Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.505, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Shikonin exerts anti-inflammatory effects in LPS-induced mastitis by inhibiting NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Yang C, Liu P, Wang S, Zhao G, Zhang T, Guo S, Jiang KF, Wu HC, Deng GZ
7 - 12 LINC01510 suppresses cell proliferation and invasion by inhibiting Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in renal cell carcinoma
Ma BB, Zhang JN, Zhou WL, Chu CL, Zhao CH, Zhang ZH, Huang T
13 - 19 Severe hypoxia increases expression of ATM and DNA-PKcs and it increases their activities through Src and AMPK signaling pathways
Hashimoto T, Murata Y, Urushihara Y, Shiga S, Takeda K, Hosoi Y
20 - 28 RBM17 controls apoptosis and proliferation to promote Glioma progression
Lu JL, Li Q, Cai L, Zhu ZZ, Guan JQ, Wang CY, Xia J, Xia L, Wen M, Zheng WM, Su ZP, Wang CD
29 - 35 Modulation of lipid mediator profile may contribute to amelioration of chronic inflammation in adipose tissue of obese mice by pioglitazone
Okada K, Hosooka T, Shinohara M, Ogawa W
36 - 39 Regulation of membrane raft recruitment of the bradykinin B2 receptor by close association with the ATP/UTP receptor P2Y(2)
Nakagawa T, Takahashi C, Matsuzaki H, Kuroda Y, Higashi H
40 - 44 NLRP3 inflammasome activation in liver cirrhotic patients
Ma X, Zheng XD, Pan LY, Zhang XH
45 - 50 Hepatic conditional knockout of ATF6 exacerbates liver metabolic damage by repressing autophage through MTOR pathway
Sun XF, Li W, Deng YJ, Dong BZ, Sun Y, Xue Y, Wang YG
51 - 59 Truncated dystrophin ameliorates the dystrophic phenotype of mdx mice by reducing sarcolipin-mediated SERCA inhibition
Tanihata J, Nagata T, Ito N, Saito T, Nakamura A, Minamisawa S, Aoki Y, Ruegg UT, Takeda S
60 - 66 Interleukin-22 receptor 1 upregulation and activation in hypoxic endothelial cells improves perfusion recovery in experimental peripheral arterial disease
Hu HY, Li L, Yu TH, Li YJ, Tang YH
67 - 73 CK2 downregulation induces senescence-associated heterochromatic foci formation through activating SUV39h1 and inactivating G9a
Park JW, Kim JJ, Bae YS
74 - 80 The role and regulation of TMEM2 (transmembrane protein 2) in HYBID (hyaluronan (HA)-binding protein involved in HA depolymerization/KIAA1199/CEMIP)-mediated HA depolymerization in human skin fibroblasts
Yoshino Y, Goto M, Hara H, Inoue S
81 - 86 Reelin deficiency leads to aberrant lipid composition in mouse brain
Mizukami T, Ikeda K, Shimanaka Y, Korogi K, Zhou CY, Takase H, Tsuiji H, Kono N, Kohno T, Arai H, Arita M, Hattori M
87 - 92 Identification of biologically active delta-lactone eicosanoids as paraoxonase substrates
Teiber JF, Xiao JH, Kramer GL, Ogawa S, Ebner C, Wolleb H, Carreira EM, Shih DM, Haley RW
93 - 98 Spermidine ameliorates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through regulating lipid metabolism via AMPK
Gao MY, Zhao W, Li CM, Xie XH, Li MX, Bi YL, Fang FD, Du YF, Liu XJ
99 - 105 SGIP1 dimerizes via intermolecular disulfide bond in mu HD domain during cellular endocytosis
Zhang Y, Feng YB, Xin Y, Liu XQ
106 - 112 CTP synthase knockdown during early development distorts the nascent vertebral column and causes fluid retention in multiple tissues in zebrafish
Dzaki N, Wahab W, Azlan A, Azzam G
113 - 118 Regulation of Gli2 stability by deubiquitinase OTUB2
Li XY, Mao XF, Tang XQ, Han QQ, Jiang LX, Qiu YM, Dai J, Wang YX
119 - 125 Circ-SATB2 upregulates STIM1 expression and regulates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and differentiation through miR-939
Mao YY, Wang JQ, Guo XX, Bi Y, Wang CX
126 - 133 Dynamic changes of proteasome and protective effect of bortezomib, a proteasome inhibitor, in mice with acute pancreatitis
Zhu QT, Lin X, Liu XN, Hou TY, Zhang M, Wang NZ, Chen WW, Lu GT, Gong WJ, Ding YB, Xiao W
134 - 140 YY1-induced upregulation of lncRNA KCNQ1OT1 regulates angiotensin II-induced atrial fibrillation by modulating miR-384b/CACNA1C axis
Shen CJ, Kong B, Liu Y, Xiong L, Shuai W, Wang GJ, Quan DJ, Huang H
141 - 145 2.8-angstrom crystal structure of Escherichia coli YidC revealing all core regions, including flexible C2 loop
Tanaka Y, Izumioka A, Hamid AA, Fujii A, Haruyama T, Furukawa A, Tsukazaki T
146 - 150 Skeletal muscle secretion of IL-6 is muscle type specific: Ex vivo evidence
Liang AP, Drazick AT, Gao HB, Li YF
151 - 156 Decreased expression of LATS1 correlates with astrogliosis after spinal cord injury
Wang Y, Chen MH
157 - 161 ER alpha is a negative regulator of PD-L1 gene transcription in breast cancer
Liu L, Shen YH, Zhu XG, Lv RT, Li SQ, Zhang ZJ, Shi YG, Tan L
162 - 167 Orexin-A signaling in the paraventricular nucleus modulates spontaneous firing of glucose-sensitive neurons and promotes food intake via the NPY pathway in rats
