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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.514, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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567 - 573 The human Exonuclease-1 interactome and phosphorylation sites
Eid W, Hess D, Konig C, Gentili C, Ferrari S
574 - 579 A novel Kir7.1 splice variant expressed in various mouse tissues shares organisational and functional properties with human Leber amaurosis-causing mutations of this K+ channel
Vera E, Cornejo I, Burgos J, Niemeyer MI, Sepulveda FV, Cid LP
580 - 585 Identification and application of p75 neurotrophin receptor-expressing human trabecular meshwork progenitor cells
Hara S, Tsujikawa M, Nishida K
586 - 592 Exogenous mesenchymal stem cells affect the function of endogenous lung stem cells (club cells) in phosgene-induced lung injury
Ye KL, He DK, Shao YR, Xu N, Jin CY, Zhang L, Shen J
593 - 600 IDH2 protects against nonalcoholic steatohepatitis by alleviating dyslipidemia regulated by oxidative stress
Gong F, Gao L, Ding T
601 - 606 Crystal structure of gamma-aminobutyrate aminotransferase in complex with a PLP-GABA adduct from Corynebacterium glutamicum
Hong J, Kim KJ
607 - 612 CXCL10 production induced by high levels of IKK epsilon in nasal airway epithelial cells in the setting of chronic inflammation
Nam YR, Lee KJ, Lee H, Joo CH
613 - 617 Thermal unfolding of various human non-muscle isoforms of tropomyosin
Nefedova VV, Marchenko MA, Kleymenov SY, Datskevich PN, Levitsky DI, Matyushenko AM
618 - 624 Mg-Zn-Mn alloy extract induces the angiogenesis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells via FGF/FGFR signaling pathway
Li D, Yuan Q, Yu K, Xiao T, Liu LH, Dai YL, Xiong L, Zhang BY, Li AY
625 - 631 FAT1 cadherin controls neuritogenesis during NTera2 cell differentiation
Ahmed AF, de Bock CE, Sontag E, Hondermarck H, Lincz LF, Thorne RE
632 - 638 Alternative transcription start site selection in ACSS2 controls its nuclear localization and promotes ribosome biosynthesis in hepatocellular carcinoma
Wang YH, Huang S, Zhu L, Yang Q, Yang XM, Gu JR, Zhang ZG, Nie HZ, Li J
639 - 644 Downregulation of DPF3 promotes the proliferation and motility of breast cancer cells through activating JAK2/STAT3 signaling
Lin WH, Dai WG, Xu XD, Yu QH, Zhang B, Li J, Li HP
645 - 652 Cdk5 regulates N-cadherin-dependent neuronal migration during cortical development
Lee DK, Lee H, Yoon J, Hong S, Lee Y, Kim KT, Kim JW, Song MR
653 - 658 The M476W/Q482H mutation of procaspase-8 restored caspase-8-mediated apoptosis
Li M, Wei L, Zhang XM, Zhang YJ, Jiang J, Liu PY
659 - 664 Ubiquitination of cGAS by TRAF6 regulates anti-DNA viral innate immune responses
Chen XF, Chen YF
665 - 671 alpha 4 beta 2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor downregulates D-3 dopamine receptor expression through protein kinase C activation
Acharya S, Kim KM
672 - 677 Trehalose intake and exercise upregulate a glucose transporter, GLUT8, in the brain
Narita H, Tanji K, Miki Y, Mori F, Wakabayashi K
678 - 683 TGF-beta mediates thoracic radiation-induced abscopal effects of testis injury in rat
Zhang JL, Yao D, Zhang JH, Song YM, Mo F, Chu XF, Pan Y, Bai Y, Shao CL
684 - 690 Gli signaling pathway modulates fibroblast activation and facilitates scar formation in pulmonary fibrosis
Tsukui T, Ueha S, Shichino S, Hashimoto S, Nakajima T, Shiraishi K, Kihara M, Kiyonari H, Inagaki Y, Matsushima K
691 - 698 Curcumin upregulates the Nrf2 system by repressing inflammatory signaling-mediated Keap1 expression in insulin-resistant conditions
Ren LW, Zhan P, Wang Q, Wang CX, Liu YN, Yu ZW, Zhang SS
699 - 705 MiR-141-3p inhibits cell proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting TRAF5 in colorectal cancer
Liang Z, Li XL, Liu SQ, Li CH, Wang XL, Xing JT
706 - 712 Oral keratinocyte-derived exosomes regulate proliferation of fibroblasts and epithelial cells
Sjoqvist S, Kasai Y, Shimura D, Ishikawa T, Ali N, Iwata T, Kanai N
713 - 719 Severe Fanconi Anemia phenotypes in Fancd2 depletion mice
Yang Q, Xie H, Zhong YXH, Li DB, Ke XF, Ying HZ, Yu B, Zhang TT
720 - 725 Interaction of the Homer1 EVH1 domain and skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor
Wang TT, Zhang L, Shi C, Wei RS, Yin CC
726 - 733 Conserved microsatellites may contribute to stem-loop structures in 5 ', 3 ' terminals of Ebolavirus genomes
Li DY, Zhang HX, Peng S, Pan SC, Tan ZY
734 - 741 The SNP of rs6854845 suppresses transcription via the DNA looping structure alteration of super-enhancer in colon cells
Cong ZZ, Li QH, Yang YK, Guo XL, Cui LJ, You TG
742 - 749 FilGAP regulates distinct stages of epithelial tubulogenesis
Zuinen T, Tsutsumi K, Ohta Y
750 - 755 Phosphorylation of bip130 by OsMPK1 regulates abscisic acid-induced antioxidant defense in rice
Zhou X, Ni L, Liu YQ, Jiang MY
756 - 758 Meiosis, the master driver of gene duplication in higher plants?
