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1573 - 1579 Effects of the RNA-binding protein, KSRP, on innate immune response against Helicobacter pylori infection in mice
Li NZ, Cao M, Yi SJ, Cheng J, Wang L, Tao YW, Wu DY, Peng JS, Zhang M, Qi PP, Zhao J
1580 - 1587 EphA7 regulates claudin6 and pronephros development in Xenopus
Sun J, Wang XL, Shi Y, Li JJ, Li CC, Shi ZY, Chen YL, Mao BY
1588 - 1593 (+)-Borneol suppresses conditioned fear recall and anxiety-like behaviors in mice
Cao B, Ni HY, Li J, Zhou Y, Bian XL, Tao Y, Cai CY, Qin C, Wu HY, Chang L, Luo CX, Zhu DY
1594 - 1600 Long noncoding RNA SNHG15 promotes human breast cancer proliferation, migration and invasion by sponging miR-211-3p
Kong QL, Qiu M
1601 - 1607 Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) mediates radiation-induced mitochondrial fission by regulating the phosphorylation of dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) at serine 616
Bo T, Yamamori T, Suzuki M, Sakai Y, Yamamoto K, Inanami O
1608 - 1613 Co-administration of APD668, a G protein-coupled receptor 119 agonist and linagliptin, a DPPIV inhibitor, prevents progression of steatohepatitis in mice fed on a high trans-fat diet
Bahirat UA, Shenoy RR, Talwar R, Goel RN, Nemmani KVS
1614 - 1619 Solution structure analysis of the periplasmic region of bacterial flagellar motor stators by small angle X-ray scattering
Liew CW, Hynson RM, Ganuelas LA, Shah-Mohammadi N, Duff AP, Kojima S, Homma M, Lee LK
1620 - 1627 Hydrogen protects against hyperoxia-induced apoptosis in type II alveolar epithelial cells via activation of PI3K/Akt/Foxo3a signaling pathway
Wu D, Liang ML, Dang HX, Fang F, Xu F, Liu CJ
1628 - 1634 Structural insight into the substrate specificity of acyl-CoA oxidase1 from Yarrowia lipolytica for short-chain dicarboxylyl-CoAs
Kim S, Kim KJ
1635 - 1641 The role of Protein Disulfide Isomerase and thiol bonds modifications in activation of integrin subunit alpha11
Popielarski M, Ponamarczuk H, Stasiak M, Michalec L, Bednarek R, Studzian M, Pulaski L, Swiatkowska M
1642 - 1647 A novel mouse model for tracking the fate of CXCR5-expressing T cells
Takebe T, Sakamoto K, Higami Y, Harada Y
1648 - 1654 Islet beta cell: An endocrine cell secreting miRNAs
Zhang AM, Li DM, Liu YC, Li J, Zhang YJ, Zhang CY
1655 - 1660 Accelerated dentinogenesis by inhibiting the mitochondrial fission factor, dynamin related protein 1
Matsuishi YI, Kato H, Masuda K, Yamaza H, Hirofuji Y, Sato H, Wada H, Kiyoshima T, Nonaka K
1661 - 1667 MTD-like motif of a BH3-only protein, BNIP1, induces necrosis accompanied by an intracellular calcium spike
Park J, Han JH, Myung SH, Seo YW, Kim TH
1668 - 1674 The down-regulation of cardiac contractile proteins underlies myocardial depression during sepsis and is mitigated by carbon monoxide
Unuma K, Aki T, Nagano S, Watanabe R, Uemura K
1675 - 1680 TNF-alpha induces expression of the circadian clock gene Bmal1 via dual calcium-dependent pathways in rheumatoid synovial cells
Yoshida K, Nakai A, Kaneshiro K, Hashimoto N, Suzuki K, Uchida K, Hashimoto T, Kawasaki Y, Tateishi K, Nakagawa N, Shibanuma N, Sakai Y, Hashiramoto A
1681 - 1687 Elevated O-GlcNAcylation stabilizes FOXM1 by its reduced degradation through GSK-3 beta inactivation in a human gastric carcinoma cell line, MKN45 cells
Inoue Y, Moriwaki K, Ueda Y, Takeuchi T, Higuchi K, Asahi M
1688 - 1694 A novel cold-regulated gene from Phlox subulata, PsCor413im1, enhances low temperature tolerance in Arabidopsis
Zhou AM, Sun HW, Feng S, Zhou M, Gong SF, Wang JG, Zhang SZ
1695 - 1701 Apatinib inhibits migration and invasion as well as PD-L1 expression in osteosarcoma by targeting STAT3
Zheng BX, Ren TT, Huang Y, Guo W
1702 - 1707 Dihydromyricetin sensitizes human acute myeloid leukemia cells to retinoic acid-induced myeloid differentiation by activating STAT1
