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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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767 - 774 Subpollens delivery of Platanus acerifolia pollen allergen Pla a3 and nucleic acid into lungs and cells
Yan FC, Zhang Z, Lin YC, Li Y, Zhang LY, Peng JX, Zhang W, Zhou SM, Lu SL
775 - 780 Hd3a and OsFD1 negatively regulate rice resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola
Ke YG, Wu MX, Zhang QL, Li XH, Xiao JH, Wang SP
781 - 786 Construction of the safe neutralizing assay system using pseudotyped Nipah virus and G protein-specific monoclonal antibody
Bae SE, Kim SS, Moon ST, Cho YD, Lee H, Lee JY, Shin HY, Lee HJ, Kim YB
787 - 793 Dysregulation of humoral immunity in Foxp3 conditional-knockout mice
Tai YK, Sakamoto K, Takano A, Haga K, Harada Y
794 - 799 Interleukin-6 is required for Neuregulin-1 induced HER2 signaling in lung epithelium
Mishra R, Foster DG, Finigan JH, Kern JA
800 - 806 microRNA-4500 inhibits human glioma cell progression by targeting IGF2BP1
Li ZW, Xue M, Zhu BX, Yue CL, Chen M, Qin HH
807 - 811 Diastereomers of a mono-substituted phosphoryl guanidine trideoxyribonucleotide: Isolation and properties
Lomzov AA, Kupryushkin MS, Shernyukov AV, Nekrasov MD, Dovydenko IS, Stetsenko DA, Pyshnyi DV
812 - 819 A novel circular RNA circ-ZNF652 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis through inducing snail-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition by sponging miR-203/miR-502-5p
Guo JB, Duan H, Li Y, Yang L, Yuan L
820 - 826 IGF2BP1 promotes LPS-induced NF kappa B activation and pro-inflammatory cytokines production in human macrophages and monocytes
Xie J, Li Q, Zhu XH, Gao YY, Zhao WH
827 - 833 Long non-coding RNA LOXL1-AS1 acts as a ceRNA for miR-324-3p to contribute to cholangiocarcinoma progression via modulation of ATP-binding cassette transporter A1
Zhang BQ, Zhou ML, Zou LY, Miao JC, Wang YY, Li YC, Lu SD, Yu J
834 - 840 Arsenic trioxide inhibits EMT in hepatocellular carcinoma by promoting lncRNA MEG3 via PKM2
Fan ZY, He J, Fu T, Zhang W, Yang GW, Qu XD, Liu R, Lv L, Wang JH
841 - 845 Microglia promote the proliferation of neural precursor cells by secreting osteopontin
Yamamiya M, Tanabe S, Muramatsu R
846 - 851 Tetrandrine induces apoptosis in human neuroblastoma through regulating the Hippo/YAP signaling pathway
Zhao Q, Jia X, Zhang YY, Dong YP, Lei YTT, Tan XY, Williamson RA, Wang AY, Zhang D, Ma JL
852 - 856 Sestrin 2 protects against metabolic stress in a p53-independent manner
Wang JM, Liu BQ, Li C, Du ZX, Sun J, Yan J, Jiang JY, Wang HQ
857 - 861 Single-molecule nanomechanical spectroscopy shows calcium ions contribute to chain association and structural flexibility of blood clotting factor VIII
Cheng J, Wang YD, Pan YT, Li XL, Hu J, Lu JH
862 - 868 Ribavirin sensitizes nasopharyngeal carcinoma to 5-fluorouracil through suppressing 5-fluorouracil-induced ERK-dependent-eIF4E activation
Hu ZH, Zhen LF, Li Q, Han Q, Hua QQ
869 - 874 Construction of the common cortical space by spontaneous activity and its application in the mouse cortex
O'Hashi K, Sohya K, Matsuno H, Tsuchimine S, Kunugi H
875 - 882 MicroRNA-146b-5p protects oligodendrocyte precursor cells from oxygen/glucose deprivation-induced injury through regulating Keap1/Nrf2 signaling via targeting bromodomain-containing protein 4
Li XQ, Zhang W, Xiao M, Wang FH, Zhou P, Yang J, Chen XL
883 - 890 NIPA2 regulates osteoblast function via its effect on apoptosis pathways in type 2 diabetes osteoporosis
Zhao W, Zhang WL, Yang B, Sun J, Yang MW
891 - 897 Process of immunogenic cell death caused by disulfiram as the anti-colorectal cancer candidate
You SY, Rui W, Chen ST, Chen HC, Liu XW, Huang J, Chen HY
898 - 903 Effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate on the HMGB1/RAGE pathway in PM2.5-exposed asthmatic rats
Li YZ, Chen LX, Guo FF, Cao Y, Hu WJ, Shi Y, Lin XC, Hou J, Li LP, Ding XF, Guo YJ
904 - 911 The circRNA circP4HB promotes NSCLC aggressiveness and metastasis by sponging miR-133a-5p
Wang T, Wang XX, Du QY, Wu N, Liu XC, Chen YQ, Wang XJ
912 - 918 Absence of mitochondrial DNA methylation in mouse oocyte maturation, aging and early embryo development
Fan LH, Wang ZB, Li QN, Meng TG, Dong MZ, Hou Y, Ouyang YC, Schatten H, Sun QY
919 - 924 Intraviral interactome of Chikungunya virus reveals the homo-oligomerization and palmitoylation of structural protein TF
Yin H, Yin PQ, Zhao HJ, Zhang N, Jian X, Song SQ, Gao S, Zhang LL
925 - 932 Inhibition of MEK5 suppresses TDP-43 toxicity via the mTOR-independent activation of the autophagy-lysosome pathway
