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1 - 3 An interview with Richard A. Lerner by Ernesto Carafoli
Carafoli E, Lerner RA
4 - 5 A short biographical note: Richard A. Lerner
Lerner RA
6 - 12 Ly6C(hi) monocytes are required for mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-induced immune tolerance in mice with experimental autoimmune uveitis
Ko JH, Lee HJ, Jeong HJ, Oh JY
13 - 19 MtHsp70-CLIC1-pulsed dendritic cells enhance the immune response against ovarian cancer
Yu WT, Qu H, Cao GM, Liu CD, Deng HT, Zhang ZY
20 - 26 MeWRKY20 and its interacting and activating autophagy-related protein 8 (MeATG8) regulate plant disease resistance in cassava
Yan Y, Wang P, He CZ, Shi HT
27 - 33 Redox regulation of plant S-nitrosoglutathione reductase activity through post-translational modifications of cysteine residues
Ticha T, Lochman J, Cincalova L, Luhova L, Petrivalsky M
34 - 41 Standardized extract of Bacopa monnieri (CDRI-08): Effect on germ cell dynamics and possible mechanisms of its beneficial action on spermatogenesis and sperm quality in male mice
Patel SK, Singh S, Singh SK
42 - 50 Mitophagy regulates macrophage phenotype in diabetic nephropathy rats
Zhao Y, Guo YF, Jiang YT, Zhu XD, Liu YQ, Zhang XL
51 - 56 HDAC6 deficiency induces apoptosis in mesenchymal stem cells through p53 K120 acetylation
Park SY, Phorl S, Jung S, Sovannarith K, Lee SI, Noh S, Han M, Naskar R, Kim JY, Choi YJ, Lee JY
57 - 62 Ubiquitination of non-lysine residues in the retroviral integrase
Wang ZX, Hou XH, Wang YC, Xu AT, Cao WS, Liao M, Zhang R, Tang J
63 - 69 E6AP/UBE3A catalyzes encephalomyocarditis virus 3C protease polyubiquitylation and promotes its concentration reduction in virus-infected cells
Carmody M, Notarianni TP, Sambel LA, Walsh SJ, Burke JM, Armstrong JL, Lawson TG
70 - 75 Regulatory mechanisms for iron transport across the blood-brain barrier
Duck KA, Simpson IA, Connor JR
76 - 81 Dual expression of constitutively active G alpha(s)-protein-coupled receptors differentially establishes the resting activity of the cAMP-gated HCN2 channel in a single compartment
Nakashima N, Nakashima K, Nakayama T, Takaku A, Kanamori R
82 - 87 T beta RIII is induced by TCR signaling and downregulated in FoxP3(+) regulatory T cells
Ortega-Francisco S, de la Fuente-Granada M, Salazar EKA, Bolanos-Castro LA, Fonseca-Camarillo G, Olguin-Alor R, Aleman-Muench GR, Lopez-Casillas F, Raman C, Garcia-Zepeda EA, Soldevila G
88 - 94 FOXK1 plays an oncogenic role in the development of esophageal cancer
Chen D, Wang K, Li XW, Jiang MZ, Ni L, Xu B, Chu Y, Wang WJ, Wang H, Kang HJ, Wu KC, Liang J, Ren G
95 - 100 Molecular insights into the specific recognition between the RNA binding domain qRRM2 of hnRNP F and G-tract RNA: A molecular dynamics study
Wang LY, Yan F
101 - 106 Mahanine enhances the glucose-lowering mechanisms in skeletal muscle and adipocyte cells
Nooron N, Athipornchai A, Suksamrarn A, Chiabchalard A
107 - 112 Low dose administration of Bisphenol A induces liver toxicity in adult rats
Kazemi S, Kani SNM, Rezazadeh L, Pouramir M, Ghasemi-Kasman M, Moghadamnia AA
113 - 119 Integrated expression profiling of potassium channels identifys KCNN4 as a prognostic biomarker of pancreatic cancer
Jiang SH, Zhu LL, Yang JY, Hu LP, Gu JR, Xing X, Sun YW, Zhang ZG
120 - 125 mir-67 regulates P-aeruginosa avoidance behavior in C-elegans
Ma YC, Zhang L, Dai LL, Khan RU, Zou CG
126 - 132 Circular RNA WDR77 target FGF-2 to regulate vascular smooth muscle cells proliferation and migration by sponging miR-124
Chen JJ, Cui LQ, Yuan JL, Zhang YQ, Sang HJ
133 - 137 A 2 bp deletion in the mitochondrial ATP 6 gene responsible for the NARP (neuropathy, ataxia, and retinitis pigmentosa) syndrorne
Mordel P, Schaeffer S, Dupas Q, Laville MA, Gerard M, Chapon F, Allouche S
138 - 143 Functional innervation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes by co-culture with sympathetic neurons developed using a microtunnel technique
Sakai K, Shimba K, Ishizuka K, Yang ZN, Oiwa K, Takeuchi A, Kotani K, Jimbo Y
