Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.516, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1053 - 1059 CD200 dysfunction in neuron contributes to synaptic deficits and cognitive impairment
Feng DP, Huang AQ, Yan W, Chen DZ
1060 - 1065 Identification by nano-LC-MS/MS of NT5DC2 as a protein binding to tyrosine hydroxylase: Down-regulation of NT5DC2 by siRNA increases catecholamine synthesis in PC12D cells
Nakashima A, Yamaguchi H, Kodani Y, Kaneko YS, Kawata M, Nagasaki H, Nagatsu T, Ota A
1066 - 1072 Inhibition of MCF-7 breast cancer cell proliferation by a synthetic peptide derived from the C-terminal sequence of Orai channel
Li S, Yao ML, Niu CQ, Liu D, Tang ZM, Gu CM, Zhao HY, Ke J, Wu SY, Wang X, Wu FY
1073 - 1077 Mycofactocin is essential for the establishment of methylotrophy in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Dubey AA, Jain V
1078 - 1084 Physicochemical properties, antifungal activity and cytotoxicity of selenium sulfide nanoparticles green synthesized by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Asghari-Paskiabi F, Imani M, Rafii-Tabar H, Razzaghi-Abyaneh M
1085 - 1089 Electrospinning of silica nanoparticles-entrapped nanofibers for sustained gentamicin release
Chen XB, Xu C, He H
1090 - 1096 "Bottom-up" preparation of MoS2 quantum dots for tumor imaging and their in vivo behavior study
Shi ML, Dong LN, Zheng SH, Hou PF, Cai LL, Zhao MM, Zhang XL, Wang Q, Li JJ, Xu K
1097 - 1102 Changes in acetyl-CoA mediate Sik3-induced maturation of chondrocytes in endochondral bone formation
Kosai A, Horike N, Takei Y, Yamashita A, Fujita K, Kamatani T, Tsumaki N
1103 - 1109 Thioredoxin-1 promotes macrophage reverse cholesterol transport and protects liver from steatosis
Wang X, Zhao HS, Yan WJ, Liu Y, Yin T, Wang S, Fan MM, Li CY, Zhang L, Tao L
1110 - 1115 KLF4 suppresses the tumor activity of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) cells via the regulation of SMAD signaling and SOX2 expression
Li XM, Kim SJ, Hong DK, Jung KE, Choi CW, Seo YJ, Lee JH, Lee Y, Kim CD
1116 - 1122 Cullin-3/KCTD10 complex is essential for K27-polyubiquitination of EIF3D in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells
Maekawa M, Hiyoshi H, Nakayama J, Kido K, Sawasaki T, Semba K, Kubota E, Joh T, Higashiyama S
1123 - 1129 Structural features of methionine aminopeptidase2-active core peptide essential for binding with S100A4
Katagiri N, Nagatoishi S, Tsumoto K, Endo H
1130 - 1136 Identification of a distal allosteric ligand binding pocket in HtrA3
Acharya S, Dutta S, Chopra S, Bose K
1137 - 1144 Sulfiredoxin-1 alleviates high glucose-induced podocyte injury though promoting Nrf2/ARE signaling via inactivation of GSK-3 beta
Shen Y, Chen SN, Zhao Y
1145 - 1151 Impact of 5 '-end nucleotide modifications of HIV-1 genomic RNA on reverse transcription
Huang YL, Kawai G, Hasegawa A, Kannagi M, Masuda T
1152 - 1158 Function of Atg11 in non-selective autophagy and selective autophagy of Candida albicans
Cui LF, Zhao H, Yin YJ, Liang C, Mao XL, Liu YZ, Yu QL, Li MC
1159 - 1166 Hepatocytes derived extracellular vesicles from high-fat diet induced obese mice modulate genes expression and proliferation of islet beta cells
