Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.523, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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555 - 560 Ionizing radiation reduces larval brain size by inducing premature differentiation of Drosophila neural stem cells
Wagle R, Song YH
561 - 566 The investigation of synergistic activity of protamine with conventional antimicrobial agents against oral bacteria
Fujiki M, Honda M
567 - 572 Negative surface charges in neuroglobin modulate the interaction with cytochrome c
Tejero J
573 - 579 Quantitative analysis of straight-chain/branched-chain Ratio During Enzymatic Synthesis of Dextran Based on Periodate Oxidation
Wang Q, Qi PX, Huang SX, Hou DZ, Xu XD, Ci LY, Chen S
580 - 587 Gracillin inhibits apoptosis and inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) to alleviate cardiac injury in mice via improving miR-29a
Song YX, Ou YM, Zhou JY
588 - 594 The role of actinin-4 (ACTN4) in exosomes as a potential novel therapeutic target in castration-resistant prostate cancer
Ishizuya Y, Uemura M, Narumi R, Tomiyama E, Koh Y, Matsushita M, Nakano K, Hayashi Y, Wang C, Kato T, Hatano K, Kawashima A, Ujike T, Fujita K, Imamura R, Adachi J, Tomonaga T, Nonomura N
595 - 601 The role of sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling pathway in cementocyte mechanotransduction
Wang H, Li TC, Wang X, Yin X, Zhao N, Zou SJ, Duan PP, Bonewald LF
602 - 607 Extracellular vesicle-associated antigens as a new vaccine platform against scrub typhus
Cho H, Lee WH, Kim YK, Kim KS
608 - 614 Circ_101064 regulates the proliferation, invasion and migration of glioma cells through miR-154-5p/PIWIL1 axis
Zhou HJ, Zhang YD, Lai YJ, Xu C, Cheng YY
615 - 619 Mutational analysis of the Q(i)-site proton pathway in yeast cytochrome bc(1) complex
Song ZH, Hu YF, Iorga BI, Vallieres C, Fisher N, Meunier B
620 - 626 Mcl-1 inhibits Mff-mediated mitochondrial fragmentation and apoptosis
Liu YP, Ma YY, Tu Z, Zhang CS, Du MY, Wang Y, Yang FF, Wang XP, Chen TS
627 - 631 Rational design of DNA platonic polyhedra with the minimal components number from topological perspective
Duan JW, Cui L, Wang Y
632 - 638 Transgelin-2 contributes to proliferation and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma via regulating Annexin A2
Shi JP, Ren MT, She XL, Zhang ZG, Zhao Y, Han Y, Lu D, Lyu LC
639 - 644 The stability of CREB3/Luman is regulated by protein kinase CK2 phosphorylation
Schmitt BM, Ampofo E, Stumpf H, Montenarh M, Gotz C
645 - 650 Propionate promotes vitamin D receptor expression via yes-associated protein in rats with short bowel syndrome
Lin HJ, Huang YH, Tian T, Wang PF, Li YS
651 - 657 Enzymatic synthesis of non-digestible oligosaccharide catalyzed by dextransucrase and dextranase from maltose acceptor reaction
Huang SX, Hou DZ, Qi PX, Wang Q, Chen HL, Ci LY, Chen S
658 - 665 Computational and functional analyses of T2D GWAS SNPs for transcription factor binding
Cheng MR, Huang XY, Zhang ML, Huang QY
666 - 671 Liraglutide promotes the angiogenic ability of human umbilical vein endothelial cells through the JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway
Di YB, He J, Ma P, Shen N, Niu CH, Liu X, Du XM, Tian FS, Li HM, Liu Y
672 - 677 STAT1 upregulates glutaminase and modulates amino acids and glutathione metabolism
Kondo S, Kato Y, Minagawa S, Sugimoto Y
678 - 684 Cyclic-AMP induces Nogo-A receptor NgR1 internalization and inhibits Nogo-A-mediated collapse of growth cone
Gopalakrishna R, Mades A, Oh A, Zhu A, Nguyen J, Lin C, Kindy MS, Mack WJ