He MH, Zhang Q, Shu G, Lin JC, Zhao L, Liang XX, Yin LZ, Shi F, Fu HL, Yuan ZX
1708 - 1715 Parkinson's disease-associated mutant LRRK2 phosphorylates Rab7L1 and modifies trans-Golgi morphology
Fujimoto T, Kuwahara T, Eguchi T, Sakurai M, Komori T, Iwatsubo T
1716 - 1721 Mersalyl prevents the T1(+)-induced permeability transition pore opening in the inner membrane of Ca2+-loaded rat liver mitochondria
Korotkov SM, Konovalova SA, Nesterov VP, Brailovskaya IV
1722 - 1729 Short-term exposure to dim light at night disrupts rhythmic behaviors and causes neurodegeneration in fly models of tauopathy and Alzheimer's disease
Kim M, Subramanian M, Cho YH, Kim GH, Lee E, Park JJ
1730 - 1737 Clinical, Molecular, and Computational Analysis in two cases with Checkfor mitochondrial encephalomyopathy associated with SUCLGI mutation in a consanguineous family
Maalej M, Tej A, Bouguila J, Tilouche S, Majdoub S, Khabou B, Tabbebi M, Felhi R, Ammar M, Mkaouar-Rebai E, Keskes L, Boughamoura L, Fakhfakh F
1738 - 1743 Human proton coupled folic acid transporter is a monodisperse oligomer in the lauryl maltose neopentyl glycol solubilized state
Aduri NG, Ernst HA, Prabhala BK, Bhatt S, Boesen T, Gajhede M, Mirza O
1744 - 1751 Long-term fermented soybean paste improves metabolic parameters associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and insulin resistance in high-fat diet-induced obese mice
Kim MS, Kim B, Park H, Ji Y, Holzapfel W, Kim DY, Hyun CK
1752 - 1757 Tilapia and human CLIC2 structures are highly conserved
Zeng J, Li ZJ, Lui EY, Lam SH, Swaminathan K
1758 - 1765 Epigenetic regulation of hibernation-associated HP-20 and HP-27 gene transcription in chipmunk liver
Tsukamoto D, Ito M, Takamatsu N
1766 - 1768 Insight of nitric oxide signaling: A potential biomarker with multifaceted complex mechanism in colorectal carcinogenesis
Mandal P
1769 - 1774 miR-124-3p affects the formation of intramuscular fat through alterations in branched chain amino acid consumption in sheep
Pan YY, Jing JJ, Qiao LY, Liu JH, Zhao JX, An LX, Li BJ, Wang WW, Liang C, Liu WZ
1775 - 1781 Hepatocyte-specific clusterin overexpression attenuates diet-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Park JS, Shim YJ, Kang BH, Lee WK, Min BH
1782 - 1788 Structural insight into a novel indole prenyltransferase in hapalindole-type alkaloid biosynthesis
Wang J, Chen CC, Yang YY, Liu WD, Ko TP, Shang N, Hu XY, Xie YH, Huang JW, Zhang YH, Guo RT
1789 - 1794 A triangular loop of domain D1 of FlgE is essential for hook assembly but not for the mechanical function
Sakai T, Inoue Y, Terahara N, Namba K, Minamino T
1795 - 1800 Adenovirus infection induces HuR relocalization to facilitate virus replication
Jehung JP, Kitamura T, Yanagawa-Matsuda A, Kuroshima T, Towfik A, Yasuda M, Sano H, Kitagawa Y, Minowa K, Shindoh M, Higashino F
1801 - 1806 Cortistatin attenuates angiotensin II-induced abdominal aortic aneurysm through inactivation of the ERK1/2 signaling pathways
Chai H, Tao ZH, Chen W, Xu YY, Huang FH, Su CH, Chen X
1807 - 1814 Inhibition of CIP2A attenuates tumor progression by inducing cell cycle arrest and promoting cellular senescence in hepatocellular carcinoma
Yang X, Qu K, Tao J, Yin GZ, Han SS, Liu QG, Sun H
1815 - 1821 Structural basis for substrate specificity of meso-diaminopimelic acid decarboxylase from Corynebacterium glutamicum
Son HF, Kim KJ
1822 - 1832 LncRNA SNHG12 promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis in osteosarcoma by upregulating Notch2 by sponging miR-195-5p
Zhou S, Yu L, Xiong M, Dai G
1833 - 1838 Short-term culture with IL-2 is beneficial for potent memory chimeric antigen receptor T cell production
Zhang XH, Lv XD, Song YP
1839 - 1845 Cross talk between TP53 and c-Myc in the pathophysiology of Diamond-Blackfan anemia: Evidence from RPL11-deficient in vivo and in vitro models
