Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.525, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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537 - 542 Thr420 and Ser454 of ZmCCaMK play a crucial role in brassinosteroid-induced antioxidant defense in maize
Liu L, Han T, Liu WJ, Han GQ, Di PC, Yu XY, Yan JW, Zhang AY
543 - 548 Role of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in methotrexate-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in alveolar epithelial A549 cells
Yamagami Y, Kawami M, Ojima T, Futatsugi S, Yumoto R, Takano M
549 - 556 Low DEDD expression in breast cancer cells indicates higher sensitivity to the Bcl-2-specific inhibitor ABT-199
Liu DY, Qin XJ, Sun ZG, Hou SK, Lv Q
557 - 562 Autocrine motility factor secreted by HeLa cells inhibits the growth of many cancer cells by regulating AKT/ERK signaling
Park HS, Jeoung NH
563 - 569 Induced pluripotency and spontaneous reversal of cellular aging in supercentenarian donor cells
Lee J, Bignone PA, Coles LS, Liu Y, Snyder E, Larocca D
570 - 575 Retrotransposon activation by distressed mitochondria in neurons
Baeken MW, Moosmann B, Hajieva P
576 - 580 Regulation of coral calcification by the acid-base sensing enzyme soluble adenylyl cyclase
Barott KL, Venn AA, Thies AB, Tambutte S, Tresguerres M
581 - 588 Long noncoding RNA LINC01139 promotes the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma by upregulating MYBL2 via competitively binding to miR-30 family
Li ZB, Chu HT, Jia M, Li L
589 - 594 Attenuation of experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis in mice by IKK beta inhibitor IMD-0354
Liu Y, Kitaichi N, Wu D, Hase K, Satoh M, Iwata D, Namba K, Kanda A, Noda K, Itai A, Iwabuchi K, Ishida S
595 - 599 Kainic acid-induced seizures in the common marmoset
Ishikawa A, Mizuno Y, Sakai K, Maki T, Tanaka R, Oda Y, Niimi K, Takahashi E
600 - 606 Ethylene negatively mediates self-incompatibility response in Brassica rapa
Su SQ, Dai HM, Wang XY, Wang C, Zeng WQ, Huang JB, Duan QH
607 - 613 Comprehensive mutanome analysis of Lewis lung cancer reveals immunogenic neoantigens for therapeutic vaccines
Chen T, Hu RQ, Wan Y, Sun FZ, Wang ZC, Yue JQ, Chen J, Han G, Wei GW, Dong ZQ
614 - 619 Organ-specific regulation of CHD1 by acute PTEN and p53 loss in mice
Rahmy S, Cheng X, Wang MD, Feng HR, Qiu WH, Zhao R, Lu X
620 - 625 The circadian clock protects against ferroptosis-induced sterile inflammation
Liu Y, Wang Y, Liu J, Kang R, Tang DL
626 - 632 Nitroprusside induces melanoma ferroptosis with serum supplementation and prolongs survival under serum depletion or hypoxia
Rieber M, Gomez-Sarosi LA, Rieber MS
633 - 638 Decreased immunomodulatory and secretory capability of aging human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in vitro
Yang MB, Lin JH, Tang JZ, Chen ZM, Qian X, Gao WQ, Xu HM
639 - 645 Hypoxia training improves hepatic steatosis partly by downregulation of CB1 receptor in obese mice
Yang Q, Sun SL, Liu W, Liu QG, Wang JB
646 - 653 Exosomal encapsulation of miR-125a-5p inhibited trophoblast cell migration and proliferation by regulating the expression of VEGFA in preeclampsia
Zhao XY, Li YM, Chen S, Chen D, Shen H, Yang XY, Cheng WW
654 - 661 Helicobacter hepaticus infection-induced IL-33 promotes hepatic inflammation and fibrosis through ST2 signaling pathways in BALB/c mice
Cao SY, Zhu LQ, Zhu C, Feng J, Yin J, Lu J, Xu YL, Yang HT, Huang YZ, Zhang Q
662 - 667 Upregulation of IL-4 signaling contributes to aerobic exercise-induced insulin sensitivity
Chen ZW, Qin XH, Zhang XD, Liu BB, Chen MW
668 - 674 Moyamoya disease patient mutations in the RING domain of RNF213 reduce its ubiquitin ligase activity and enhance NF kappa B activation and apoptosis in an AAA plus domain-dependent manner
Takeda M, Tezuka T, Kim M, Choi J, Oichi Y, Kobayashi H, Harada KH, Mizushima T, Taketani S, Koizumi A, Youssefian S
675 - 680 MLL2 regulates glucocorticoid receptor-mediated transcription of ENAC alpha in human retinal pigment epithelial cells
Yang L, Jin M, Jung N, Jeong KW
681 - 686 Functional homo- and heterodimeric actin capping proteins from the malaria parasite
Bendes AA, Chatterjee M, Gotte B, Kursula P, Kursula I
687 - 692 AFF4 enhances odontogenic differentiation of human dental pulp cells
Zhang YN, Xiao QY, Wu ZP, Xu RS, Zou SJ, Zhou CC
693 - 698 Systemic Klotho therapy protects against insulitis and enhances beta-cell mass in NOD mice
