Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.491, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Identification of AHCY inhibitors using novel high-throughput mass spectrometry
Uchiyama N, Dougan DR, Lawson JD, Kimura H, Matsumoto SI, Tanaka Y, Kawamoto T
8 - 14 Apolipoprotein O expression in mouse liver enhances hepatic lipid accumulation by impairing mitochondrial function
Tian F, Wu CL, Yu BL, Liu L, Hu JR
15 - 18 Importance of the surface chemistry of nanoparticles on peroxidase-like activity
El-Sayed R, Ye F, Asem H, Ashour R, Zheng WY, Muhammed M, Hassan M
19 - 24 Rescuing fluoride-induced damages in liver with gamma aminobutyric acid
Yang HY, Xing RG, Liu S, Yu HH, Li PC
25 - 32 RELT family members activate p38 and induce apoptosis by a mechanism distinct from TNFR1
Moua P, Checketts M, Xu LG, Shu HB, Reyland ME, Cusick JK
33 - 39 Membrane-localized ubiquitin ligase ATL15 functions in sugar-responsive growth regulation in Arabidopsis
Aoyama S, Terada S, Sanagi M, Hasegawa Y, Lu Y, Morita Y, Chiba Y, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
40 - 46 Non-canonical pathway induced by Wnt3a regulates beta-catenin via Pyk2 in differentiating human neural progenitor cells
Talabattula VAN, Morgan P, Frech MJ, Uhrmacher AM, Herchenroder O, Putzer BM, Rolfs A, Luo JK
47 - 52 On the role of subunit M in cytochrome cbb(3) oxidase
Carvalheda CA, Pisliakov AV
53 - 58 Leptin regulation of inward membrane currents, electrical activity and LH release in isolated bovine gonadotropes
Dominguez-Mancera B, Barrientos-Morales M, Cervantes-Acosta P, Hernandez-Beltran A, Rodriguez-Andrade A, Gonzalez-Ramirez R, Monjaraz E, Felix R
59 - 64 Snail transcription factor NLS and importin beta 1 regulate the subcellular localization of Cathepsin L and Cux1
Burton LJ, Henderson V, Liburd L, Odero-Marah VA
65 - 71 A novel fluorinated thiosemicarbazone derivative-2-(3,4-difluorobenzylidene) hydrazinecarbothioamide induces apoptosis in human A549 lung cancer cells via ROS-mediated mitochondria-dependent pathway
Zhao Y, Guo CL, Wang LJ, Wang SY, Li XQ, Jiang B, Wu N, Guo SJ, Zhang RS, Liu K, Shi DY
72 - 78 MREG suppresses thyroid cancer cell invasion and proliferation by inhibiting Akt-mTOR signaling
Meng XM, Dong YZ, Yu X, Wang DP, Wang SG, Chen SL, Pang SG
79 - 84 Long noncoding RNA linc00346 promotes the malignant phenotypes of bladder cancer
Ye TY, Ding W, Wang NX, Huang H, Pan Y, Wei AY
85 - 90 Increase in proteins involved in mitochondrial fission, mitophagy, proteolysis and antioxidant response in type I endometrial cancer as an adaptive response to respiratory complex I deficiency
Cormio A, Musicco C, Gasparre G, Cormio G, Pesce V, Sardanelli AM, Gadaleta MN
91 - 97 Epigenetic silencing of the Wnt antagonist APCDD1 by promoter DNA hyper-methylation contributes to osteosarcoma cell invasion and metastasis
Han WF, Liu JP
98 - 103 Astragaloside IV inhibits progression of glioma via blocking MAPK/ERK signaling pathway
Li B, Wang F, Liu NT, Shen W, Huang T
104 - 111 Overexpression of Pofut1 and activated Notch1 may be associated with poor prognosis in breast cancer
Wan GX, Tian L, Yu YD, Li F, Wang XB, Li C, Deng SH, Yu XJ, Cai XJ, Zuo ZG, Cao FJ
112 - 118 Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation carried in SVVYGLR modified self-assembling peptide promoted cardiac repair and angiogenesis after myocardial infarction
Gao XR, Xu HJ, Wang LF, Liu CB, Yu F
119 - 125 Metabolomic profiling reveals potential biomarkers in esophageal cancer progression using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry platform
