Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.491, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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241 - 249 miR-203a controls keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation via targeting the sternness-associated factor Delta Np63 and establishing a regulatory circuit with SNAI2
Ma X, Li L, Jia T, Chen MW, Liu GF, Li CY, Li N, Yang DP
250 - 256 Suppression of Npr1, not Npr2 gene function induces hypertrophic growth in H9c2 cells in vitro
Manivasagam S, Vellaichamy E
257 - 264 Molecular interaction between K-Ras and H-REV107 in the Ras signaling pathway
Han CW, Jeong MS, Jang SB
265 - 270 WP1066, a small molecule inhibitor of the JAK/STAT3 pathway, inhibits ceramide glucosyltransferase activity
Tsurumaki H, Katano H, Sato K, Imai R, Niino S, Hirabayashi Y, Ichikawa S
271 - 276 Lack of epithelial PPARy causes cystic adenomatoid malformations in mouse fetal lung
Kim JH, Yamaori S, Tanabe T, Takagi M, Matsubara T, Okamoto M, Kimura S, Gonzalez FJ
277 - 284 Hypoxic postconditioning attenuates apoptosis via inactivation of adenosine A(2a) receptor through NDRG3-Raf-ERK pathway
Cui C, Lin H, Shi YY, Pan RY
285 - 290 DHU1 negatively regulates UV-B signaling via its direct interaction with COP1 and RUP1
Kim SH, Kim H, Chung S, Lee JH
291 - 295 Valproic acid inhibits TTX-resistant sodium currents in prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons
Szulczyk B, Nurowska E
296 - 302 Cleavage of the Interleukin-11 receptor induces processing of its C-terminal fragments by the gamma-secretase and the proteasome
Lokau J, Flynn CM, Garbers C
303 - 309 RPS27a enhances EBV-encoded LMP1-mediated proliferation and invasion by stabilizing of LMP1
Hong SW, Kim SM, Jin DH, Kim YS, Hur DY
310 - 316 Structural insights into the specific recognition of DSR by the YTH domain containing protein Mmi1
Wu BX, Xu JH, Su SC, Liu HH, Gan JH, Ma JB
317 - 322 The thermal Z-isomerization-induced change in solubility and physical properties of (all-E)-lycopene
Murakami K, Honda M, Takemura R, Fukaya T, Kubota M, Wahyudiono, Kanda H, Goto M
323 - 328 Migration ability and Toll-like receptor expression of human mesenchymal stem cells improves significantly after three-dimensional culture
Zhou PP, Liu ZL, Li X, Zhang B, Wang XY, Lan J, Shi Q, Li D, Ju XL
329 - 336 MiR-18a-5p inhibits endothelial mesenchymal transition and cardiac fibrosis through the Notch2 pathway
Geng HZ, Guan J
337 - 342 MKK4 activates non-canonical NF kappa B signaling by promoting NF kappa B2-p100 processing
Kim JS, Kim EJ, Kim HS, Kurie JM, Ahn YH
343 - 348 The effects of type I interferon on glioblastoma cancer stem cells
Du ZY, Cai C, Sims M, Boop FA, Davidoff AM, Pfeffer LM
349 - 354 Expression and prognostic role of orphan receptor GPR110 in glioma
Shi HP, Zhang SY
355 - 360 Antitumor effect of the integrin alpha 4 signaling inhibitor JK273 in non-small cell lung cancer NCI-H460 cells
Lu TN, Ganganna B, Pham TT, Vo AV, Lu TP, Nguyen HGT, Nguyen MNT, Huynh PN, Truong NT, Lee J
361 - 367 Redox imbalance in a model of rat mimicking Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome
Chaudhary MK, Singh S, Rizvi SI
368 - 373 Endoplasmic reticulum stress participates in the progress of senescence and apoptosis of osteoarthritis chondrocytes
Liu YK, Zhu H, Yan X, Gu HY, Gu ZF, Liu F
374 - 381 Long non-coding RNA PCAT7 regulates ELF2 signaling through inhibition of miR-134-5p in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Liu YJ, Tao ZZ, Qu JN, Zhou XH, Zhang CH
382 - 387 The eukaryotic enzyme Bds1 is an alkyl but not an aryl sulfohydrolase
Waddell GL, Gilmer CR, Taylor NG, Reveral JRS, Forconi M, Fox JL
388 - 395 Pilose antler peptide potentiates osteoblast differentiation and inhibits osteoclastogenesis via manipulating the NF-kappa B pathway
Liu GW, Ma C, Wang PA, Zhang PY, Qu XH, Liu S, Zhai ZJ, Yu DG, Gao J, Liang J, Dai WX, Zhou LD, Xia MJ, Yang HL
396 - 402 Coronary artery disease associated gene Phactr1 modulates severity of vascular calcification in vitro
Aherrahrou R, Aherrahrou Z, Schunkert H, Erdmann J
403 - 408 Crystal structure of cis-dihydrodiol naphthalene dehydrogenase (NahB) from Pseudomonas sp MC1: Insights into the early binding process of the substrate
Park AK, Kim H, Kim IS, Roh SJ, Shin SC, Lee JH, Park H, Kim HW
409 - 415 Crystal structure of LysK, an enzyme catalyzing the last step of lysine biosynthesis in Thermus thermophilus, in complex with lysine: Insight into the mechanism for recognition of the amino-group carrier protein, LysW
