Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.525, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 SOX2 protein transduction directly converts human fibroblasts into oligodendrocyte-like cells
Pouya A, Rassouli H, Rezaei-Larijani M, Salekdeh GH, Baharvand H
8 - 13 Generation and evaluation of a transgenic zebrafish for tissue-specific expression of a dominant-negative Rho-associated protein kinase-2
Iida A, Wang Z, Hondo E, Sehara-Fujisawa A
14 - 19 Levetiracetam inhibits THP-1 monocyte chemotaxis and adhesion via the synaptic vesicle 2A
Zhang Y, Hu M, Tang YY, Zhang B, Han YY, Huang ZY, Chen C, Li G
20 - 26 Astrocytes directly clear myelin debris through endocytosis pathways and followed by excessive gliosis after spinal cord injury
Wang S, Deng JH, Fu HT, Guo ZK, Zhang LC, Tang PF
27 - 32 Prmt4-mediated methylation of NF-kappa B is critical for neural differentiation of embryonic stem cells
Niu HL, Xiao JY, Ma ZX, Chen L
33 - 38 Comparison of physiological and behavioral responses to chronic restraint stress between C57BL/6J and BALB/c mice
Tsuchimine S, Matsuno H, O'Hashi K, Chiba S, Yoshimura A, Kunugi H, Sohya K
39 - 45 DNA methylation status influences insulin-induced glucose transport in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by mediating p53 expression
Kuroda M, Onoyama R, Sasaki W, Sebe M, Kitamura T, Masumoto S, Tsutsumi R, Harada N, Sakaue H
46 - 52 Dimethyloxaloylglycine induces pexophagy in a HIF-2 alpha dependent manner involving autophagy receptor p62
Mu Y, Maharjan Y, Dutta RK, Kim H, Wei X, Kim JH, Kim D, Park C, Park R
53 - 56 SMAtool reveals sequences and structural principles of protein-RNA interaction
Du PC, Cai PF, Huang BB, Jiang C, Wu Q, Li B, Qu K
57 - 60 Crystal structure of a proteolytically cleaved, amino terminal domain of apolipoprotein E3
McPherson A
61 - 66 The caspase-like Gpi8 subunit of Candida albicans GPI transamidase is a metal-dependent endopeptidase
Sah SK, Shefali S, Yadav A, Som P, Komath SS
67 - 72 Formononetin recovered injured nerve functions by enhancing synaptic plasticity in ischemic stroke rats
Wu QL, Cheng YQ, Liu AJ, Zhang WD
73 - 79 Effects of radiofrequency and ultrasound on the turnover rate of skin aging components (skin extracellular matrix and epidermis) via HSP47-induced stimulation
Louis F, Fujii N, Katsuyama M, Okumoto S, Matsusaki M
80 - 86 1 alpha, 25(OH)(2)D-3 regulates agrin-induced acetylcholine receptor clustering through upregulation of rapsyn expression in C2C12 myotubes
Arakawa M, Wagatsuma A
87 - 93 Structures of human galectin-10/monosaccharide complexes demonstrate potential of monosaccharides as effectors in forming Charcot-Leyden crystals
Itoh A, Nonaka Y, Nakakita SI, Yoshida H, Nishi N, Nakamura T, Kamitori S
94 - 99 Simultaneous tracking of two motor domains reveals near simultaneous steps and stutter steps of myosin 10 on actin filament bundles
Qin XA, Yoo H, Cheng HCM, Nguyen QQ, Li J, Liu XY, Prunetti L, Chen XX, Liu T, Sweeney HL, Park H
100 - 106 Mutations of histone demethylase genes encoded by X and Y chromosomes, Kdm5c and Kdm5d, lead to noncompaction cardiomyopathy in mice
Kosugi M, Otani M, Kikkawa Y, Itakura Y, Sakai K, Ito T, Toyoda M, Sekita Y, Kimura T
107 - 112 A novel proteasome assembly intermediate bypasses the need to form alpha-rings first
Hammack LJ, Panfair D, Kusmierczyk AR
113 - 120 Menthol relieves acid reflux inflammation by regulating TRPV1 in esophageal epithelial cells
Zhang ZM, Wu XL, Zhang LW, Mao AQ, Ma X, He DX