Chakraborty A, Uechi T, Nakajima Y, Gazda HT, O'Donohue MF, Gleizes PE, Kenmochi N
1846 - 1850 Trametinib suppresses HIV-1 replication by interfering with the disassembly of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 capsid core
Dochi T, Akita A, Kishimoto N, Takamune N, Misumi S
1851 - 1857 Molecular cloning and characterization of the glutathione reductase gene from Stipa purpurea
Wang QL, Pu YA, Yang DN, Yin X, He ZR, Yang YQ, Yang YP
1858 - 1863 Hemoglobin crystals immersed in liquid oxygen reveal diffusion channels
Terrell JR, Gumpper RH, Luo M
1864 - 1870 Inhibition of Orail-mediated Ca2+ entry limits endothelial cell inflammation by suppressing, calcineurin-NFATc4 signaling pathway
Yu BX, Yuan JN, Zhang FR, Liu YY, Zhang TT, Li K, Lv XF, Zhou JG, Huang LY, Shang JY, Liang SJ
1871 - 1877 A new comprehensive method for detection of livestock-related pathogenic viruses using a target enrichment system
Oba M, Tsuchiaka S, Omatsu T, Katayama Y, Otomaru K, Hirata T, Aoki H, Murata Y, Makino S, Nagai M, Mizutani T
1878 - 1884 Effect of lncRNA HOXA11-AS1 on adipocyte differentiation in human adipose-derived stem cells
Nuermaimaiti N, Liu J, Liang XD, Jiao Y, Zhang D, Liu L, Meng XY, Guan YQ
1885 - 1889 The proper localization of RESPONSIVE TO DESICCATION 20 in lipid droplets depends on their biogenesis induced by STRESS-RELATED PROTEINS in vegetative tissues
Park KY, Kim WT, Kim EY
1890 - 1895 Wnt/beta-catenin pathway promotes acute lung injury induced by LPS through driving the Th17 response in mice
Cheng L, Zhao Y, Qi D, Li W, Wang DX
1896 - 1900 Direct evidence that KLK4 is a hydroxyapatite-binding protein
Perez VA, Mangum JE, Hubbard MJ
1901 - 1907 Role of allograft inflammatory factor-1 in bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis
Nagahara H, Seno T, Yamamoto A, Obayashi H, Inoue T, Kida T, Nakabayashi A, Kukida Y, Fujioka K, Fujii W, Murakami K, Kohno M, Kawahito Y
1908 - 1914 High expression of diffuse panbronchiolitis critical region 1 gene promotes cell proliferation, migration and invasion in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Yan JY, Chen GH, Zhao XS, Chen FY, Wang T, Miao F
1915 - 1921 Chetomin induces apoptosis in human triple-negative breast cancer cells by promoting calcium overload and mitochondrial dysfunction
Dewangan J, Srivastava S, Mishra S, Pandey PK, Divakar A, Rath SK
1922 - 1929 Endothelial microparticles-mediated transfer of microRNA-19b promotes atherosclerosis via activating perivascular adipose tissue inflammation in apoE(-/-) mice
Li CL, Li SF, Zhang F, Wu MY, Liang HZ, Song JX, Lee CY, Chen H
1930 - 1935 A novel 3D heterotypic spheroid model for studying extracellular vesicle-mediated tumour and immune cell communication
Sadovska L, Zandberga E, Sagini K, Jekabsons K, Riekstina U, Kalnina Z, Llorente A, Line A
1936 - 1941 Berberine-induced activation of AMPK increases hepatic FGF21 expression via NUR77
Zhou FY, Bai MY, Zhang YQ, Zhu Q, Zhang LL, Zhang Q, Wang SS, Zhu KC, Liu Y, Wang X, Zhou LB
1942 - 1947 Aberrant alternative splicing of RHOA is associated with loss of its expression and activity in diffuse-type gastric carcinoma cells
Miyamoto S, Nagamura Y, Nakabo A, Okabe A, Yanagihara K, Fukami K, Sakai R, Yamaguchi H
1948 - 1955 Effects of dietary glucose and sodium chloride on intestinal glucose absorption of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Qin CB, Yang LP, Zheng WJ, Yan X, Lu RH, Xie DZ, Nie GX
1956 - 1963 PKC and Rab13 mediate Ca2+ signal-regulated GLUT4 traffic
Deng BL, Zhu XC, Zhao YH, Zhang D, Pannu A, Chen LM, Niu WY
1964 - 1971 Moesin and myosin IIA modulate phagolysosomal biogenesis in macrophages
Gomez CP, Descoteaux A