Fujita S, Cho SH, Yoshida A, Hasebe F, Tomita T, Kuzuyama T, Nishiyama M
416 - 422 Crystal structures of monkey and mouse nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) bound with end product, 1-methyl nicotinamide
Swaminathan S, Birudukota S, Thakur MK, Parveen R, Kandan S, Juluri S, Shaik S, Anand NN, Burri RR, Kristam R, Hallur MS, Rajagopal S, Schreuder H, Langer T, Rudolph C, Ruf S, Dhakshinamoorthy S, Gosu R, Kannt A
423 - 428 RNA aptamers targeted for human alpha A-crystallin do not bind alpha B-crystallin, and spare the alpha-crystallin domain
Mallik PK, Shi H, Pande J
429 - 435 Interaction of small G protein signaling modulator 3 with connexin 43 contributes to myocardial infarction in rat hearts
Lee CY, Choi JW, Shin S, Lee J, Seo HH, Lim S, Lee S, Joo HC, Kim SW, Hwang KC
436 - 441 Salicylates promote mitochondrial biogenesis by regulating the expression of PGC-1 alpha in murine 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes
Yan YM, Yang XH, Zhao T, Zou Y, Li R, Xu YC
442 - 448 Tissue factor pathway inhibitor attenuates ER stress-induced inflammation in human M2-polarized macrophages
Espada S, Stavik B, Holm S, Sagen EL, Bjerkeli V, Skjelland M, Dahl TB, Espevik T, Kanse S, Sandset PM, Skretting G, Halvorsen B
449 - 454 Theaflavins from black tea affect growth, development, and motility in Dictyostelium discoideum
Ilacqua AN, Shettler JA, Wernke KM, Skalla JK, McQuade KJ
455 - 462 Protective effect of bacillopeptidase CFR5 from Bacillus subtilis CFR5 on cerulein-induced pancreatitis
Sharmila GR, Venkateswaran G
463 - 468 ML327 induces apoptosis and sensitizes Ewing sarcoma cells to TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand
Rellinger EJ, Padmanabhan C, Qiao JB, Appert A, Waterson AG, Lindsley CW, Beauchamp RD, Chung DH
469 - 477 A novel oncolytic adenovirus targeting Wnt signaling effectively inhibits cancer-stem like cell growth via metastasis, apoptosis and autophagy in HCC models
Zhang J, Lai WJ, Li Q, Yu Y, Jin J, Guo W, Zhou XM, Liu XY, Wang YG
478 - 485 Long non-coding RNA Gm4419 promotes trauma-induced astrocyte apoptosis by targeting tumor necrosis factor alpha
Yu YH, Cao F, Ran QS, Wang F
486 - 492 gamma-Oryzanol suppresses COX-2 expression by inhibiting reactive oxygen species-mediated Erk1/2 and Egr-1 signaling in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophages
Shin SY, Kim HW, Jang HH, Hwang YJ, Choe JS, Kim JB, Lim Y, Lee YH
493 - 499 Hippo effector YAP directly regulates the expression of PD-L1 transcripts in EGFR-TKI-resistant lung adenocarcilloma
Lee BS, Park DI, Lee DH, Lee JE, Yeo MK, Park YH, Lim DS, Choi W, Lee DH, Yoo G, Kim HB, Kang D, Moon JY, Jung SS, Kim JO, Cho SY, Park HS, Chung C
500 - 507 The retention of prion protein in the endoplasmic reticulum prevents N2A cells from proteasome inhibition-induced cytotoxicity
Fang SP, Wang RX, Liu HH, Zhuang WL, Wang Z, Zhang JJ, Pei LL, Liu YM, Su YP
508 - 514 AMPK alpha 1 deficiency suppresses brown adipogenesis in favor of fibrogenesis during brown adipose tissue development
Zhao JX, Yang QY, Zhang LP, Liang XW, Sun XF, Wang B, Chen YT, Zhu MJ, Du M
515 - 521 Salusin-beta mediates high glucose-induced endothelial injury via disruption of AMPK signaling pathway
Zhu XX, Zhou YT, Cai WW, Sun HJ, Qiu LY
522 - 529 Blockage of glycolysis by targeting PFKFB3 alleviates sepsis-related acute lung injury via suppressing inflammation and apoptosis of alveolar epithelial cells
Gong YQ, Lan HB, Yu ZH, Wang M, Wang S, Chen Y, Rao HW, Li JY, Sheng ZY, Shao JH
530 - 536 Thymol inhibits bladder cancer cell proliferation via inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis
Li Y, Wen JM, Du CJ, Hu SM, Chen JX, Zhang SG, Zhang N, Gao F, Li SJ, Mao XW, Miyamoto H, Ding KF
537 - 544 Identification of ACTG2 functions as a promoter gene in hepatocellular carcinoma cells migration and tumor metastasis
Wu Y, Liu ZG, Shi MQ, Yu HZ, Jiang XY, Yang AH, Fu XS, Xu Y, Yang SY, Ni HH, Shen SJ, Li WD
545 - 551 Activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha by prolonged in vivo hyperinsulinemia treatment potentiates cancerous progression in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells
Wang L, Fan J, Yan CY, Ling R, Yun J
552 - 557 TUG1 mediates methotrexate resistance in colorectal cancer via miR-186/CPEB2 axis
Li CF, Gao YJ, Li YC, Ding DY
558 - 565 Deficiency of Psgl-1 accelerates bleomycin (SLM)-induced lung fibrosis and inflammation in mice through activating PI3K/AKT
Han X, Wang SM