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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.495, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Crystal structure of the kinase and UBA domains of SNRK reveals a distinct UBA binding mode in the AMPK family
Wang YL, Wang J, Chen X, Wang ZX, Wu JW
7 - 11 A novel engineered interchain disulfide bond in the constant region enhances the thermostability of adalimumab Fab
Nakamura H, Oda-Ueda N, Ueda T, Ohkuri T
12 - 19 Overexpression of SNX7 reduces A beta production by enhancing lysosomal degradation of APP
Xu SH, Zhang L, Brodin L
20 - 26 KLF2 attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis and inflammation with regulation of AP-1
Shi J, Zhou LR, Wang XS, Du JF, Jiang MM, Song Z, Han GC, Mai ZT
27 - 34 Catalpol suppresses osteosarcoma cell proliferation through blocking epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and inducing apoptosis
Wang L, Xue GB
35 - 40 Rv2477c is an antibiotic-sensitive manganese-dependent ABC-F ATPase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Daniel J, Abraham L, Martin A, Pablo X, Reyes S
41 - 45 TRPV4 is involved in irisin-induced endothelium-dependent vasodilation
Ye L, Xu MN, Hu M, Zhang H, Tan XM, Li Q, Shen B, Huang JH
46 - 52 miR-137 inhibits glutamine catabolism and growth of malignant melanoma by targeting glutaminase
Luan WK, Zhou Z, Zhu Y, Xia Y, Wang JL, Xu B
53 - 59 Semi-synthetic salinomycin analogs exert cytotoxic activity against human colorectal cancer stem cells
Klose J, Kattner S, Borgstrom B, Volz C, Schmidt T, Schneider M, Oredsson S, Strand D, Ulrich A
60 - 63 Autophagy in endometriosis: Friend or foe?
Zhan L, Li J, Wei B
64 - 70 Overexpression of exchange protein directly activated by cAMP-1 (EPAC1) attenuates bladder cancer cell migration
Ichikawa H, Itsumi M, Kajioka S, Maki T, Lee K, Tomita M, Yamaoka S
71 - 77 Exosomes derived from pancreatic cancer cells induce activation and profibrogenic activities in pancreatic stellate cells
Masamune A, Yoshida N, Hamada S, Takikawa T, Nabeshima T, Shimosegawa T
78 - 85 C6 glioma-conditioned medium induces malignant transformation of mesenchymal stem cells: Possible role of S100B/RAGE pathway
Tan B, Shen LJ, Yang K, Huang DC, Li X, Li YS, Zhao L, Chen J, Yi Q, Xu H, Tian J, Zhu J
86 - 91 p.Q511L mutation of HNF1 alpha in hepatocellular carcinoma suppresses the transcriptional activity and the anti-tumor effect of HNF1 alpha
Ding CH, Deng LF, Chen F, Ding K, Chen WS, Xie WF, Zhang X
92 - 97 The alpha2-adrenoreceptor agonist dexmedetomidine protects against lipopolysaccharide-induced apoptosis via inhibition of gap junctions in lung fibroblasts
Zhang Y, Tan XM, Xue LF
98 - 103 Characterization of human AlkB homolog 1 produced in mammalian cells and demonstration of mitochondrial dysfunction in ALKBH1-deficient cells
Muller TA, Struble SL, Meek K, Hausinger RP
104 - 109 Profiling neuron-autonomous lncRNA changes upon ischemia/reperfusion injury
Li HY, Wu YJ, Suo GH, Shen FF, Zhen YQ, Chen X, Lv HT
110 - 115 Site-specific aptamer inhibitors of Thermus RNA polymerase
Miropolskaya N, Feklistov A, Nikiforov V, Kulbachinskiy A
116 - 123 WDR74 participates in an early cleavage of the pre-rRNA processing pathway in cooperation with the nucleolar AAA-ATPase NVL2
Hiraishi N, Ishida Y, Sudo H, Nagahama M
