Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.514, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1031 - 1036 Structural characterization of an isopenicillin N synthase family oxygenase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
Zhang H, Che SY, Wang RH, Liu RH, Zhang QL, Bartlam M
1037 - 1039 Genetic inhibition of CRMP2 phosphorylation delays Wallerian degeneration after optic nerve injury
Kinoshita Y, Kondo S, Takahashi K, Nagai J, Wakatsuki S, Araki T, Goshima Y, Ohshima T
1040 - 1044 Depletion of microglia ameliorates white matter injury and cognitive impairment in a mouse chronic cerebral hypoperfusion model
Kakae M, Tobori S, Morishima M, Nagayasu K, Shirakawa H, Kaneko S
1045 - 1050 The CncC/keap1 pathway is activated in high temperature-induced metamorphosis and mediates the expression of Cyp450 genes in silkworm, Bombyx mori
Li JX, Mao TT, Wang H, Lu ZT, Qu JW, Fang YL, Chen J, Li MX, Cheng XY, Hu JH, Gu ZY, Ni M, Li FC, Li B
1051 - 1057 Long noncoding RNA DDX11-AS1 epigenetically represses LATS2 by interacting with EZH2 and DNMT1 in hepatocellular carcinoma
Li Y, Zhuang WL, Huang MS, Li XC
1058 - 1065 Resolvin D1 activates the sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling pathway in murine livers with ischemia/reperfusion injury
Kang JW, Choi HS, Shin JK, Lee SM
1066 - 1073 CYLD deficiency exacerbates lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced pyroptosis in astrocytes of mice with sepsis
Li L, Shu MQ, Chen J
1074 - 1080 A novel protein elicitor PeFOC1 from Fusarium oxysporum triggers defense response and systemic resistance in tobacco
Li SW, Nie HZ, Qiu DW, Shi MW, Yuan QH
1081 - 1086 High mobility group box 1 secretion blockade results in the reduction of early pancreatic islet graft loss
Chung H, Hong SJ, Choi SW, Koo JY, Kim M, Kim HJ, Park SB, Park CG
1087 - 1092 Effect of EI24 expression on the tumorigenesis of Apc(Min)/+ colorectal cancer mouse model
Nam TW, Park SY, Lee JH, Roh JI, Lee HW
1093 - 1100 p62/mTOR/LXR alpha pathway inhibits cholesterol efflux mediated by ABCA1 and ABCG1 during autophagy blockage
Liang XF, Wang C, Sun Y, Song W, Lin J, Li JS, Guan XR
1101 - 1107 Profile analysis reveals transfer RNA fragments involved in mesangial cells proliferation
Lu XY, Zhu XY, Yu MY, Na C, Gan WH, Zhang AQ
1108 - 1114 Structural insights into the catalysis and substrate specificity of cyanobacterial aspartate racemase McyF
Cao DD, Zhang CP, Zhou K, Jiang YL, Tan XF, Xie J, Ren YM, Chen YX, Zhou CZ, Hou WT
1115 - 1121 The intercellular expression of type-XVII collagen, laminin-332, and integrin-beta 1 promote contact following during the collective invasion of a cancer cell population
Kumagai Y, Nio-Kobayashi J, Ishida-Ishihara S, Tachibana H, Omori R, Enomoto A, Ishihara S, Haga H
1122 - 1127 Structure and allosteric coupling of type II antitoxin CopA(SO)
Zhao RJ, Li Q, Zhang J, Li FD, Yao JY, Zhang JH, Liu L, Wang XX, Zhang XC
1128 - 1132 Arginine induces IGF-1 secretion from the endoplasmic reticulum
Tsugawa Y, Handa H, Imai T
1133 - 1139 Isoorientin alleviates UVB-induced skin injury by regulating mitochondrial ROS and cellular autophagy
Zheng HN, Zhang MF, Luo H, Li H
1140 - 1146 Long non-coding RNA ANGPTL1-3 promotes multiple myeloma bortezomib resistance by sponging miR-30a-3p to activate c-Maf expression
Nian FG, Zhu J, Chang HN
1147 - 1153 Nanoparticles conjugated with bacteria targeting tumors for precision imaging and therapy
Luo Y, Xu D, Gao X, Xiong J, Jiang BL, Zhang Y, Wang YT, Tang Y, Chen C, Qiao H, Li HN, Zou JZ
1154 - 1159 Intracellular Doppler Spectroscopy detects altered drug response in SKOV3 tumor spheroids with silenced or inhibited P-glycoprotein
Narayanan G, Merrill D, An R, Nolte DD, Turek JJ
