Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.496, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 LncRNA LOC730101 promotes osteosarcoma cell survival under energy stress
Cheng G, Li BS, Sun XJ, Cao ZL, Zhang GD, Zhao ZY, Zhao Y, Yu Q, Liu WG
7 - 11 Indirubin 3 '-oxime inhibits anticancer agent-induced YB-1 nuclear translocation in HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Tanaka T, Ohashi S, Saito H, Wada T, Aoyama T, Ichimaru Y, Miyairi S, Kobayashi S
12 - 17 Insight into adaptive remodeling of the rotor ring complex of the bacterial flagellar motor
Kinoshita M, Furukawa Y, Uchiyama S, Imada K, Namba K, Minamino T
18 - 24 Bax Delta 2 sensitizes colorectal cancer cells to proteasome inhibitor-induced cell death
Manas A, Chen WJ, Nelson A, Yao Q, Xiang JL
25 - 30 Rasal3-mediated T cell survival is essential for inflammatory responses
Muro R, Nitta T, Kitajima M, Okada T, Suzuki H
31 - 36 Enhanced glycometabolism as a mechanism of NQO1 potentiated growth of NSCLC revealed by metabolomic profiling
Cheng XF, Liu F, Liu HY, Wang GJ, Hao HP
37 - 43 Leptin-induced basal Akt phosphorylation and its implication in exercise-mediated improvement of insulin sensitivity
Zheng XJ, Niu S
44 - 50 Characterization of the promoter region of bovine SIX4: Roles of E-box and MyoD in the regulation of basal transcription
Wei DW, Feng LS, Zhang WZ, Ma XY, Cheng G, Li SJ, Wang L, Zhang S, Hong JY, Guo HF, Wang YN, Ning Y, Zan LS
51 - 57 The Nem1-Spo7 protein phosphatase complex is required for efficient mitophagy in yeast
Xu XY, Okamoto K
58 - 63 Urine volatile organic compounds as biomarkers for minimal change type nephrotic syndrome
Liu DS, Zhao NN, Wang MG, Pi X, Feng Y, Wang Y, Tong HS, Zhu L, Wang CS, Li EY
64 - 69 Functional and phenotypic distinction of the first two trophoblast subdivisions and identification of the border between them during early postimplantation: A prerequisite for understanding early patterning during placentogenesis
Nikolaou S, Hadjikypri X, Ioannou G, Elia A, Georgiades P
70 - 75 Fenofibrate inhibits mTOR-p70S6K signaling and simultaneously induces cell death in human prostate cancer cells
Lian X, Gu JL, Gao BS, Li Y, Damodaran C, Wei W, Fu YW, Cai L
76 - 82 Netrin-1 promotes metastasis of gastric cancer by regulating YAP activity
Yin K, Dang SC, Cui L, Fan X, Xie R, Qu JG, Shang MY, Chen JX
83 - 88 Binding of PICKI PDZ domain with calcineurin B regulates osteoclast differentiation
Kamano Y, Watanabe J, Iida T, Kondo T, Okawa H, Yatani H, Saeki M, Egusa H
89 - 94 Structural and functional insights into the basic globulin 7S of soybean seeds by using trypsin as a molecular probe
Magni C, Sessa F, Capraro J, Duranti M, Maffioli E, Scarafoni A
95 - 100 Cholestane-3 beta, 5 alpha, 6 beta-triol suppresses neuronal hyperexcitability via binding to voltage-gated sodium channels
Tang LP, Yan M, Leng TD, Yin W, Cai S, Duan SW, Zhu WB, Lin SZ, Huang JY, Yan GM, Zheng GJ, Chen YP
101 - 104 Point mutation of a conserved aspartate, D69, in the muscarinic M-2 receptor does not modify voltage-sensitive agonist potency
Agren R, Sahlholm K, Nilsson J, Arhem P
105 - 113 Amelioration of streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetes mellitus in Wistar rats by arachidonic acid
Gundala NKV, Naidu VGM, Das UN
114 - 119 beta cells can be generated from cytokeratin 5-positive cells after cerulein-induced pancreatitis in adult mice