144 - 151 MicroRNA-126-3p attenuates blood-brain barrier disruption, cerebral edema and neuronal injury following intracerebral hemorrhage by regulating PIK3R2 and Akt
Xi TY, Jin F, Zhu Y, Wang JL, Tang L, Wang YZ, Liebeskind DS, He ZY
152 - 157 Apolipoprotein A-IV exerts its anorectic action through a PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in the hypothalamus
Shen L, Lo CMC, Woollett LA, Liu M
158 - 164 Knockdown of RMI1 impairs DNA repair under DNA replication stress
Xu C, Fang LY, Kong YY, Xiao CY, Yang MM, Du LQ, Liu Q
165 - 172 Piperlongumine suppresses bladder cancer invasion via inhibiting epithelial mesenchymal transition and F-actin reorganization
Liu D, Qiu XY, Wu X, Hu DX, Li CY, Yu SB, Pan F, Chen XQ
173 - 180 Prognostic significance of high YY1AP1 and PCNA expression in colon adenocarcinoma
Ho YJ, Lin YM, Huang YC, Shi BY, Yeh KT, Gong ZY, Lu JW
181 - 187 One-step construction of a molybdenum disulfide/multi-walled carbon nanotubes/polypyrrole nanocomposite biosensor for the ex-vivo detection of dopamine in mouse brain tissue
Vijayaraj K, Dinakaran T, Lee Y, Kim S, Kim HS, Lee J, Chang SC
188 - 193 Fluorescence-labeled liposome accumulation in injured colon of a mouse model of T-cell transfer-mediated inflammatory bowel disease
Yamasaki M, Muraki Y, Nishimoto Y, Murakawa Y, Matsuo T
194 - 201 Chemical and thermal sensitivity of medaka TRPA1 analyzed in heterologous expression system
Oda M, Saito K, Hatta S, Kubo Y, Saitoh O
202 - 206 Affinity and path of binding xylopyranose unto E. coli xylose permease
Wambo TO, Chen LY, Phelix C, Perry G
207 - 212 Angtensin II elicits a cAMP-dependent intestinal anion secretion by stimulating PGE2 release through ATI subtype receptors in rat ileum
Xiao L, Liu HW, Di H, Chen LX, Zhou Q, Yu X, Jing HY, Tang SH
213 - 219 Construction of artificial human peritoneal tissue by cell-accumulation technique and its application for visualizing morphological dynamics of cancer peritoneal metastasis
Asano Y, Odagiri T, Oikiri H, Matsusaki M, Akashi M, Shimoda H
220 - 226 KLHL7 promotes TUTI ubiquitination associated with nucleolar integrity: ImpliCations for retinitis pigmentosa
Kim J, Tsuruta F, Okajima T, Yano S, Sato B, Chiba T
227 - 233 PACT is required for MDA5-mediated immunoresponses triggered by Cardiovirus infection via interaction with LGP2
Miyamoto M, Komuro A
234 - 241 Sez6l2 regulates phosphorylation of ADD and neuritogenesis
Yaguchi H, Yabe I, Takahashi H, Watanabe M, Nomura T, Kano T, Matsumoto M, Nakayama KI, Watanabe M, Hatakeyama S
242 - 248 Interleukin-22 attenuates double-stranded RNA-induced upregulation of PD-L1 in airway epithelial cells via a STAT3-dependent mechanism
Seki N, Kan-o K, Matsumoto K, Fukuyama S, Hamano S, Tonai K, Ota K, Inoue H, Nakanishi Y
249 - 255 Improved chemoradiation treatment using trifluridine in human colorectal cancer cells in vitro
Matsuoka K, Kobunai T, Nukatsuka M, Takechi T
256 - 262 The role of WT1 isoforms in vasculogenic mimicry and metastatic potential of human triple negative breast cancer cells
Bissanum R, Lirdprapamongkol K, Svasti J, Navakanitworakul R, Kanokwiroon K
263 - 269 Luteoloside induces G(0)/G(1) arrest and pro-death autophagy through the ROS-mediated AKT/mTOR/p70S6K signalling pathway in human non-small cell lung cancer cell lines
Zhou ML, Shen SY, Zhao X, Gong XG
270 - 277 Biologico-clinical significance of DNMT3A variants expression in acute myeloid leukemia
Lin N, Fu W, Zhao C, Li BX, Yan XJ, Li Y
278 - 284 Myostatin inhibits eEF2K-eEF2 by regulating AMPK to suppress protein synthesis
Deng Z, Luo P, Lai W, Song TX, Peng J, Wei HK
285 - 291 Adipose tissue-derived stem cells in combination with xanthan gum attenuate osteoarthritis progression in an experimental rat model
Mei L, Shen BJ, Xue JJ, Liu SY, Ma AB, Liu FY, Shao HR, Chen JY, Chen QX, Liu F, Ying Y, Ling PX
292 - 297 Quantitative proteome analysis of bovine mammary gland reveals protein dynamic changes involved in peak and late lactation stages
Zheng XR, Ning C, Dong YC, Zhao PJ, Li JH, Fan ZY, Li J, Yu Y, Mrode R, Liu JF
