Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.524, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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791 - 797 MiR-3940-5p promotes granulosa cell proliferation through targeting KCNA5 in polycystic ovarian syndrome
Gao L, Wu DD, Wu YT, Yang ZW, Sheng JZ, Lin XH, Huang HF
798 - 802 The expression of the P2Y(6) receptor is regulated at the transcriptional level by p53
Molle CM, Arguin G, Jemfer C, Placet M, Bellefeuille SD, Gendron FP
803 - 809 Inhibition of arachidonate lipoxygenase12 targets lung cancer through inhibiting EMT and suppressing RhoA and NF-kappa B activity
Chen JW, Tong W, Liao MX, Chen DY
810 - 815 Improved cancer inhibition by miR-143 with a longer passenger strand than natural miR-143
Ida H, Tanabe T, Tachibana A
816 - 824 A significant role of transcription factors E2F in inflammation and tumorigenesis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Liu PS, Zhang XY, Li ZS, Wei LY, Peng Q, Liu C, Wu YG, Yan Q, Ma J
825 - 831 Heterologous peptide display on chromatin nanofibers: A new strategy for peptide vaccines
Parlane NA, Wedlock DN, Han JH, Park JH
832 - 838 Hydrogen sulfide promotes lipopolysaccharide-induced apoptosis of osteoblasts by inhibiting the AKT/NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Wang HS, Li X, Zhu ZY, Wang HS, Wei B, Bai XZ
839 - 846 CircHIPK3 promotes colorectal cancer cells proliferation and metastasis via modulating of miR-1207-5p/FMNL2 signal
Yan Y, Su M, Qin BL
847 - 852 LC-MS proteomic profiling of Caco-2 human intestinal cells exposed to the copper-chelating agent, triethylenetetramine: A preliminary study
O'Doherty C, O'Sullivan F, Henry M, Meleady P, Clynes M, Horgan K, Keenan J, Murphy R
853 - 860 Activation of AMPK/proteasome/MLCK degradation signaling axis by telmisartan inhibits VSMC contractility and vessel contraction
Hwang YJ, Cho DH
861 - 868 Moesin facilitates metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by improving invadopodia formation and activating beta-catenin/MMP9 axis
Lan SB, Zheng XY, Hu P, Xing XH, Ke K, Wang F, Cheng NM, Zhuang QY, Liu XL, Liu JF, Zhao BX, Wang YC
869 - 875 Mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor is a novel radioresistance factor in mouse B16 melanoma
Tanaka Y, Takenouchi T, Tsukimoto M
876 - 882 Thioredoxin-2 impacts the inflammatory response via suppression of NF-kappa B and MAPK signaling in sepsis shock
Wang X, Xing YY, Tang ZY, Tang YD, Shen J, Zhang F
883 - 889 Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes act via the miR-1263/Mob1/Hippo signaling pathway to prevent apoptosis in disuse osteoporosis
Yang BC, Kuang MJ, Kang JY, Zhao J, Ma JX, Ma XL
890 - 894 Neuromedin U (NMU) regulates osteoblast differentiation and activity
Hsiao YT, Jestes KJ, Jackson KL, Zukosky T, Squire ME, Hum JM, Lowery JW
895 - 902 The acetyltransferase p300 regulates NRF2 stability and localization
Ganner A, Pfeiffer ZC, Wingendorf L, Kreis S, Klein M, Walz G, Neumann-Haefelin E
903 - 909 Mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles alone or in conjunction with a SDKP-conjugated self-assembling peptide improve a rat model of myocardial infarction
Firoozi S, Pahlavan S, Ghanian MH, Rabbani S, Barekat M, Nazari A, Pakzad M, Shekari F, Hassani SN, Moslem F, Lahrood FN, Soleimani M, Baharvand H
910 - 915 S-Nitrosylation at the active site decreases the ubiquitin-conjugating activity of ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 D1 (UBE2D1), an ERAD-associated protein
Fujikawa K, Nakahara K, Takasugi N, Nishiya T, Ito A, Uchida K, Uehara T
916 - 922 Macrophage-derived sulfur dioxide is a novel inflammation regulator
Zhu ZG, Zhang LL, Chen QH, Li K, Yu XQ, Tang CS, Kong W, Jin HF, Du JB, Huang YQ
923 - 928 Targeting Hsc70-based autophagy to eliminate amyloid beta oligomers
