Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.516, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Conversion of human fibroblasts into functional Leydig-like cells by small molecules and a single factor
Zhou J, Hou YP, Zhang ZY, Xing XY, Zou XY, Zhong L, Huang H, Zhang Z, Sun J
8 - 14 ACAP4 interacts with CrkII to promote the recycling of integrin beta 1
Song XY, Xu WJ, Xu GS, Kong S, Ding L, Xiao J, Cao XW, Wang FS
15 - 21 Cilia function is associated with axon initial segment morphology
Wang BJ, Hu LL, Sun ZH, Zhang Y
22 - 27 METTL3 promotes experimental osteoarthritis development by regulating inflammatory response and apoptosis in chondrocyte
Liu QB, Li M, Jiang L, Jiang R, Fu B
28 - 36 miR-199a-3p promotes cardiomyocyte proliferation by inhibiting Cd151 expression
Tao Y, Zhang HJ, Huang SQ, Pei LJ, Feng MY, Zhao XD, Ouyang ZH, Yao S, Jiang R, Wei K
37 - 43 Role of TLR4/NADPH oxidase 4 pathway in promoting cell death through autophagy and ferroptosis during heart failure
Chen XQ, Xu SD, Zhao CX, Liu B
44 - 49 Induction of Trop-2 expression through the binding of galectin-3 to MUC1
Yamashita T, Mori Y, Alzaaqi SM, Yashiro M, Sawada T, Hirakawa K, Nakada H
50 - 56 Dynamic compartmentalization of purine nucleotide metabolic enzymes at leading edge in highly motile renal cell carcinoma
Wolfe K, Kofuji S, Yoshino H, Sasaki M, Okumura K, Sasaki AT
57 - 62 Characterization of influenza virus PR8 strain cultured in embryonated eggs by cryo-electron tomography
Chen Q, Huang XR, Wei RS, Zhang L, Yin CC
63 - 67 The second PDZ domain of scaffold protein Frmpd2 binds to GluN2A of NMDA receptors
Lu X, Zhang QJ, Wang T
68 - 74 Protective effect of agmatine against hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury via regulating lncRNA gadd7
Liu GY, Mei H, Chen M, Qin S, Li K, Zhang W, Chen T
75 - 81 1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 attenuates oxidative stress-induced damage in human trabecular meshwork cells by inhibiting TGF beta-SMAD3-VDR pathway
Lv YJ, Han XH, Yao QB, Zhang K, Zheng LN, Hong W, Xing XL
82 - 88 Brucella infection regulates peroxiredoxin-5 protein expression to facilitate intracellular survival by reducing the production of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species
Hu H, Tian MX, Li P, Bao YQ, Guan X, Lian ZM, Yin Y, Ding C, Yu SQ
89 - 95 New evidence of exercise training benefits in myostatin-deficient mice: Effect on lipidomic abnormalities
Baati N, Feillet-Coudray C, Fouret G, Vernus B, Goustard B, Jollet M, Bertrand-Gaday C, Coudray C, Lecomte J, Bonnieu A, Koechlin-Ramonatxo C
96 - 101 Mimicking the tumor microenvironment: Fibroblasts reduce miR-29b expression and increase the motility of ovarian cancer cells in a co-culture model
Medeiros M, Ribeiro AO, Lupi LA, Romualdo GR, Pinhal D, Chuffa LGD, Delella FK
102 - 111 CircSAMD4A accelerates cell proliferation of osteosarcoma by sponging miR-1244 and regulating MDM2 mRNA expression
Zhao YB, Zhang J
112 - 119 Molecular mechanisms governing shade responses in maize
Shi QB, Kong FY, Zhang HS, Jiang YE, Heng SQ, Liang R, Ma L, Liu JS, Lu X, Li PH, Li G
120 - 126 Gut microbiota adaptation to high altitude in indigenous animals
Ma Y, Ma S, Chang L, Wang HJ, Ga Q, Ma L, Bai ZZ, Shen YY, Ge RL
127 - 132 Protective effect of folic acid on vulnerability to oxidative stress in dental pulp stem cells of deciduous teeth from children with orofacial clefts
Zhang Y, Sun X, Han X, Sato H, Hirofuji Y, Masuda K
133 - 137 Phosphatase-dependent fluctuations in DNA-damage checkpoint activation at partially defective telomeres
Miura A, Matsuura A
138 - 143 MGARP is ultrastructurally located in the inner faces of mitochondrial membranes
Zhang SP
144 - 148 Depletion interaction forces contribute to erythrocyte-endothelial adhesion in diabetes
Kaliyaperumal R, Deng XP, Meiselman HJ, Song H, Dalan R, Leow MKS, Neu B
149 - 156 Basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor Twistl is a novel regulator of anterior gradient protein 2 homolog (AGR2) in breast cancer
Jung SY, Yun J, Kim SJ, Kang S, Kim DY, Kim YJ, Park JH, Jang WB, Ji ST, Ha JS, Van LTH, Giang LTT, Rethineswaran VK, Kim DH, Song P, Kwon SM
157 - 162 A novel protease inhibitor causes inclusion vacuole reduction and disrupts the intracellular growth of Chlamydia trachomatis
Zhou YC, Lu XF, Huang D, Lu YY, Zhang HB, Zhang L, Yu P, Wang FY, Wang Y
163 - 170 Lutein and zeaxanthin isomers may attenuate photo-oxidative retinal damage via modulation of G protein-coupled receptors and growth factors in rats
Sahin K, Gencoglu H, Akdemir F, Orhan C, Tuzcu M, Sahin N, Yilmaz I, Juturu V