124 - 130 A catalytically inactive gelatinase B/MMP-9 mutant impairs homing of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells by altering migration regulatory pathways
Bailon E, Aguilera-Montilla N, Gutierrez-Gonzalez A, Ugarte-Berzal E, Van den Steen PE, Opdenakker G, Garcia-Marco JA, Garcia-Pardo A
131 - 135 Oral lipase activities and fat-taste receptors for fat-taste sensing in chickens
Kawabata Y, Kawabata F, Nishimura S, Tabata S
136 - 144 A deficiency of the GluN2C subunit of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor is neuroprotective in a mouse model of ischemic stroke
Holmes A, Zhou N, Donahue DL, Balsara R, Castellino FJ
145 - 150 Biophysical characterization of the basic cluster in the transcription repression domain of human MeCP2 with AT-rich DNA
Ul Mushtaq A, Lee Y, Hwang E, Bang JK, Hong E, Byun Y, Song JJ, Jeon YH
151 - 156 3-(Naphthalen-2-yl(propoxy)methyl)azetidine hydrochloride attenuates NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated signaling pathway in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated BV2 microglial cells
Yang JW, Yang SJ, Na JM, Hahn HG, Cho SW
157 - 162 Basolateral cholesterol depletion alters Aquaporin-2 post-translational modifications and disrupts apical plasma membrane targeting
Moeller HB, Fuglsang CH, Pedersen CN, Fenton RA
163 - 167 Transient interaction between the N-terminal extension of the essential light chain-1 and motor domain of the myosin head during the ATPase cycle
Logvinova DS, Matyushenko AM, Nikolaeva OP, Levitsky DI
168 - 173 Copine1 regulates neural stem cell functions during brain development
Kim TH, Sung SE, Yoo JC, Park JY, Yi GS, Heo JY, Lee JR, Kim NS, Lee DY
174 - 178 Gamma-glutamylcysteine protects ergothioneine-deficient Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutants against oxidative and nitrosative stress
Emani CS, Williams MJ, Van Helden PD, Taylor MJC, Wiid IJ, Baker B
179 - 184 Effect of eldecalcitol on articular cartilage through the regulation of transcription factor Erg in a murine model of knee osteoarthritis
Yamamura K, Ohta Y, Mamoto K, Sugama R, Minoda Y, Nakamura H
185 - 188 Structure of a benzylidene derivative of 9(10H)-anthracenone in complex with tubulin provides a rationale for drug design
Cheng J, Wu YP, Wang YX, Wang CD, Wang YY, Wu CY, Zeng SX, Yu YM, Chen Q
189 - 196 Hsa_circ_0009910 promotes carcinogenesis by promoting the expression of miR-449a target IL6R in osteosarcoma
Deng NA, Li LY, Gao JH, Zhou J, Wang Y, Wang C, Liu Y
197 - 203 Fucoxanthin attenuates fatty acid-induced lipid accumulation in FL83B hepatocytes through regulated Sirt1/AMPK signaling pathway
Chang YH, Chen YL, Huang WC, Liou CJ
204 - 211 The BET/BRD inhibitor JQ1 attenuates diabetes-induced cognitive impairment in rats by targeting Nox4-Nrf2 redox imbalance
Liang E, Ma M, Wang L, Liu X, Xu JF, Zhang MX, Yang RX, Zhao YX
212 - 216 Protein S-glutathionylation induced by hypoxia increases hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha in human colon cancer cells
Jeon D, Park HJ, Kim HS
217 - 222 Desflurane inhibits endothelium-dependent vasodilation more than sevoflurane with inhibition of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by different mechanisms
Kazuma S, Tokinaga Y, Takada Y, Azumaguchi R, Kimizuka M, Hayashi S, Yamakage M
223 - 229 Caveolin-1, a binding protein of CD26, is essential for the anti-inflammatory effects of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors on human and mouse macrophages
