Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.497, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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467 - 472 GhoT of the GhoT/GhoS toxin/antitoxin system damages lipid membranes by forming transient pores
Kim JS, Schantz AB, Song S, Kumar M, Wood TK
473 - 479 FBW7 suppresses cell proliferation and G2/M cell cycle transition via promoting gamma-catenin K63-linked ubiquitylation
Li Y, Hu KS, Xiao X, Wu WJ, Yan HY, Chen HX, Chen Z, Yin D
480 - 484 Microfluidics for secretome analysis under enhanced endogenous signaling
Hu QJ, Luni C, Elvassore N
485 - 491 First-line anti-tuberculosis drugs induce hepatotoxicity: A novel mechanism based on a urinary metabolomics platform
Cao J, Mi YJ, Shi CL, Bian YC, Huang CR, Ye ZJ, Liu LS, Miao LY
492 - 498 A microtubule-associated protein MAP1B binds to and regulates localization of a calcium-binding protein ALG-2
Takahara T, Arai Y, Kono Y, Shibata H, Maki M
499 - 505 The anti-osteosarcoma cell activity by a mTORC1/2 dual inhibitor RES-529
Hu XJ, Wang ZR, Chen MK, Chen XR, Liang WQ
506 - 512 Construction of EMSC-islet co-localizing composites for xenogeneic porcine islet transplantation
Kim JS, Chung H, Byun N, Kang SJ, Lee S, Shin JS, Park CG
513 - 520 MicroRNA-630 inhibitor sensitizes chemoresistant ovarian cancer to chemotherapy by enhancing apoptosis
Eoh KJ, Lee SH, Kim HJ, Lee JY, Kim S, Kim SW, Kim YT, Nam EJ
521 - 526 7-Oxygenated cholesterol molecules differentially affect the expression of zonula occludens-1 in vascular smooth muscle cells and monocyte/macrophage cells
Cho HR, Kim K, An WG, Eo SK, Bae SS, Kim CD, Son Y
527 - 534 Knockdown of long non-coding RNA MAP3K20 antisense RNA 1 inhibits gastric cancer growth through epigenetically regulating miR-375
Quan YS, Zhang Y, Lin W, Shen ZH, Wu SA, Zhu CX, Wang XY
535 - 542 Targeting sphingosine kinase 2 by ABC294640 inhibits human skin squamous cell carcinoma cell growth
Zhou JB, Chen J, Yu HM
543 - 549 The role of Foxq1 in proliferation of human dental pulp stem cell
Tu SQ, Zheng JM, Gao X, Guan CY, Cai B, Xiang LS
550 - 557 Functional characterization and quantitative expression analysis of two GnRH-related peptide receptors in the mosquito, Aedes aegypti
Oryan A, Wahedi A, Paluzzi JPV
558 - 563 Quaternary structure influences the peroxidase activity of peroxiredoxin 3
Yewdall NA, Peskin AV, Hampton MB, Goldstone DC, Pearce FG, Gerrard JA
564 - 570 AMPK alleviates endoplasmic reticulum stress by inducing the ER-chaperone ORP150 via FOXO1 to protect human bronchial cells from apoptosis
Liu JQ, Zhang L, Yao J, Yao S, Yuan T
571 - 576 Activation of calcium-sensing receptor-mediated autophagy in angiotensinII-induced cardiac fibrosis in vitro
Chi JY, Wang L, Zhang XH, Fu Y, Liu Y, Chen WJ, Liu WX, Shi ZY, Yin XH
577 - 582 In silico screening of proteins targeting circulating miRNAs for improved diagnosis of multiple myeloma
Suyal S, Singh MP, Shekhar H, Srivastava S
583 - 590 TGF-beta 1/T beta RII/Smad3 signaling pathway promotes VEGF expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma tumor-associated macrophages
Sun HB, Miao C, Liu W, Qiao XH, Yang WB, Li LJ, Li CJ
591 - 596 A set of 14 DIP-SNP markers to detect unbalanced DNA mixtures
Liu ZZ, Liu JD, Wang JQ, Chen DQ, Liu ZD, Shi J, Li ZQ, Li WY, Zhang GQ, Du B
597 - 604 Ess2 bridges transcriptional regulators and spliceosomal complexes via distinct interacting domains
Takada I, Tsuchiya M, Yanaka K, Hidano S, Takahashi S, Kobayashi T, Ogawa H, Nakagawa S, Makishima M
605 - 611 NEK3-mediated SNAP29 phosphorylation modulates its membrane association and SNARE fusion dependent processes
Rapaport D, Fichtman B, Weidberg H, Sprecher E, Horowitz M
612 - 618 Detection of synchronized burst firing in cultured human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons using a 4-step method
Matsuda N, Odawara A, Katoh H, Okuyama N, Yokoi R, Suzuki I
619 - 625 Zika virus infected primary microglia impairs NPCs proliferation and differentiation
Wang J, Liu J, Zhou R, Ding X, Zhang QP, Zhang CY, Li L
626 - 632 CircRNA circ_0067934 promotes tumor growth and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma through regulation of miR-1324/FZD5/Wnt/beta-catenin axis
Zhu Q, Lu GY, Luo ZH, Gui FF, Wu JH, Zhang DW, Ni Y
633 - 638 GATA3 acetylation at K119 by CBP inhibits cell migration and invasion in lung adenocarcinoma
Li XY, Jin JQ, Yang SY, Xu WZ, Meng XB, Deng HT, Zhan J, Gao S, Zhang HQ
639 - 645 Aldolase A overexpression is associated with poor prognosis and promotes tumor progression by the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in colon cancer
Ye F, Chen YX, Xia L, Lian JB, Yang SY
