Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.491, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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567 - 570 Hairless controls hair fate decision via Wnt/beta-catenin signaling
Zhu KC, Xu CS, Liu MD, Zhang JT
571 - 577 miR-342-3p elevates osteogenic differentiation of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells via inhibiting Sufu in vitro
Huang MQ, Qing Y, Shi Q, Cao YG, Song K
578 - 586 Fibroblast growth factor 21 plays an inhibitory role in vascular calcification in vitro through OPG/RANKL system
Cao FY, Liu XX, Cao XR, Wang SP, Fu K, Zhao YJ, Shen F, Liu JH
587 - 594 Lysophosphatidic acid directly induces macrophage-derived foam cell formation by blocking the expression of SRBI
Chen LM, Zhang J, Deng X, Liu Y, Yang X, Wu Q, Yu C
595 - 602 Synergistic effects of combination treatment using EGCG and suramin against the chikungunya virus
Lu JW, Hsieh PS, Lin CC, Hu MK, Huang SM, Wang YM, Liang CY, Gong ZY, Ho YJ
603 - 608 Structural dynamics of G(i)alpha protein revealed by single molecule FRET
Zhu YP, Zhang L, Zhang XJC, Zhao YF
609 - 613 Crystal structure of importin-alpha 3 bound to the nuclear localization signal of Ran-binding protein 3
Koyama M, Matsuura Y
614 - 621 Biological effects of anti-RANKL antibody administration in pregnant mice and their newborns
Okamatsu N, Sakai N, Karakawa A, Kouyama N, Sato Y, Inagaki K, Kiuchi Y, Oguchi K, Negishi-Koga T, Takami M
622 - 628 RACK1 promotes radiation resistance in esophageal cancer via regulating AKT pathway and Bcl-2 expression
Liu BW, Wang C, Chen PX, Wang L, Cheng YF
629 - 635 Induction of alpha 6 and beta 1 integrins by acupuncture stimulation in rats
Shin HC, Park JY, Lim HD, Namgung U
636 - 641 Quercetin ameliorates learning and memory via the Nrf2-ARE signaling pathway in D-galactose-induced neurotoxicity in mice
Dong FX, Wang S, Wang YW, Yang X, Jiang JL, Wu DJ, Qu XB, Fan HB, Yao RQ
642 - 648 The wheat salinity-induced R2R3-MYB transcription factor TaSIM confers salt stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Yu YH, Ni ZY, Chen QJ, Qu YY
649 - 655 Increased ophthalmic acid production is supported by amino acid catabolism under fasting conditions in mice
Kobayashi S, Lee J, Takao T, Fujii J
656 - 661 Treatment with a programmed cell death-1-specific antibody has little effect on afatinib- and naphthalene-induced acute pneumonitis in mice
Hamada N, Yanagihara T, Suzuki K, Ogata-Suetsugu S, Harada E, Mikumo H, Arimura-Omori M, Nakanishi Y
662 - 667 Low-dose G-CSF improves fat graft retention by mobilizing endogenous stem cells and inducing angiogenesis, whereas high-dose G-CSF inhibits adipogenesis with prolonged inflammation and severe fibrosis
Cai JR, Li B, Liu KY, Feng JW, Gao K, Lu F
668 - 674 Role of LncRNA TUG1 in intervertebral disc degeneration and nucleus pulposus cells via regulating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Chen J, Jia YS, Liu GZ, Sun Q, Zhang F, Ma S, Wang YJ
675 - 680 Specific packaging and circulation of cytochromes P450, especially 2E1 isozyme, in human plasma exosomes and their implications in cellular communications
Kumar S, Sinha N, Gerth KA, Rahman MA, Yallapu MM, Midde NM
681 - 686 Identification of novel resistance mechanisms to NAMPT inhibition via the de novo NAD(+) biosynthesis pathway and NAMPT mutation
Guo J, Lam LT, Longenecker KL, Bui MH, Idler KB, Glaser KB, Wilsbacher JL, Tse C, Pappano WN, Huang TH
687 - 692 CaMKII inhibition mitigates ischemia/reperfusion-elicited calpain activation and the damage to membrane skeleton proteins in isolated rat hearts
Kong LH, Gu XM, Wu F, Jin ZX, Zhou JJ
693 - 700 Pah1p negatively regulates the expression of V-ATPase genes as well as vacuolar acidification
Sherr GL, LaMassa N, Li E, Phillips G, Shen CH
701 - 707 Glycan profiling analysis using evanescent-field fluorescence-assisted lectin array: Importance of sugar recognition for cellular uptake of exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells
Shimoda A, Tahara Y, Sawada S, Sasaki Y, Akiyoshi K
708 - 713 Microbial F-type lectin domains with affinity for blood group antigens
Mahajan S, Khairnar A, Bishnoi R, Ramya TNC
714 - 720 Evaluation of dermal wound healing activity of synthetic peptide SVVYGLR
