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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.509, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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855 - 861 Cholesterol attenuated the progression of DEN-induced hepatocellular carcinoma via inhibiting SCAP mediated fatty acid de novo synthesis
Zhao ZB, Zhong L, He K, Qiu C, Li Z, Zhao L, Gong JP
862 - 868 Sox13 is a novel early marker for hair follicle development
Noto M, Noguchi N, Ishimura A, Kiyonari H, Abe T, Suzuki T, Hasunuma N, Taira M, Manabe M, Osada SI
869 - 876 SNW1 regulates Notch signaling in neuroblastoma through interacting with RBPJ
Hong M, He J, Li SW
877 - 885 Interleukin-10 suppresses adipogenesis via Wnt5a signaling pathway in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
Kim YH, Pyo S
886 - 891 Lipin-1 is a novel substrate of protein phosphatase PGAM5
Okuno H, Okuzono H, Hayase A, Kumagai F, Tanii S, Hino N, Okada Y, Tachibana K, Doi T, Ishimoto K
892 - 897 Structure-guided mutational evidence and postulates explaining how a glycohydrolase from Pyrococcus furiosus functions simultaneously as an amylase and as a 4-alpha-glucanotransferase
Kaila P, Mehta GS, Dhaunta N, Guptasarma P
898 - 902 A Tie2 kinase mutation causing venous malformations increases phosphorylation rates and enhances cooperativity
Kennedy MA, Xu ZQ, Wu YJ, Sohl CD
903 - 910 LincRNA TINCR facilitates excessive proliferation and inflammation in post-burn skin fibroblasts by directly binding with SND1 protein and inducing SND1-mediated TGF-beta 1 expression
Qin GP, Song Y, Guo YD, Sun YW, Zeng WH
911 - 917 TIPE2 in dendritic cells inhibits the induction of pTregs in the gut mucosa
Liu RL, Liu CL, Liu CY, Fan TT, Geng WW, Ruan QG
918 - 924 TRPM8 channel inhibitor AMTB suppresses murine T-cell activation induced by T-cell receptor stimulation, concanavalin A, or external antigen re-stimulation
Kume H, Tsukimoto M
925 - 930 Insulin promotes proliferation of pancreatic ductal epithelial cells by increasing expression of PLK1 through PI3K/AKT and NF-kappa B pathway
Wu K, Wang WL, Chen H, Gao WJ, Yu CZ
931 - 936 Biflavonoids from Juniperus oblonga inhibit organic anion transporter 3
Qiao YL, Liu XL, Li X, Wang X, Li CY, Khutsishvili M, Alizade V, Atha D, Zhang YC, Borris RP
937 - 942 In silico designed RNA aptamer against epithelial cell adhesion molecule for cancer cell imaging
Bavi R, Liu ZC, Han ZH, Zhang H, Gu YQ
943 - 948 Active-site deformation in the structure of HIV-1 RT with HBV-associated septuple amino acid substitutions rationalizes the differential susceptibility of HIV-1 and HBV against 4 '-modified nucleoside RT inhibitors
Yasutake Y, Hattori S, Tamura N, Matsuda K, Kohgo S, Maeda K, Mitsuya H
949 - 953 CDK4/6 inhibitor protects against myocardial cells apoptosis by inhibiting RB phosphorylation in H9c2 cells
Wang ZG, Li J, Wang YG, Liu Q
954 - 959 Identification of novel Kv1.3 targeting venom peptides by a single round of autocrine-based selection
Liu YH, Zhang JS, Wang RK, Wu YX, Wang W, Xin X, Du MJ, Cao YJ, Zhang HK
960 - 965 Effect of the PTHrP(1-34) analog abaloparatide on inducing chondrogenesis involves inhibition of intracellular reactive oxygen species production
Yang YM, Lei H, Wang B