Dou J, Su P, Xu CC, Wen ZX, Mao ZX, Li WM
929 - 935 The role of autonomously secreted PGE2 and its autocrine/paracrine effect on bone matrix mineralization at the different stages of differentiating MC3T3-E1 cells
Suzuki H, Ohshima N, Tatei K, Taniguchi T, Sato S, Izumi T
936 - 942 GSTO1 regulates insulin biosynthesis in pancreatic beta cells
Wang LL, Lei L, Xu T, Wang Y
943 - 950 A wheat germ-derived peptide YDWPGGRN facilitates skin wound-healing processes
Sui HL, Wang F, Weng ZB, Song HZ, Fang Y, Tang XZ, Shen XC
951 - 956 CaLecRK-S.5, a pepper L-type lectin receptor kinase gene, accelerates Phytophthora elicitin-mediated defense response
Woo JY, Kim YJ, Paek KH
957 - 962 Identifying inducers of BDNF gene expression from pharmacologically validated compounds; antipyretic drug dipyrone increases BDNF mRNA in neurons
Fukuchi M
963 - 969 Epidermal growth factor alleviates cerebral ischemia-induced brain injury by regulating expression of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin
Peng DH, Liu YY, Chen W, Hu HN, Luo Y
970 - 976 TGF-beta 1 fucosylation enhances the autophagy and mitophagy via PI3K/Akt and Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK in ovarian carcinoma
Jin S, Gao J, Qi Y, Hao YY, Li X, Liu Q, Liu JJ, Liu DW, Zhu LC, Lin B
977 - 982 CCOAOMT1, a candidate cargo secreted via VAMP721/722 secretory vesicles in Arabidopsis
Kwon H, Cho DJ, Lee H, Nam MH, Kwon C, Yun HS
983 - 989 Upregulation of lncRNA-NONRATT021203.2 in the dorsal root ganglion contributes to cancer-induced pain via CXCL9 in rats
Sun RM, Wei JR, Wang SS, Xu GY, Jiang GQ
990 - 995 Insights into the limitations of transient expression systems for the functional study of p53 acetylation site and oncogenic mutants
Bruer M, Reinhardt D, Welte K, Thakur BK
996 - 1002 Crystal structure of Haemophilus influenzae 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (LeuB) in complex with the inhibitor O-isobutenyl oxalylhydroxamate
Miggiano R, Martignon S, Minassi A, Rossi F, Rizzi M
1003 - 1009 Dicoumarol suppresses HMGA2-mediated oncogenic capacities and inhibits cell proliferation by inducing apoptosis in colon cancer
Chen CH, Hsieh YC, Yang PM, Liu YR, Cho EC
1010 - 1017 Hepatic CD147 knockout modulates liver steatosis and up-regulates autophagy in high-fat-diet-induced NAFLD mice
Lou JX, Li C, Li ZS, Zhang T, Chen ZN, Bian HJ
1018 - 1024 Miltefosine suppression of Pten null T-ALL leukemia via beta-catenin degradation through inhibition of pT308-Akt and TGF beta 1/Smad3
Zhang YM, Lee S, Xu W
1025 - 1029 Lens aquaporins function as peroxiporins to facilitate membrane transport of hydrogen peroxide
Varadaraj K, Kumari SS
1030 - 1036 "Funny" channels in cardiac mitochondria modulate membrane potential and oxygen consumption
Padilla-Flores T, Lopez-Gonzalez Z, Vaca L, Aparicio-Trejo OE, Briones-Herrera A, Riveros-Rosas H, Pedraza-Chaverri J, Leon-Aparicio D, Salvador C, Sampieri A, Escobar LI
1037 - 1043 LncRNA HOTTIP enhances human osteogenic BMSCs differentiation via interaction with WDR5 and activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signalling pathway
Liu RD, Li ZH, Song EH, Hu PY, Yang QH, Hu YW, Liu H, Jin AM
1044 - 1050 IL-17 promotes osteoblast differentiation, bone regeneration, and remodeling in mice
Kim HJ, Seo SJ, Kim JY, Kim YG, Lee Y
1051 - 1056 A quartz crystal microbalance based study reveals living cell loading rate via alpha(v)beta(3) integrins
Amar K, Suni II, Chowdhury F
1057 - 1063 AJAP1 affects behavioral changes and GABABR1 level in epileptic mice
Zhang ML, Zhou XY, Jiang W, Li M, Zhou RJ, Zhou SN
1064 - 1071 Induced CD10 expression during monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation identifies a unique subset of macrophages in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Huang X, He CB, Lin GH, Lu LH, Xing KL, Hua X, Sun SX, Mao YZ, Song YD, Wang J, Li SP