Shi Q, Hong YP, Zhang XY, Tao J, Wang CY, Zhao L, Mei FC, You YD, Xia H, Xiong XC, Wang GR, Wang WX
120 - 126 MiR-449 overexpression inhibits osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via suppressing Sirt1/Fra-1 pathway in high glucose and free fatty acids microenvironment
Qu B, Gong K, Yang HS, Li YG, Jiang T, Zeng ZM, Cao ZR, Pan XM
127 - 132 Single channel recording of a mitochondrial calcium uniporter
Wu GY, Li SJ, Zong GN, Liu XF, Fei S, Shen LD, Guan XC, Yang X, Shen YQ
133 - 139 Identification of a candidate enhancer for DMRT3 involved in spastic cerebral palsy pathogenesis
Kubota N, Yokoyama T, Hoshi N, Suyama M
140 - 146 Analysis of spatiotemporal metabolomic dynamics for sensitively monitoring biological alterations in cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury
Irie M, Hayakawa E, Fujimura Y, Honda Y, Setoyama D, Wariishi H, Hyodo F, Miura D
147 - 152 Role of thyroid transcription factor-1 in transcriptional regulation of heme oxygenase-1
Jeong B, Kim HR, Choi NS, Park BS, Eom H, Park JW, Kim JG, Lee BJ
153 - 158 Blockage of cytosolic phospholipase A2 alpha sensitizes aggressive breast cancer to doxorubicin through suppressing ERK and mTOR kinases
Li ZQ, Qu M, Sun Y, Wan HX, Chai F, Liu LH, Zhang P
159 - 166 Autophagy-mediated upregulation of cytoplasmic claudin 1 stimulates the degradation of SQSTM1/p62 under starvation
Kim J, Choi S, Kim JO, Kim KK
167 - 175 Arsenic trioxide induces autophagic cell death in osteosarcoma cells via the ROS-TFEB signaling pathway
Wu BW, Tan MD, Cai WL, Wang B, He PH, Zhang XP
176 - 183 MicroRNA-212 activates hepatic stellate cells and promotes liver fibrosis via targeting SMAD7
Zhu J, Zhang ZQ, Zhang YT, Li WS, Zheng WW, Yu JH, Wang BT, Chen LR, Zhuo Q, Chen L, Zhang J, Liu J
184 - 190 LncRNA GAS5 regulates ischemic stroke as a competing endogenous RNA for miR-137 to regulate the Notch1 signaling pathway
Chen FH, Zhang LX, Wang EW, Zhang CF, Li XT
191 - 198 Integrated microRNA and mRNA signatures in peripheral blood lymphocytes of familial epithelial ovarian cancer
Dou YD, Huang T, Wang Q, Shu X, Zhao SG, Li L, Liu T, Lu G, Chan WY, Liu HB
199 - 204 Absence of REV3L promotes p53-regulated cancer cell metabolism in cisplatin-treated lung carcinoma cells
Kong LH, Murata MM, Digman MA
205 - 211 Discovery and characterization of an iminocoumarin scaffold as an inhibitor of MEKK2 (MAP3K2)
Ahmad S, St Hilaire VR, Dandepally SR, Johnson GL, Williams AL, Scott JE
212 - 217 Functional chararacterization of the enzymes TabB and TabD involved in tabtoxin biosynthesis by Pseudomonas syringae
Manning ME, Danson EJ, Calderone CT
218 - 224 Prohibitin-2 is a novel regulator of p21(WAF1/CIP1) induced by depletion of gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase
Taniguchi K, Matsumura K, Kageyama S, Ii H, Ashihara E, Chano T, Kawauchi A, Yoshiki T, Nakata S
225 - 230 Involvement of LPA receptor-5 in the enhancement of cell motile activity by phorbol ester and anticancer drug treatments in melanoma A375 cells
Fukushima K, Takahashi K, Kurokawa A, Ishimoto K, Otagaki S, Minami K, Fukushima N, Honoki K, Tsujiuchi T
231 - 237 Pde6b(rd1) mutation modifies cataractogenesis in Foxe3(rct) mice
Wada K, Saito J, Yamaguchi M, Seki Y, Furugori M, Takahashi G, Nishito Y, Matsuda H, Shitara H, Kikkawa Y
238 - 243 A microfluidic device for study of the effect of tumor vascular structures on the flow field and HepG2 cellular flow behaviors
Ke M, Cai SX, Zou MS, Zhao Y, Li B, Chen SJ, Chen LC