Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.491, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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869 - 869 In memoriam - Anna Tramontano
Baumeister W
870 - 875 S-nitrosylation of the IGF-1 receptor disrupts the cell proliferative action of IGF-1
Okada K, Zhu BT
876 - 882 MicroRNA-193-5p modulates angiogenesis through IGF2 in type 2 diabetic cardiomyopathy
Yi F, Shang YG, Li B, Dai SL, Wu W, Cheng L, Wang XC
883 - 889 Identification of three signaling molecules required for calcineurin-dependent monopolar growth induced by the DNA replication checkpoint in fission yeast
Kume K, Hashimoto T, Suzuki M, Mizunuma M, Toda T, Hirata D
890 - 896 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine ameliorates high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and adipocyte dysfunction in mice
Huh JY, Jung I, Piao L, Ha H, Chung MH
897 - 902 Plant G-protein beta subunits positively regulate drought tolerance by elevating detoxification of ROS
Liu CY, Xu YZ, Long DP, Cao BN, Hou JM, Xiang ZH, Zhao AC
903 - 911 Telmisartan mitigates hyperglycemia-induced vascular inflammation by increasing GSK3 beta-Ser(9) phosphorylation in endothelial cells and mouse aortas
Song KH, Bae SJ, Chang J, Park JH, Jo I, Cho KW, Cho DH
912 - 918 MicroRNA-125b-5p modulates the inflammatory state of macrophages via targeting B7-H4
Diao WL, Lu L, Li S, Chen JN, Zen K, Li LM
919 - 925 Haloperidol, a sigma receptor 1 antagonist, promotes ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Bai T, Wang S, Zhao YP, Zhu RT, Wang WJ, Sun YL
926 - 931 LncRNA-SNHG1 contributes to gastric cancer cell proliferation by regulating DNMT1
Hu YB, Ma Z, He YM, Liu W, Su Y, Tang ZB
932 - 938 Blocking LDHA glycolytic pathway sensitizes glioblastoma cells to radiation and temozolomide
Koukourakis M, Tsolou A, Pouliliou S, Lamprou L, Papadopoulou M, Ilemosoglou M, Kostoglou G, Ananiadou D, Sivridis E, Giatromanolaki A
939 - 945 BEBT-908: A novel potent PI3K/HDAC inhibitor against diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Li J, Qian CG, Zhou QQ, Li JW, Li KL, Yi PY
946 - 952 Restoration of miR-30a expression inhibits growth, tumorigenicity of medulloblastoma cells accompanied by autophagy inhibition
Singh SV, Dakhole AN, Deogharkar A, Kazi S, Kshirsagar R, Goel A, Moiyadi A, Jalali R, Sridhar E, Gupta T, Shetty P, Gadewal N, Shirsat NV
953 - 957 Role of the extracellular matrix-located Mac-2 binding protein as an interactor of the Wnt proteins
Pikkarainen T, Nurmi T, Sasaki T, Bergmann U, Vainio S
958 - 965 Substance P preserves pancreatic beta-cells in streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetic mice
Jung N, Urn J, Kim DY, Dubon MJ, Byeon Y, Kim DJ, Son Y, Park KS
966 - 972 Tim3/galectin-9 alleviates the inflammation of TAO patients via suppressing Akt/NF-kB signaling pathway
Luo LH, Li DM, Wang YL, Wang K, Gao LX, Li S, Yang JG, Li CL, Feng W, Guo H
973 - 979 Feruloylserotonin inhibits hydrogen peroxide-induced melanogenesis and apoptosis in B16F10 and SK-Mel-2 melanoma cells
Cho H, Kim O, Lee Y, Kang LJ, Nguyen CN, Ishihara A, Kim HE
980 - 985 Identification and characterization of a centrosomal protein, FOR20 as a novel S100A6 target
Sakane K, Nishiguchi M, Denda M, Yamagchi F, Magari M, Kanayama N, Morishita R, Tokumitsu H
986 - 993 Molecular dynamics of the cryo-EM CFTR structure
Tordai H, Leveles I, Hegedus T
994 - 999 Analyzing bean extracts using time-dependent SDS trapping to quantify the kinetic stability of phaseolin proteins
Thibeault J, Church J, Ortiz-Perez B, Addo S, Hill S, Khalil A, Young M, Xia K, Colon W
1000 - 1006 The enhancement of differentiating adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells toward hepatocyte like cells using gelatin cryogel scaffold
Gandomani MG, Lotfi AS, Tamandani DK, Arjmand S, Alizadeh S