685 - 691 Monocyte-derived extracellular vesicles upon treated by palmitate promote endothelial migration and monocytes attachment to endothelial cells
Gao WH, Guo XC, Wang Y, Jian DD, Li MW
692 - 698 Hearing loss through apoptosis of the spiral ganglion neurons in apolipoprotein E knockout mice fed with a western diet
Kim YY, Chao JR, Kim C, Kim B, Nguyen PTT, Jung H, Chang J, Lee JH, Suh JG
699 - 706 WDR5-Myc axis promotes the progression of glioblastoma and neuroblastoma by transcriptional activating CARM1
Wang F, Zhang JY, Ke XX, Peng W, Zhao GC, Peng SH, Xu J, Xu B, Cui HJ
707 - 712 miR-155 inhibits mitophagy through suppression of BAGS, a partner protein of PINK1
Tsujimoto T, Mori T, Houri K, Onodera Y, Takehara T, Shigi K, Nakao S, Teramura T, Fukuda K
713 - 718 The regulation of HAS3 by miR-10b and miR-29a in neuroendocrine transdifferentiated LNCaP prostate cancer cells
Czyrnik ED, Wiesehofer M, Dankert JT, Wennemuth G
719 - 725 Knockdown of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), a novel target to protect neurons from parthanatos induced by simulated post-spinal cord injury oxidative stress
Yang DF, Shu TT, Zhao HS, Sun Y, Xu WB, Tu GJ
726 - 732 Suppression of HIF-1 alpha accumulation by betulinic acid through proteasome activation in hypoxic cervical cancer
Kim HJ, Cho HS, Ban HS, Nakamura H
733 - 738 Rational modulation of the enzymatic intermediates for tuning the phosphatase activity of histidine kinase HK853
Ji SX, Luo L, Li CG, Liu ML, Liu YX, Jiang L
739 - 744 Endocytic recycling prevents copper accumulation in astrocytoma cells stimulated with copper-bound neurokinin B
Menon R, Christofides K, Jones CE
745 - 752 A novel bispecific chimeric PD1-DAP10/NKG2D receptor augments NK92-cell therapy efficacy for human gastric cancer SGC-7901 cell
Li MF, Zhi LT, Yin MC, Guo CJ, Zhang HY, Lu CG, Zhu WL
753 - 758 Estrogen downregulates gp130 expression in HUVECs by regulating ADAM10 and ADAM17 via the estrogen receptor
Zhou M, Dai W, Cui Y, Li Y
759 - 765 Characterization of the mechanism of thioredoxin-dependent activation of gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase, RipAY, from Ralstonia solanacearum
Fujiwara S, Ikejiri A, Tanaka N, Tabuchi M
766 - 772 Long noncoding RNA SNHG14 promotes osteosarcoma progression via miR-433-3p/FBXO22 axis
Hou XK, Mao JS
773 - 779 Rta is an Epstein-Barr virus tegument protein that improves the stability of capsid protein BORF1
Huang HH, Wang WH, Feng TH, Chang LK
780 - 794 Telmisartan attenuates obesity-induced insulin resistance via suppression of AMPK mediated ER stress
Huang Y, Li YP, Liu QH, Zhang JH, Zhang ZJ, Wu T, Tang Q, Huang CY, Li R, Zhou J, Zhang GR, Zhao YN, Huang H, He JH
795 - 801 Identification of a selective DDX3X inhibitor with newly developed quantitative high-throughput RNA helicase assays
Nakao S, Nogami M, Iwatani M, Imaeda T, Ito M, Tanaka T, Tawada M, Endo S, Cary DR, Ohori M, Imaeda Y, Kawamoto T, Aparicio S, Nakanishi A, Araki S
802 - 808 Nobiletin, a novel inhibitor, inhibits HBsAg production and hepatitis B virus replication
Hu ZW, Hu JL, Ren F, Xu HY, Tan M, Wang Q, Ren JH
809 - 815 IC261 suppresses progression of hepatocellular carcinoma in a casein kinase 1 delta/epsilon independent manner
Yuan FF, Li DH, Guo MZ, Fang TT, Sun JL, Qi F, Rao QW, Zhao ZY, Huang PX, Yang BW, Xia JL
816 - 821 Parathyroid hormone increases CFTR expression and function in Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells
Jantarajit W, Wongdee K, Lertsuwan K, Teerapornpuntakit J, Aeimlapa R, Thongbunchoo J, Harvey BSJ, Sheppard DN, Charoenphandhu N