Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.506, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Identification and characterization of circular RNAs in rapid atrial pacing dog atrial tissue
Shangguan WF, Liang X, Shi W, Liu T, Wang MM, Li GP
7 - 11 NRF2 and HSF1 coordinately regulate heme oxygenase-1 expression
Inouye S, Hatori Y, Kubo T, Saito S, Kitamura H, Akagi R
12 - 19 Loss of trefoil factor 1 inhibits biliary regeneration but accelerates the hepatic differentiation of progenitor cells in mice
Hayashi Y, Yamaguchi J, Kokuryo T, Ebata T, Yokoyama Y, Nagino M
20 - 26 The circulating immunoglobulins negatively impact on the parasite clearance in the liver of Leishmania donovani-infected mice via dampening ROS activity
Srinontong P, Wu ZL, Sato K, Nagaoka H, Maekawa Y
27 - 32 Role of leukotriene B4 12-hydroxydehydrogenase in alpha-galactosylceramide-pulsed dendritic cell therapy for non-small cell lung cancer
Tanaka K, Kanesaka Y, Takami M, Suzuki A, Hosokawa H, Onodera A, Kamata T, Nagato K, Nakayama T, Yoshino I, Motohashi S
33 - 40 TLR4/NF-kappa B axis induces fludarabine resistance by suppressing TXNIP expression in acute myeloid leukemia cells
Huy H, Kim TD, Kim WS, Kim DO, Byun JE, Kim MJ, Park YJ, Yoon SR, Noh JY, Lee J, Lee KH, Choi I, Jung H
41 - 47 Gene expression profiling of osteoblasts subjected to dexamethasone-induced apoptosis with/without GSK3 beta-shRNA
Nie ZG, Chen S, Deng S, Long LS, Peng PJ, Gao MY, Cheng SL, Cao JR, Peng H
48 - 52 MALT1 activation by TRAF6 needs neither BCL10 nor CARD11
Bardet M, Seeholzer T, Unterreiner A, Woods S, Krappmann D, Bornancin F
53 - 59 delta-Tocopherol promotes thermogenic gene expression via PGC-1 alpha upregulation in 3T3-L1 cells
Tanaka-Yachi R, Shirasaki M, Otsu R, Takahashi-Muto C, Inoue H, Aoki Y, Koike T, Kiyose C
60 - 65 Differential inhibition of mucin-type O-glycosylation (MTOG) induced by peracetyl N-thioglycolyl-D-galactosamine (Ac(5)GalNTGc) in myeloid cells
Dwivedi V, Saini P, Tasneem A, Agarwal K, Sampathkumar SG
66 - 72 Escherichia coli OxyS RNA triggers cephalothin resistance by modulating the expression of CRP-associated genes
Cho H, Kim KS
73 - 80 PP2A inhibition by LB-100 protects retinal pigment epithelium cells from UV radiation via activation of AMPK signaling
Li XF, Li SY, Dai CM, Li JC, Huang DR, Wang JY
81 - 86 A valine-to-lysine substitution at position 210 induces structural conversion of prion protein into a beta-sheet rich oligomer
Kakuda K, Yamaguchi KI, Kuwata K, Honda R
87 - 93 Role of Dicer in regulating oxaliplatin resistance of colon cancer cells
Lai HH, Lin LJ, Hung LY, Chen PS
94 - 101 Roles of SDF-1/CXCR4 axis in cartilage endplate stem cells mediated promotion of nucleus pulposus cells proliferation
He ZL, Jia M, Yu YJ, Yuan C, Wang J
102 - 107 Crystal structure of the Ube2K/E2-25K and K48-linked di-ubiquitin complex provides structural insight into the mechanism of K48-specific ubiquitin chain synthesis
Lee JG, Youn HS, Kang JY, Park SY, Kidera A, Yoo YJ, Eom SH
108 - 113 Mitotic entry drives replisome disassembly at stalled replication forks
Hashimoto Y, Tanaka H
114 - 121 Iron chelator-induced up-regulation of Ndrg1 inhibits proliferation and EMT process by targeting Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in colon cancer cells
Chen ZQ, Sun J, Li T, Liu YF, Gao S, Zhi XT, Zheng MH
122 - 129 Adipose tissue browning in cancer-associated cachexia can be attenuated by inhibition of exosome generation
Hu WJ, Ru ZY, Xiao W, Xiong ZY, Wang C, Yuan CF, Zhang XP, Yang HM
130 - 136 Androgen receptor regulates cardiac fibrosis in mice with experimental autoimmune myocarditis by increasing microRNA-125b expression
Wang Y, Ma WH, Lu S, Yan LH, Hu F, Wang ZH, Cheng B
137 - 144 Loss of LRRC25 accelerates pathological cardiac hypertrophy through promoting fibrosis and inflammation regulated by TGF-beta 1
Zhang X, Zhang MC, Wang CT
145 - 152 Proviral insertion in murine lymphomas 2 promotes stomach cancer progression by regulating apoptosis via reactive oxygen species-triggered endoplasmic reticulum stress
Xin HR, Deng YT, Cao J
153 - 160 9-PAHSA promotes browning of white fat via activating G-protein-coupled receptor 120 and inhibiting lipopolysaccharide / NF-kappa B pathway