Hiromura M, Nohtomi K, Mori Y, Kataoka H, Sugano M, Ohnuma K, Kuwata H, Hirano T
230 - 237 Laminin-1 induces endocytosis of 67KDa laminin receptor and protects Neuroscreen-1 cells against death induced by serum withdrawal
Gopalakrishna R, Gundimeda U, Zhou S, Bui H, Davis A, McNeill T, Mack W
238 - 245 Up-regulated lnc-SNHG1 contributes to osteosarcoma progression through sequestration of miR-577 and activation of WNT2B/Wnt/beta-catenin pathway
Jiang Z, Jiang CS, Fang J
246 - 253 NF kappa B mediated elevation of KCNJ11 promotes tumor progression of hepatocellular carcinoma through interaction of lactate dehydrogenase A
Zhang K, Mu L, Ding MC, Xu R, Ding ZJ, Liang J
254 - 260 FPLD2 LMNA mutation R482W dysregulates iPSC-derived adipocyte function and lipid metabolism
Friesen M, Cowan CA
261 - 266 Sirtuin 7 is involved in the consolidation of fear memory in mice
Islam MS, Wei FY, Ohta K, Shigematsu N, Fukuda T, Tomizawa K, Yoshizawa T, Yamagata K
267 - 272 Antibiotic bedaquiline effectively targets growth, survival and tumor angiogenesis of lung cancer through suppressing energy metabolism
Wu XM, Li FJ, Wang XJ, Li CH, Meng QH, Wang CH, Huang J, Chen S, Zhu ZY
273 - 279 Supplementation of pancreatic digestive enzymes alters the composition of intestinal microbiota in mice
Nishiyama H, Nagai T, Kudo M, Okazaki Y, Azuma Y, Watanabe T, Goto S, Ogata H, Sakurai T
280 - 285 Chloroplast protein PLGG1 is involved in abscisic acid-regulated lateral root development and stomatal movement in Arabidopsis
Dong H, Bai L, Chang J, Song CP
286 - 291 Plant salt-tolerance mechanism: A review
Liang WJ, Ma XL, Wan P, Liu LY
292 - 299 Nicorandil alleviates myocardial injury and post-infarction cardiac remodeling by inhibiting Mst1
Wang SJ, Fan YH, Feng XY, Sun C, Shi ZF, Li T, Lv JJ, Yang Z, Zhao ZJ, Sun DD
300 - 305 Direct regulation of IL-2 by curcumin
Oh JG, Hwang DJ, Heo TH
306 - 311 Studies of lysine cyclodeaminase from Streptomyces pristinaespiralis: Insights into the complex transition NAD(+) state
Ying HX, Wang J, Shi T, Zhao YL, Wang X, Ouyang PK, Chen KQ
312 - 318 Long noncoding RNA FTX regulates cardiomyocyte apoptosis by targeting miR-29b-1-5p and Bcl2l2
Long B, Li N, Xu XX, Li XX, Xu XJ, Guo D, Zhang D, Wu ZH, Zhang SY
319 - 324 LncRNA COL1A2-AS1 inhibits the scar fibroblasts proliferation via regulating miR-21/Smad7 pathway
Nong QW, Li ST, Wu YJ, Liu DE
325 - 331 Salvianolic acid B inhibits myofibroblast transdifferentiation in experimental pulmonary fibrosis via the up-regulation of Nrf2
Liu M, Xu HY, Zhang L, Zhang C, Yang LC, Ma EL, Liu LQ, Li YC
332 - 338 Imaging mass spectroscopy delineates the thinned and thickened walls of intracranial aneurysms
Ikedo T, Minami M, Kataoka H, Hayashi K, Nagata M, Fujikawa R, Yamazaki F, Setou M, Yokode M, Miyamoto S
339 - 345 The ascorbate peroxidase APX1 is a direct target of a zinc finger transcription factor ZFP36 and a late embryogenesis abundant protein OsLEA5 interacts with ZFP36 to co-regulate OsAPX1 in seed germination in rice
Huang LP, Jia J, Zhao XX, Zhang MY, Huang XX, Ji E, Ni L, Jiang MY
346 - 352 Dystonia-4 (DYT4)-associated TUBB4A mutants exhibit disorganized microtubule networks and inhibit neuronal process growth
Watanabe N, Itakaoka M, Seki Y, Morimoto T, Homma K, Miyamoto Y, Yamauchi J
353 - 359 Chlamydia pneumoniae exploits adipocyte lipid chaperone FABP4 to facilitate fat mobilization and intracellular growth in murine adipocytes