1972 - 1979 Human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells protect from hyperoxic lung injury by ameliorating aberrant elastin remodeling in the lung of O-2-exposed newborn rat
Hou C, Peng DY, Gao L, Tian DY, Dai JH, Luo ZX, Liu EM, Chen H, Zou L, Fu Z
1980 - 1985 CtBP represses Dpp signaling as a dimer
Bi CL, Meng F, Yang L, Cheng L, Wang P, Chen MM, Fang M, Xie H
1986 - 1991 Ectopic serotonin production in beta-cell specific transgenic mice
Kim H, Kim H, Kim K, German MS, Kim H
1992 - 1997 Unbiased compound screening with a reporter gene assay highlights the role of p13 in the cardiac cellular stress response
Inoue N, Hirouchi T, Kasai A, Higashi S, Hiraki N, Tanaka S, Nakazawa T, Nunomura K, Lin BZ, Omori A, Hayata-Takano A, Kim YJ, Doi T, Baba A, Hashimoto H, Shintani N
1998 - 2003 Plakoglobin localization to the cell border restores desmosome function in cells lacking 14-3-3 gamma
Vishal SS, Tilwani S, Dalal SN
2004 - 2009 Silencing of secretory clusterin sensitizes NSCLC cells to V-ATPase inhibitors by downregulating survivin
Kim YS, Jin HO, Hong SE, Song JY, Hwang CS, Park IC
2010 - 2016 Integrative analysis of rewired central metabolism in temozolomide resistant cells
Immanuel SRC, Ghanate AD, Parmar DS, Marriage F, Panchagnula V, Day NJ, Raghunathan A
2017 - 2023 Incomplete clearance of apoptotic cells by core 1-derived O-glycan-deficient resident peritoneal macrophages
Wakui H, Fuseya S, Suzuki R, Shimbo M, Okada R, Hamada M, Kuno A, Hagiwara K, Sato T, Narimatsu H, Kudo T, Takahashi S
2024 - 2029 Taurine and beta-alanine intraperitoneal injection in lactating mice modifies the growth and behavior of offspring
Nishigawa T, Nagamachi S, Chowdhury VS, Yasuo S, Furuse M
2030 - 2037 Angiotensin II type 1 receptor-associated protein regulates carotid intimal hyperplasia through controlling apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells
Yue YQ, Ma K, Li Z, Wang ZG
2038 - 2043 Crystal structure of the chloroplast RNA editing factor MORF2
Yang JY, Zhang M, Wang X
2044 - 2049 The protective effect of orally administered redox nanoparticle on intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury in mice
Ueda T, Takagi T, Katada K, Iida T, Mizushima K, Dohi O, Okayama T, Yoshida N, Kamada K, Uchiyama K, Handa O, Ishikawa T, Konishi H, Naito Y, Nagasaki Y, Itoh Y
2050 - 2057 Atorvastatin prevents endothelial dysfunction in high glucose condition through Skp2-mediated degradation of FOXO1 and ICAM-1
Park J, Hwang I, Kim SJ, Youn SW, Hur J, Kim HS
2058 - 2065 NK cell and IFN signatures are positive prognostic biomarkers for resectable pancreatic cancer
Hoshikawa M, Aoki T, Matsushita H, Karasaki T, Hosoi A, Odaira K, Fujieda N, Kobayashi Y, Kambara K, Ohara O, Arita J, Hasegawa K, Kakimi K, Kokudo N
2066 - 2070 A water-soluble precursor for efficient silica polymerization by silicateins
Povarova NV, Markina NM, Baranov MS, Barinov NA, Klinov DV, Kozhemyako VB, Lukyanov KA
2071 - 2077 Increased circulating trimethylamine N-oxide contributes to endothelial dysfunction in a rat model of chronic kidney disease
Li TJ, Gua CJ, Wu BG, Chen YL
2078 - 2084 Characterization of Staphylococcus epidermidis Polynucleotide phosphorylase and its interactions with ribonucleases RNase J1 and RNase J2
Raj R, Mitra S, Gopal B
2085 - 2091 MiR-628-5p decreases the tumorigenicity of epithelial ovarian cancer cells by targeting at FGFR2
Li M, Qian ZM, Ma XL, Lin XL, You YN, Li YY, Chen T, Jiang H
2092 - 2097 FBW7 targets KLF10 for ubiquitin-dependent degradation
Yu S, Wang F, Tan X, Gao GL, Pan WJ, Luan Y, Ge X
2098 - 2104 Lack of O-G1cNAcylation enhances exercise-dependent glucose utilization potentially through AMP -activated protein kinase activation in skeletal muscle
Murata K, Morino K, Ida S, Ohashi N, Lemecha M, Park SY, Ishikado A, Kume S, Choi CS, Sekine O, Ugi S, Maegawa H