Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.513, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Lenvatinib induces death of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells harboring an activated FGF signaling pathway through inhibition of FGFR-MAPK cascades
Hoshi T, Miyano SW, Watanabe H, Sonobe RMK, Seki Y, Ohta E, Nomoto K, Matsui J, Funahashi Y
8 - 14 The 3 ' UTR of the alpha 6 integrin message regulates localization of alpha 6 beta 4 integrin heterodimers
Woychek A, Kligys K, Hopkinson SB, Jones JCR
15 - 21 Recombinant cucurmosin-based immunotoxin targeting HER-2 with potent in vitro anti-cancer cytotoxicity
Xiong JN, Zhang CY, Wu SF, Gu XF, Cai YM, Xu CS, Chen Z, Sun JC, Wu XX, You XH, Huang ZH, Xie JM
22 - 27 Specificity of the ergothioneine transporter natively expressed in HeLa cells
Tucker RAJ, Cheah IK, Halliwell B
28 - 34 Dephosphorylation of Girdin by PP2A inhibits breast cancer metastasis
Li J, Enomoto A, Weng L, Sun LQ, Takahashi M
35 - 40 Disruption of the polyubiquitin gene Ubb causes retinal degeneration in mice
Lim D, Park CW, Ryu KY, Chung H
41 - 48 Downregulation of the transcriptional co-activator PCAF inhibits the proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells and attenuates NF-kappa B-mediated inflammatory responses
Qiu LQ, Xu CW, Chen J, Li Q, Jiang H
49 - 55 A novel STAT3 inhibitor, STX-0119, attenuates liver fibrosis by inactivating hepatic stellate cells in mice
Choi S, Jung HJ, Kim MW, Kang JH, Shin D, Jang YS, Yoon YS, Oh SH
56 - 63 TNF-alpha-induced lncRNA LOC105374902 promotes the malignant behavior of cervical cancer cells by acting as a sponge of miR-1285-3p
Feng YJ, Ma JY, Fan HX, Liu M, Zhu YJ, Li YM, Tang H
64 - 72 Metformin alleviates inflammatory response in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis by restraining signal transducer and activator of transcription 3-mediated autophagy inhibition in vitro and in vivo
Li YL, Li XQ, Wang YD, Shen C, Zhao CY
73 - 80 Upregulation of a novel lncRNA LINC01980 promotes tumor growth of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Zhang SX, Liang Y, Wu YY, Chen XD, Wang K, Li J, Guan XY, Xiong G, Yang K, Bai Y
81 - 87 UNC93B1 promotes tumoral growth by controlling the secretion level of granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor in human oral cancer
Wagai S, Kasamatsu A, Iyoda M, Hayashi F, Hiroshima K, Yoshimura S, Miyamoto I, Nakashima D, Endo-Sakamoto Y, Shiiba M, Tanzawa H, Uzawa K
88 - 92 miR393 regulation of lectin receptor-like kinases associated with LPS perception in Arabidopsis thaliana
Djami-Tchatchou AT, Dubery IA
93 - 98 A screening for DNA damage response molecules that affect HIV-1 infection
Yoshinaga N, Shindo K, Matsui Y, Takiuchi Y, Fukuda H, Nagata K, Shirakawa K, Kobayashi M, Takeda S, Takaori-Kondo A
99 - 104 Bone marrow sympathetic activation regulates post-myocardial infarction megakaryocyte expansion but not platelet production
Fu WW, Meng GN, Yang XM, Yu LL, Jiang H
105 - 111 Apelin-13 attenuates early brain injury following subarachnoid hemorrhage via suppressing neuronal apoptosis through the GLP-1R/PI3K/Akt signaling
Liu Y, Zhang TY, Wang YB, Wu P, Li YC, Wang CL, Xu SC, Shi HZ
112 - 118 Quantifying Ca2+ signaling and contraction in vascular pericytes and smooth muscle cells
Halaidych OV, Mummery CL, Orlova VV
119 - 126 Novel long non-coding RNA AV310809 promotes TGF-beta 1 induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human peritoneal mesothelial cells via activation of the Wnt2/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Wei X, Huang HW, Bao Y, Zhan XJ, Zhang L, Guo RS, Hu NY, Chen QK, Zhou J
127 - 134 Upregulation of the long noncoding RNA ADPGK-AS1 promotes carcinogenesis and predicts poor prognosis in gastric cancer
Huang Z, Yang H
135 - 140 Hsa_circ_0001742 promotes tongue squamous cell carcinoma progression via modulating miR-634 expression
Shao BB, He LL
141 - 146 Engineered endomorphin-2 gene: A novel therapy for improving morphine reinstatement in CPP model of rats by using deficient adenovirus as the vector
Wang XQ, Liu YT, Wu XZ, Zhang Y, Pan RR, Yu WF, Wu FX