1160 - 1166 Overexpression of Brg1 alleviates high glucose-induced retinal ganglion cell apoptosis though regulating Notch/Hes1 signaling
Zhang XH, Lu Y, Wang JC, He N
1167 - 1171 Bob1 enhances ROR gamma t-mediated IL-17A expression in Th17 cells through interaction with ROR gamma t
Ikegami I, Takaki H, Kamiya S, Kamekura R, Ichimiya S
1172 - 1178 Circ_ORC2 enhances the regulatory effect of miR-19a on its target gene PTEN to affect osteosarcoma cell growth
Li X, Sun XH, Xu HY, Pan HS, Liu Y, He L
1179 - 1184 Clinically relevant concentration of sevoflurane suppresses cervical cancer growth and migration through targeting multiple oncogenic pathways
Ding J, Zhang LX, Zeng S, Feng T
1185 - 1191 The N-terminal sequence of murine PRMT5 variant 2 is required for Hsp70 interaction and CHIP ligase-mediated degradation
Lu WZ, Kim JD, Tabara S, Kwon C, Mizukami H, Kimura K, Fukamizu A
1192 - 1197 Crystal structure of the choline-binding protein CbpJ from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Xu Q, Zhang JW, Chen YX, Li Q, Jiang YL
1198 - 1203 The orphan receptor GPRC5B modulates inflammatory and fibrotic pathways in cardiac fibroblasts and mice hearts
von Samson-Himmelstjerna FA, Freundt G, Nitz JT, Stelter F, Luedde M, Wieland T, Frey N, Hippe HJ
1204 - 1209 Oxidative stress induces senescence in breast cancer stem cells
Zhong GX, Qin SH, Townsend D, Schulte BA, Tew KD, Wang GY
1210 - 1216 SP promotes cell proliferation in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma through the NK1R/Hes1 axis
Wang F, Liu SS, Liu JQ, Feng F, Guo YH, Zhang WM, Zheng GZ, Wang Q, Cai LA, Guo M, Lian X, Xu GH, Zhang HW
1217 - 1223 Comparative interactome analysis reveals distinct and overlapping properties of Raf family kinases
Zhang XY, Guo H, Huang Y, Hao PQ, Yang Y, Liu Y, Guo XX, Hao Q, An S, Xu TR
1224 - 1230 Antibacterial evaluation and mode of action study of BIMQ, a novel bacterial cell division inhibitor
Sun N, Li M, Cai SY, Li Y, Chen CC, Zheng YY, Li XM, Fang ZY, Lv HR, Lu YJ
1231 - 1237 Adipocyte-specific expression of a retinoic acid receptor alpha dominant negative form causes glucose intolerance and hepatic steatosis in mice
Lee SA, Jiang HF, Feranil JB, Brun PJ, Blaner WS
1238 - 1243 Starvation effect on the morphology of microvilli in HeLa cells
Liu L, Wang KZ, Liu JY, Wei YH, Liu WJ, Zhang P, Hu J, Li B
1244 - 1250 Vx-11e protects against titanium-particle-induced osteolysis and osteoclastogenesis by supressing ERK activity
Li C, Wu ZX, Yuan GX, Fang ZF, Lin XX, Pu RY, Kang YB, Li L, Shao SY, Ding JX, Zhao JM, Liu Q, Qin A
1251 - 1256 microRNA-16-5p promotes 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation through regulating EPT1
Xu JJ, Zhang LP, Shu GB, Wang B
1257 - 1263 Effects of direct high sodium exposure at endothelial cell migration
Torres BM, Leal MAS, Brun BF, Porto ML, Melo SFS, de Oliveira EM, Barauna VG, Vassallo PF
1264 - 1269 Loss of abcd4 in zebrafish leads to vitamin B-12-deficiency anemia
Choi YM, Kim YI, Choi JH, Bhandari S, Nam IK, Hong K, Kwak S, So HS, Park DS, Kim CH, Choi TY, Choe SK
1270 - 1277 Verbascoside suppresses the migration and invasion of human glioblastoma cells via targeting c-Met-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Hei B, Wang J, Wu GY, Ouyang J, Liu RE
1278 - 1284 Cancer upregulated gene 2 (CUG2), a novel oncogene, promotes sternness-like properties via the NPM1-TGF-beta signaling axis
Kaowinn S, Seo EJ, Heo W, Bae JH, Park EJ, Lee S, Kim YJ, Koh SS, Jang I, Shin DH, Chung YH
1285 - 1289 Nerve growth factor receptor TrkA signaling in streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes rat brain
Vines K, Li RZ, Geetha T, Broderick TL, Carroll CC, Babu JR