646 - 651 The C2 '- and C3 '-endo equilibrium for AMP molecules bound in the cystathionine-beta-synthase domain
Feng N, Qi C, Hou YJ, Zhang Y, Wang DC, Li DF
652 - 658 Glucagon-like peptide-1 contributes to increases ABCA1 expression by downregulating miR-758 to regulate cholesterol homeostasis
Yao Y, Li Q, Gao P, Wang W, Chen LL, Zhang JC, Xu Y
659 - 666 The high bone mass phenotype of Lrp5-mutant mice is not affected by megakaryocyte depletion
Yorgan T, David JP, Amling M, Schinke T
667 - 674 MiR-29 family members interact with SPARC to regulate glucose metabolism
Song HY, Ding L, Zhang S, Wang W
675 - 682 Effects of PQ's cytotoxicity on secretory vesicles in astroglia: Expression alternation of secretogranin II and its potential interaction with intracellular factors
Zhan XN, Li FR, Chu QH, Pang H
683 - 688 Increased cerebrospinal fluid complement C5 levels in major depressive disorder and schizophrenia
Ishii T, Hattori K, Miyakawa T, Watanabe K, Hidese S, Sasayama D, Ota M, Teraishi T, Hori H, Yoshida S, Nunomura A, Nakagome K, Kunugi H
689 - 693 Spinal cord-specific deletion of the glutamate transporter GLT1 causes motor neuron death in mice
Sugiyama K, Tanaka K
694 - 699 Knockdown of fascin-1 expression suppresses cell migration and invasion of non-small cell lung cancer by regulating the MAPK pathway
Zhao D, Zhang T, Hou XM, Ling XL
700 - 704 Increased mortality from influenza infection in long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase knockout mice
Shinde A, Luo JD, Bharathi SS, Shi HF, Beck ME, McHugh KJ, Alcorn JF, Wang JR, Goetzman ES
705 - 712 Structural characterization of the HCoV-229E fusion core
Zhang W, Zheng QQ, Yan MR, Chen XB, Yang HT, Zhou WH, Rao ZH
713 - 718 Identification of matrix metalloproteinase 9-interacting sequences in staphylococcal superantigen-like protein 5
Kohno K, Itoh S, Hanai A, Takii T, Fujiwara T, Onozaki K, Tsuji T, Hida S
719 - 725 Human AK2 links intracellular bioenergetic redistribution to the fate of hematopoietic progenitors
Oshima K, Saiki N, Tanaka M, Imamura H, Niwa A, Tanimura A, Nagahashi A, Hirayama A, Okita K, Hotta A, Kitayama S, Osawa M, Kaneko S, Watanabe A, Asaka I, Fujibuchi W, Imai K, Yabe H, Kamachi Y, Hara J, Kojima S, Tomita M, Soga T, Noma T, Nonoyama S, Nakahata T, Saito MK
726 - 733 Ubiquitin C-Terminal Hydrolase L1 regulates autophagy by inhibiting autophagosome formation through its deubiquitinating enzyme activity
Yan C, Huo HH, Yang CW, Zhang T, Chu YY, Liu YF
734 - 741 Direct posttranslational modification of astrocytic connexin 43 proteins by the general anesthetic propofol in the cerebral cortex
Nuriya M, Yasui D, Yamada T, Aoki T, Yasui M
742 - 748 Chlamydia pneumoniae infection promotes monocyte transendothelial migration by increasing vascular endothelial cell permeability via the tyrosine phosphorylation of VE-cadherin
Liu JY, Miao GL, Wang BB, Zheng NB, Ma L, Chen XY, Wang GY, Zhao X, Zhang LJ, Zhang LJ
749 - 755 N-terminus plus linker domain of Mg-chelatase D subunit is essential for Mg-chelatase activity in Oryza sativa
Luo S, Luo T, Liu YA, Li ZW, Fan SY, Wu CJ
756 - 761 A selective c-Fos/AP-1 inhibitor prevents cartilage destruction and subsequent osteophyte formation
Motomura H, Seki S, Shiozawa S, Aikawa Y, Nogami M, Kimura T
762 - 768 Overexpression of Larp4B downregulates dMyc and reduces cell and organ sizes in Drosophila
Funakoshi M, Tsuda M, Muramatsu K, Hatsuda H, Morishita S, Aigaki T
769 - 775 Additional increased effects of mannitol-temozolomide combined treatment on blood-brain barrier permeability
Choi C, Kim HM, Shon J, Park J, Kim HT, Oh SH, Kim NK, Kim OJ
776 - 782 Ribosome biogenesis protein Urb2 regulates hematopoietic stem cells development via P53 pathway in zebrafish
Cai PC, Mao XY, Zhao JQ, Luo LF
783 - 789 Development of a functional thyroid model based on an organoid culture system
Saito Y, Onishi N, Takami H, Seishima R, Inoue H, Hirata Y, Kameyama K, Tsuchihashi K, Sugihara E, Uchino S, Ito K, Kawakubo H, Takeuchi H, Kitagawa Y, Saya H, Nagano O
790 - 796 Transcriptional information revealed differentially expressed circular RNAs in facet joint osteoarthritis
Chen C, Wu CS, Chen JJ, Zhang JL, Xue PF, Jiang JW, Cui ZM
797 - 803 Shear-dependent fibrillogenesis of fibronectin: Impact of platelet integrins and actin cytoskeleton
Nguyen H, Huynh K, Stoldt VR
804 - 810 Cytoplasmic p53 contributes to the removal of uracils misincorporated by HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
Saragani Y, Hizi A, Rahav G, Zaouch S, Bakhanashvili M
811 - 817 Redox exchange of the disulfides of human two-domain CD4 regulates the conformational dynamics of each domain, providing insight into its mechanisms of control
Owen GR, Le D, Stoychev S, Cerutti NM, Papathanasopoulos M