Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.501, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 8 HMGBI mediates HAdV-7 infection-induced pulmonary inflammation in mice
Tang ZZ, Zang N, Fu YX, Ye ZX, Chen SS, Mo S, Ren L, Liu EM
9 - 15 GSK126 alleviates the obesity phenotype by promoting the differentiation of thermogenic beige adipocytes in diet-induced obese mice
Wu XH, Wang YY, Wang YM, Wang XL, Li JQ, Chang KX, Sun C, Jia Z, Gao S, Wei JC, Xu JH, Xu YQ, Li Q
16 - 23 Light exposure influences the diurnal oscillation of gut microbiota in mice
Wu GY, Tang WL, He Y, Hu JJ, Gong SH, He ZK, Wei GQ, Lv LY, Jiang Y, Zhou HW, Chen P
24 - 32 DUSP14 knockout accelerates cardiac ischemia reperfusion (IR) injury through activating NF-kappa B and MAPKs signaling pathways modulated by ROS generation
Lin B, Xu J, Feng DG, Wang F, Wang JX, Zhao H
33 - 40 Inhibition of MALAT1 sensitizes liver cancer cells to 5-flurouracil by regulating apoptosis through IKK alpha NF-kappa B pathway
Ji DG, Guan LY, Luo X, Ma F, Yang B, Liu HY
41 - 47 Tracing the dynamic expression of the NfKb2 gene during inflammatory processes by in vivo bioluminescence imaging in transgenic mice
Yang XY, Sun RL, Ci L, Wang N, Yang S, Shi JH, Yang H, Zhang MJ, Fei J
48 - 54 miR-485-5p suppresses breast cancer progression and chemosensitivity by targeting survivin
Wang M, Cai WR, Meng R, Chi JR, Li YR, Chen AX, Yu Y, Cao XC
55 - 63 MicroRNA-185 inhibits the growth and proliferation of osteoblasts in fracture healing by targeting PTH gene through down-regulating Wnt/beta-catenin axis: In an animal experiment
Yao CJ, Lv Y, Zhang CJ, Jin JX, Xu LH, Jiang J, Geng B, Li H, Xia YY, Wu M
64 - 72 Research on epigenetic mechanism of SFRP2 in advanced chronic myeloid leukemia
Li ZY, Luo JM
73 - 79 Sirtl S-nitrosylation induces acetylation of HMGBI in LPS-activated RAW264.7 cells and endotoxemic mice
Kim YM, Park EJ, Kim HJ, Chang KC
80 - 84 Neurotransmitters in hermatypic coral, Acropora spp., and its contribution to synchronous spawning during reproductive event
Taira J, Higa I, Tsuchida E, Isomura N, Iguchi A
85 - 91 Glycine confers neuroprotection through PTEN/AKT' signal pathway in experimental intracerebral hemorrhage
Zhao D, Chen J, Zhang Y, Liao HB, Zhang ZF, Zhuang Y, Pan MX, Tang JC, Liu R, Lei Y, Wang S, Qin XP, Feng YG, Chen Y, Wan Q
92 - 99 IL-21 alleviates allergic asthma in DOCK8-knockout mice
Wu JB, Zhang SQ, Qin T, Jiang JQ, Liu Q, Zhang L, Zhao XD, Dai JH
100 - 105 Modulation by orexin A of spontaneous excitatory and inhibitory transmission in adult rat spinal substantia gelatinosa neurons
Wang C, Fujita T, Kumamoto E
106 - 112 Resveratrol alleviates LPS-induced injury in human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT by up-regulation of miR-17
Wang XC, Zhang YL
113 - 118 Analysis of metastasis associated signal regulatory network in colorectal cancer
Qi L, Ding YQ
119 - 123 MiR-502 mediates esophageal cancer cell TE1 proliferation by promoting AKT phosphorylation
Xu J, Pan XX, Hu ZD
124 - 130 Spatial localisation of Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 (DDR2) signalling is dependent on its collagen binding and kinase activity
Luczynski MT, Harrison PT, Lima N, Krasny L, Paul A, Huang PH
131 - 138 LncRNA FIRRE/NF-kB feedback loop contributes to OGD/R injury of cerebral microglial cells
Zang YH, Zhou XY, Wang Q, Li X, Huang HL
139 - 144 Esculetin inhibits oxidative stress and apoptosis in H9c2 cardiomyocytes following hypoxiaireoxygenation injury
He Y, Li C, Ma QY, Chen SS
145 - 151 Transplantation of periaortic adipose tissue inhibits atherosclerosis in apoE(-/-) mice by evoking TGF-beta 1-mediated anti-inflammatory response in transplanted graft
Terada K, Yamada H, Kikai M, Wakana N, Yamamoto K, Wada N, Motoyama S, Saburi M, Sugimoto T, Irie D, Kato T, Kawahito H, Kami D, Ogata T, Matoba S
152 - 157 Synchronous firing patterns of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical neurons depend on the network structure consisting of excitatory and inhibitory neurons
Iida S, Shimba K, Sakai K, Kotani K, Jimbo Y
158 - 164 A beta(1-40) mediated aggregation of proteins and metabolites unveils the relevance of amyloid cross-seeding in amyloidogenesis
Anand BG, Prajapati KP, Kar K
165 - 171 Modulation of Angiopoietin 2 release from endothelial cells and angiogenesis by the synaptic protein Neuroligin 2
