Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.512, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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429 - 434 Talin-2 regulates integrin functions in exosomes
Soe ZY, Prajuabjinda O, Myint PK, Gaowa A, Kawamoto E, Park EJ, Shimaoka M
435 - 440 The effects of HSP27 against UVB-induced photoaging in rat skin
Liu YY, Huang X, Wang P, Pan Y, Cao D, Liu C, Chen AJ
441 - 447 Differential roles of microtubules in the two formation stages of membrane nanotubes between human mesenchymal stem cells and neonatal mouse cardiomyocytes
Zhang JH, Zhang J, Zhao LM, Xin Y, Liu S, Cui W
448 - 452 Functional and structural comparison of the ABC exporter MsbA studied in detergent and reconstituted in nanodiscs
Arana MR, Fiori MC, Altenberg GA
453 - 459 Peptides with the multibasic cleavage site of the hemagglutinin from highly pathogenic influenza viruses act as cell-penetrating via binding to heparan sulfate and neuropilins
Yamamoto Y, Tamiya S, Shibuya M, Nakase I, Yoshioka Y
460 - 466 The role of IRAS/Nischarin involved in the development of morphine tolerance and physical dependence
Li S, Wu N, Zhao TY, Lu GY, Wang ZY, Li F, Li J
467 - 472 Upregulation of Orai1 and STIM1 expression as well as store-operated Ca2+ entry in ovary carcinoma cells by placental growth factor
Abdelazeem KNM, Droppova B, Sukkar B, al-Maghout T, Pelzl L, Zacharopoulou N, Hassan NHA, Abdel-Fattah KI, Stournaras C, Lang F
473 - 478 Bryostatin-1 inhibits cell proliferation of hepatocarcinoma and induces cell cycle arrest by activation of GSK3 beta
Wang JF, Wang ZC, Sun Y, Liu DH
479 - 485 The m6A demethylase FTO promotes the growth of lung cancer cells by regulating the m6A level of USP7 mRNA
Li J, Han Y, Zhang HM, Qian Z, Jia WY, Gao Y, Zheng H, Li BL
486 - 491 Deficiency of lysyl hydroxylase 2 in mice causes systemic endoplasmic reticulum stress leading to early embryonic lethality
Kasamatsu A, Uzawa K, Hayashi F, Kita A, Okubo Y, Saito T, Kimura Y, Miyamoto I, Oka N, Shiiba M, Ito C, Toshimori K, Miki T, Yamauchi M, Tanzawa H
492 - 497 Gaussian FRET two-hybrid assays for determining the stoichiometry of hetero-oligomeric complexes in single living cells
Qu WF, Du MY, Yang FF, Mai ZH, Zhang CS, Lin FR, Ma YY, Chen TS
498 - 504 Rapamycin attenuates a murine model of thoracic aortic aneurysm by downregulating the miR-126-3p mediated activation of MAPK/ERK signalling pathway
Liu MY, Li LB, Zhu JJ, He CS, Xu Q, Sun AQ, Kong W, Li W, Zhang XM
505 - 510 Steric configuration-enabled selective antimicrobial activity of chiral cysteine
Wang HX, Qian J, Gu JY, Yan WJ, Zhang JH
511 - 516 Reprogramming of cancer stem cells into non-tumorigenic cells using stem cell exosomes for cancer therapy
Lee KS, Choi JS, Cho YW
517 - 523 Aspergillus flavus squalene synthase as an antifungal target: Expression, activity, and inhibition
Song JF, Shang N, Baig N, Yao JQ, Shin C, Kim BK, Li Q, Malwal SR, Oldfield E, Feng XX, Guo RT
524 - 530 Mutations in the RAS pathway as potential precision medicine targets in treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma
Nakagawa N, Kikuchi K, Yagyu S, Miyachi M, Iehara T, Tajiri T, Sakai T, Hosoi H
531 - 536 Panning anti-LPS nanobody as a capture target to enrich Vibrio fluvialis
Wu MJ, Tu Z, Huang FC, He QH, Fu JH, Li YP
537 - 543 Accumulation of hyaluronic acid in stromal cells modulates osteoclast formation by regulation of receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand expression
Nakao Y, Hikiji H, Okinaga T, Takeuchi J, Habu M, Yoshiga D, Yoshioka I, Nishihara T, Ariyoshi W
544 - 551 IFN gamma inhibits fibroblast-leading tumor cell invasion through downregulating N-cadherin
Liu XM, Zhu LY, Wang RR, Lou XH, Yao XH, Ni C, Qin ZH
552 - 557 O- glycosylation can regulate the proliferation and migration of human retinal microvascular endothelial cells through ZFR in high glucose condition
Xing XD, Wang HY, Zhang Y, Niu T, Jiang Y, Shi X, Wang CY, Liu K
558 - 563 Long non-coding RNA LOC730100 enhances proliferation and invasion of glioma cells through competitively sponging miR-760 from FOXA1 mRNA
Li Q, Lu JL, Xia J, Wen M, Wang CD
564 - 570 Structural basis for the selective addition of an oxygen atom to cyclic ketones by Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase from Parvibaculum lavamentivorans
Nguyen TD, Choi GE, Gu DH, Seo PW, Kim JW, Park JB, Kim JS
571 - 576 Applications of the immunoglobulin Cw fragment (IgC(w)) composed of the constant regions of heavy and light (C-H and C-L) chains
Kim M, Choi J, Seo Y, Kwon MH
577 - 583 Dopamine stimulates differentiation and migration of cortical interneurons
Ohira K
584 - 590 Stability of the transamidase complex catalyzing GPI anchoring of proteins
Kawaguchi K, Sato T, Kondo S, Yamamoto-Hino M, Goto S
591 - 597 MST2 kinase regulates osteoblast differentiation by phosphorylating and inhibiting Runx2 in C2C12 cells
Won GW, Sung M, Lee Y, Lee YH
598 - 603 Activation of Notch1 signaling by HTLV-1 Tax promotes proliferation of adult T-cell leukemia cells
Cheng WZ, Zheng TJ, Wang Y, Cai K, Wu WC, Zhao TJ, Xu RA
604 - 610 Exercise-induced AMPK activation is involved in delay of skeletal muscle senescence
Yoon KJ, Zhang D, Kim SJ, Lee MC, Moon HY
611 - 615 PET imaging of C-11-labeled coenzyme Q(10): Comparison of biodistribution between [C-11]ubiquinol-10 and [C-11]ubiquinone-10
Watanabe K, Nozaki S, Goto M, Kaneko K, Hayashinaka E, Irie S, Nishiyama A, Kasai K, Fujii K, Wada Y, Mizuno K, Mizuseki K, Doi H, Watanabe Y
616 - 622 The short interference RNA (siRNA) targeting NMUR2 relieves nociception in a bone cancer pain model of rat through PKC-ERK and PI3K-AKT pathways
Peng S, Lu YJ, Li PY, Liu PR, Shi XW, Liu CL, Zhang Y, Liu SS, Wang J
623 - 628 Insight into subtilisin E-S7 cleavage pattern based on crystal structure and hydrolysates peptide analysis
Tang H, Zhang J, Shi K, Aihara H, Du GC
629 - 634 E2f1 regulates the induction of promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger transcription in neuronal differentiation of pluripotent P19 embryonal carcinoma cells
Lin HC, Ko CY, Lee KH, Chen IH, Kao TJ, Chang WC, Hsu TI, Lee YC
635 - 640 The anticancer effects of 2-methoxyestradiol on human huh7 cells in vitro and in vivo
Tao H, Mei JJ, Tang XY