Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.512, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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145 - 149 Cdc42 regulates cranial suture morphogenesis and ossification
Aizawa R, Yamada A, Seki T, Tanaka J, Nagahama R, Ikehata M, Kato T, Sakashita A, Ogata H, Chikazu D, Maki K, Mishima K, Yamamoto M, Kamijo R
150 - 155 E2F1-induced upregulation of long non-coding RNA LMCD1-AS1 facilitates cholangiocarcinoma cell progression by regulating miR-345-5p/COL6A3 pathway
Yu J, Zhang BQ, Zhang H, Qi Y, Wang YY, Wang WB, Wang Y, Wang Y
156 - 162 Harnessing topographical & biochemical cues to enhance elastogenesis by paediatric cells for cardiovascular tissue engineering applications
Woods I, Black A, Jockenhoevel S, Flanagan TC
163 - 169 Retinoic acid attenuates contrast-induced acute kidney injury in a miniature pig model
Wu JX, Wan X, Zhang H, Li WW, Ma MQ, Pan BB, Liang XB, Cao CC
170 - 175 Estradiol stimulates cell proliferation via classic estrogen receptor-alpha and G protein-coupled estrogen receptor-1 in human renal tubular epithelial cell primary cultures
Sanchez DS, Sigel LKF, Azurmendi PJ, Vlachovsky SG, Oddo EM, Armando I, Ibarra FR, Silberstein C
176 - 181 Long non-coding RNA LINC00461/miR-149-5p/LRIG2 axis regulates hepatocellular carcinoma progression
Ji DG, Wang Y, Li H, Sun BZ, Luo X
182 - 188 Transfection of Sox11 plasmid alleviates ventilator-induced lung injury via Sox11 and FAK
Fang MX, Fan SJ, Yao XG, Liu N, Gao JX, Wang ZY, Xu TL, Xian XH, Li WB
189 - 195 Candidate plasticity gene 16 mediates suppression of insulin gene expression in rat insulinoma INS-1 cells under glucotoxic conditions
Nakane T, Ido A, Higuchi T, Todaka H, Morisawa K, Nagamine T, Fukunaga K, Sakamoto S, Murao K, Sugiyama Y
196 - 201 Increased GPR120 level is associated with gestational diabetes mellitus
He QW, Zhu SL, Lin MY, Yang Q, Wei LY, Zhang JW, Jiang X, Zhu DD, Lu XY, Chen YQ
202 - 207 Histone H1 quantity determines the efficiency of chromatin condensation in both apoptotic and live cells
Kijima M, Yamagishi H, Hara Y, Kasai M, Takami Y, Takemura H, Miyanari Y, Shinkai Y, Mizuta R
208 - 212 Structure-based identification of novel CK2 inhibitors with a linear 2-propenone scaffold as anti-cancer agents
Qi XQ, Zhang N, Zhao LJ, Hu LM, Cortopassi WA, Jacobson MP, Li XT, Zhong RG
213 - 217 CD8(+) T cell-based strong selective pressure on multiple simian immunodeficiency virus targets in macaques possessing a protective MHC class I haplotype
Hau TTT, Nakamura-Hoshi M, Kanno Y, Nomura T, Nishizawa M, Seki S, Ishii H, Kawana-Tachikawa A, Hall WW, Thi LAN, Matano T, Yamamoto H
218 - 223 Versatile Pt NCs-based chemotherapeutic agents significantly induce the apoptosis of cisplatin-resistant non-small cell lung cancer
Xin Y, Huang X, Li ZB, Zhao WF, Wang CL, Wang SB, Yue XY, Mo H, Li HY
224 - 229 Ctrp4, a new adipokine, promotes the differentiation of osteoblasts
Li Q, Wu JH, Xi WJ, Chen X, Wang W, Zhang TZ, Yang AG, Wang T
230 - 235 An N-terminal Flag-tag impairs TPP1 regulation of telomerase function
Sandhu R, Wei D, Sharma M, Xu LF
236 - 243 Alliin alleviates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury by promoting autophagy
Zhao R, Xie EZH, Yang XB, Gong B
244 - 249 Subcutaneous inoculation position affects the immune environment in CT26 carcinomas
Fu XC, Yang YG, Xie JL, Pan XL, Yang X, Du ZC, Hao EW
250 - 255 Inhibition of peroxiredoxin 2 suppresses Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in gastric cancer
Lee TH, Jin JO, Yu KJ, Kim HS, Lee PCW
256 - 262 Sfrp5 interacts with Slurp1 to regulate the accumulation of triglycerides in hepatocyte steatosis model
Zhao AJ, Jiang FY, Yang GY, Liu H, Li L
263 - 268 Engineering peroxiredoxin 3 to facilitate control over self-assembly
Conroy F, Rossi T, Ashmead H, Crowther JM, Mitra A, Gerrard JA
269 - 275 Host defense peptide Hymenochirin-1B induces lung cancer cell apoptosis and cell cycle arrest through the mitochondrial pathway
Zhang YH, Sun CN, Xiao GK, Gu YC
276 - 282 A novel human monoclonal Trop2-IgG antibody inhibits ovarian cancer growth in vitro and in vivo
Liu JR, Yang DZ, Yin ZN, Gao MY, Tong H, Su YP, Zhu J, Ye CP, Zhang HL
