Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.512, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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641 - 646 Identification of RNA biomarkers for chemical safety screening in neural cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells using RNA deep sequencing analysis
Tani H, Matsutani T, Aoki H, Nakamura K, Hamaguchi Y, Nakazato T, Hamada M
647 - 652 nc886, a non-coding RNA, inhibits UVB-induced MMP-9 and COX-2 expression via the PKR pathway in human keratinocytes
Lee KS, Shin S, Cho E, Im WK, Jeon SH, Kim Y, Park D, Frechet M, Chajra H, Jung E
653 - 658 Iron treatment inhibits A beta 42 deposition in vivo and reduces A beta 42/A beta 40 ratio
Shen XF, Liu JJ, Fujita Y, Liu SY, Maeda T, Kikuchi K, Obara T, Takebe A, Sayama R, Takahashi T, Matsue A, Sera K, Michikawa M, Koman H, Zou K
659 - 664 TNX deficiency results in bone loss due to an increase in multinucleated osteoclasts
Kajitani N, Yamada T, Kawakami K, Matsumoto K
665 - 669 Oxidation of KCNB1 potassium channels in the murine brain during aging is associated with cognitive impairment
Yu W, Zhang HY, Shin MR, Sesti F
670 - 677 Protective effects of HTD4010, a Reg3 alpha/PAP-derived peptide, in mouse model of acute pancreatitis via toll-like receptor 4 pathway
Wu JY, Ma XJ, Chen WW, Yang N, Gao L, Mao WJ, Yang J, Yang Q, Dong J, Tong ZH, Li BQ, Lu GT, Li WQ
678 - 683 Transcriptomic analysis of overexpressed SOX4 and SOX8 in TM4 Sertoli cells with emphasis on cell-to-cell interactions
Roumaud P, Martin LJ
684 - 690 Role of SK channel activation in determining the action potential configuration in freshly isolated human atrial myocytes from the SKArF study
Shamsaldeen YA, Culliford L, Clout M, James AE, Ascione R, Hancox JC, Marrion NV
691 - 697 Tenomodulin regulates matrix remodeling of mouse tendon stem/progenitor cells in an ex vivo collagen I gel model
Yin HY, Caceres MD, Yan ZX, Schieker M, Nerlich M, Docheva D
698 - 704 The protective effects of heat shock protein 22 in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury mice
Yang SS, Tian J, Zhang FF, Liu AB, Xie B, Chen Q
705 - 711 New nociceptive circuits to the hypothalamic perifornical area from the spinal cord and spinal trigeminal nucleus via the parabrachial nucleus
Asano H, Arima Y, Yokota S, Fujitani M
712 - 715 Oral administration of L-ornithine increases the content of both collagen constituting amino acids and polyamines in mouse skin
Harada D, Nagamachi S, Aso K, Ikeda K, Takahashi Y, Furuse M
716 - 722 Circular RNA PVT1 promotes metastasis via miR-145 sponging in CRC
Wang ZM, Su M, Xiang BW, Zhao K, Qin BL
723 - 728 A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase 17 is required for ILC2 responses to IL-33
Lownik JC, Conrad DH, Martin RK
729 - 735 Primed mesenchymal stem cells package exosomes with metabolites associated with immunomodulation
Showalter MR, Wancewicz B, Fiehn O, Archard JA, Clayton S, Wagner J, Deng P, Halmai J, Fink KD, Bauer G, Fury B, Perotti NH, Apperson M, Butters J, Belafsky P, Farwell G, Kuhn M, Nolta JA, Anderson JD
736 - 741 Lovastatin attenuates angiotensin II induced cardiovascular fibrosis through the suppression of YAP/TAZ signaling
Wu P, Liu ZZ, Zhao TT, Xia F, Gong L, Zheng ZQ, Chen ZH, Yang TL, Duan Q
742 - 749 The Dynamics of DNA methylation in the maize (Zea mays L.) inbred line B73 response to heat stress at the seedling stage
Qian YX, Hu WJ, Liao JY, Zhang J, Ren QY
750 - 757 Aldosterone induced up-expression of ICAM-1 and ET-1 in pancreatic islet endothelium may associate with progression of T2D
Wang JB, Hu HQ, Song J, Yan F, Qin J, Guo XH, Cui C, He Q, Hou XG, Liu FQ, Chen L
758 - 762 Vph2 is required for protection against a reductive stress in Candida albicans
Jia C, Shi Y, Xie KX, Zhang J, Hu XL, Xu K, Li MC, Chu MP
763 - 769 EID1 plays a crucial role in proliferation of neural stem cell
Fu XJ, Ding BY, Wang CW, Chen C, Wang J, Fei XW, Xu RX
770 - 778 Formononetin ameliorates cholestasis by regulating hepatic SIRT1 and PPAR alpha
Yang S, Wei LL, Xia RL, Liu LP, Chen YL, Zhang WW, Li Q, Feng K, Yu M, Zhang W, Qu JT, Xu SX, Mao JY, Fan GW, Ma CR
779 - 785 Role of OXCT1 in ovine adipose and preadipocyte differentiation
