ, Liu YH, Wang LL, Zhang W, Zhuang ZW, Wang C, Cai AZ, Wu XS, Wei B, Chen L
401 - 405 Naturally occurring variants in the transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains of the human Coxsackie- and adenovirus receptor have no impact on virus internalisation
Herrmann L, Filip A, Lapuente D, Tenbusch M, Niehaus K, Rudolph V, Farr M
406 - 410 Markers of malignant prostate cancer cells: Golgi localization of alpha-mannosidase 1A at GM130-GRASP65 site and appearance of high mannose N-glycans on cell surface
Cheng PW, Davidson S, Bhat G
411 - 417 Purification and characterization of a novel antimicrobial peptide (QAK) from the hemolymph of Antheraea mylitta
Chowdhury T, Mandal SM, Kumari R, Ghosh AK
418 - 424 Nuclear localization of ING3 is required to suppress melanoma cell migration, invasion and angiogenesis
Zhou RY, Rotte A, Li G, Chen XL, Chen GD, Bhandaru M
425 - 431 JAK2 inhibition in JAK2(V617F)-bearing leukemia cells enriches CD34(+) leukemic stem cells that are abolished by the telomerase inhibitor GRN163L
Dahlstrom J, Xia CY, Xing XL, Yuan XT, Bjorkholm M, Xu DW
432 - 439 miR-103/107 regulates left-right asymmetry in zebrafish by modulating Kupffer's vesicle development and ciliogenesis
Heigwer J, Kutzner J, Haeussler M, Burkhalter MD, Draebing T, Juergensen L, Katus HA, Philipp M, Westhoff JH, Hassel D
440 - 446 Hop depletion reduces HSF1 levels and activity and coincides with reduced stress resilience
Chakraborty A, Edkins AL
447 - 452 An aspherical microlens assembly for deep brain fluorescence microendoscopy
Sato M, Sano S, Watanabe H, Kudo Y, Nakai J
453 - 457 Effect of the hairpin structure of peptide inhibitors on the blockade of PD-1/PD-L1 axis
Wang K, Song YH, Su Y, Liang YT, Wang LP
458 - 465 MicroRNA-675-3p regulates IL-1 beta-stimulated human chondrocyte apoptosis and cartilage degradation by targeting GNG5
Shen XF, Cheng Y, Dong QR, Zheng MQ
466 - 473 ApoL1 induces kidney inflammation through RIG-I/NF-kappa B activation
Fang J, Yao XM, Hou MQ, Duan M, Xing LN, Huang JB, Wang YM, Zhu BB, Chen QJ, Wang H
474 - 480 A miR-205-LPCAT1 axis contributes to proliferation and progression in multiple cancers
Liu F, Wu Y, Liu J, Ni RJ, Yang AG, Bian K, Zhang R
481 - 488 Hsc70 is required for E-cadherin expression in epithelial-like NRK-52E cells
Ikezaki M, Nishioka N, Nishikawa T, Higashimoto N, Ihara Y
489 - 495 Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 4E phosphorylation acts a switch for its binding to 4E-BP1 and mRNA cap assembly
Batool A, Majeed ST, Aashaq S, Majeed R, Andrabi KI
496 - 502 Molecular cloning and functional characterization of duck DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box RNA helicase 3 (DDX3X)
Zhang RR, Wang HL, Zhu XY, Liu SD, Wang Z, Lu Q, Shao HB, Xiao SB, Fang LR
503 - 510 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0008285 inhibits colorectal cancer cell proliferation and migration via the miR-382-5p/PTEN axis
Wang JJ, Luo JJ, Liu G, Li XM
511 - 517 MiR-29b-3p cooperates with miR-29c-3p to affect the malignant biological behaviors in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia via TFAP2C/GPX1 axis
Zhuang ML, Chaolumen Q, Li LL, Chen BY, Su Q, Yang YN, Zhang XM
518 - 524 3D reconstruction and flexibility of the hybrid engine Acetobacterium woodii F-ATP synthase
Kamariah N, Huber RG, Bond PJ, Muller V, Gruber G
525 - 531 PLA2G10 facilitates the cell-cycle progression of soft tissue leiomyosarcoma cells at least by elevating cyclin E1/CDK2 expression
Tan G, Zhang GY, Xu J, Kang CW, Yan ZK, Lei M, Pu XB, Dong CC
532 - 538 Inhibiting thrombin improves motor function and decreases oxidative stress in the LRRK2 transgenic Drosophila melanogaster model of Parkinson's disease
Johnson SL, Iannucci J, Seeram NP, Grammas P
539 - 544 Glycine exerts dose-dependent biphasic effects on vascular development of zebrafish embryos
Tsuji-Tamura K, Sato M, Fujita M, Tamura M
545 - 552 Long non-coding RNA linc00665 interacts with YB-1 and promotes angiogenesis in lung adenocarcinoma
Cong ZZ, Diao YF, Li XK, Jiang ZS, Xu Y, Zhou H, Qiang Y, Wu HW, Shen Y
553 - 560 HMGB1-downregulated angulin-1/LSR induces epithelial barrier disruption via claudin-2 and cellular metabolism via AMPK in airway epithelial Calu-3 cells
Kodera Y, Chiba H, Konno T, Kohno T, Takahashi H, Kojima T
561 - 567 The potential role of tRNAs and small RNAs derived from tRNAs in the occurrence and development of systemic lupus erythematosus
Xu HX, Chen WB, Zheng FP, Tang DG, Dai WE, Huang SY, Zhang CT, Zeng J, Wang G, Dai Y
568 - 573 Blockade of endothelin receptor A enhances the therapeutic efficacy of gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer cells
Ahn HM, Kim DG, Kim YJ
574 - 580 Knock-down Sox5 suppresses porcine adipogenesis through BMP R-Smads signal pathway
Peng Y, Shi XE, Huang KL, Yao XP, Chen FF, Li X, Yang GS
581 - 587 Caenorhabditis elegans body wall muscles sense mechanical signals with an amiloride-sensitive cation channel
Yan ZZ, Su ZX, Cheng XR, Liu J