Zhang HP, Wang L, Hou ZC, Ma H, Mamtimin B, Hasim A, Sheyhidin I
126 - 133 Species-specific real-time RT-PCR analysis of expression of stromal cell genes in a tumor xenotransplantation model in mice
Krepela E, Busek P, Hilser M, Vanickova Z, Sedo A
134 - 139 Anti-cancer effect of oncolytic adenovirus-armed shRNA targeting MYCN gene on doxorubicin-resistant neuroblastoma cells
Li Y, Zhuo BB, Yin YY, Han T, Li SX, Li ZW, Wang J
140 - 146 Comparing the androgenic and estrogenic properties of progestins used in contraception and hormone therapy
Louw-du Toit R, Perkins MS, Hapgood JP, Africander D
147 - 153 Copper chaperone ATOX1 regulates pluripotency factor OCT4 in preimplantation mouse embryos
Celauro E, Mukaj A, Fierro-Gonzalez JC, Wittung-Stafshede P
154 - 158 Evidence for constitutive bone morphogenetic protein-2 secretion by M1 macrophages: Constitutive auto/paracrine osteogenic signaling by BMP-2 in M1 macrophages
Dube PR, Birnbaumer L, Vazquez G
159 - 165 Inhibition of IL-6/STAT3 signaling in human cancer cells using Evista
Shi W, Yan D, Zhao CQ, Xiao MM, Wang YN, Ma HY, Liu TS, Qin H, Zhang CT, Li CL, Lin JY, Li S, Lv JG, Lin L
166 - 172 Development of membrane ion channels during neural differentiation from human embryonic stem cells
Mirsadeghi S, Shahbazi E, Hemmesi K, Nemati S, Baharvand H, Mirnajafi-Zadeh J, Kiani S
173 - 177 Promotion of hair growth by newly synthesized ceramide mimetic compound
Park BM, Bak SS, Shin KO, Kim M, Kim D, Jung SH, Jeong S, Sung YK, Kim HJ
178 - 182 ARIDIA represses hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation and migration through IncRNA MVIH
Cheng S, Wang L, Deng CH, Du SC, Han ZG
183 - 191 Cell-free methemoglobin drives platelets to apoptosis via mitochondrial ROS-mediated activation of JNK and p38 MAP kinase
NaveenKumar SK, Hemshekhar M, Sundaram MS, Kemparaju K, Girish KS
192 - 197 Stearic acid suppresses mammary gland development by inhibiting PI3K/Akt signaling pathway through GPR120 in pubertal mice
Meng YY, Yuan C, Zhang J, Zhang FL, Fu Q, Zhu XT, Shu G, Wang LN, Gao P, Xi QY, Sun JJ, Zhang YL, Jiang QY, Wang SB
198 - 203 Evaluation of human platelet lysate and dimethyl sulfoxide as cryoprotectants for the cryopreservation of human adipose-derived stem cells
Wang C, Xiao R, Cao YL, Yin HY
204 - 208 Suppression of CD36 attenuates adipogenesis with a reduction of P2X7 expression in 3T3-L1 cells
Gao HQ, Li DY, Yang P, Zhao L, Wei L, Chen YX, Ruan XZ
209 - 216 Inhibition of phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase ameliorates antiproliferation by benzyl isothiocyanate in human colon cancer cells
Liu XY, Takano C, Shimizu T, Yokobe S, Abe-Kanoh N, Zhu BW, Nakamura T, Munemasa S, Murata Y, Nakamura Y
217 - 222 Crystal structure analysis of 3,6-anhydro-L-galactonate cycloisomerase suggests emergence of novel substrate specificity in the enolase superfamily
Lee S, Kim KH, Kim HY, Choi IG
223 - 227 Lysophosphatidic acid signaling regulates the KLF9-PPAR gamma axis in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons
Tsukahara T, Yamagishi S, Matsuda Y, Haniu H
228 - 235 NRF2 overexpression in mesenchymal stem cells induces stem-cell marker expression and enhances osteoblastic differentiation
Yuan ZN, Zhang J, Huang Y, Zhang YC, Liu W, Wang GS, Zhang Q, Wang GY, Yang Y, Li H, Chen GH
236 - 240 Substrate binding interferes with active site conformational dynamics in endoglucanase Cel5A from Thermobifida fusca
Jiang XK, Wang YY, Xu LM, Chen GJ, Wang LS