Fan YJ, Guo HH, Wei JM, Zhang Y, Wu JF, Zeng FC
759 - 764 Flexible and precise control of cardiac rhythm with blue light
Cheng Y, Li HT, Lei H, Jiang C, Rao PP, Wang L, Zhou F, Wang X
765 - 771 Structural insights into a maleylpyruvate hydrolase from sphingobium sp. SYK-6, a bacterium degrading lignin-derived aryls
Hong H, Seo H, Kim KJ
772 - 776 Pathways of electron transfer and proton translocation in the action of superoxide dismutase dimer
Ramasarma T, Vaigundan D
777 - 784 microRNA-4532 inhibition protects human lens epithelial cells from ultra-violet-induced oxidative injury via activating SIRT6-Nrf2 signaling
Sun GL, Huang D, Li KR, Jiang Q
785 - 790 Human-rat chimeric anti-occludin monoclonal antibodies inhibit hepatitis C virus infection
Shimizu Y, Yoneda K, Shirasago Y, Suzuki T, Tada M, Ishii-Watabe A, Sugiyama K, Suzuki T, Wakita T, Yagi K, Kondoh M, Fukasawa M
791 - 797 Changes in the function of angiotensin II type 1 receptor due to cholesterol depletion from cell membrane
Matsuo Y, Suematsu Y, Idemoto Y, Kuwano T, Kitajima K, Miura S
798 - 802 Effects of Cu2+ on conformational change and aggregation of hPrP180-192 with a V180I mutation of the prion protein
Sakaguchi Y, Nakamura R, Konishi M, Hatakawa Y, Toyoda H, Akizawa T
803 - 808 Ca2+-dependent interaction between calmodulin and CoDN3, an effector of Colletotrichum orbiculare
Isozumi N, Inoue Y, Imamura T, Mori M, Takano Y, Ohki S
809 - 814 A novel mechanism for ATP to enhance the functional oligomerization of TDP-43 by specific binding
Wang L, Lim LZ, Dang M, Song JX
815 - 820 Differential binding of anti-Reelin monoclonal antibodies reveals the characteristics of Reelin protein under various conditions
Ishii K, Kohno T, Hattori M
821 - 825 Pause of the target gliding microtuble on the virtual cathode
Hatazawa K, Miyazako H, Kawamura R, Hoshino T
826 - 834 GSK621 attenuates oxygen glucose deprivation/re-oxygenation-induced myocardial cell injury via AMPK-dependent signaling
Li TT, Guo Y, Li J, Xu D, Tian HB
835 - 841 Rab7 delays intervertebral disc degeneration through the inhibition of the p38MAPK pathway
Chen X, Zhang P, Ma X
842 - 847 Deficiency of Ttyh1 downstream to Notch signaling results in precocious differentiation of neural stem cells
Wu HN, Cao XL, Fang Z, Zhang YF, Han WJ, Yue KY, Cao Y, Zheng MH, Wang LL, Han H
848 - 852 Spliceostatin A treatment inhibits mitotic clonal expansion and adipogenesis
Kaida D
853 - 860 DLL3 is regulated by LIN28B and miR-518d-5p and regulates cell proliferation, migration and chemotherapy response in advanced small cell lung cancer
Huang JL, Cao DD, Sha J, Zhu XL, Han SH
861 - 867 TanshinonellA phenanthroimidazole derivative polarizes macrophage to improve metabolic homeostasis
Ma L, Luo SY, Zhou L, Zhao ZW, Li Q, Xu L, Gong BY, Qi WW, Zhou T, Yang X, Gao GQ, Mei WJ, Yang ZH
868 - 874 SLIT2 inhibits osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption by suppression of Cdc42 activity
Park SJ, Lee JY, Lee SH, Koh JM, Kim BJ
875 - 880 AIMP1 regulates TCR signaling and induces differentiation of regulatory T cells by interfering with lipid raft association
Kim MS, Lee A, Cho D, Kim TS
881 - 887 Time-lapse FRET analysis reveals the ability of Bax dimer to trigger mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization
Qu WF, Mai ZH, Zhang CS, Du MY, Yang FF, Chen TS
888 - 892 Extracellular Zn2+-independently attenuated LTP by human amyloid beta(1-40) and rat amyloid beta(1-42)
Tamano H, Takiguchi M, Shimaya R, Adlard PA, Bush AI, Takeda A
893 - 900 Helicobacter pylori infection promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of gastric cells by upregulating LAPTM4B
Zhou SF, Chen H, Yuan PH, Shi N, Wang X, Hu JX, Liu LY