Zeng J, Zhou SW, Zhao J, Jin MH, Kang DJ, Yang YX, Wang XL, Chen YL
786 - 792 CircRNA_000543 knockdown sensitizes nasopharyngeal carcinoma to irradiation by targeting miR-9/platelet-derived growth factor receptor B axis
Chen L, Zhou H, Guan Z
793 - 798 Sodium ferulate protects against influenza virus infection by activation of the TLR7/9-MyD88-IRF7 signaling pathway and inhibition of the NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Zhu YH, Shao Y, Qu XY, Guo J, Yang J, Zhou Z, Wang SQ
799 - 805 H2 relaxin ameliorates angiotensin II-induced endothelial dysfunction through inhibition of excessive mitochondrial fission
Gao L, Liu Y, Wang Y, Chen WJ, Yang K, Li JW, Lv B, Zhang X, Chi JY, Liu N, Yin XH, Zhang XH
806 - 811 PEDF promotes nuclear degradation of ATGL through COP1
Niyogi S, Ghosh M, Adak M, Chakrabarti P
812 - 818 A PKD1L3 splice variant in taste buds is not cleaved at the G protein-coupled receptor proteolytic site
Kashyap P, Ng C, Wang ZF, Li B, Pavel MA, Martin H, Yu Y
819 - 824 Inhibition of fatty acid synthesis arrests colorectal neoplasm growth and metastasis: Anti-cancer therapeutical effects of natural cyclopeptide RA-XII
Wang YR, Guo D, He JQ, Song LH, Chen HC, Zhang ZH, Tan NH
825 - 831 Long non-coding RNA NEATI promotes the progression of hemangioma via the miR-361-5p/VEGFA pathway
Yu XY, Liu XY, Wang R, Wang L
832 - 837 The effects of curcumin, mangiferin, resveratrol and other natural plant products on aminopeptidase B activity
Cadel S, Darmon C, Desert A, Mahbouli M, Piesse C, Ghelis T, Lafont R, Foulon T
838 - 844 Structural insights into the complex of trigger factor chaperone and ribosomal protein S7 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Li ZY, Wu D, Zhan BW, Hu XJ, Gan JH, Ji CN, Li JX
845 - 851 ANK2 functionally interacts with KCNH2 aggravating long QT syndrome in a double mutation carrier
Gessner G, Runge S, Koenen M, Heinemann SH, Koenen M, Haas J, Meder B, Thomas D, Katus HA, Schweizer PA
852 - 858 Suppression of LSD1 enhances the cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of regorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Wu LW, Zhou DM, Zhang ZY, Zhang JK, Zhu HJ, Lin NM, Zhang C
859 - 863 Site mutation of residues in a loop surrounding the active site of a P-I snake venom metalloproteinase abrogates its hemorrhagic activity
Camacho E, Escalante T, Remans K, Gutierrez JM, Rucavado A
864 - 870 Glucagon receptor antagonism increases mouse pancreatic delta-cell mass through cell proliferation and duct-derived neogenesis
Gu LB, Cui XN, Lang S, Wang HN, Hong TP, Wei R
871 - 876 Human UTP14a promotes angiogenesis through upregulating PDGFA expression in colorectal cancer
Ren PW, Sun XY, Zhang CF, Wang LJ, Xing BC, Du XJ
877 - 881 The human bitter taste receptor TAS2R7 facilitates the detection of bitter salts
Behrens M, Redel U, Blank K, Meyerhof W
882 - 888 Hepatocellular iNOS protects liver from ischemia/reperfusion injury through HSF1-dependent activation of HSP70
Qiao YL, Zhang XL, Zhao GM, Liu ZH, Yu MY, Fang ZP, Li XH
889 - 895 3D printed beta-TCP scaffold with sphingosine 1-phosphate coating promotes osteogenesis and inhibits inflammation
Cao YX, Xiao L, Cao YF, Nanda A, Xu C, Ye QS
896 - 901 CTCF deficiency causes expansion of the sensory domain in the mouse cochlea
Ma JH, Kim HP, Shin JO
902 - 907 Suppression of oncogenic protein translation via targeting eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E overcomes chemo-resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Xu MF, Tao ZZ, Wang S, Jiang YD, Qu M
908 - 913 alpha 2-Adrenoceptor signaling in cardiomyocytes of spontaneously hypertensive rats starts to impair already at early age
Maltsev AV, Evdokimovskii EV, Kokoz YM
914 - 920 ER stress mediated degradation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase impairs mitochondrial functions in TMCO1 deficient cells
Wang X, Wang QC, Sun ZS, Li TT, Yang KY, An CQ, Guo CX, Tan TS
921 - 926 Discovery of selective Mcl-1 inhibitors via structure-based design and structure-activity relationship analysis
He NZ, Liu P, Wang ZQ, Guo ZW, Yan XX, Chen HB, Zhang ZC
927 - 933 Sall1 plays pivotal roles for lens fiber cell differentiation in mouse
Baba Y, Watabe Y, Sagara H, Watanabe S