298 - 304 Mycophenolic mofetil, an alternative antiviral and immunomodulator for the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus infection
Cho J, Yi H, Jang EY, Lee MS, Lee JY, Kang C, Lee CH, Kim K
305 - 310 Supervised machine learning techniques to predict binding affinity. A study for cyclin-dependent kinase 2
de Avila MB, Xavier MM, Pintro VO, de Azevedo WF
311 - 317 Building kit for metal cation binding sites in proteins
Denesyuk AI, Permyakov SE, Johnson MS, Permyakov EA, Denessiouk K
318 - 324 Comparative analysis of methicillin-sensitive and resistant Staphylococcus aureus exposed to emodin based on proteomic profiling
Ji XY, Liu XQ, Peng YX, Zhan RT, Xu H, Ge XJ
325 - 331 alpha-Lipoic acid inhibits human lung cancer cell proliferation through Grb2-mediated EGFR downregulation
Yang L, Wen Y, Lv GQ, Lin YT, Tang JL, Lu JX, Zhang MQ, Liu W, Sun XJ
332 - 338 Lysophosphatidylserine suppresses IL-2 production in CD4 T cells through LPS3/GPR174
Shinjo Y, Makide K, Satoh K, Fukami F, Inoue A, Kano K, Otani Y, Ohwada T, Aoki J
339 - 345 Increased cellular uptake of peptide-modified PEGylated gold nanoparticles
He B, Yang D, Qin MM, Zhang Y, He B, Dai WB, Wang XQ, Zhang Q, Zhang H, Yin CC
346 - 351 AAV-mediated conversion of human pluripotent stem cell-derived pacemaker
Chan PKW, Geng L, Gao Y, Keung W, Li RA
352 - 357 A novel antimicrobial peptide isolated from centipede Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans stimulates neutrophil activity through formyl peptide receptor 2
Park YJ, Kim HS, Lee HY, Hwang JS, Bae YS
358 - 364 Caerulin-induced pro-inflammatory response in macrophages requires TRAF3-p38 signaling activation
Jia RR, Ma JL, Xiang SH, Meng WY, Wang N
365 - 371 Biophysical control of the growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens using extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves at resonance frequency
Fadel MA, El-Gebaly RH, Mohamed SA, Abdelbacki AMM
372 - 378 MicroRNA-7 inhibits cell proliferation of chronic myeloid leukemia and sensitizes it to imatinib in vitro
Jiang MJ, Dai JJ, Gu DN, Huang Q, Tian L
379 - 383 Oral administration of Euglena gracilis Z and its carbohydrate storage substance provides survival protection against influenza virus infection in mice
Nakashima A, Suzuki K, Asayama Y, Konno M, Saito K, Yamazaki N, Takimoto H
384 - 389 miR-758-5p regulates cholesterol uptake via targeting the CD36 3 ' UTR
Li BR, Xia LQ, Liu J, Liao LL, Zhang Y, Deng M, Zhong HJ, Feng TT, He PP, Ouyang XP
390 - 396 High expression of Ki-67 acts a poor prognosis indicator in locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Zhao YJ, Shen L, Huang XQ, Jing D, Huang D, Fu J, Li ZZ, Zhang GY, Shen LF
397 - 401 Arabidopsis PECP1 and PS2 are phosphate starvation-inducible phosphocholine phosphatases
Angkawijaya AE, Nakamura Y
402 - 408 Human alpha A-crystallin missing N-terminal domain poorly complexes with filensin and phakinin
Chaves JM, Gupta R, Srivastava K, Srivastava O
409 - 415 Antitumor activity, pharmacokinetics, tumor-homing effect, and hepatotoxicity of a species cross-reactive c-Met antibody
Park H, Kim D, Son E, Shin S, Sa JK, Kim SH, Yoon Y, Nam DH
416 - 421 Shear stress-mediated changes in the expression of complement regulatory protein CD59 on human endothelial progenitor cells by ECM-integrin alpha(v)beta(3)-F-actin pathway in vitro
Cui XD, Zhang XY, Bu HN, Liu N, Li H, Guan XM, Yan H, Wang YZ, Zhang H, Ding YZ, Cheng M
422 - 423 Tetrandrine has anti-adipogenic effect on 3T3-L1 preadipocytes through the reduced expression and/or phosphorylation levels of C/EBP-alpha, PPAR-gamma, FAS, perilipin A, and STAT-3 (vol 476, pg 481, 2016)
Jang BC
424 - 424 WITHDRAWN: The IncRNA-GAS5/miR-23a/Foxo3a axis regulates cardiac hypertrophy by Wnt/beta-catenin signal pathway (Retraction of)
Wei W, Chen Y, Gao J, Li CY
425 - 425 WITHDRAWN: Schisandrin B suppresses NLRP3 inflammasome activation to alleviate myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury via maintaining mitochondrial autophagy
Zhang PY, Liu XC, Huang GT, Bai CY, Zhang ZL, Li HJ