Wang C, Han XH, Guo FF, Sun XR, Luan X, Xu L
168 - 175 In vitro large scale production of megakaryocytes to functional platelets from human hematopoietic stem cells
Kumar PS, Chandrasekhar C, Srikanth L, Sarma PVGK
176 - 180 B-family subunits of protein phosphatase 2A are necessary for pollen development but not for female gametophyte development in Arabidopsis
Tsugama D, Liu SK, Fujino K, Takano T
181 - 186 Production and characterization of monoclonal antibody against a triple negative breast cancer cell line
Ghaderi F, Ahmadvand S, Ramezani A, Montazer M, Ghaderi A
187 - 193 Phosphoproteomic analysis reveals PAK2 as a therapeutic target for lapatinib resistance in HER2-positive breast cancer cells
Chang Y, Park KH, Lee JE, Han KC
194 - 200 Induction of apoptosis by morusin in human non-small cell lung cancer cells by suppression of EGFR/STAT3 activation
Park HJ, Min TR, Chi GY, Choi YH, Park SH
201 - 207 The signaling pathways underlying BDNF-induced Nrf2 hippocampal nuclear translocation involve ROS, RyR-Mediated Ca2+ signals, ERK and PI3K
Bruna B, Lobos P, Herrera-Molina R, Hidalgo C, Paula-Lima A, Adasme T
208 - 214 Elucidation of the crystal structure of FabD from the multidrug-resistant bacterium Acinetobacter baumannii
Lee WC, Park J, Balasubramanian PK, Kim Y
215 - 221 Integrin beta 1 promotes gemcitabine resistance in pancreatic cancer through Cdc42 activation of PI3K p110 beta signaling
Yang DJ, Tang Y, Fu HB, Xu JP, Hu ZQ, Zhang Y, Cai QP
222 - 228 The circular RNA circ-ITCH suppresses ovarian carcinoma progression through targeting miR-145/RASA1 signaling
Hu JH, Wang L, Chen JM, Gao HY, Zhao W, Huang YJ, Jiang TT, Zhou JH, Chen YG
229 - 235 DNA-binding activity of STAT3 increased in hypothalamus of DIO mice; the reduction of STAT3 phosphorylation may facilitate leptin signaling
Xu L, Li H, Zhou GL, Lu WP, Yang R, Liu HM, Yang GQ
236 - 241 Unique methionine-aromatic interactions govern the calmodulin redox sensor
Walgenbach DG, Gregory AJ, Klein JC
242 - 248 Fibroblast growth factor 19 improves cardiac function and mitochondrial energy homoeostasis in the diabetic heart
Xu W, Wang YS, Guo YB, Liu JJ, Ma LJ, Cao W, Yu B, Zhou YH
249 - 254 Nop-7-associated 2 (NSA2) is required for ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis
Xing JH, Nan X, Cui Q, Ma WP, Zhao HS
255 - 260 Effect of Acyl Activating Enzyme (AAE) 3 on the growth and development of Medicago truncatula
Cheng NH, Foster J, Mysore KS, Wen JQ, Rao XL, Nakata PA
261 - 266 Toosendanin induces caspase-dependent apoptosis through the p38 MAPK pathway in human gastric cancer cells
Zhou Q, Wu XB, Wen CY, Wang HH, Wang HS, Liu HL, Peng JS
267 - 273 Visualization of specific collagen-producing cells by Col1-GFP transgenic mice revealed novel type I collagen-producing cells other than fibroblasts in systemic organs/tissues
Yamaguchi T, Kato Y, Okuda T, Rokushima M, Izawa T, Kuwamura M, Yamate J
274 - 281 Quantitative proteome analysis identifies MAP2K6 as potential regulator of LIFR-induced radioresistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
Li ZZ, Fu J, Li N, Shen LF
282 - 289 Alleviation of A disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10) on thromboangiitis obliterans involves the HMGB1/RAGE/NF-kappa B pathway
Liu C, Kong XQ, Wu XJ, Wang XS, Guan HL, Wang HQ, Wang L, Jin X, Yuan H
290 - 294 Detecting phospholipase activity with the amphipathic lipid packing sensor motif of ArfGAP1
Quartino PY, Fidelio GD, Manneville JB, Goud B, Ambroggio EE
295 - 301 Exploring the role of methionine residues on the oligomerization and neurotoxic properties of DOPAL-modified alpha-synuclein
Carmo-Goncalves P, do Nascimento LA, Cortines JR, Eliezer D, Romao L, Follmer C
302 - 308 Downregulated miR-1247-5p associates with poor prognosis and facilitates tumor cell growth via DVL1/Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in breast cancer
Zeng BL, Li YH, Feng YX, Lu MQ, Yuan HF, Yi ZY, Wu YS, Xiang TX, Li HZ, Ren GS
309 - 316 miR-20a inhibits the killing effect of natural killer cells to cervical cancer cells by downregulating RUNX1
Zhu SY, Wu QY, Zhang CX, Wang Q, Ling J, Huang XT, Sun X, Yuan M, Wu D, Yin HF
317 - 324 Administration of ubiquitin-activating enzyme UBA1 inhibitor PYR-41 attenuates angiotensin II-induced cardiac remodeling in mice
Shu Q, Lai S, Wang XM, Zhang YL, Yang XL, Bi HL, Li HH
325 - 332 Nucleolar localization signal and histone methylation reader function is required for SPIN1 to promote rRNA gene expression
Zhang XL, Zhu GX, Su XN, Li HT, Wu W
333 - 337 Engineering of Escherichia coli beta-lactamase TEM-1 variants showing higher activity under acidic conditions than at the neutral pH
Takahashi M, Sakamoto K