Fu Q, Li Y, Jiang HM, Shen ZY, Gao R, He YQ, Liu YW, Xu KF, Yang T
1167 - 1174 Surface-structured bacterial cellulose loaded with hUSCs accelerate skin wound healing by promoting angiogenesis in rats
Cao YM, Liu MY, Xue ZW, Qiu Y, Li J, Wang Y, Wu QK
1175 - 1182 Structural characterization and emulsifying properties of thinned young apples polysaccharides
Hou YJ, Gong T, Zhang JT, Yang X, Guo YR
1183 - 1189 Structure and dynamics of human and bacterial acyl carrier proteins and their interactions with fatty acid synthesis proteins
Park J, Lee Y, Cheon D, Kim Y
1190 - 1195 Solution NMR structure and ligand identification of human Gas7 SH3 domain reveal a typical SH3 fold but a non-canonical ligand-binding mode
Nie Y, Zhu J, Ramelot TA, Kennedy MA, Liu ML, He T, Yang YH
1196 - 1203 Spinal miR-34a regulates inflammatory pain by targeting SIRT1 in complete Freund's adjuvant mice
Chen SD, Gu YX, Dai QX, He YS, Wang JL
1204 - 1210 beta Pix heterozygous mice have defects in neuronal morphology and social interaction
Kwon Y, Lee SJ, Lee E, Kim D, Park D
1211 - 1215 Disruption of flavin homeostasis in isolated rat liver mitochondria
Frolova MS, Marchenkov VV, Vekshin NL
1216 - 1221 Dynamical phase transition in spike neuronal firing patterns of hippocampal cells
Bravo-Martinez J, Rivera AL, Toledo-Roy JC, Arenas I, Frank A, Garcia DE
1222 - 1228 Deoxyelephantopin suppresses hepatic stellate cells activation associated with inhibition of aerobic glycolysis via hedgehog pathway
Gao W, Sun J, Wang F, Lu YX, Wen C, Bian QY, Wu HY
1229 - 1233 Postnatal Runx2 deletion leads to low bone mass and adipocyte accumulation in mice bone tissues
Tosa I, Yamada D, Yasumatsu M, Hinoi E, Ono M, Oohashi T, Kuboki T, Takarada T
1234 - 1241 The lncRNA DAPK-IT1 regulates cholesterol metabolism and inflammatory response in macrophages and promotes atherogenesis
Zhen ZG, Ren SH, Ji HM, Ding XM, Zou P, Lu J
1242 - 1247 Adenovirus oncoprotein E4orf6 triggers Cullin5 neddylation to activate the CLR5 E3 ligase for p53 degradation
Guo HR, Shen SY, Li Y, Bi R, Zhang NN, Zheng WW, Deng YY, Yang Y, Yu XF, Wang CX, Wei W
1248 - 1251 Polyamine oxidase 2 is involved in regulating excess spermidine contents during seed germination and early seedling development in Arabidopsis thaliana
Takahashi Y, Uemura T, Teshima Y
1252 - 1257 Tripartite motif containing protein 37 involves in thrombin stimulated BV-2 microglial cell apoptosis and interleukin 1 beta release
Han C, Xia XP, Jiao S, Li G, Ran QS, Yao ST
1258 - 1264 Changes in the transcriptome profile of breast cancer cells grown as spheroids
Munoz-Galindo L, Melendez-Zajgla J, Pacheco-Fernandez T, Rodriguez-Sosa M, Mandujano-Tinoco EA, Vazquez-Santillan K, Castro-Oropeza R, Lizarraga F, Sanchez-Lopez JM, Maldonado V
1265 - 1271 Typhaneoside prevents acute myeloid leukemia (AML) through suppressing proliferation and inducing ferroptosis associated with autophagy
Zhu HY, Huang ZX, Chen GQ, Sheng F, Zheng YS
1272 - 1278 USP10 protects against cerebral ischemia injury by suppressing inflammation and apoptosis through the inhibition of TAK1 signaling
Wang L, Wu DC, Xu ZR