Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.505, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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339 - 345 miR-423-5p suppresses high-glucose-induced podocyte injury by targeting Nox4
Xu YX, Zhang JZ, Fan L, He XW
346 - 352 Hsa_circRNA_103809 regulated the cell proliferation and migration in colorectal cancer via miR-532-3p / FOXO4 axis
Bian LJ, Zhi XF, Ma LL, Zhang JX, Chen PS, Sun SY, Li JJ, Sun Y, Qin J
353 - 359 Hydroxysafflor yellow A attenuates high glucose-induced pancreatic beta-cells oxidative damage via inhibiting JNK/c-jun signaling pathway
Zhao Y, Sun HC, Li XS, Zha YM, Hou WK
360 - 364 Restoration of hair-inductive activity of cultured human follicular keratinocytes by co-culturing with dermal papilla cells
Bak SS, Kwack MH, Shin HS, Kim JC, Kim MK, Sung YK
365 - 371 Cell survival regulation during receptor-mediated endocytosis of chemically-modified lipoproteins associated to the formation of an Amphiphysin 2 (Bin1)/c-Myc complex
Damian-Zamacona S, Garcia-Gonzalez V, Avila-Barrientos LP, Delgado-Coello B, Reyes-Grajeda JP, Mas-Oliva J
372 - 377 Synergistic effect of docetaxel combined with cisplatin on inhibiting human osteosarcoma in nude mice
Tao H, Tang XY, Jin L, Zhao YC, Luo Y, Zhang Z, Cai L, Tao FH, Guo WC
378 - 384 Loss of Leucyl-tRNA synthetase b leads to ILFS1-like symptoms in zebrafish
Wang ZK, Song JM, Luo LF, Ma JL
385 - 391 Conversion of dietary trans-vaccenic acid to trans11,cis13-conjugated linoleic acid in the rat lactating mammary gland by Fatty Acid Desaturase 3-catalyzed methyl-end Delta 13-desaturation
Garcia C, Guillocheau E, Richard L, Drouin G, Catheline D, Legrand P, Rioux V
392 - 398 Cellular fatty acid level regulates the effect of tolylfluanid on mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin sensitivity in C2C12 skeletal myotubes
Davis AF, Thomas AA, Shorter KS, Brown SL, Baumgarner BL
399 - 404 Fluorescent resonance energy transfer-based biosensor for detecting conformational changes of Pin1
Hidaka M, Okabe E, Hatakeyama K, Zook H, Uchida C, Uchida T
405 - 412 microRNA-9 selectively targets LMX1A to promote gastric cancer cell progression
Zhang XH, Qian YQ, Li F, Bei SH, Li MY, Feng L
413 - 418 Oncogenic DIRAS3 promotes malignant phenotypes of glioma by activating EGFR-AKT signaling
Peng Y, Jia JY, Jiang ZZ, Huang DH, Jiang YG, Li Y
419 - 425 Olfactomedin-like protein OLFML1 inhibits Hippo signaling and mineralization in osteoblasts
Murakami K, Kikugawa S, Kobayashi Y, Uehara S, Suzuki T, Kato H, Udagawa N, Nakamura Y
426 - 431 DGCR5 induces osteogenic differentiation by up-regulating Runx2 through miR-30d-5p
Wu ZH, Huang KH, Liu K, Wang GT, Sun Q
432 - 438 Renal tubules transcriptome reveals metabolic maladaption during the progression of ischemia-induced acute kidney injury
Zhang DF, Xing YX, Li WJ, Yang F, Lang Y, Yang JP, Liu ZH
439 - 444 Crystal structures of monometallic dihydropyrimidinase and the human dihydroorotase domain K1556A mutant reveal no lysine carbamylation within the active site
Cheng JH, Huang YH, Lin JJ, Huang CY
445 - 447 Alternative pathway linked by hydrogen bonds connects heme-Fe of cytochrome c with subunit II-CuA of cytochrome a
Ramasarma T, Vaigundan D
448 - 452 Association of circular Klotho and insulin-like growth factor 1 with cardiac hypertrophy indexes in athlete and non-athlete women following acute and chronic exercise
Rahimi S, Khademvatani K, Zolfaghari MR
453 - 459 Generation of and characterization of anti-IL-11 antibodies using newly established Il11-deficient mice
Deguchi Y, Nishina T, Asano K, Ohmuraya M, Nakagawa Y, Nakagata N, Sakuma T, Yamamoto T, Araki K, Mikami T, Tanaka M, Nakano H
460 - 465 Novel biosensor using split-luciferase for detecting vitamin D receptor ligands based on the interaction between vitamin D receptor and coactivator
Mano H, Takano M, Ikushiro S, Kittaka A, Sakaki T
466 - 470 S100A10 upregulation associates with poor prognosis in lung squamous cell carcinoma
Sato K, Saiki Y, Arai K, Ishizawa K, Fukushige S, Aoki K, Abe J, Takahashi S, Sato I, Sakurada A, Okada Y, Horii A
471 - 477 Structural basis for specific calcium binding by the polycystic-kidney-disease domain of Vibrio anguillarum protease Epp
Li PH, Zang K, Li YJ, Liu CS, Ma QJ
478 - 484 Cell-selectivity of tryptophan and tyrosine in amphiphilic alpha-helical antimicrobial peptides against drug-resistant bacteria
Lee MY, Park SC, Jung M, Shin MK, Kang HL, Baik SC, Cheong GW, Jang MK, Lee WK