1007 - 1014 Integration of in silico approaches to determination of endocrine-disrupting perfluorinated chemicals binding potency with steroidogenic acute regulatory protein
Kumar KK, Devi BU, Neeraja P
1015 - 1020 Ultra-microsecond pulsed curcumin for effective treatment of triple negative breast cancers
Mittal L, Raman V, Camarillo IG, Sundararajan R
1021 - 1025 Nanoscale observation of the natural structure of milk-fat globules and casein micelles in the liquid condition using a scanning electron assisted dielectric microscopy
Ogura T, Okada T
1026 - 1033 Down-regulation of IncRNA KCNQ10T1 protects against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury following acute myocardial infarction
Li X, Dai YN, Yan SJ, Shi YL, Han BH, Li JX, Cha L, Mu JJ
1034 - 1039 Expression of a monothiol glutaredoxin, AtGRXS17, in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) enhances drought tolerance
Wu QY, Hu Y, Sprague SA, Kakeshpour T, Park J, Nakata PA, Cheng NH, Hirschi KD, White FF, Park S
1040 - 1046 Implications of coordinated cell-body rotations for Leptospira motility
Takabe K, Kawamoto A, Tahara H, Kudo S, Nakamura S
1047 - 1054 Expression of far upstream element-binding protein 1 correlates with c-Myc expression in sacral chordomas and is associated with tumor progression and poor prognosis
Wen H, Ma H, Li PZ, Zheng JY, Yu YP, Lv GH
1055 - 1061 Asymmetric inheritance of the yeast chaperone Hsp26p and its functional consequences
Lytras G, Zacharioudakis I, Tzamarias D
1062 - 1069 Structural analysis of owl monkey MHC-DR shows that fully-protective malaria vaccine components can be readily used in humans
Suarez CF, Pabon L, Barrera A, Aza-Conde J, Patarroyo MA, Patarroyo ME
1070 - 1076 Nav1.2 is expressed in caudal ganglionic eminence-derived disinhibitory interneurons: Mutually exclusive distributions of Nav1.1 and Nav1.2
Yamagata T, Ogiwara I, Mazaki E, Yanagawa Y, Yamakawa K
1077 - 1082 MPK-1/ERK regulatory network controls the number of sperm by regulating timing of sperm-oocyte switch in C. elegans germline
Yoon DS, Alfhili MA, Friend K, Lee MH
1083 - 1091 Folate receptor alpha is associated with cervical carcinogenesis and regulates cervical cancer cells growth by activating ERK1/2/c-Fos/c-Jun
Liu CL, Ding L, Bai LX, Chen X, Kang HJ, Hou LF, Wang JT
1092 - 1097 The combination of A-966492 and Topotecan for effective radiosensitization on glioblastoma spheroids
Koosha F, Neshasteh-Riz A, Takavar A, Eyvazzadeh N, Mazaheri Z, Eynali S, Mousavi M
1098 - 1104 AMBRAI is involved in T cell receptor-mediated metabolic reprogramming through an ATG7-independent pathway
Akatsuka H, Kuga S, Masuhara K, Davaadorj O, Okada C, Iida Y, Okada Y, Fukunishi N, Suzuki T, Hosomichi K, Ohtsuka M, Tanaka M, Inoue I, Kimura M, Sato T
1105 - 1111 Prioritization of natural compounds against mycobacterium tuberculosis 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase: A combined in-silico and in-vitro study
Lone MY, Athar M, Gupta VK, Jha PC
1112 - 1117 Docosahexaenoic acid induces glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor release in C6 glioma cells: Implications of antidepressant effects for docosahexaenoic acid
Zhang LQ, Zhu ZR, Tan ZB, Luo HY, Hu XW, Li Y
1118 - 1124 Palmitate induced Fetuin-A secretion from pancreatic beta-cells adversely affects its function and elicits inflammation
Mukhuty A, Fouzder C, Mukherjee S, Malick C, Mukhopadhyay S, Bhattacharya S, Kundu R
1125 - 1125 Rapid PD-L1 detection in tumors with PET using a highly specific peptide (vol 483, pg 258, 2017)
Chatterjee S, Lesniak WG, Miller MS, Lisok A, Sikorska E, Wharram B, Kumar D, Gabrielson M, Pomper MG, Gabelli SB, Nimmagadda S
1126 - 1126 Thymic epithelial cell-specific deletion of Jmjd6 reduces aire protein expression and exacerbates disease development in a mouse model of autoimmune diabetes (vol 489, pg 8, 2017)
Yanagihara T, Tomino T, Uruno T, Fukui Y