Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.508, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 8 Codium fragile F2 sensitize colorectal cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis via c-FLIP ubiquitination
Park SH, Kim JL, Jeong S, Kim BR, Na YJ, Jo MJ, Yun HK, Jeong YA, Kim DY, Kim BG, You S, Oh SC, Lee DH
9 - 16 Valproic acid suppresses Warburg effect and tumor progression in neuroblastoma
Fang EH, Wang JQ, Hong M, Zheng LD, Tong QS
17 - 24 Effect of hypoxia/reoxygenation on the biological effect of IGF system and the inflammatory mediators in cultured synoviocytes
Zhou SQ, Wen HY, Cai WS, Zhang YB, Li HH
25 - 30 Self-healing and injectable hybrid hydrogel for bone regeneration of femoral head necrosis and defect
Wang YJ, Zhu W, Xiao K, Li Z, Ma Q, Li WF, Shen SP, Weng XS
31 - 36 Overexpression of sialidase NEU3 increases the cellular radioresistance potential of U87MG glioblastoma cells
Orizio F, Triggiani L, Colosini A, Buglione M, Pasinetti N, Monti E, Bresciani R
37 - 45 CircRNA has_circ_0006427 suppresses the progression of lung adenocarcinoma by regulating miR-6783-3p/DKK1 axis and inactivating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Yao YS, Hua QW, Zhou YJ
46 - 51 The role of conventional antibodies targeting the CD4 binding site and CD4-induced epitopes in the control of HIV-1 CRF01_AE viruses
Thida W, Kuwata T, Maeda Y, Yamashiro T, Van Tran G, Nguyen KV, Takiguchi M, Gatanaga H, Tanaka K, Matsushita S
52 - 59 PKA-dependent phosphorylation of IP3K-A at Ser119 regulates a binding affinity with EB3
Mo SJ, Cho Y, Choi BI, Lee D, Kim H
60 - 65 Rab11-FIP2 suppressed tumor growth via regulation of PGK1 ubiquitination in non-small cell lung cancer
Dong WJ, Li HX, Wu XA
66 - 71 Screening and bioinformatics analysis of mRNA, long non-coding RNA and circular RNA expression profiles in mucoepidermoid carcinoma of salivary gland
Lu H, Han NN, Xu WL, Zhu Y, Liu LM, Liu SW, Yang WJ
72 - 78 Megaplasmid - A promising tool for higher protein production
Neerathilingam M, Mysore S, Gopalan LN, Chandola C, Sekar N, Veetil SK
79 - 86 Hepatitis B virus X protein related lncRNA WEE2-AS1 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma proliferation and invasion
Hu ZG, Huang PB, Yan YC, Zhou ZY, Wang J, Wu G
87 - 91 Interleukin-6 derived from cutaneous deficiency of stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 may mediate metabolic organ crosstalk among skin, adipose tissue and liver
Dumas SN, Guo CA, Kim JK, Friedline RH, Ntambi JM
92 - 96 Each liver X receptor (LXR) type has a different purpose in different situations
Yonezawa S, Abe M, Kawasaki Y, Natori Y, Sugiyama A
97 - 101 Nobiletin reduces LPL-mediated lipid accumulation and pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion through upregulation of miR-590 expression
He PP, Shen QQ, Wen M, Zou JQ, Wang Y, Yang JX, Hu LZ, Zheng XL, Chen YS, Su H, Liu J, Ouyang XP, Tang CK
102 - 108 Identification of LEM-14 inhibitor of the oncoprotein NSD2
Shen Y, Morishita M, Lee D, Kim S, Lee T, Mevius DEHF, Roh Y, di Luccio E
109 - 116 Degron mediated BRM/SMARCA2 depletion uncovers novel combination partners for treatment of BRG1/SMARCA4-mutant cancers
Rago F, DiMare MT, Elliott G, Ruddy DA, Sovath S, Kerr G, Bhang HEC, Jagani Z
117 - 122 Identification of WWP1 as an obesity-associated E3 ubiquitin ligase with a protective role against oxidative stress in adipocytes
Kobayashi M, Hoshino S, Abe T, Okita N, Tagawa R, Nagai W, Konno R, Suzuki Y, Furuya K, Ishikawa N, Okado H, Oku M, Iwamoto M, Miura Y, Sudo Y, Higami Y
123 - 129 Effects of myeloid sirtuin 1 deficiency on hypothalamic neurogranin in mice fed a high-fat diet
Kim KE, Jeong EA, Shin HJ, Lee JY, Choi EB, An HS, Park KA, Jin Z, Lee DK, Horvath TL, Roh GS
130 - 137 Overexpressing kringle 1 domain of hepatocyte growth factor with adeno-associated virus inhibits the pathological retinal neovascularization in an oxygen-induced retinopathy mouse model
Sun P, Liu ZL
138 - 144 Adipose mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes ameliorate hypoxia/serum deprivation-induced osteocyte apoptosis and osteocyte-mediated osteoclastogenesis in vitro
Ren L, Song ZJ, Cai QW, Chen RX, Zou Y, Fu Q, Ma YY
145 - 151 X-ray structure and characterization of a thermostable lipase from Geobacillus thermoleovorans
Moharana TR, Pal B, Rao NM
152 - 158 PPE65 of M. tuberculosis regulate pro-inflammatory signalling through LRR domains of Toll like receptor-2
Qureshi R, Rameshwaram NR, Battu MB, Mukhopadhyay S
159 - 168 The transcription factor Kruppel-like factor 5 promotes cell growth and metastasis via activating PI3K/AKT/Snail signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma
An TT, Dong TX, Zhou HX, Chen YD, Zhang JW, Zhang Y, Li ZZ, Yang XH
169 - 176 Requirement of Rab21 in LPS-induced TLR4 signaling and pro-inflammatory responses in macrophages and monocytes
Li P, Wu YH, Zhu YT, Li MX, Pei HH
177 - 183 Analysis of gene co-expression networks and function modules at different developmental stages of chicken breast muscle
Li GH, Zhang T, Zhang GX, Chen L, Han W, Dai GJ, Xie KZ, Zhu XY, Su YJ, Wang JY
184 - 190 Effect of site-specific amino acid D-isomerization on beta-sheet transition and fibril formation profiles of Tau microtubule-binding repeat peptides
Tochio N, Murata T, Utsunomiya-Tate N
191 - 197 Light-dependent suppression of COP1 multimeric complex formation is determined by the blue-light receptor FKF1 in Arabidopsis
Lee BD, Cha JY, Kim MR, Shin GI, Paek NC, Kim WY
198 - 202 Hydrodynamic delivery of IL-38 gene alleviates obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistance
Xu KY, Sun J, Chen SS, Li Y, Peng X, Li MC, Li Y
203 - 209 XBP1-s promotes colorectal cancer cell proliferation by inhibiting TAp73 transcriptional activity
Ji H, Huang C, Wu SR, Kasim V
210 - 216 Role and mechanism of miR-4778-3p and its targets NR2C2 and Med19 in cervical cancer radioresistance
Zhang Y, Li P, Hu J, Zhao LN, Li JP, Ma R, Li WW, Shi M, Wei LC
217 - 224 Long noncoding RNA ANRIL contributes to the development of ulcerative colitis by miR-323b-5p/TLR4/MyD88/NF-kappa B pathway
Qiao CX, Yang LL, Wan JE, Liu XL, Pang CJ, You WL, Zhao G
225 - 229 Pravastatin sodium attenuated TREM-1-mediated inflammation in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Dai M, Chen YH, Mei XD
230 - 236 Stabilization of P/CAF, as a ubiquitin ligase toward MDM2, suppresses mitotic cell death through p53-p21 activation in HCT116 cells with SIRT2 suppression
Li YZ, Kokura K, Inoue T
237 - 242 Label-free based comparative proteomic analysis of whey proteins between different milk yields of Dezhou donkey
Zhang XH, Li HJ, Yu J, Zhou XS, Ji CL, Wu SS, Chen YQ, Liu JH, Zhao FW
243 - 249 Schisandrin B alleviates diabetic nephropathy through suppressing excessive inflammation and oxidative stress
Mou ZX, Feng ZG, Xu Z, Zhuang F, Zheng XY, Li XK, Qian JC, Liang G
250 - 255 Production of extracellular PETase from Ideonella sakaiensis using sec-dependent signal peptides in E-coli
Seo H, Kim S, Son HF, Sagong HY, Joo S, Kim KJ
256 - 262 SERP1 prevents hypoxia-reoxygenation-induced H9c2 apoptosis through activating JAK2/STAT3 pathway-dependent attenuation of endoplasmic reticulum stress
Shang L, Dong PS, Du LJ, Yang XM, Wang HL, Li SY
263 - 269 Staphylococcal alpha-hemolysin does not induce cell damage in murine mast cells but it augments the degranulation induced by Fc epsilon RI cross-linking and ionomycin
Hayashi K, Itoh S, Morikawa A, Onozaki K, Taki S, Tsuji T, Hida S
270 - 274 beta-sheet to alpha-helix conversion and thermal stability of beta-Galactosidase encapsulated in a nanoporous silica gel
Burgos MI, Ochoa A, Perillo MA
275 - 281 Cks1 regulates human hepatocellular carcinoma cell progression through osteopontin expression
Kang YS, Jeong EJ, Seok HJ, Kim SK, Hwang JS, Choi ML, Jo DG, Kim Y, Choi J, Lee YJ, Jung E, Min JK, Han TS, Kim JS
282 - 288 Extracellular alpha B-crystallin modulates the inflammatory responses
Guo YS, Liang PZ, Lu SZ, Chen R, Yin YQ, Zhou JW
289 - 294 Structural and functional characterization of polyethylene terephthalate hydrolase from Ideonella sakaiensis
Liu CC, Shi C, Zhu SJ, Wei RS, Yin CC
295 - 301 MiRNA-139-3p inhibits the proliferation, invasion, and migration of human glioma cells by targeting MDA-9/syntenin
Tian W, Wu WN, Li XJ, Rui XY, Wu YZ
302 - 307 The role of extracellular matrix stiffness in regulating cytoskeletal remodeling via vinculin in synthetic smooth muscle cells
Shen K, Kenche H, Zhao H, Li J, Stone J
308 - 313 ULK1 negatively regulates Wnt signaling by phosphorylating Dishevelled
Hwang SH, Bang S, Kang KS, Kang D, Chung J
314 - 319 Nitrate transporter NPF7.3/NRT1.5 plays an essential role in regulating phosphate deficiency responses in Arabidopsis
Cui YN, Li XT, Yuan JZ, Wang FZ, Wang SM, Ma Q
320 - 325 Phenylephrine, a small molecule, inhibits pectin methylesterases
Cheong MS, Lee DY, Seo KH, Choi GH, Song YH, Park KH, Kim JH
326 - 331 Emulsan-based nanoparticles for in vivo drug delivery to tumors
Yi G, Son J, Yoo J, Park C, Koo H
332 - 337 Dual comprehensive approach to decipher the Drosophila Toll pathway, ex vivo RNAi screenings and immunoprecipitation-mass spectrometry
Kanoh H, Kato H, Suda Y, Hori A, Kurata S, Kuraishi T