283 - 288 Defects of the endoplasmic reticulum and changes to lipid droplet size in mammary epithelial cells due to miR-30b-5p overexpression are correlated to a reduction in Atlastin 2 expression
Le Guillou S, Laubier J, Pechoux C, Aujean E, Castille J, Leroux C, Le Provost F
289 - 294 Carbon monoxide induces the assembly of stress granule through the integrated stress response
Chen YQ, Joe Y, Park J, Song HC, Kim UH, Chung HT
295 - 302 TRPA1 is selected as a semi-conserved channel during vertebrate evolution due to its involvement in spermatogenesis
Saha S, Sucharita S, Majhi RK, Tiwari A, Ghosh A, Pradhan SK, Patra BK, Dash RR, Nayak RN, Giri SC, Routray P, Kumar A, Kumar GP, Goswami C
303 - 309 Microfluidic assemblies designed for assessment of drug effects on deformability of human erythrocytes
Xing FL, Xun S, Zhu YH, Hu F, Dreverek-Olenik I, Zhang XZ, Pan LT, Xu JJ
310 - 313 An alternative splicing alters the product outcome of a class I terpene synthase in Isodon rubescens
Jin BL, Guo J, Tang JF, Tong YR, Ma Y, Chen T, Wang YN, Shen Y, Zhao YJ, Lai CJS, Cui GH, Huang LQ
314 - 318 Non-ionic detergents Nonidet P-40 and Triton X-100 increase enzymatic activity of plasmin
Trinh THT, Kim J, Lee CH, Ryou C
319 - 325 Appropriate dose of ethanol exerts anti-senescence and anti-atherosclerosis protective effects by activating ALDH2
Xue L, Zhu WY, Yang FH, Dai S, Han ZQ, Xu F, Guo P, Chen YG
326 - 330 Transcriptionally distinct mesenchymal stem/stromal cells circulate in fetus
Okada A, Shimbo T, Endo M, Iwai S, Kitayama T, Ouchi Y, Yamamoto R, Takaki E, Yamazaki S, Nishida M, Wang X, Kikuchi Y, Tomimatsu T, Kaneda Y, Kimura T, Tamai K
331 - 337 MicroRNA-107 induces cell cycle arrests by directly targeting cyclin E1 in ovarian cancer
Tang ZH, Fang YX, Du R
338 - 343 Sequence specific assignment and determination of OSR1 C-terminal domain structure by NMR
AlAmri MA, Jeeves M, Mehellou Y
344 - 351 Ultraviolet-C (UVC) ray acts as a synchronizing cue for circadian rhythm control in murine fibroblast
Kim W, Kim DY, Lee KH
352 - 359 Animal models of chronic pain increase spontaneous glutamatergic transmission in adult rat spinal dorsal horn in vitro and in vivo
Uta D, Kato G, Doi A, Andoh T, Kume T, Yoshimura M, Koga K
360 - 366 Hypoxia promotes osteosarcoma cell proliferation and migration through enhancing platelet-derived growth factor-BB/platelet-derived growth factor receptor-beta axis
Zhang D, Cui G, Sun C, Lei L, Lei L, Williamson RA, Wang YM, Zhang J, Chen P, Wang AY, Fan R, Han SX, Wang YL, Hu JS
367 - 372 CD8 T cell-derived perforin aggravates secondary spinal cord injury through destroying the blood-spinal cord barrier
Liu ZX, Zhang H, Xia H, Wang BC, Zhang RW, Zeng Q, Guo LZ, Shen K, Wang BT, Zhong YH, Li ZZ, Sun GD
373 - 380 The gut microbiota promotes the pathogenesis of schizophrenia via multiple pathways
Yuan XX, Kang YL, Zhuo CJ, Huang XF, Song XQ
381 - 386 A feedback loop involving MdMYB108L and MdHY5 controls apple cold tolerance
Wang YC, Mao ZL, Jiang HY, Zhang ZY, Chen XS
387 - 391 High density lipoprotein promotes nascent apolipoprotein A-V secretion from mRNA transfected cells
Romenskaia I, DeAntonis CM, Presnyak V, Schultz JR, Ryan RO
392 - 398 MiR-365 enhances the radiosensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer cells through targeting CDC25A
Li H, Jiang M, Cui M, Feng GX, Dong JL, Li Y, Xiao HW, Fan SJ
399 - 404 Inhibitory action of an ERK1/2 inhibitor on primitive endoderm cell differentiation from mouse embryonic stem cells
Tabata H, Hara T, Kitajima K
405 - 411 Norrin maintains malignancy of gastric cancer cells in part through activating AKT signaling
Liu L, Qin ZY, Liu Q, Wen LZ, Liu KW, Guo Y, Zhou YB, Wang B, Chen DF, Wang T
412 - 420 Pentamethylquercetin protects against cardiac remodeling via activation of Sestrin2
Du JX, Wu JZ, Li Z, Zhang C, Shi MT, Zhao J, Jin MW, Liu H
421 - 427 Proteomic investigations of human HERC2 mutants: Insights into the pathobiology of a neurodevelopmental disorder
Abraham JR, Barnard J, Wang H, Noritz GH, Yeganeh M, Buhas D, Natowicz MR
428 - 428 Protective effect of methylallyl sulfone in the development of cigarette smoke extract-induced apoptosis in rats and HFL-1 cells (vol 498, pg 627, 2018)
Li A, Liu Y, Zhu XS, Sun X, Feng XL, Li DW, Zhang JQ, Zhu MH, Zhao ZX