966 - 972 Oncogene SRSF3 suppresses autophagy via inhibiting BECN1 expression
Zhou L, Guo JH, Jia R
973 - 977 MicroRNA-27a regulates angiotensin II-induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration by targeting alpha-smooth muscle-actin in vitro
Xu MM, Deng HY, Li HH
978 - 982 Electrostatic interactions in the force-generating region of the human cardiac myosin modulate ADP dissociation from actomyosin
Gargey A, Ge JH, Tkachev YV, Nesmelov YE
983 - 987 Superoxide dismutase 3 facilitates the chondrogenesis of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Shi YY, Hu XQ, Zhang X, Cheng J, Duan XN, Fu X, Zhang JY, Ao YF
988 - 993 Glutathione and cysteines suppress cytotoxicity of gas phase of cigarette smoke by direct reacting with unsaturated carbonyl compounds in the gas phase
Higashi T, Elmeligy E, Mai Y, Noya Y, Terada K, Mazaki Y, Kuge Y, Miwa S
994 - 1000 Overexpression of Interleukin-15 exhibits improved glucose tolerance and promotes GLUT4 translocation via AMP-Activated protein kinase pathway in skeletal muscle
Fujimoto T, Sugimoto K, Takahashi T, Yasunobe Y, Xie KY, Tanaka M, Ohnishi Y, Yoshida S, Kurinami H, Akasaka H, Takami Y, Takeya Y, Yamamoto K, Rakugi H
1001 - 1007 Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor 1-Deoxynojirimycin promotes beige remodeling of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes via activating AMPK
Li AN, Chen JJ, Li QQ, Zeng GY, Chen QY, Chen JL, Liao ZM, Jin P, Wang KS, Yang ZC
1008 - 1014 Hmga2 regulation of tooth formation and association with Sox2 and Nanog expression
Kodama Y, Harinath D, Mihara-Tomiyama N, Tominaga N, Ide Y, Nakahara T, Maeda M, Igarashi M, D'Armiento J, Chada K, Imai K
1015 - 1020 Recruitment of the protein phosphatase-1 catalytic subunit to promoters by the dual-function transcription factor RFX1
Lubelsky Y, Shaul Y
1021 - 1027 Neuromuscular electrical stimulation improves muscle atrophy induced by chronic hypoxia-hypercapnia through the MicroRNA-486/PTEN/FoxO1 pathway
Shen J, Nie X, Huang SY, Qin YQ, Pan LL, Wang XT
1028 - 1033 Runx2 function in cells of neural crest origin during intramembranous ossification
Shirai Y, Kawabe K, Tosa I, Tsukamoto S, Yamada D, Takarada T
1034 - 1040 FAK inhibition reduces metastasis of alpha 4 integrin-expressing melanoma to lymph nodes by targeting lymphatic VCAM-1 expression
Jeong K, Murphy JM, Rodriguez YAR, Kim JS, Ahn EYE, Lim STS
1041 - 1046 Gemcitabine combined with docetaxel precisely regressed a recurrent leiomyosarcoma peritoneal metastasis in a patient-derived orthotopic xenograft (PDOX) model
Miyake K, Kiyuna T, Miyake M, Kawaguchi K, Zhang ZY, Wangsiricharoen S, Razmjooei S, Oshiro H, Higuchi T, Li YF, Nelson SD, Murakami T, Hiroshima Y, Kumamoto T, Matsuyama R, Bouvet M, Singh SR, Chawla SP, Endo I, Hoffman RM
1047 - 1052 Hyperactive mutation occurs adjacent to the essential glutamate 286 for transport in the yeast tryptophan permease Tat2
Amano K, Ishii R, Mochizuki T, Takatsu S, Abe F
1053 - 1053 A novel 1-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase homolog for the synthesis of membrane phospholipids with a branched-chain fatty acyl group in Shewanella livingstonensis Ac10 (vol 500, pg 704, 2018)
Toyotake Y, Cho HN, Kawamoto J, Kurihara T