Wang YM, Liu HX, Fang NY
161 - 168 Isoliquiritigenin alleviated the Ang II-induced hypertensive renal injury through suppressing inflammation cytokines and oxidative stress-induced apoptosis via Nrf2 and NF-kappa B pathways
Xiong D, Hu W, Ye ST, Tan YS
169 - 175 Online reaction based single-step CE for Protein-ssDNA complex obtainment to assist aptamer selection
Zhu C, Wang XQ, Li LS, Hao CX, Hu YH, Rizvi AS, Qu F
176 - 182 Role of capsaicin sensitive sensory nerves in ischemia reperfusion-induced acute kidney injury in rats
Zhang SJ, Liu H, Xu Q, Huang F, Xu RR, Liu QQ, Lv YM
183 - 188 Clotrimazole inhibits the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway by activating two eIF2 alpha kinases: The heme-regulated translational inhibitor and the double-stranded RNA-induced protein kinase
Yonezawa H, Ogawa M, Katayama S, Shimizu Y, Omori N, Oku Y, Sakyo T, Uehara Y, Nishiya N
189 - 193 HANR promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression via miR-214/EZH2/TGF-beta axis
Shi Y, Yang XH, Xue XF, Sun D, Cai P, Song QW, Zhang B, Qin L
194 - 203 MicroRNA-874 targeting SUFU involves in osteoblast proliferation and differentiation in osteoporosis rats through the Hedgehog signaling pathway
Lin JC, Liu ZG, Yu B, Zhang XR
204 - 210 The role of retinol-binding protein 4 and its relationship with sex hormones in coronary artery disease
Wang HX, Zhou P, Zou D, Liu Y, Lu X, Liu ZX
211 - 215 Combination of two beta-galactosidases during the synthesis of galactooligosaccharides may enhance yield and structural diversity
Fischer C, Kleinschmidt T
216 - 222 In vivo imaging of activated macrophages by F-18-FEDAC, a TSPO targeting PET ligand, in the use of biologic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs)
Chung SJ, Youn H, Jeong EJ, Park CR, Kim MJ, Kang KW, Zhang MR, Cheon GJ
223 - 230 Inhibition of the Zeb family prevents murine palatogenesis through regulation of apoptosis and the cell cycle
Shin JO, Lee JM, Bok J, Jung HS
231 - 236 The esterase B from Sphingobium sp SM42 has the new de-arenethiolase activity against cephalosporin antibiotics
Sungkeeree P, Toewiwat N, Whangsuk W, Ploypradith P, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
237 - 242 Estrone sulphate uptake by the microvillous membrane of placental syncytiotrophoblast is coupled to glutamate efflux
Lofthouse EM, Cleal JK, O'Kelly IM, Sengers BG, Lewis RM
243 - 250 Immune inhibitory receptor LILRB2 is critical for the endometrial cancer progression
Shao HF, Ma L, Jin F, Zhou Y, Tao MF, Teng YC
251 - 258 LncRNA MAFG-AS1 promotes the progression of colorectal cancer by sponging miR-147b and activation of NDUFA4
Cui SS, Yang X, Zhang LH, Zhao Y, Yan WQ
259 - 265 The GTPase ARFRP1 affects lipid droplet protein composition and triglyceride release from intracellular storage of intestinal Caco-2 cells
Werno MW, Wilhelmi I, Kuropka B, Ebert F, Freund C, Schurmann A
266 - 271 Depletion of SIRT7 sensitizes human non-small cell lung cancer cells to gemcitabine therapy by inhibiting autophagy
Jiang YF, Han ZD, Wang Y, Hao WB
272 - 277 MiR-129-5p inhibits autophagy and apoptosis of H9c2 cells induced by hydrogen peroxide via the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway by targeting ATG14
Zhang HB, Zhang XQ, Zhang J
278 - 283 The STING-STAT6 pathway drives Cas9-induced host response in human monocytes
Kang R, Zhu S, Zeh H, Tang DL
284 - 289 Molecular mechanism of Aquaporin 0-induced fiber cell to fiber cell adhesion in the eye lens
Varadaraj K, Kumari SS
290 - 297 Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound induces cartilage matrix synthesis and reduced MMP13 expression in chondrocytes
Sekino J, Nagao M, Kato S, Sakai M, Abe K, Nakayama E, Sato M, Nagashima Y, Hino H, Tanabe N, Kawato T, Maeno M, Suzuki N, Ueda K
298 - 305 Inhibition of TRAF3 expression alleviates cardiac ischemia reperfusion (IR) injury: A mechanism involving in apoptosis, inflammation and oxidative stress
Liu XL, Zhang L, Qin HX, Han X, Zhang ZQ, Zhang ZT, Qin SY, Niu JM
306 - 306 Fisetin induces Sirt1 expression while inhibiting early adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells (vol 467, pg 638, 2015)
Kim SC, Kim YH, Son SW, Moon EY, Pyo S, Um SH