Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.519, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 LGR6 promotes osteogenesis by activating the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Liu SL, Zhou YM, Tang B, Zhou N, Zheng WW, Tang ZH, Duan CW, Zheng L, Chen J
8 - 14 PKR suppress NLRP3-pyroptosis pathway in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury model of mice
Zeng YJ, Qin QW, Li KY, Li HT, Song C, Li Y, Dai MH, Lin FY, Mao Z, Li Q, Long Y, Fan YF, Pan PH
15 - 22 Role of TLR5 in inflammation and tissue damage after intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury
Ito H, Sadatomo A, Inoue Y, Yamada N, Aizawa E, Hishida E, Kamata R, Karasawa T, Kimura H, Watanabe S, Komada T, Horie H, Kitayama J, Sata N, Takahashi M
23 - 28 Crystal structure of the Siderophore-interacting protein SIP from Aeromonas hydrophila
Shang F, Lan J, Wang L, Liu W, Chen YY, Chen JL, Ha NC, Quan CS, Nam KH, Xu YB
29 - 34 Competitive inhibition by NAG-1/GDF-15 NLS peptide enhances its anti-cancer activity
Lee J, Kim I, Yoo E, Baek SJ
35 - 40 Structural and biochemical analyses of the metallo-beta-lactamase fold protein Yhfl from Bacillus subtilis
Na HW, Namgung B, Song WS, Yoon SI
41 - 45 Artesunate promotes sensitivity to sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma
Wu J, Liu S, Xing YR, Mu M, Zhao RP, Xie J, Hu D
46 - 52 Functional significance of the conserved C-Terminal VFVNFA motif in the retina-specific ABC transporter, ABCA4, and its role in inherited visual disease
Patel MJ, Biswas SB, Biswas-Fiss EE
53 - 60 IGF-1 and IGF-1R modulate the effects of IL-4 on retinal ganglion cells survival: The involvement of M1 muscarinic receptor
Granja MG, Braga LEG, de Oliveira RM, Silva ED, Goncalves-de-Albuquerque CF, Silva AR, de Castro-Faria-Neto HC, dos Santos AA, Giestal-de-Araujo E
61 - 66 Potent antiviral HIV-1 protease inhibitor combats highly drug resistant mutant PR20
Kneller DW, Agniswamy J, Ghosh AK, Weber IT
67 - 72 Apolipoprotein C-II mimetic peptide is an efficient activator of lipoprotein lipase in human plasma as studied by a calorimetric approach
Reimund M, Wolska A, Risti R, Wilson S, Sviridov D, Remaley AT, Lookene A
73 - 80 DJ-1 overexpression confers the multidrug resistance phenotype to SGC7901 cells by upregulating P-gp and Bcl-2
Liu HY, Duan GL, Xu RY, Li XR, Xiao L, Zhao L, Ma ZX, Xu XW, Qiu LJ, Zhu ZM, Chen HP
81 - 85 Gly188Arg substitution eliminates substrate inhibition in arachidonate 11R-lipoxygenase
Poldemaa K, Lipp M, Jarving I, Samel N, Eek P
86 - 92 The role of PKC and PKD in CXCL12 directed prostate cancer migration
Hamshaw I, Ajdarirad M, Mueller A
93 - 99 Semiholoenzyme optimizes activity and stability of a hyperthermostable iron-superoxide dismutase
Wang S, Dong ZY, Yan YB
100 - 105 Clinical and biochemical relevance of monounsaturated fatty acid metabolism targeting strategy for cancer stem cell elimination in colon cancer
Choi S, Yoo YJ, Kim H, Lee H, Chung H, Nam MH, Moon JY, Lee HS, Yoon S, Kim WY
106 - 112 Vitexin alleviates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by activating AMPK in high fat diet fed mice
Inamdar S, Joshi A, Malik S, Boppana R, Ghaskadbi S
113 - 120 RAB13 as a novel prognosis marker promotes proliferation and chemotherapeutic resistance in gastric cancer
Chen P, Chen GF, Wang CB, Mao CY
121 - 126 Identification of a novel humoral antifungal defense molecule in the hemolymph of tasar silkworm Antheraea mylitta
Chakraborty M, Mandal SM, Basak A, Ghosh AK
127 - 133 Pellicle development of Shewanella oneidensis is an aerotaxis-piloted and energy-dependent process
Wu GF, Jin FF
134 - 140 Cdc42-mediated supracellular cytoskeleton induced cancer cell migration under low shear stress
Liu LL, Jiang H, Zhao W, Meng Y, Li J, Huang TW, Sun JH
141 - 147 The C-terminal HCN4 variant P883R alters channel properties and acts as genetic modifier of atrial fibrillation and structural heart disease
Weigl I, Geschwill P, Reiss M, Bruehl C, Draguhn A, Koenen M, Sedaghat-Hamedani F, Meder B, Thomas D, Katus HA, Schweizer PA
148 - 152 M-class hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cardiac actin mutations increase calcium sensitivity of regulated thin filaments
Teng GZ, Shaikh Z, Liu H, Dawson JF
153 - 159 Ammonia mediates mitochondrial uncoupling and promotes glycolysis via HIF-1 activation in human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells
Lu YP, Wang L, Ding WW, Wang D, Wang XT, Luo QQ, Zhu L
160 - 165 Crystal structure of dihydropyrimidinase in complex with anticancer drug 5-fluorouracil
Huang YH, Ning ZJ, Huang CY
166 - 171 miR-138 activates NF-kappa B signaling and PGRN to promote rheumatoid arthritis via regulating HDAC4
Shao L, Hou CF
172 - 178 Hsa_circ_0035483 sponges hsa-miR-335 to promote the gemcitabine-resistance of human renal cancer cells by autophagy regulation
Yan L, Liu GH, Cao HX, Zhang HT, Shao FM
179 - 185 REDD1 knockdown protects H9c2 cells against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury through Akt/mTORC1/Nrf2 pathway-ameliorated oxidative stress: An in vitro study
Li P, Lin N, Guo ML, Huang H, Yu T, Zhang LN
186 - 191 The pH-dependent conformational change of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5: Insights into partner-binding manner
Ye YX, Chen MR, Kato K, Yao M
192 - 197 MiR-26a and miR-26b downregulate the expression of sucrase-isomaltase enzyme: A new chapter in diabetes treatment
Mehraban MH, Motovali-Bashi M, Ghasemi Y
198 - 203 Expression of styAB is regulated by a two-component system during indigo biosynthesis in Pseudomonas putida
Cheng L, Yue JM, Yin S, Ren MJ, Wang CT
204 - 210 DCAF7 is required for maintaining the cellular levels of ERCC1-XPF and nucleotide excision repair
Kawara H, Akahori R, Wakasugi M, Sancar A, Matsunaga T
211 - 211 4-Amino-2-Trifluoromethyl-Phenyl Retinate induced leukemia cell differentiation by decreasing eIF6 (vol 503, pg 2033, 2018)
Wang K, Wang C, Zhu CJ, Li G, Li Y, Feng YB, Ruan JJ, Zhu F, Meng Y, Zhou RP, Chen FH