Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.526, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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547 - 552 ROCK inhibitors enhance bone healing by promoting osteoclastic and osteoblastic differentiation
Nakata J, Akiba Y, Nihara J, Thant L, Eguchi K, Kato H, Izumi K, Ohkura M, Otake M, Kakihara Y, Saito I, Saeki M
553 - 559 Minocycline alleviates NLRP3 inflammasome-dependent pyroptosis in monosodium glutamate-induced depressive rats
Yang F, Zhu W, Cai XF, Zhang W, Yu ZH, Li XT, Zhang JS, Cai M, Xiang J, Cai DF
560 - 567 Downregulated miR-150 in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells attenuates the apoptosis of LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 via MTCH2-dependent mitochondria transfer
Zhou X, Zhang KJ, He ZY, Deng YX, Gao Y
568 - 573 Gefitinib modulates stress fibers and tubular-like structure formation and attenuates angiogenesis in an in vivo chicken model of chorioallantoic membrane angiogenesis
Lin TC
574 - 579 Expression of nano-ferritin in neuronal cells encompassed by minimal Arc promoter system
Metasuk A, Kitiyanant N, Chetsawang B
580 - 585 Crystal structure of alpha-glucosyl transfer enzyme XgtA from Xanthomonas campestris WU-9701
Watanabe R, Arimura Y, Ishii Y, Kirimura K
586 - 591 Genetic and epigenetic aberrations of ABCB1 synergistically boost the acquisition of taxane resistance in esophageal squamous cancer cells
Sumarpo A, Ito K, Saiki Y, Ishizawa K, Wang R, Chen N, Sunamura M, Horii A
592 - 598 A chloride channel in rat pancreatic acinar AR42J cells is sensitive to extracellular acidification and dependent on ROS
Yang XY, Zhao C, Mahdy SA, Xu PS, Yu MS, Wu JB, Wang L, Jacob TJ, Zhu LY, Peng S, Deng ZQ, Chen LX, Wang LW
599 - 606 A novel Siglec-F+ neutrophil subset in the mouse nasal mucosa exhibits an activated phenotype and is increased in an allergic rhinitis model
Matsui M, Nagakubo D, Satooka H, Hirata T
607 - 611 Visualization of individual microRNA molecules in fixed cells and tissues using target-primed padlock probe assay
Lin C, Jiang M, Duan SS, Qiu JL, Hong YJ, Wang X, Chen XY, Ke RQ
612 - 617 EMT-inducing transcription factor ZEB1-associated resistance to the BCL-2/BCL-X-L inhibitor is overcome by BIM upregulation in ovarian clear cell carcinoma cells
Inoue-Yamauchi A, Oda H
618 - 625 Translation of insulin granule proteins are regulated by PDI and PABP
Sarwade RD, Khalique A, Kulkarni SD, Pandey PR, Gaikwad N, Seshadri V
626 - 632 Methylation-mediated silencing of the LIM homeobox 6 (LHX6) gene promotes cell proliferation in human pancreatic cancer
Abudurexiti Y, Gu ZD, Chakma K, Hata T, Motoi F, Unno M, Horii A, Fukushige S
633 - 640 Functional identification of factor VIII B domain regions in hepatocyte cells
Zhang J, Lin MM, Zhang QQ, Wang YH, Zhu CY, Li X
641 - 646 Magnetic targeting of oncolytic VSV-based therapies improves infection of tumor cells in the presence of virus-specific neutralizing antibodies in vitro
Roy DG, Bell JC, Bourgeois-Daigneault MC
647 - 653 Non-neural surface ectodermal rosette formation and F-actin dynamics drive mammalian neural tube closure
Zhou CJ, Ji Y, Reynolds K, McMahon M, Garland MA, Zhang SW, Sun B, Gu R, Islam M, Liu Y, Zhao TY, Hsu G, Iwasa J
654 - 660 Unique hexameric structure of copper-containing nitrite reductase of an anammox bacterium KSU-1
Hira D, Matsumura M, Kitamura R, Furukawa K, Fujii T
661 - 669 A nonhuman primate model of liver fibrosis towards cell therapy for liver cirrhosis
Yasuda K, Kotaka M, Toyohara T, Sueta SI, Katakai Y, Ageyama N, Uemoto S, Osafune K
670 - 677 SP1-mediated upregulation of lncRNA LMCD1-AS1 functions a ceRNA for miR-106b-5p to facilitate osteosarcoma progression
He JW, Li DJ, Zhou JH, Zhu YL, Yu BQ
678 - 684 CREB1-induced lncRNA LEF1-AS1 contributes to colorectal cancer progression via the miR-489/DIAPH1 axis
Cheng Y, Wu J, Qin B, Zou BC, Wang YH, Li Y
685 - 691 The Wnt3a/beta-catenin/TCF7L2 signaling axis reduces the sensitivity of HER2-positive epithelial ovarian cancer to trastuzumab
Shen GD, Gao Q, Liu FF, Zhang Y, Dai M, Zhao TT, Cheng M, Xu TJ, Jin PP, Yin W, Huang DB, Weng HY, Chen W, Ren HR, Mu XX, Wu XC, Hu SL
692 - 698 The role of calcium-binding protein S100g (CalbindinD-9K) and annexin A10 in acute pancreatitis
Mashima H, Takahashi K, Sekine M, Matsumoto S, Asano T, Uehara T, Fujiwara J, Otake H, Ishii T, Yoshikawa S, Miura T, Koito Y, Kashima H, Matsumoto K, Ohnishi H