121 - 128 The casein kinase 2 alpha promotes the occurrence polycystic ovary syndrome
Yu CJ, Liu X, Zhou ZY, Chen XJ, Meng YC, Gu HC, Xu JJ, Ding GL, Liu XM, Sheng JZ, Huang HF
129 - 134 CLP1 acts as the main RNA kinase in mice
Fujinami H, Shiraishi H, Hada K, Inoue M, Morisaki I, Higa R, Shin T, Kobayashi T, Hanada R, Penninger JM, Mimata H, Hanada T
135 - 140 Structure analysis of the receptor binding of 2019-nCoV
Chen Y, Guo Y, Pan YH, Zhao ZJ
141 - 147 Forward genetic screening of a novel gene hmgs-1 Involved in Alzheimer Disease Pathogenesis in a transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans model
Li YH, Bai H, Huang H, Zhu M, Zhang DH, Huang XW
148 - 154 Unraveling the molecular mechanism of BNC105, a phase II clinical trial vascular disrupting agent, provides insights into drug design
Wang T, Wu CY, Wang CD, Zhang GP, Arnst KE, Yao YJ, Zhang ZX, Wang YX, Pu D, Li WM
155 - 161 Glioma-derived endothelial cells promote glioma cells migration via extracellular vesicles-mediated transfer of MYO1C
Tian Y, Wang ZX, Wang YX, Yin B, Yuan JG, Qiang BQ, Han W, Peng XZ
162 - 168 Invasive phenotype induced by low extracellular pH requires mitochondria dependent metabolic flexibility
Shin SC, Thomas D, Radhakrishnan P, Hollingsworth MA
169 - 176 Estrogen Receptor alpha depletion affects the biomechanical properties and cytoskeleton rearrangements in breast cancer cells
Zhao CY, Hou XY, Peng ZH, Sun XX, Li EZ, Yang HF, Lu YZ, Zhu LY
177 - 183 Hydroxyl groups in cosolutes regulate the G-quadruplex topology of telomeric DNA
Tateishi-Karimata H, Banerjee D, Ohyama T, Matsumoto S, Miyoshi D, Nakano S, Sugimoto N
184 - 191 Ubiquitination of Src promotes its secretion via small extracellular vesicles
Tanaka K, Ito Y, Kajiwara K, Nada S, Okada M
192 - 196 Disrupted blood-brain barrier in 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease can be mimicked and repaired in vitro with neural stem cell-derived exosomes
Liu YY, Huber CC, Wang HM
197 - 203 LINC00028 regulates the development of TGF beta 1-treated human tenon capsule fibroblasts by targeting miR-204-5p
Sui HL, Fan SS, Liu WJ, Li YC, Zhang X, Du YH, Bao HJ
204 - 207 pH-sensitive CuS@Cu2S@Au nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for the chemotherapy against colon cancer
Yan ER, Zhang ZY
208 - 215 Microglial Hv1 exacerbates secondary damage after spinal cord injury in mice
Li XF, Liu R, Yu ZY, He D, Zong WF, Wang MH, Xie MJ, Wang W, Luo X
216 - 223 Insufficient efferocytosis by M2-like macrophages as a possible mechanism of neuropathic pain induced by nerve injury
Kobayashi D, Kiguchi N, Saika F, Kishioka S, Matsuzaki S
224 - 230 Adenosine A(2A) receptor activation prevents DOCA-salt induced hypertensive cardiac remodeling via iBAT
Zhou YP, Ruan CC, Kong LR, Gao PJ
231 - 237 Negative auto-regulation of sulfur dioxide generation in vascular endothelial cells: AAT1 S-sulfenylation
Song YJ, Peng HL, Bu DF, Ding X, Yang FQ, Zhu ZG, Tian XY, Zhang LL, Wang XL, Tang CS, Huang YQ, Du JB, Jin HF
238 - 243 EpCAM inhibits differentiation of human liver progenitor cells into hepatocytes in vitro by activating Notch1 signaling
Tang D, Chen Y, Fu GB, Yuan TJ, Huang WJ, Wang ZY, Li WJ, Jiao YF, Yu WF, Yan HX
244 - 250 Comparative pharmacoproteomics reveals potential targets for berberine, a promising therapy for colorectal cancer
Tong MF, Liu HM, Hao JY, Fan DM
251 - 257 Phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase beta at Thr144 in HeLa cells
Takabatake S, Fukumoto Y, Ohtsuka S, Kanayama N, Magari M, Sakagami H, Hatano N, Tokumitsu H