Uchinaka A, Kawaguchi N, Ban T, Hamada Y, Mori S, Maeno Y, Sawa Y, Nagata K, Yamamoto H
721 - 726 All-trans retinoic acid attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis via downregulating EphA2-EphrinAl signaling
Leem AY, Shin MH, Douglas IS, Song JH, Chung KS, Kim EY, Jung JY, Kang YA, Chang J, Kim YS, Park MS
727 - 732 WNK4 is indispensable for the pathogenesis of pseudohypoaldosteronism type II caused by mutant KLHL3
Susa K, Sohara E, Takahashi D, Okado T, Rai T, Uchida S
733 - 739 Hydrogen-rich medium protects mouse embryonic fibroblasts from oxidative stress by activating LKB1-AMPK-FoxO1 signal pathway
Lee J, Yang G, Kim YJ, Tran QH, Choe W, Kang I, Kim SS, Ha J
740 - 746 Palmitoylation of Ca2+ channel subunit Ca-V beta(2a) induces pancreatic beta-cell toxicity via Ca2+ overload
Kazim AS, Storm P, Zhang EM, Renstrom E
747 - 753 Key differences between apoC-III regulation and expression in intestine and liver
West G, Rodia C, Li DN, Johnson Z, Dong HL, Kohan AB
754 - 759 Functional analysis of the promoters of the small GTPases RhoA and RhoB in embryonic stem cells
Nomikou E, Stournaras C, Kardassis D
760 - 766 Inhibition by divalent metal ions of human histidine triad nucleotide binding proteinl (hHint1), a regulator of opioid analgesia and neuropathic pain
Shah R, Chou TF, Maize KM, Strom A, Finzel BC, Wagner CR
767 - 772 Identification of a DYRK1A-mediated phosphorylation site within the nuclear localization sequence of the hedgehog transcription factor GLI1
Ehe BK, Lamson DR, Tarpley M, Onyenwoke RU, Graves LM, Williams KP
773 - 779 Discovery of small molecule inhibitors for the C.elegans caspase CED-3 by high-throughput screening
Brantley SJ, Cotten SW, Lamson DR, Smith GR, Liu RH, Williams KP
780 - 786 Numb positively regulates autophagic flux via regulating lysosomal function
Sun HY, Liu Y, Zhang L, Shao XM, Liu K, Ding ZH, Liu XM, Jiang CG, Li HS, Li HC
787 - 793 A novel role for bone-derived cells in ankylosing spondylitis: Focus on IL-23
Jo S, Koo BS, Lee B, Kwon E, Lee YL, Chung H, Sung IH, Park YS, Kim TH
794 - 799 AtVps11 is essential for vacuole biogenesis in embryo and participates in pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis
Tan XY, Wei J, Li BB, Wang MR, Bao Y
800 - 806 Identification of novel potential scaffold for class I HDACs inhibition: An in-silico protocol based on virtual screening, molecular dynamics, mathematical analysis and machine learning
Fan C, Huang YX
807 - 813 Mangiferin protects osteoblast against oxidative damage by modulation of ERK5/Nrf2 signaling
Xia G, Li XR, Zhu X, Yin XM, Ding HQ, Qiao YD
814 - 820 Synthesis of cytochrome c oxidase 1 (SCO1) inhibits insulin sensitivity by decreasing copper levels in adipocytes
Wei XB, Guo L, Liu Y, Zhou SR, Liu Y, Dou X, Du SY, Ding M, Peng WQ, Qian SW, Huang HY, Tang QQ
821 - 826 S-allylmercaptocysteine suppresses the growth of human gastric cancer xenografts through induction of apoptosis and regulation of MAPK and PI3K/Akt signaling pathways
Zhu XS, Jiang XY, Li A, Sun YY, Liu Y, Sun X, Feng XL, Li SY, Zhao ZX
827 - 833 Control of cancer stem cell like population by intracellular target identification followed by the treatment with peptide-siRNA complex
Suh JS, Lee HJ, Nam H, Jo BS, Lee DW, Kim JH, Lee JY, Chung CP, Lee G, Park YJ
834 - 839 The NADPH-oxidase AtRbohl plays a positive role in drought-stress response in Arabidopsis thaliana
He H, Yan JW, Yu XY, Liang Y, Fang L, Scheller HV, Zhang AY
840 - 847 The effects of IGF-1 on mouse spermatogenesis using an organ culture method
Yao JF, Zuo HY, Gao J, Wang MM, Wang D, Li XD
848 - 854 CXCL16 deficiency attenuates diabetic nephropathy through decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation
Ye YN, Chen QZ, Li JM, Jin LG, Zheng JJ, Li XK, Lin ZF, Gong FH
855 - 861 Siderophores in clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae promote ciprofloxacin resistance by inhibiting the oxidative stress
Zhang WL, Zhang Y, Wang XX, Ding FS, Fu YM, Zhao JZ, Song WQ, Opiyo OJ, Zhang FM, Chen XB
862 - 868 Ethylene response factor AtERF72 negatively regulates Arabidopsis thaliana response to iron deficiency
Liu W, Li QW, Wang Y, Wu T, Yang YF, Zhang XZ, Han ZH, Xu XF