Walenna NF, Kurihara Y, Chou B, Ishii K, Soejima T, Itoh R, Shimizu A, Ichinohe T, Hiromatsu K
360 - 367 Potential influence of interleukin-6 on the therapeutic effect of gefitinib in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer harbouring EGFR mutations
Tamura T, Kato Y, Ohashi K, Ninomiya K, Makimoto G, Gotoda H, Kubo T, Ichihara E, Tanaka T, Ichimura K, Maeda Y, Hotta K, Kiura K
368 - 374 Etoposide induced NMI promotes cell apoptosis by activating the ARF-p53 signaling pathway in lung carcinoma
Song D, Zhao JB, Su C, Jiang Y, Hou JJ
375 - 381 Rational design of small molecules that modulate the transcriptional function of the response regulator PhoP
Qing XY, De Weerdt A, De Maeyer M, Steenackers H, Voet A
382 - 387 Inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome attenuates foam cell formation of THP-1 macrophages by suppressing ox-LDL uptake and promoting cholesterol efflux
Chen L, Yao QY, Xu SW, Wang HY, Qu P
388 - 394 A Prdm8 target gene Ebf3 regulates multipolar-to-bipolar transition in migrating neocortical cells
Iwai R, Tabata H, Inoue M, Nomura K, Okamoto T, Ichihashi M, Nagata K, Mizutani K
395 - 400 Unexpected role of the IMD pathway in Drosophila gut defense against Staphylococcus aureus
Hori A, Kurata S, Kuraishi T
401 - 407 Identification and characterization of UDP-mannose in human cell lines and mouse organs: Differential distribution across brain regions and organs
Nakajima K, Kizuka Y, Yamaguchi Y, Hirabayashi Y, Takahashi K, Yuzawa Y, Taniguchi N
408 - 413 Hyperoxia-mediated transcriptional activation of cytochrome P4501A1 (CYP1A1) and decreased susceptibility to oxygen-mediated lung injury in newborn mice
Jiang WW, Maturu P, Liang YW, Wang LH, Lingappan K, Couroucli X
414 - 420 Chitosan-coated doxorubicin nano-particles drug delivery system inhibits cell growth of liver cancer via p53/PRC1 pathway
Ye BL, Zheng R, Ruan XJ, Zheng ZH, Cai HJ
421 - 426 Effect of dexmedetomidine on rats with convulsive status epilepticus and association with activation of cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway
Xu KL, Liu XQ, Yao YL, Ye MR, Han YG, Zhang T, Chen G, Lei M
427 - 432 Identification of a selective inhibitor of human monocarboxylate transporter 4
Futagi Y, Kobayashi M, Narumi K, Furugen A, Iseki K
433 - 437 Ascorbic acid attenuates endothelial permeability triggered by cell-free hemoglobin
Kuck JL, Bastarache JA, Shaver CM, Fessel JP, Dikalov SI, May JM, Ware LB
438 - 445 Identification of protein kinase C isozymes involved in the anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic activities of 1.0-Methyl-aplog-1, a simplified analog of debromoaplysiatoxin, in several cancer cell lines
Hanaki Y, Shikata Y, Kikumori M, Hotta N, Imoto M, Irie K
446 - 453 GBP3 promotes glioma cell proliferation via SQSTM1/p62-ERK1/2 axis
Xu H, Sun LL, Zheng YW, Yu SY, Jia OY, Han H, Dai XL, Yu XT, Li M, Lan Q
454 - 460 Involvement of mitochondrial fission in calcium sensing receptor-mediated vascular smooth muscle cells proliferation during hypertension
Zhang X, Chen WJ, Li JW, Qi SH, Hong ST, Wang Y, Gao L, Shi ZY, Liu Y, Liu WX, Chi YY, Liu CN, Fu Y, Yin XH
461 - 467 OsPRX2 contributes to stomatal closure and improves potassium deficiency tolerance in rice
Mao XH, Zheng YM, Xiao KZ, Wei YD, Zhu YS, Cai QH, Chen LP, Xie HA, Zhang JF
468 - 472 Cyclosporine A exhibits gender-specific nephrotoxicity in rats: Effect on renal tissue inflammation