171 - 176 DLX3 regulates osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via Wnt/beta-catenin pathway mediated histone methylation of DKK4
Sun SC, Yu M, Fan ZZ, Yeh IT, Feng HL, Liu HC, Han D
177 - 182 Elastic modulus and migration capability of drug treated leukemia cells K562
Wang K, Xue YT, Peng Y, Pang XC, Zhang YJ, Ruiz-Ortega LI, Tian Y, Ngan AHW, Tang B
183 - 188 Synergistic effect of paclitaxel and verapamil to overcome multi-drug resistance in breast cancer cells
Li P, Zhong D, Gong PY
189 - 195 Structure of Thermococcus litoralis trans-3-hydroxy-L-proline dehydratase in the free and substrate-complexed form
Ferraris DM, Miggiano R, Watanabe S, Rizzi M
196 - 201 Crystal structure of PppA from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a key regulatory component of type VI secretion systems
Wu YJ, Gong JY, Liu S, Li DY, Wu YL, Zhang X, Ren Y, Xu SJ, Sun JC, Wang T, Lin QH, Liu L
202 - 208 Mitofusin 2, a mitochondria-ER tethering protein, facilitates osteoclastogenesis by regulating the calcium-calcineurin-NFATc1 axis
Jung S, Kwon JO, Kim MK, Song MK, Kim B, Lee ZH, Kim HH
209 - 214 FAM3A protects chondrocytes against interleukin-1 beta-induced apoptosis through regulating PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway
Yan S, Jiang CQ, Li H, Li DY, Dong W
215 - 221 Long non-coding RNA Bhmt-AS attenuates hepatic gluconeogenesis via modulation of Bhmt expression
Shen X, Zhang YJ, Zhang X, Yao YW, Zheng YJ, Cui XW, Liu C, Wang Q, Li JZ
222 - 228 Differentiation of lymphoblastoid-derived iPSCs into functional cardiomyocytes, neurons and myoblasts
Poulin H, Martineau L, Racine V, Puymirat J, Chahine M
229 - 235 Loss of homeoprotein Msx1 and Msx2 leading to athletic and kinematic impairment related to the increasing neural excitability of neurons in aberrant neocortex in mice
Yu B, Jin YQ, Shen Y, Yang YN, Wang G, Zhu HY, Yu YG, Wang JQ
236 - 244 SOX9 dependent FOXA1 expression promotes tumorigenesis in lung carcinoma
Wang XY, Yin YH, Du R
245 - 250 The cooperative induction of macrophage activation by fucoidan derived from Cladosiphon okamuranus and beta-glucan derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Miyazaki Y, Iwaihara Y, Bak J, Nakano H, Takeuchi S, Takeuchi H, Matsui T, Tachikawa D
251 - 257 Acetaminophen-induced reduction in glutathione-S-transferase A1 in hepatocytes: A role for hepatic nuclear factor 1 alpha and its response element
Li Y, Hao BL, Muhammad I, Zhang YY, Yang Y, Shi CX, Chang YC, Li R, Li CW, Liu FP
258 - 263 DNAJC2 is required for mouse early embryonic development
Helary L, Castille J, Passet B, Vaiman A, Beauvallet C, Jaffrezic F, Charles M, Tamzini M, Baraige F, Letheule M, Laubier J, Moazami-Goudarzi K, Vilotte JL, Blanquet V, Duchesne A
264 - 269 Two novel presenilin-1 mutations (I249L and P433S) in early onset Chinese Alzheimer's pedigrees and their functional characterization
Shen LX, Qin W, Wu LY, Zhou AH, Tang Y, Wang Q, Jia LF, Jia JP
270 - 277 Bardoxolone treatment alleviates lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced acute lung injury through suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress regulated by Nrf2 signaling
Pei XF, Zhang XJ, Chen HM
278 - 284 ETV4 promotes proliferation and invasion of lung adenocarcinoma by transcriptionally upregulating MSI2
Cheng TT, Zhang ZJ, Cheng YY, Zhang J, Tang JB, Tan ZH, Liang Z, Chen TL, Liu ZY, Li JH, Zhao J, Zhou RR
285 - 292 GCN2 suppression attenuates cerebral ischemia in mice by reducing apoptosis and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress through the blockage of FoxO3a-regulated ROS production
Shi WZ, Tian Y, Li J
293 - 299 C/EBP epsilon Delta RS derived from a neutrophil-specific granule deficiency patient interacts with HDAC1 and its dysfunction is restored by trichostatin A
Muraoka M, Akagi T, Ueda A, Wada T, Koeffler HP, Yokota T, Yachie A
300 - 306 Exendin-4 enhances proliferation of senescent osteoblasts through activation of the IGF-1/IGF-1R signaling pathway
Zhang MJ, Xie YZ, Zhou Y, Chen XW, Xin ZM, An JJ, Hou JM, Chen Z
307 - 312 The combination of Decitabine and EPZ-6438 effectively facilitate adipogenic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Chen J, Chen X, Yao JF, Li M, Yang XY
313 - 319 Muscle fiber-type selective propensity to pathology in the nmd mouse model of SMARD1
Villalon E, Lee NN, Marquez J, Lorson CL
320 - 326 Uncovering kappa-opioid receptor agonist-induced PAK1/2 phosphorylation by quantitative phosphoproteomics
Wu JH, Jiang QH, Zhu HW, Zhou YT, Lu DY, Liu X, Chen XL, Chen J, Wang YJ, Liu JG, Song RT, Huang RM, Zhou H