485 - 491 Solasodine reverses stemness and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human colorectal cancer
Zhuang YW, Wu CE, Zhou JY, Zhao ZM, Liu CL, Shen JY, Cai H, Liu SL
492 - 497 Evaluating the catalytic importance of a conserved Glu97 residue in triosephosphate isomerase
Chang TC, Park JH, Colquhoun AN, Khoury CB, Seangmany NA, Schwans JP
498 - 504 Downregulation of Sfrp5 in insulin resistant rats promotes macrophage-mediated pulmonary inflammation through activation of Wnt5a/JNK1 signaling
Zhu Z, Yin SJ, Wu KY, Lee A, Liu Y, Li H, Song S
505 - 510 MiR-326 antagomir delays the progression of age-related cataract by upregulating FGF1-mediated expression of betaB2-crystallin
Ren HX, Tao HB, Gao Q, Shen W, Niu ZG, Zhang JJ, Mao HT, Du AY, Li WJ
511 - 515 Assessment of the subcutaneous degradation process of insoluble hyaluronic acid in rats
Uemura A, Takiguchi M, Funakoshi K, Noishiki Y, Ogawa S, Tanaka R
516 - 522 Evaluation of collagen mixture on promoting skin wound healing in zebrafish caused by acetic acid administration
Xiong XY, Liu Y, Shan LT, Xu YQ, Liang J, Lai YH, Hsiao CD
523 - 529 Liraglutide protects non-alcoholic fatty liver disease via inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome activation in a mouse model induced by high-fat diet
Zhu W, Feng PP, He K, Li SW, Gong JP
530 - 535 The role of PKG in oocyte maturation of zebrafish
Li JZ, Wang YM, Zhou WN, Li XM, Chen HP
536 - 541 The registration of aptamer-ligand (ochratoxin A) interactions based on ligand fluorescence changes
Samokhvalov AV, Safenkova IV, Zherdev AV, Dzantiev BB
542 - 547 Induced protein degradation of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) by proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC)
Kang CH, Lee DH, Lee CO, Ha JD, Park CH, Hwang JY
548 - 553 DNA polymerase beta deficiency in the p53 null cerebellum leads to medulloblastoma formation
Kim J, Kim J, Lee Y
554 - 560 MiR-374b-5p-FOXP1 feedback loop regulates cell migration, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and chemosensitivity in ovarian cancer
Li HL, Liang J, Qin F, Zhai YF
561 - 568 Long noncoding RNA LOXL1-AS1 regulates prostate cancer cell proliferation and cell cycle progression through miR-541-3p and CCND1
Long B, Li N, Xu XX, Li XX, Xu XJ, Liu JY, Wu ZH
569 - 577 beta 1,6 GlcNAc branches-modified protein tyrosine phosphatase Mu attenuates its tyrosine phosphatase activity and promotes glioma cell migration through PLC gamma-PKC pathways
Gao Y, Yang FM, Su ZP, He ZJ, Xiao J, Xu YL, Zha XL, Xu FL, Wang LY
578 - 585 Long non-coding RNA OGFRP1 regulates LYPD3 expression by sponging miR-124-3p and promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression
Tang LX, Chen GH, Li H, He P, Zhang Y, Xu XW
586 - 592 Protective effect of electro-acupuncture at maternal different points on perinatal nicotine exposure-induced pulmonary dysplasia in offspring based on HPA axis and signal transduction pathway
Liu YT, Ji B, Zhao GZ, Su H, Ge YP, Dai J, Lu YW, Sakurai R, Rehan VK
593 - 599 SDF-1/CXCR4 axis promotes the growth and sphere formation of hypoxic breast cancer SP cells by c-Jun/ABCG2 pathway
He CY, Zhang HM, Wang B, He JJ, Ge GQ
600 - 605 The galectin LEC-5 is a novel binding partner for RAB-11
Zhang N, Wang X, Gobel V, Zhang XC
606 - 611 Ferricrocin, the intracellular siderophore of Trichoderma virens, is involved in growth, conidiation, gliotoxin biosynthesis and induction of systemic resistance in maize
Mukherjee PK, Hurley JF, Taylor JT, Puckhaber L, Lehner S, Druzhinina I, Schumacher R, Kenerley CM
612 - 617 Selective toxicity of caffeic acid in hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Brautigan DL, Gielata M, Heo J, Kubicka E, Wilkins LR
618 - 623 BAF53A regulates androgen receptor-mediated gene expression and proliferation in LNCaP cells
Jin ML, Kim YW, Jeong KW
624 - 630 Maternal supplementation with calcium varying with feeding time daily during late pregnancy affects lipid metabolism and transport of placenta in pigs
Gao LM, Xie CY, Zhang TY, Wu X, Yin YL
631 - 631 Starved Escherichia coli preserve reducing power under nitric oxide stress (vol 476, pg 29, 2016)
Gowers GOF, Robinson JL, Brynildsen MP
633 - 633 The C-terminus of ubiquitin plays a critical role in deamidase Lpg2148 recognition (vol 503, pg 2943, 2018)
Zhu M, Ma XC, Gao YX, Li XW, Ke JY, Khan MH, Teng MK, Ge HH, Zhu ZL, Niu LW
634 - 635 Reactive oxygen species promotes cellular senescence in normal human epidermal keratinocytes through epigenetic regulation of p16(INK4a) (vol 452, pg 622, 2014)
Sasaki M, Kajiya H, Ozeki S, Okabe K, Ikebe T