El-Bassossy HM, Eid BG
473 - 480 Coatomer subunit beta 2 (COPB2), identified by label-free quantitative proteomics, regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis in human prostate carcinoma cells
Mi YY, Sun CY, Wei BB, Sun FY, Guo YJ, Hu QF, Ding WH, Zhu LJ, Xia GW
481 - 486 Oxotremorine-M potentiates NMDA receptors by muscarinic receptor dependent and independent mechanisms
Zwart R, Reed H, Sher E
487 - 492 An AT-hook protein DEPRESSED PALEA1 physically interacts with the TCP Family transcription factor RETARDED PALEA1 in rice
Yin DD, Liu X, Shi ZY, Li DY, Zhu LH
493 - 498 miR-3065-5p regulates mouse odontoblastic differentiation partially through bone morphogenetic protein receptor type II
Lin CJ, Zhang Q, Yu ST, Lin YX, Li SC, Liu H, Chen Z
499 - 505 The Pleckstrin homology like domain family member, TDAG51, is temporally regulated during skeletal muscle regeneration
Coleman SK, Cao AW, Rebalka IA, Gyulay G, Chambers PJ, Tupling AR, Austin RC, Hawke TJ
506 - 511 miR-32-5p-mediated Dusp5 downregulation contributes to neuropathic pain
Yan TF, Zhang FG, Sun CX, Sun JC, Wang Y, Xu XM, Shi JG, Shi GD
512 - 518 SETDB1-mediated FosB regulation via ERK2 is associated with an increase in cell invasiveness during anticancer drug treatment of A549 human lung cancer cells
Na HH, Kim KC
519 - 525 CD1d is a novel cell-surface marker for human monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells with T cell suppression activity in peripheral blood after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
An B, Lim JY, Jeong S, Shin DM, Choi EY, Min CK, Hong SH
526 - 532 Surfactant protein D attenuates nitric oxide-stimulated apoptosis in rat chondrocyte by suppressing p38 MAPK signaling
Zhou Y, Ming JH, Li YM, Du XJ, Deng M, He B, Zhou JL, Wang GR, Liu SQ
533 - 538 Distinct amyloid precursor protein processing machineries of the olfactory system
Kim JY, Rasheed A, Yoo SJ, Kim SY, Cho B, Son G, Yu SW, Chang KA, Suh YH, Moon C
539 - 545 Long non-coding RNA-422 acts as a tumor suppressor in colorectal cancer
Shao QW, Xu J, Deng R, Wei W, Zhou B, Yue C, Zhu ML, Huang XG, Zhu HT
546 - 552 Umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells alleviated inflammation and inhibited apoptosis in interstitial cystitis via AKT/mTOR signaling pathway
Xie JC, Liu BL, Chen JL, Xu YC, Zhan HL, Yang F, Li WB, Zhou XF
553 - 559 Loss of PiT-2 results in abnormal bone development and decreased bone mineral density and length in mice
Yamada S, Wallingford MC, Borgeia S, Cox TC, Giachelli CM
560 - 566 Monoterpenoid perillyl alcohol impairs metabolic flexibility of Candida albicans by inhibiting glyoxylate cycle
Ansari MA, Fatima Z, Ahmad K, Hameed S
567 - 573 Dual inhibition of BRD4 and PI3K by SF2523 suppresses human prostate cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo
Shen G, Jiang MJ, Pu JX
574 - 581 Mitochondrial tRNA(Thr) 15909A > G mutation associated with hypertension in a Chinese Han pedigree
Li HY, Geng JW, Yu H, Tang XW, Yang XJ, Xue L
582 - 586 Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4 mediates lipogenesis and contributes to the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Zhang M, Zhao YJ, Li Z, Wang CY
587 - 593 Expression of FSHR in chondrocytes and the effect of FSH on chondrocytes
Kong DH, Guan QB, Li GD, Xin W, Qi XY, Guo YJ, Zhao JJ, Xu J, Sun S, Gao L