699 - 705 Effects of lycopene on vascular remodeling through the LXR-PI3K-AKT signaling pathway in APP/PS1 mice
Xu XD, Teng Y, Zou JY, Ye Y, Song H, Wang ZY
706 - 712 The cis-encoded antisense RNA IsrA from Salmonella Typhimurium represses the expression of STM0294.1n (iasE), an SOS-induced gene coding for an endoribonuclease activity
Acuna LG, Barros MJ, Nunez P, Penaloza D, Montt F, Pedraza D, Crossley K, Gil F, Fuentes JA, Calderon IL
713 - 720 CircRNACCDC66 regulates cisplatin resistance in gastric cancer via the miR-618/BCL2 axis
Zhang Q, Miao YC, Fu QS, Hu H, Chen H, Zeng AL, Jin Y, Jiang YF, Qian L, Wu LC, Xu L, Wang G, Qiu L, Huang XX, Xia YB
721 - 727 Thermal stressed human immunodeficiency virus type 1 nucleocapsid protein NCp7 maintains nucleic acid-binding activity
Guo C, Han JW, Liu Y, Wang JZ, Wang Y
728 - 732 Dimeric dihydrodiol dehydrogenase is an efficient primate 1,5-anhydro-D-fructose reductase
Hara A, Nishinaka T, Abe N, El-Kabbani O, Matsunaga T, Endo S
733 - 737 Salvianolic acid B improved insulin resistance through suppression of hepatic ER stress in ob/ob mice
Shi YN, Pan D, Yan LH, Chen HY, Zhang XM, Yuan JH, Mu B
738 - 743 Pyk2 downstream of G(12/13) pathways regulates platelet shape change through RhoA/p160(ROCK)
Chaudhary PK, Han JS, Jee Y, Lee SH, Kim S
744 - 750 A highly simulated scar model developed by grafting human thin split-thickness skin on back of nude mouse: The remodeling process, histological characteristics of scars
Li ZH, Li SH, Li KC, Jiang X, Zhang JR, Liu HW
751 - 755 Machine-learning-based quality control of contractility of cultured human-induced pluripotent stem-cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Orita K, Sawada K, Matsumoto N, Ikegaya Y
756 - 763 P2Y(12) receptor antagonists and AR receptor agonists regulates Protein Disulfide Isomerase secretion from platelets and endothelial cells
Popielarski M, Ponamarczuk H, Stasiak M, Gdula A, Bednarek R, Wolska N, Swiatkowska M
764 - 771 Activation of Wnt/beta-catenin pathway causes insulin resistance and increases lipogenesis in HepG2 cells via regulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress
Lei ZL, Yang LX, Yang YH, Yang J, Niu ZP, Zhang XY, Song Q, Lei YT, Wu HJ, Guo J
772 - 779 Propionibacterium acnes induces intervertebral disc degeneration by promoting nucleus pulposus cell pyroptosis via NLRP3-dependent pathway
He DS, Zhou MJ, Bai ZB, Wen YF, Shen JL, Hu ZM
780 - 785 Human host-defense peptide LL-37 targets stealth siderophores
Zsila F, Beke-Somfai T
786 - 792 Aberrant expression of Nav1.6 in the cochlear nucleus correlates with salicylate-induced tinnitus in rats
Yin ML, Xia CC, Wu C, Ji YH, Zhou Y
793 - 798 Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound regulates proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells through notch signaling pathway
Wu Y, Gao Q, Zhu SB, Wu QL, Zhu RS, Zhong H, Xing C, Qu HD, Wang DW, Li B, Ning GZ, Feng SQ
799 - 804 CD99 mediates neutrophil transmigration through the bEnd.3 monolayer via the induction of oxygen-glucose deprivation
Hu T, Sun R, Huang FH, Liu XY, Duan ZH, Ye RD, Li YZ, Xiao LL, Guo ZL, Liu Q, Zhu WS
805 - 812 Paeoniflorin-6 '-O-benzene sulfonate down-regulates CXCR4-G beta gamma-PI3K/AKT mediated migration in fibroblast-like synoviocytes of rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting GRK2 translocation
Wang DD, Jiang MY, Wang W, Zhou WJ, Zhang YW, Yang M, Chen JY, Wei W
813 - 819 Multi-omics integrative analysis to access role of coiled-coil domain-containing 80 in lipid metabolism
Li WY, Kuang ZC, Zheng MM, He GS, Liu YW
820 - 826 Suppression of ovarian cancer by low-intensity ultrasound through depletion of IL-6/STAT3 inflammatory pathway-maintained cancer stemness
Gong T, Zhang PH, Jia L, Pan YY
827 - 832 Alteration of Young's modulus in mesenchymal stromal cells during osteogenesis measured by atomic force microscopy
Yen MH, Chen YH, Liu YS, Lee OKS
833 - 840 Mechanistic investigation of PPAR gamma-facilitated anti-asthmatic effects of Galangin (Norizalpinin): Insights from in silico and in vivo analyses
Henry LJK, Ramar MK, Palanisamy S, Natesan S, Kandasamy R
841 - 847 Biointerface topography regulates phenotypic switching and cell apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cells
Han L, Yin QD, Yang LL, van Rijn P, Yang YY, Liu Y, Li M, Yan MZ, Zhou QH, Yu T, Lian ZX
848 - 855 Adverse effects of nicotine on cardiogenic differentiation from human embryonic stem cells detected by single-cell RNA sequencing
He BC, Chen J, Tian M, Chen JM, Zhou CB, Ou YQ, Wang S, Li XH, Zhuang J