901 - 906 Enhanced H/D exchange unravels sequential structural excursions in G57W variant of human gamma S-crystallin with pro-cataractogenic conformations
Bari KJ, Sharma S, Chary KVR
907 - 912 Angiotensin II downregulates vascular endothelial cell hydrogen sulfide production by enhancing cystathionine gamma-lyase degradation through ROS-activated ubiquitination pathway
Bai L, Qi YF, Chen S, Wang JD, Tang CS, Du JB, Jin HF, Huang YQ
913 - 918 Myofibroblast-specific YY1 promotes liver fibrosis
Liu H, Zhang SY, Xu SW, Koroleva M, Small EM, Jin ZG
919 - 925 Protective effects of SND1 in retinal photoreceptor cell damage induced by ionizing radiation
Yao XY, Zhai MY, Zhou LY, Yang L
926 - 932 Characterization of an AP endonuclease from sugarcane-ScARP1
Medeiros NMC, Cordoba-Canero D, Garcia-Gil CB, Ariza RR, Roldan-Arjona T, Scortecci KC
933 - 939 HTRA1 promotes transdifferentiation of normal fibroblasts to cancer-associated fibroblasts through activation of the NF-kappa B/bFGF signaling pathway in gastric cancer
Wu HX, Ma SJ, Xiang MW, Tong SL
940 - 945 Assessment and prevention of cartilage degeneration surrounding a focal chondral defect in the porcine model
Aisenbrey EA, Tomaschke AA, Schoonraad SA, Fischenich KM, Wahlquist JA, Randolph MA, Ferguson VL, Bryant SJ
946 - 952 On identifying low energy conformational excited states with differential ruggedness in human gamma S-crystallin promoting severe infantile cataracts
Bari KJ, Sharma S, Chary KVR
953 - 959 Enhanced autophagic flux contributes to cardioprotection of remifentanil postconditioning after hypoxia/reoxygenation injury in H9c2 cardiomyocytes
Zuo YM, Zhang JQ, Cheng XQ, Li J, Yang ZL, Liu XS, Gu EW, Zhang Y
960 - 966 Disturbed intracellular calcium homeostasis in neural tube defects in diabetic embryopathy
Zhao ZY, Cao LX, Hernandez-Ochoa E, Schneider MF, Reece EA
967 - 973 Understanding the molecular mechanism of umami recognition by T1R1-T1R3 using molecular dynamics simulations
Liu H, Da LT, Liu Y
974 - 978 Structural studies of antiviral inhibitor with HIV-1 protease bearing drug resistant substitutions of V32I, I47V and V82I
Pawar S, Wang YF, Wong-Sam A, Agniswamy J, Ghosh AK, Harrison RW, Weber IT
979 - 984 C5 ' omitted DNA enhances bendability and protein binding
Pant P, Jayaram B
985 - 990 Structural characterization of the redefined DNA-binding domain of human XPA
Lian FM, Yang XW, Yang WC, Jiang YL, Qian CM
991 - 997 Structure and biochemical studies of a pseudomonad maleylpyruvate isomerase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
Hong H, Seo H, Kim KJ
998 - 1003 NLRP3 inhibition improves heart function in GPER knockout mice
Wang H, Sun XM, Hodge HS, Ferrario CM, Groban L
1004 - 1008 Real-time three-dimensional tracking of single synaptic vesicles reveals that synaptic vesicles undergoing kiss-and-run fusion remain close to their original fusion site before reuse
Qin XA, Tsien RW, Park H
1009 - 1016 Histone deacetylases up-regulate C/EBP alpha expression through reduction of miR-124-3p and miR-25 in hepatocellular carcinoma
Hu XX, Feng J, Huang XW, Lu PZ, Wang ZX, Dai HQ, Deng JH, Ye XP, Peng T, Hooi SC, Zhou J, Lu GD
1017 - 1022 LncRNA AWPPH promotes osteosarcoma progression via activation of Wnt/beta-catenin pathway through modulating miR-93-3p/FZD7 axis
Li C, Wang F, Wei B, Wang L, Kong DL
1023 - 1029 Intraspinal administration of interleukin-7 promotes neuronal apoptosis and limits functional recovery through JAK/STAT5 pathway following spinal cord injury
Yuan XC, Wu QB, Wang P, Jing YL, Yao HJ, Tang YS, Han RQ, He WL, Li ZG, Zhang HG, Xiu RJ
1030 - 1030 Engineered endomorphin-2 gene: A novel therapy for improving morphine reinstatement in CPP model of rats by using deficient adenovirus as the vector (vol 513, pg 141, 2019)
Wang XQ, Liu YT, Wu XZ, Zhang Y, Pan RR, Yu WF, Wu FX