594 - 600 GOLGA2 loss causes fibrosis with autophagy in the mouse lung and liver
Park S, Kim S, Kim MJ, Hong Y, Lee AY, Lee H, Tran Q, Kim M, Cho H, Park J, Kim KP, Park J, Cho MH
601 - 606 Upregulation of eIF6 inhibits cardiac hypertrophy induced by phenylephrine
Romano N, Ricciardi S, Gallo P, Ceci M
607 - 613 Rescuing infusion of miRNA-1 prevents cardiac remodeling in a heart-selective miRNA deficient mouse
Luo SL, Chen YH, He R, Shi YJ, Su L
614 - 620 Scavenger receptor class B type 1 regulates neuroblastoma cell proliferation, migration and invasion
Panchoo M, Lacko A
621 - 628 Chaetospirolactone reverses the apoptotic resistance towards TRAIL in pancreatic cancer
Hu W, Jia XF, Gao YF, Zhang QJ
629 - 633 The SCF ubiquitin ligase Slimb controls Nerfin-1 turnover in Drosophila
Lin XH, Wang F, Li YP, Zhai CJ, Wang GP, Zhang XT, Gao Y, Yi T, Sun D, Wu SA
634 - 638 Human soluble thrombomodulin-induced blockade of peripheral HMGB1-dependent allodynia in mice requires both the lectin-like and EGF-like domains
Hayashi Y, Tsujita R, Tsubota M, Saeki H, Sekiguchi F, Honda G, Kawabata A
639 - 645 Degree of pectin methyl esterification in endosperm cell walls is involved in embryo bending in Arabidopsis thaliana
Cruz-Valderrama JE, Jimenez-Duran K, Zuniga-Sanchez E, Salazar-Iribe A, Marquez-Guzman J, Gamboa-deBuen A
646 - 651 Newly developed selective immunoinactivation assay revealed reduction in adipose triglyceride lipase activity in peripheral leucocytes from patients with idiopathic triglyceride deposit cardiomyovasculopathy
Takagi A, Ikeda Y, Kobayashi K, Kobayashi K, Ikeda Y, Kozawa J, Miyauchi H, Li M, Hashimoto C, Hara Y, Yamaguchi S, Suzuki A, Toda T, Nagasaka H, Hirano K
652 - 658 Transcriptional regulation of acetoacetyl-CoA synthetase by Sp1 in neuroblastoma cells
Hasegawa S, Imai M, Yamasaki M, Takahashi N, Fukui T
659 - 665 Biomarker identification for statin sensitivity of cancer cell lines
Raghu VK, Beckwitt CH, Warita K, Wells A, Benos PV, Oltvai ZN
666 - 671 RecBCD (Exonuclease V) is inhibited by DNA adducts produced by cisplatin and ultraviolet light
Leung WY, Chung LH, Kava HW, Murray V
672 - 678 Tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside modulates amyloid precursor protein processing via activation of AKT-GSK3 beta pathway in cells and in APP/PS1 transgenic mice
Yin XM, Chen C, Xu T, Li L, Zhang L
679 - 685 Structural insights and binding of a natural ligand, succinic acid with serine and cysteine proteases
Manohar R, Kutumbarao NHV, Nagampalli RSK, Velmurugan D, Gunasekaran K
686 - 692 Producing a glycosylating Escherichia coli cell factory: The placement of the bacterial oligosaccharyl transferase pglB onto the genome
Strutton B, Jaffe SRP, Pandhal J, Wright PC
693 - 699 Antioxidant effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate on the aTC1-6 pancreatic alpha cell line
Cao T, Zhang X, Yang D, Wang YQ, Qiao ZD, Huang JM, Zhang P
700 - 705 Generation of rationally-designed nerve growth factor (NGF) variants with receptor specificity
Carleton LA, Chakravarthy R, van der Sloot AM, Mnich K, Serrano L, Samali A, Gorman AM
706 - 712 Edaravone attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome associated early pulmonary fibrosis via amelioration of oxidative stress and transforming growth factor-beta 1/Smad3 signaling
Wang XD, Lai RD, Su XF, Chen GB, Liang ZJ
713 - 720 Tumor suppressive role of miR-1224-5p in keloid proliferation, apoptosis and invasion via the TGF-beta 1/Smad3 signaling pathway