147 - 153 Piezol mediates neuron oxygen-glucose deprivation/reoxygenation injury via Ca2+/calpain signaling
Wang YY, Zhang H, Ma T, Lu Y, Xie HY, Wang W, Ma YH, Li GH, Li YW
154 - 158 High-glucose induces cardiac myocytes apoptosis through Foxo1/GRK2 signaling pathway
Yang M, Lin YL, Wang Y, Wang YL
159 - 165 The simultaneous downregulation of TRPM7 and MagT1 in human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro: Effects on growth and osteogenic differentiation
Castiglioni S, Romeo V, Locatelli L, Zocchi M, Zecchini S, Maier JAM
166 - 171 ATP release into ADPKD cysts via pannexin-1/132X7 channels decreases ENaC activity
Arkhipov SN, Pavlov TS
172 - 178 Sumoylation of a small isoform of NFATc1 is promoted by PIAS proteins and inhibits transactivation activity
Kim ET, Kwon KM, Lee MK, Park J, Ahn JH
179 - 185 CRISPR/Cas9 engineering of ERK5 identifies its FAK/PYK2 dependent role in adhesion-mediated cell survival
Ali M, Mutahir Z, Riaz A
186 - 192 A practical method of liberating O-linked glycans from glycoproteins using hydroxylamine and an organic superbase
Kameyama A, Tin WWT, Toyoda M, Sakaguchi M
193 - 200 High-mobility group protein N2 induces autophagy by activating AMPK/ULK1 pathway and thereby boosts UPEC proliferation within bladder epithelial cells
Zhang FM, Zhu FM, Yang JH, Zhang W, Liu KY, Ren LB, Xiong F, Lu KF, Li DZ, Zeng R, Wang XY, Li JY, Chen SZ, Wang Y, Chen JL, Huang N
201 - 206 Linoleic acid rescues microglia inflammation triggered by saturated fatty acid
Tu TH, Kim H, Yang S, Kim JK, Kim JG
207 - 212 Circular RNA circ-FOXM1 facilitates cell progression as ceRNA to target PPDPF and MACC1 by sponging miR-1304-5p in non-small cell lung cancer
Liu GH, Shi HB, Deng LL, Zheng HY, Kong WL, Wen XQ, Bi HX
213 - 218 NaCl-induced CsRCI2E and CsRCI2F interact with aquaporin CsPIP2;1 to reduce water transport in Camelina sativa L.
Kim HS, Park W, Lim HG, Eom S, Lee JH, Carlson JE, Ahn SJ
219 - 225 Inhibition of a pancreatic cancer model by cooperative pairs of clinically approved and experimental antibodies
Maron R, Schechter B, Nataraj NB, Ghosh S, Romaniello D, Marrocco I, Noronha A, Carvalho S, Yarden Y, Sela M
226 - 233 Obacunone attenuates high glucose-induced oxidative damage in NRK-52E cells by inhibiting the activity of GSK-3 beta
Zhou J, Wang TY, Wang HZ, Jiang YJ, Peng SJ
234 - 241 An ATG5 knockout promotes paclitaxel resistance in v-Ha-ras-transformed NIH 3T3 cells
Eom SY, Hwang SH, Yeom H, Lee M
242 - 247 Enhanced tumor uptake and activity of nanoplex-loaded doxorubicin
Zhao N, Leng QX, Woodle MC, Mixson AJ
248 - 254 Uncoupling nNOS-PSD-95 in the ACC can inhibit contextual fear generalization
Qin C, Bian XL, Cai CY, Chen C, Zhou Y, Lin YH, Tao Y, Wu HY, Chang L, Luo CX, Zhu DY
255 - 260 Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 promotes the expression of autophagy-related protein 6 in human colorectal cancer
Ji E, Lee H, Ahn S, Jung M, Lee SH, Lee JH, Lee EK
261 - 268 Axin-1 binds to Caveolin-1 to regulate the LPS-induced inflammatory response in AT-I cells
Zhang YJ, Luo HH, Lv XJ, Liu JY, Chen XX, Li YY, Liu AH, Jiang Y
269 - 274 Rapid Na+ accumulation by a sustained action potential impairs mitochondria function and induces apoptosis in HEK293 cells expressing non-inactivating Na+ channels
Kawasaki K, Suzuki Y, Yamamura H, Imaizumi Y
275 - 279 Interaction between LDL-mimetic liposomes and acid-treated carbon nanotube electrode during Cu2+-mediated oxidation
Takeda S, Mukasa K, Hui SP, Chiba H
280 - 286 Transcription factor E93 regulates wing development by directly promoting Dpp signaling in Drosophila
Wang WN, Peng J, Li Z, Wang P, Guo MP, Zhang TL, Qian WL, Xia QY, Cheng DJ
287 - 290 Lectin activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine candidates PSE17-1, PSE41-5 and PSE54
Day CJ, Hartley-Tassell LE, Seib KL, Tiralongo J, Bovin N, Savino S, Masignani V, Jennings MP
291 - 291 Profilin facilitates PKC epsilon activation by accelerating ATP supply (vol 506, pg 918, 2018)
Nishizaki T
292 - 292 Nuclear import of transcriptional corepressor BCOR occurs through interaction with karyopherin alpha expressed in human periodontal ligament (vol 507, pg 67, 2018)
Myat AB, Ogawa T, Kadota-Watanabe C, Moriyama K