Jo M, Lee S, Kim K, Lee S, Kim SR, Kim HJ
933 - 939 Determinants of lentiviral Vpx-CRL4 E3 ligase-mediated SAMHD1 degradation in the substrate adaptor protein DCAF1
Guo HR, Zhang NN, Shen SY, Yu XF, Wei W
940 - 946 Prenylated Rab acceptor RABAC1 inhibits anti-apoptotic protein BCL2A1 and induces apoptosis
Kim JT, Cho HJ, Cho MY, Lim J, Park ES, Lim JS, Lee HG
947 - 951 HSP70/DNAJA3 chaperone/cochaperone regulates NF-kappa B activity in immune responses
Kumada K, Fuse N, Tamura T, Okamori C, Kurata S
952 - 957 Crystal structure of phyllogen, a phyllody-inducing effector protein of phytoplasma
Iwabuchi N, Maejima K, Kitazawa Y, Miyatake H, Nishikawa M, Tokuda R, Koinuma H, Miyazaki A, Nijo T, Oshima K, Yamaji Y, Namba S
958 - 966 Exosomes derived from plasma of septic patients inhibit apoptosis of T lymphocytes by down-regulating bad via hsa-miR-7-5p
Deng JN, Li YQ, Liu Y, Li Q, Hu Y, Xu JQ, Sun TY, Xie LX
967 - 973 CDK9 modulates circadian clock by attenuating REV-ERB alpha activity
Ou JL, Li HL, Qiu PY, Li Q, Chang HC, Tang YC
974 - 982 Inhibition of GIP signaling extends lifespan without caloric restriction
Hoizumi M, Sato T, Shimizu T, Kato S, Tsukiyama K, Narita T, Fujita H, Morii T, Sassa MH, Seino Y, Yamada Y
983 - 989 Knockdown of slincRAD leads to defective adipose development in vivo
Zhang P, Bai HC, Li J, Liu JH, Ma WZ, Xu B, Xia Q, Wang J, Yi F, Du Q
990 - 996 Electrical stimulation induces direct reprogramming of human dermal fibroblasts into hyaline chondrogenic cells
Lee GS, Kim MG, Kwon HJ
997 - 1004 Platelet microvesicles promote the recovery of neurological function in mouse model of cerebral infarction by inducing angiogenesis
Wang Q, Wei JC, Shi YL
1005 - 1012 Transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 is a critical mediator in LPS mediated inflammation by mediating calcineurin/NFATc3 signaling
Li M, Fang XZ, Zheng YF, Xie YB, Ma XD, Liu XT, Xia Y, Shao DH
1013 - 1018 HERC4 exerts an anti-tumor role through destabilizing the oncoprotein Smo
Sun XH, Sun B, Cui M, Zhou ZZ
1019 - 1026 Silencing FOXO1 attenuates dexamethasone-induced apoptosis in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells
Xing L, Zhang XQ, Feng H, Liu SS, Li DF, Hasegawa T, Guo J, Li MQ
1027 - 1034 ZFR promotes cell proliferation and tumor development in colorectal and liver cancers
Long YR, Marian TA, Wei ZB
1035 - 1040 Creatine kinase muscle type specifically interacts with saturated fatty acid- and/or monounsaturated fatty acid-containing phosphatidic acids
Hoshino F, Murakami C, Sakai H, Satoh M, Sakane F
1041 - 1047 Tbx6 induces cardiomyocyte proliferation in postnatal and adult mouse hearts
Haginiwa S, Sadahiro T, Kojima H, Isomi M, Tamura F, Kurotsu S, Tani H, Muraoka N, Miyake N, Miyake K, Fukuda K, Ieda M
1048 - 1054 Positive effect of exogenous brain-derived neurotrophic factor on impaired neurite development and mitochondrial function in dopaminergic neurons derived from dental pulp stem cells from children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Nguyen HTN, Kato H, Sato H, Yamaza H, Sakai Y, Ohga S, Nonaka K, Masuda K
1055 - 1062 High glucose/ox-LDL induced hepatic sinusoidal capillarization via alpha v beta 5/FAK/ERK signaling pathway
Zhang Q, Yu J, Guo TK, Tian LM, Quan JX, Lin WY, Niu XE, Liu J
1063 - 1069 2-D08 as a SUMOylation inhibitor induced ROS accumulation mediates apoptosis of acute myeloid leukemia cells possibly through the deSUMOylation of NOX2
Zhou P, Chen X, Li MK, Tan JQ, Zhang YC, Yuan WP, Zhou JF, Wang GX
1070 - 1075 Glyphosate induces toxicity and modulates calcium and NO signaling in zebrafish embryos
Gaur H, Bhargava A
1076 - 1082 Oligonucleotide-directed STAT3 alternative splicing switch drives anti-tumorigenic outcomes in MCF10 human breast cancer cells
Tano V, Jans DA, Bogoyevitch MA
1083 - 1091 A novel antibody-drug conjugate, HcHAb18-DM1, has potent anti-tumor activity against human non-small cell lung cancer
Huhe MR, Lou JX, Zhu YM, Zhao Y, Shi Y, Wang B, Sun XX, Zhang XQ, Zhang Y, Chen ZN
1092 - 1099 Protopanaxadiol alleviates obesity in high-fat diet-fed mice via activation of energy-sensing neuron in the paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
Liu CH, Li HL, Zhou ZY, Li JX, Chen H, Liu YL, Huang C, Fan SJ
1100 - 1105 Link between cardiac function and the antioxidative defense mechanism in aged rats
Qian X, Asad SB, Li JX, Wang J, Wei DQ, Zhao Y, Wang Y, Zhu H
1106 - 1106 Long non-coding RNA Linc00320 inhibits glioma cell proliferation through restraining Wnt/beta-catenin signaling (vol 508, pg 458, 2019)
Tian SW, Liu W, Pan YX, Zhan SK