Yao XD, Cui XM, Wu XY, Xu P, Zhu WY, Chen XD, Zhao TL
721 - 727 Interaction assessments of the first S-adenosylmethionine competitive inhibitor and the essential interacting partner methylosome protein 50 with protein arginine methyltransferase 5 by combined computational methods
Zhu KK, Jiang CS, Hu JC, Liu XG, Yan X, Tao HR, Luo C, Zhang H
728 - 732 Old drug new tricks: Chlorhexidine acts as a potential allosteric inhibitor toward PAK1
Huang HW, Zhang XY, Song PL, Jiang HL, Li W, Wang PL, Wang J, Liu FN
733 - 739 Downregulation of caveolin-1 increased EGFR-TKIs sensitivity in lung adenocarcinoma cell line with EGFR mutation
Cui YJ, Zhu TN, Song XJ, Liu JK, Liu S, Zhao RJ
740 - 748 Adipose tissue complement factor B promotes adipocyte maturation
Matsunaga H, Iwashita M, Shinjo T, Yamashita A, Tsuruta M, Nagasaka S, Taniguchi A, Fukushima M, Watanabe N, Nishimura F
749 - 754 Long-range stress transmission guides endothelial gap formation
Hardin CC, Chattoraj J, Manomohan G, Colombo J, Nguyen T, Tambe D, Fredberg JJ, Birukov K, Butler JP, Del Gado E, Krishnan R
755 - 760 SENP1 attenuates the liver fibrosis through down-regulating the expression of SMAD2
Wu LS, Qiu WQ, Sun JH, Wang J
761 - 767 Glutamate production from ammonia via glutamate dehydrogenase 2 activity supports cancer cell proliferation under glutamine depletion
Takeuchi Y, Nakayama Y, Fukusaki E, Irino Y
768 - 774 Plakophilin3 increases desmosome assembly, size and stability by increasing expression of desmocollin2
Gurjar M, Raychaudhuri K, Mahadik S, Reddy D, Atak A, Shetty T, Rao K, Karkhanis MS, Gosavi P, Sehgal L, Gupta S, Dalal SN
775 - 780 D Rhamnose beta-hederin inhibits migration and invasion of human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231
Cheng L, Xia TS, Shi L, Xu LY, Chen WX, Zhu YL, Ding Q
781 - 786 m Secretogranin III promotes angiogenesis through MEK/ERK signaling pathway
Tang F, Pacheco MTF, Chen P, Liang D, Li W
787 - 792 Interaction of Alpha-synuclein with Cytogaligin, a protein encoded by the proapoptotic gene GALIG
El Haddad S, Serrano A, Normand T, Robin C, Dubois M, Brule-Morabito F, Mollet L, Charpentier S, Legrand A
793 - 800 Recombinant human GLP-1(rhGLP-1) alleviating renal tubulointestitial injury in diabetic STZ-induced rats
Yin WQ, Xu SQ, Wang Z, Liu HL, Peng L, Fang Q, Deng TT, Zhang WJ, Lou JN
801 - 806 Endothelial Robo4 regulates IL-6 production by endothelial cells and monocytes via a crosstalk mechanism in inflammation
Shirakura K, Ishiba R, Kashio T, Sakai M, Fukushima Y, Yamamoto N, Manabe S, Shigesada N, Tanaka T, Hino N, Aird WC, Doi T, Okada Y
807 - 813 sRAGE prolonged stem cell survival and suppressed RAGE-related inflammatory cell and T lymphocyte accumulations in an Alzheimer's disease model
Oh S, Son M, Choi J, Lee S, Byun K
814 - 820 A role for Candida albicans superoxide dismutase enzymes in glucose signaling
Broxton CN, He BX, Bruno VM, Culotta VC
821 - 827 LOX-related collagen crosslink changes act as an initiator of bone fragility in a ZDF rats model
Xiao X, Ren J, Chen J, Liu ZH, Tian Y, Nabar NR, Wang M, Hao L
828 - 838 PRMT1 mediates podocyte injury and glomerular fibrosis through phosphorylation of ERK pathway
Zhu Y
839 - 845 Secreted glycoprotein BmApoD1 plays a critical role in anti-oxidation and anti-apoptosis in Bombyx mori
Zhou YY, Wang L, Li RQ, Liu MM, Li XT, Su H, Xu YS, Wang HB