Pergolizzi M, Bizzozero L, Riccitelli E, Pascal D, Samarelli AV, Bussolino F, Arese M
172 - 177 Protein disulfide isomerase enhances tissue factor-dependent thrombin generation
Chen FW, Zhao ZZ, Zhou JS, Lu Y, Essex DW, Wu Y
178 - 185 Keratinocyte growth factor protects endometrial cells from oxygen glucose deprivation/re-oxygenation via activating Nrf2 signaling
Shi XT, Liu HY, Li SP, Xu HB
186 - 192 TNIP1 alleviates hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury via the TLR2-Myd88 pathway
Zhang Y, Lei XM, Li W, Ding XY, Bai J, Wang J, Wu G
193 - 198 Comparative characterization of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth, dental pulp, and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Kunimatsu R, Nakajima K, Awada T, Tsuka Y, Abe T, Ando K, Hiraki T, Kimura A, Tanimoto K
199 - 205 Mm9_circ_009056 enhances osteogenesis by targeting BMP7 via CGRP-mediated miR-22-3p
Wu CJ, Zheng ZC, Ren W, Deng T, Li YJ, Yang L, Wu JW, Huang Z, Li ZM, Guo LH
206 - 211 Fam83h mutation inhibits the mineralization in ameloblasts by activating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Yang M, Huang WS, Yang F, Zhang TT, Wang CN, Song YL
212 - 219 Mesenchymal stem cells drive paclitaxel resistance in ErbB2/ErbB3/-coexpressing breast cancer cells via paracrine of neuregulin 1
Chen J, Ren Q, Cai YM, Lin TT, Zuo WM, Wang J, Lin R, Zhu L, Wang P, Dong HY, Zhao H, Huang LH, Fu YF, Yang SL, Tan JM, Lan XP, Wang SL
220 - 225 SPG6 supports development of acute myeloid leukemia by regulating BMPR2-Smad-Bcl-2/Bcl-xl signaling
Chen JL, Li CL, Zhan RH, Yin YC
226 - 231 Deletion of the GCW13 gene derepresses Gapi-dependent uptake of amino acids in Pichia pastoris grown on methanol as the sole carbon source
Zou CJ, Wang P, Liang SL, Han SY, Zheng SP, Lin Y
232 - 238 AFP2 as the novel regulator breaks high-temperature-induced seeds secondary dormancy through ABI5 and SOM in Arabidopsis thaliana
Chang GX, Wang CT, Kong XX, Chen Q, Yang YP, Hu XY
239 - 245 Resveratrol induces dynamic changes to the microglia transcriptome, inhibiting inflammatory pathways and protecting against microglia-mediated photoreceptor apoptosis
Wiedemann J, Rashid K, Langmann T
246 - 252 ALK is required for NLRP3 inflammasome activation in macrophages
Zhang BB, Wei W, Qiu JM
253 - 258 Trametinib downregulates survivin expression in RB1-positive KRASmutant lung adenocarcinoma cells
Sumi T, Hirai S, Yamaguchi M, Tanaka Y, Tada M, Niki T, Takahashi H, Sakuma Y
259 - 265 RBM14 is indispensable for pluripotency maintenance and mesoderm development of mouse embryonic stem cells
Chen GL, Zhang D, Zhang LL, Feng GH, Zhang BY, Wu YH, Li W, Zhang Y, Hu BY
266 - 272 Decreased serum estrogen improves fat graft retention by enhancing early macrophage infiltration and inducing adipocyte hypertrophy
Mok H, Feng JW, Hu WS, Wang J, Cai JR, Lu F
273 - 279 Ifi27 is indispensable for mitochondrial function and browning in adipocytes
Jin WW, Jin WF, Pan DN
280 - 285 LL-37-induced human osteoblast cytotoxicity and permeability occurs independently of cellular LL-37 uptake through clathrin-mediated endocytosis
Anders E, Dahl S, Svensson D, Nilsson BO
286 - 292 Designing an effective drug combination for ER stress loading in cancer therapy using a real-time monitoring system
Kazama H, Hiramoto M, Miyahara K, Takano N, Miyazawa K
293 - 299 PF-06409577 activates AMPK signaling to protect retinal pigment epithelium cells from UV radiation
Li XF, Liu XM, Huang DR, Cao HJ, Wang JY
300 - 306 Altered expression of PGC-1 alpha and PDXI and their methylation status are associated with fetal glucose metabolism in gestational diabetes mellitus
Wang LZ, Fan HL, Zhou LD, Wu YJ, Lu HP, Luo J
307 - 312 Differential effects of voluntary wheel running and toy rotation on the mRNA expression of neurotrophic factors and FKBP5 in a post-traumatic stress disorder rat model with the shuttle-box task
Tanichi M, Toda H, Shimizu K, Koga M, Saito T, Enomoto S, Boku S, Asai F, Mitsui Y, Nagamine M, Fujita M, Yoshino A
313 - 319 Neutrophils infiltrating pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma indicate higher malignancy and worse prognosis
Wang YF, Fang TY, Huang LN, Wang H, Zhang L, Wang ZD, Cui YF
320 - 327 Recirculating Th2 cells induce severe thymic dysfunction via IL-4/STAT6 signaling pathway
Shen H, Yin C, Gao YN, Pei XY, Sun XY, Ge Q, Wang W, Zhang Y