Prud'homme GJ, Glinka Y, Kurt M, Liu WJ, Wang QH
699 - 705 ZEB1 modulates endometrial receptivity through epithelial-mesenchymal transition in endometrial epithelial cells in vitro
Ran J, Yang HH, Huang HP, Huang HL, Xu Z, Zhang W, Wang ZX
706 - 713 GGNBP1 ensures proper spermiogenesis in response to stress in mice
Han TT, Wang LN, Tang WH, Zhang Z, Khawar MB, Li GP, Jiang H, Liu C
714 - 719 Human proteins incorporated into tick-borne encephalitis virus revealed by in situ proximity ligation
Ikebuchi R, Isaac AW, Yoshii K, Doulabi EM, Lof L, Azimi A, Chen L, Fredolini C, Gallini R, Landegren U, Kamali-Moghaddam M
720 - 725 Structural basis of substrate recognition by the substrate binding protein (SBP) of a hydrazide transporter, obtained from Microbacterium hydrocarbonoxydans
Shimamura K, Akiyama T, Yokoyama K, Takenoya M, Ito S, Sasaki Y, Yajima S
726 - 732 Tyrosine pre-transfer RNA fragments are linked to p53-dependent neuronal cell death via PKM2
Inoue M, Hada K, Shiraishi H, Yatsuka H, Fujinami H, Morisaki I, Nishida Y, Matsubara E, Ishitani T, Hanada R, Matsumoto M, Penninger JM, Ihara K, Hanada T
733 - 739 Cigarette smoke extract increases mitochondrial membrane permeability through activation of adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) in lung epithelial cells
Wu KY, Luan GX, Xu YH, Shen S, Qian SN, Zhu Z, Zhang XY, Yin SJ, Ye JP
740 - 746 MiR-429 regulates blood-spinal cord barrier permeability by targeting Kruppel-like factor 6
Sun R, Ge LH, Cao Y, Wu WM, Wu Y, Zhu HG, Li JW, Yu DS
747 - 754 A novel long noncoding RNA, AC092834.1, regulates the adipogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells via the DKK1/Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Fan LY, Xu HY, Li D, Li HL, Lu D
755 - 758 Argonaute system of Kordia jejudonensis is a heterodimeric nucleic acid-guided nuclease
Kim SY, Jung Y, Lim D
759 - 766 Formononetin ameliorates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats by suppressing the ROS-TXNIP-NLRP3 pathway
Wang DS, Yan LY, Yang DZ, Lyu Y, Fang LH, Wang SB, Du GH
767 - 772 The glucose degradation product methylglyoxal induces immature angiogenesis in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis
Nakano T, Kumiko T, Mizumasa T, Kuroki Y, Tsuruya K, Kitazono T
773 - 779 Effects of the oral adsorbent AST-120 on fecal p-cresol and indole levels and on the gut microbiota composition
Sato E, Hosomi K, Sekimoto A, Mishima E, Oe Y, Saigusa D, Ito S, Abe T, Sato H, Kunisawa J, Niwa T, Takahashi N
780 - 785 Classification, characterization and structural analysis of sugar nucleotidylyltransferase family of enzymes
Bais VS, Aggarwal P, Bharadwaj P, Prakash B
786 - 792 Lymphatic endothelial cells promote T lymphocyte migration into lymph nodes under hyperlipidemic conditions
Park M, Cho KA, Kim YH, Lee KH, Woo SY
793 - 799 Low false positive and accurate detection of yeast cell viability and concentration using an automatic staining and lensfree imaging platform
Li GX, Wei MJ, Sun J, Zhang YC, Zhang RB
800 - 805 Combined usage of monosaccharides with polysaccharides may decelerate tumor growth and malignance versus solely using a certain kind of saccharide
Yu C, Lv BX, Min S, Ren L, Yu J
806 - 811 Mutational diversity in mutY deficient Helicobacter pylori and its effect on adaptation to the gastric environment
Kinoshita-Daitoku R, Kiga K, Sanada T, Ogura Y, Bo Z, Iida T, Yokomori R, Kuroda E, Tanaka M, Sood A, Suzuki T, Nakai K, Hayashi T, Mimuro H
812 - 818 Upregulation of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 by shear stress reduced inflammation and proliferation in vascular endothelial cells
Song JT, Hu B, Qu HY, Wang L, Huang XZ, Li MM, Zhang M
819 - 820 Three-dimensional spheroids of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells promote osteogenesis by activating stemness and Wnt/beta-catenin (vol 523, pg 458, 2020)
Imamura A, Kajiya H, Fujisaki S, Maeshiba M, Yanagi T, Kojima H, Ohno J
821 - 821 PRRT2 frameshift mutation reduces its mRNA stability resulting loss of function in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia (vol 522, pg 553, 2020)
Pan YC, Liu Q, Zhang J, Yang Y, Tian Y, Zeng JS, Yin P, Mei L, Xiong WC, Li XJ, Li SH, Tang BS
822 - 822 Progranulin protects against cerebral ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury by inhibiting necroptosis and oxidative stress (vol 521, pg 569, 2020)
Li XG, Cheng SL, Hu H, Zhang XT, Xu JH, Wang R, Zhang PB