846 - 853 PFN2a, a new partner of RAR alpha in the cytoplasm
Andriamoratsiresy D, Piskunov A, Lutzing R, Rochette-Egly C
854 - 859 Proximity labeling of cis-ligands of CD22/Siglec-2 reveals stepwise alpha 2,6 sialic acid-dependent and -independent interactions
Sheikh AAD, Akatsu C, Imamura A, Abdu-Allah HHM, Takematsu H, Ando H, Ishida H, Tsubata T
860 - 866 Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 regulates mitochondrial function in pancreatic beta-cells
Shi TT, Yang FY, Liu C, Cao X, Lu J, Zhang XL, Yuan MX, Chen C, Yang JK
867 - 872 Synergistic chemo-photothermal therapy of tumor by hollow carbon nanospheres
Wang XJ, Liu Y, Liu Z, Hu JX, Guo HS, Wang F
873 - 877 Co-administration of liposomal fasudil and tissue plasminogen activator ameliorated ischemic brain damage in occlusion model rats prepared by photochemically induced thrombosis
Fukuta T, Yanagida Y, Asai T, Oku N
878 - 883 The role of N-terminal segment and membrane association in MyD88-mediated signaling
Avbelj M, Panter G, Jerala R
884 - 891 Distinct expression patterns of Flk1 and Flt1 in the coronary vascular system during development and after myocardial infarction
Kurotsu S, Osakabe R, Isomi M, Tamura F, Sadahiro T, Muraoka N, Kojima H, Haginiwa S, Tani H, Nara K, Kubota Y, Ema M, Fukuda K, Suzuki T, Leda M
892 - 898 Exosomes derived from human umbilical vein endothelial cells promote neural stem cell expansion while maintain their sternness in culture
Zhang YZ, Liu F, Song CG, Cao XL, Zhang YF, Wu HN, Guo CJ, Li YQ, Zheng QJ, Zheng MH, Han H
899 - 903 Acute and chronic cadmium telluride quantum dots-exposed human bronchial epithelial cells: The effects of particle sizes on their cytotoxicity and carcinogenicity
Zheng W, Xu YM, Wu DD, Yao Y, Liang ZL, Tan HW, Lau ATY
904 - 910 W9 peptide enhanced osteogenic differentiation of human adipose derived stem cells
Otsuki Y, Ii M, Moriwaki K, Okada M, Ueda K, Asahi M
911 - 921 Lycorine possesses notable anticancer potentials in on-small cell lung carcinoma cells via blocking Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)
Sun YF, Wu PP, Sun Y, Sharopov FS, Yang Q, Chen FM, Wang P, Liang ZS
922 - 927 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone ameliorates high-glucose induced diabetic apoptosis in human retinal pigment epithelial cells by activating TrkB
Yu XY, Liu QH, Wang XC, Liu H, Wang Y
928 - 934 miR-21 modulates prostaglandin signaling and promotes gastric tumorigenesis by targeting 15-PGDH
Li LH, Wang XJ, Li W, Yang LB, Liu R, Zeng R, Wu YH, Shou T
935 - 940 Involvement of TRPV3 and TRPM8 ion channel proteins in induction of mammalian cold-inducible proteins
Fujita T, Liu Y, Higashitsuji H, Itoh K, Shibasaki K, Fujita J, Nishiyama H
941 - 946 Role of cAMP in phenotypic changes of osteoblasts
Nishihara S, Ikeda M, Ozawa H, Akiyama M, Yamaguchi S, Nakahama K
947 - 953 Long non-coding RNA LUCAT1 modulates methotrexate resistance in osteosarcoma via miR-200c/ABCB1 axis
Han Z, Shi LY
954 - 961 Generation of branching ureteric bud tissues from human pluripotent stem cells
Mae SI, Ryosaka M, Toyoda T, Matsuse K, Oshima Y, Tsujimoto H, Okumura S, Shibasaki A, Osafune K
962 - 968 Co-treatment with a C1B5 peptide of protein kinase C gamma and a low dose of gemcitabine strongly attenuated pancreatic cancer growth in mice through T cell activation
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